What My Heart Wants

Chapter 7: The Perfect Date: Part 1

Chapter 7: The Perfect Date: Part 1

"There's no way I can remain calm, I'm too nervous!" Ash thought to himself as he waited in the lobby for May to come. The poor guy was a nervous wreck, pacing back and forth trying to calm his nerves, while Pikachu watched in worry for his friend. Pikachu was also nervous; Glaceon was going to tag along with May on this date too but he was silently worried.

Cilan was in the lobby with them and he had a sympathetic smile on his face as he watched Ash nervously pacing.

"I can't say I blame him, this is his first date after all," Cilan thought to himself as he watched his friend.

Ash was wearing a different outfit than his usual attire. He was wearing a black button down shirt, his usual black gloves, his black jeans, and his usual red high tops. But he wasn't wearing his hat because Cilan said it wouldn't fit with his clothes.

Cilan couldn't watch his friend be nervous so he called out to him, "Ash, calm down." He put his hand on his shoulder and continued, "Ash, you have nothing to worry about, all you have to do is be yourself and it will be fine."

Ash somewhat eased himself but he was still a little nervous.

Meanwhile with May, she was nervous too.

"Guys, I don't know if I can go out there, I'm really nervous as it is," May confided in Iris and Rebecca as they watched her pace in her room.

Iris and Rebecca looked at her sympathetically; Glaceon was just as nervous as her trainer as well.

May kept pacing back and forth until Rebecca put a hand on her shoulder and gave her advice, "Listen, I'm sure Ash is just as nervous as you, but if you just be yourself and have fun, you won't be as nervous anymore. So don't worry, you'll be fine."

May looked up at the taller woman who smiled at her, which she returned the smile just as fully. So she took a deep breath, gathered Glaceon in her arms and went through the door.

Back in the lobby, Ash was still pacing but not as much as before. He didn't notice May come in the lobby until she called out to him, "Hi, Ash."

He turned as he heard his name and he instantly was entranced by May's outfit. She was wearing a red blouse made of a light material, with blues jeans that hugged her hips and accentuated her curves. She wasn't wearing her bandana or her gloves and she wore her shoes with it. She also had a red bag hanging from her shoulder that fell to her hip.

May was wondering what was wrong when Ash didn't say anything, so she asked, "Ash, are you okay?"

Ash snapped out of his trance when Cilan nudged him in the ribs and he replied sheepishly, "I'm fine May. It's just I think you look really pretty in that outfit."

After the compliment he gave her, they were both blushing Ash from nerves and May from being flattered. "Thank you Ash, you look nice too," she replied with her own compliment. Ash smiled at her for complimenting him but still retained the blush.

"Well, are you two going to just stand there staring at each other or are you two going to have breakfast?" Rebecca asked them to snap them out of their gazes.

As if on cue, both of their stomachs growled in unison which caused both the trainer and coordinator blush in embarrassment. Rebecca, Iris and Cilan let out a little laugh for both of their friends' hunger. So they all went to the dining room of the Pokémon Center, got their breakfast, sat down at a table and started to eat. Well, three were eating slowly; two were devouring everything that was on their plates in a flash. It didn't even phase Ash and May that their friends were staring at them, asking themselves, "How can they eat so much in the morning?"

After they ate, Ash got up and nervously asked May, "May, would you like to go now?" He held his hand out for May to take it and she replied, "Sure." She took his hand and she got out of her seat, then they headed out the door with Pikachu and Glaceon following behind.

"Do you think that they will have a good time?" Iris asked Rebecca.

"Of course, the festival they have is very popular with tourists and locals. I'm sure they'll have a great time," Rebecca replied confidently.

So with Ash and May they were still holding hands and were still a little nervous until Ash spoke up, "How about we play some games?"

May smiled and replied, "Sure that sounds like fun." Then she pulled him along to the games with Pikachu and Glaceon at their heels.

That morning, they did a lot of things, they played different games where they both won small things, they went to different food stands to sample the snacks they had, and they played with their Pokémon in a game where they had to capture the other team's flag. Ash and May played on the same side with their Pokémon where they worked together to capture the blue flag from the other team. At the end of the game, their team won. Ash and May had enjoyed themselves so much that they weren't nervous anymore. It was around three when they took a break for lunch where they sat at a table under an umbrella outside a restaurant with some iced tea. While they were waiting for their food they were reminiscing about their own journeys to each other. Pikachu and Glaceon were comfortable in the other seat that they shared together and seemed just as happy as their trainers.

"This is really nice, Ash. I haven't had this much fun for a few weeks, since I'm training for the Grand Festival. I'm happy to just spend time with you like old times. I'm really glad you asked me out," May said, happily smiling at Ash.

His face had a little blush as he was happy that she was having a good time, he replied, "I'm glad that you like this date so far, because there is another activity we can do if you want. I heard from Rebecca that there is an annual Pokémon Battle Tournament where the winner gets a Pokémon egg. If you want, we could try it out to see if either of us wins."

She thought about it and replied, "Sure, why not? It can give me a chance to practice more for my contest battles. It can also benefit you to train for the Unova league." As she said that, the waiter came with their food. May ordered the Caesar Salad with strips of grilled chicken, while Ash had ordered a hamburger with fries. They shared their drinks with Pikachu and Glaceon as they munched on some Pokémon food, with Glaceon, May added a poffin to it.

After they ate, Ash was about to pay when May said, "No, Ash you don't have to I can pay for my lunch." But he replied, "It's alright I want to pay; besides I asked you on this date anyway. So it's my treat."

"Okay, but next time I'll pay, deal?" May said as she held out her hand for him to make the deal with her.

Ash chuckled thinking, "She is so cute when she has a determined face like that for simply paying the bill," then he replied aloud, "Deal." He shook her hand and they took off for the place where the tournament was being held.

It was being held outside where a solitary battlefield was and many trainers had gathered around an announcer to hear the rules. Then the announcer cleared his throat and spoke loudly through a microphone, "Welcome trainers to the annual Pokémon Battle Tournament. Where trainers from near and far participate to win this Pokémon egg," He then revealed a Pokémon egg in a case on a small table. The egg was black with a wavy red stripe around it. Then the announcer spoke again, "The tournament rules are simple; each trainer must knock out another trainer in one on one battles, the last one to make it in the end, wins. You don't have to use one Pokémon the whole time; you can use your other Pokémon to alternate with other battles. Now, whoever wants to participate, they can sign themselves up."

Then many trainers had formed a line and Ash and May were able to be the first ones to sign up. Then after a tedious wait, the participants have been accepted and the announcer started to speak, "There are thirty- two contestants and the computer will sort out each battle randomly. Now that everything is order, let's get started with the battles!" As he said this, the pictures on the screen behind him had started sorting the pictures of the contestants in a random order until it picked two pictures and revealed that one was May and the other was a girl with red hair and green eyes. "Our first contestants are, May Maple and Andrea. Would you two step forward, please?"

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