What My Heart Wants

Chapter 6: Date Planning

Chapter 6: Date Planning

"Okay you guys, I know I said that you all shouldn't meddle in my personal business, but in this case, I really have no clue on what to do. So, could all of you possibly help me plan my date for tomorrow?" Ash asked the only three people who knew of his feelings pleadingly.

Rebecca was the first to answer, "Of course, I'm glad you asked us Ash." Happily, she started to go over all of the activities that the festival usually consists of. She even started to figure out the plans for the date as if she knew that it was the perfect plan already.

"First of all, there is a Pokémon tournament that they hold every year and the winner gets a Pokémon egg that takes place later in the day. I think that it would be a nice gesture that you could win it for her," She explained that they will do little activities before this tournament

Then she turned to Cilan and asked, "Cilan, do you think that you can figure out his outfit for tomorrow? It doesn't have to be formal but it may be a different casual outfit than he has on."

"Sure, I can think of a perfect outfit for him," Cilan replied with enthusiasm.

"Great, now that we have the general plan, I'm sure Ash can remember the whole of it. Now, if you'll excuse me, Iris and I can catch up to May to help with her outfit." Rebecca concluded. Then she had gone out the door with Iris and Axew in tow to find May.

Then when they were gone, Cilan had a devious smile on his face as he looked at Ash with an idea already in mind.

Then he announced, "It's time to choose an outfit!" with a certain flair that he usually does.

Then Ash thought to himself, "I'm starting to think that asking for their help wasn't such a good idea."

Meanwhile with May…

May and Glaceon were going through different outfits already but they didn't have any luck so far.

May sighed wearily, "I don't know what to wear for tomorrow. I know it would be casual but I still want to look nice."

"Glace, glaceon glace (Don't worry, I'm sure that you can find one.)" Glaceon sympathized, she was just as nervous as her trainer in case Pikachu came with him.

"Hey, May!" a voice shouted. May and Glaceon turned around to see Iris and Rebecca coming towards them.

"Rebecca, Iris, Axew, what are you all doing here?" May asked.

"We heard about your little date with Ash and we thought we could help you with your outfit for it," Iris said excitedly.

"If that's okay with you May, we would like to help you," Rebecca added.

May thought about their offer and she figured that maybe she could use a second opinion, so she answered, "Sure, I haven't had any luck finding an outfit, maybe you could help me."

So then the two young girls and the young woman spent hours looking for outfits and Rebecca and Iris gave their opinions of each one May tried on. They had said no on a lot of them until they finally settled on one that looked great on her.

"This one is definitely the right one!" Iris had said.

Rebecca agreed, "I think that it's perfect."

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