What My Heart Wants

Chapter 8: The Perfect Date: Part 2

Chapter 8: The Perfect Date: Part 2

When their names were called, May was about to go forward when Ash grabbed her hand to tell her, "Good luck May, I know you'll be great."

May smiled brightly at him and replied, "Thanks, you too."

She went to one side of the field and her opponent was on the other side. Andrea then called out to her, "Good luck, may the best trainer win."

"Sure, good luck," May replied.

"This is a one-on one battle between May and Andrea, are the trainers ready?"

They both answered, "Yes."

Then the judge held two flags and shouted, "Then begin!"

"Vanilluxe, Let's do this!" Andrea called out. As she shouted, a Pokémon that looked ice cream came out.

"Vanillluxe?" May asked questioningly. She pulled out her Pokédex and it explained, "Vanilluxe, the Snowstorm Pokémon and the final evolution of Vanillite. It is said that if both heads get angry simultaneously, this Pokémon expels a blizzard.

"It says that it is an ice type, so let's go with this one. Blaziken, take the stage!" May called out. Blaziken had done a double flip as he popped out of the Pokéball.

Andrea called out, "Vanilluxe, let's start things off with Ice Beam!"

"Vanill!" Vanilluxe shouted as it shot a white-blue beam towards Blaziken.

"Blaziken, counter with Fire Spin!" May commanded.

"Blaziken!" he shot a swirl of flames at the ice beam, creating a cloud of mist that covered the field.

May then shouted, "Now follow up with Blake Kick!"

Using the mist as a cover, Blaziken suddenly appeared before the distracted Pokémon and landed a powerful hit on it. The impact of the attack caused a burn to form on Vanilluxe, causing major damage.

"Vanilluxe, are you okay?" Andrea asked. Vanilluxe was still raring to go only that it looked in pain.

"Alright, let's try Mirror Shot!"

"Vanill!" It shouted as it shot a glassy like ball towards Blaziken. May then thought to herself, "Maybe we can use that to our advantage,"

Then May shouted, "Blaziken, hit that Mirror Shot straight up with a Sky Uppercut!"

Blaziken's claws were glowing a white color and he hit the attack upwards until May commanded, "Now, hit it with your Blaze Kick at Vanilluxe!"

"Blaziken!" he shouted as he jumped to where the Mirror Shot was and aimed a strong Blaze Kick at it, causing it to be enveloped in flames. It gave off the appearance of a meteor spinning through the air towards the unsuspecting Vanilluxe.

"Vanilluxe, dodge it!" Andrea shouted.

Unfortunately, Vanilluxe was still burnt from the previous Blaze Kick and couldn't get away fast enough as the fireball made a direct hit.

"Vanilluxe, no!" Andrea shouted. After the attack had hit, Vanilluxe had fainted with swirls in it's eyes. Then the judge proclaimed, "Vanilluxe is unable to battle, Blaziken is the winner, which means that May is the winner of the first round."

"Alright, you were awesome Blaziken!" May said as she hugged the taller Pokémon. Blaziken returned the hug and had a happy expression on his face. She then returned him into his Pokéball and walked with Glaceon back to where Ash and Pikachu were watching.

Then Ash said to her, "That was an awesome battle, May. Blaziken had gotten stronger since I saw him the last time."

May smiled, happy to be praised and she replied, "Thanks, but Blaziken was always a hard worker. I can't take all the credit."

So then the both of them had watched as the other trainers who had signed up have been battling one-on-one matches, eliminating the others out of rounds. Until, finally they reached the fourteenth battle did the announcer call out, "The next contestants in this round are Ash Ketchum and Cody, may the two of you come forward?"

Ash, who was getting impatient but excited about his turn had shouted out excitedly, "Alright, it's finally my turn!"

"Good luck Ash, I know you can win this round." May said to him.

"Thanks May, I'll do my best." He replied before he walked with Pikachu to one side of the field while their opponent was on the other side.

"Are the trainers ready?" the judge asked the two trainers.

"Yeah," they both answered.

"Then begin," the judge then raised the flags to signify the battle.

"Alright, let's get to it. Scrafty, let's battle." Cody called out. Then he threw out his Pokéball revealing a masked Pokémon as it shouted out, "Scrafty!"

"Alright, are you ready Pikachu?" Ash asked best friend.

"Pika!" Pikachu shouted determinedly, and then he ran out to face his opponent.

"Pikachu, let's start off with Quick Attack!" Ash commanded.

Then Pikachu took off at full speed and was close to hitting it until Cody called out, "Dodge it, and use Headbutt!"

At the last minute, Scrafty dodged and landed a Headbutt on Pikachu and it caused Pikachu to falter back gripping his head. It made Glaceon flinch as she watched him get hurt, a worried expression in her eyes.

"Don't give up Pikachu, use Iron Tail!" Ash shouted.

"Pikachu!" Pikachu shouted as his tail had turned metallic and was going to hit Scrafty, until Cody retaliated, "Hi Jump Kick, Scrafty."

Scrafty then hit the Iron Tail with its knee but the impact made it stumble a bit. Then Ash thought "Now's our chance." Then he shouted, "Now, Pikachu use Electroball!"

"Pikachu, Chupi!" He shouted as he formed a sphere made out of electricity towards the dazed Scrafty.

It came so quickly that Scrafty didn't have enough time to dodge, causing major damage to it.

"Now, Pikachu finish this with a Thunderbolt!" Ash commanded.

"Pikachu!" Pikachu shouted as he released a strong Thunderbolt at the unsuspecting Scrafty, stunning it until it fell over with swirls in its eyes.

Then the judge proclaimed, "Scrafty is unable to battle, Pikachu wins, which means the victor is Ash Ketchum."

"Alright, you were great Pikachu!" Ash said as he took Pikachu in his arms, while Pikachu smiled up at Ash.

Then he walked over to Cody and asked, "Is Scrafty okay?"

"Yeah, he'll be fine. Your Pikachu is really strong, thanks for a great battle," Cody replied while he held out his hand to Ash.

He took his hand and shook it firmly before saying, "Thanks, your Scrafty is pretty strong too."

Then Ash and Pikachu walked to where May and Glaceon were watching when May exclaimed, "That was a great battle, Ash and you were great too, Pikachu."

On the ground, Glaceon had licked Pikachu's cheek as a way of saying, "Congratulations,"; which caused a blush to appear on his face but he was happy about it.

For the rest of the tournament the two had watched the other battles go by, and had been fascinated with a lot of them. They battled well in their other battles until they got to the final four. Where Ash had won his battle, but May had lost hers.

"It's okay, May. I mean you had fun didn't you?" Ash asked her trying to comfort her.

May smiled at him and replied, "Of course I did, Ash. We both had fun, didn't we Glaceon?"

Glaceon nodded then said, "Glace, glaceon (Yeah, it was a blast),"

"Now, good luck in this last battle Ash, show them you are a great trainer that I know you are," May said to him before giving a peck on the cheek.

Ash instantly had a bright red blush on his face, but then he replied, "Thanks May, I won't let you down."

Then he went to one side of the field, facing his opponent, a girl who was on the other side. Then the judge exclaimed, "This is a one-on-one battle between Ash Ketchum and Skylar, are the trainers ready?"

At the question, both trainers simply nodded then the judge yelled, "Then let the final battle begin!"

"Alright Krokodile, I choose you!" Ash shouted as he released his reptilian Pokémon with sunglasses.

"Go Darmanitan!" Skylar shouted.

Then her Pokémon shouted, "Darmanitan!"

"Go Darmantitan, use Hammer Arm!" Skylar commanded.

"Counter with Dragon Claw, Krokodile!" Ash retailiated.

The two Pokémon then ran towards the other, Krookodile's claws were glowing blue while Darmanitan threw it's arm out to meet with the claws. The two Pokémon then collided which threw the both of them outwards.

"Alright Darmanitan, now use Fire Punch," Skylar shouted out determinedly.

Then Darmanitan's fist was enveloped in flames and had begun sprinting towards Krookodile until Ash shouted, "Dodge it by using Dig!"

Then Krookodile burrowed his way underground, successfully avoiding damage. Since Krookodile is underground, Darmanitan was having a hard determining where his location is.

"Krookodile, come up," Ash said to him as he appeared just behind Darmanitan, surprising it.

"Now, use Stone Edge with Dragon Claw, Krookodile!" Ash commanded.

"Krooko!" he shouted as he prepared his stones to surround him in combination with his Dragon Claw. The stones were floating around his claws as he came down on Darmanitan, delivering a strong blow where the stones hit it with his claws. This caused Darmanitan to fall back a few feet from Krookodile taking a lot of damage.

"Darmanitan, are you okay?" Skylar called to it.

Shakily, Darmanitan got up and shook off it's dizziness ready to attack. Then Skylar cried, "Now, use Flare Blitz!"

Then flames surrounded the long armed Pokémon until it started charging at Krookodile until Ash called, "Let's try this new move, use Aerial Ace!"

Then at the last second, Krookodile jumped high in the air, gliding through the sky towards Darmanitan. Then Ash added, "Combine with your Dragon Claw!"

Krookodile's claws were glowing a blue color and swiftly tackled it dead on, which caused Darmanitan to slide across the field, blocking it's condition with dust.

Skylar cried out, "Darmanitan!"

When the dust cleared, Darmanitan was revealed to be knocked out which made the judge proclaim, "Darmanitan is unable to battle, Krookodile wins. The winner of this year's Pokémon Battle Tournament is Ash Ketchum."

"Alright, way to go, Krookodile!" Ash shouted happily hugging his friend.

"Krookodile!" he cried out in victory.

Then Skylar and Darmanitan came over to them and held out her hand before she said, "Great job out there, I wasn't expecting that Aerial Ace though, you are a great trainer."

Ash shook her and replied to her, "Thanks, you are too."

After they gave him the Pokémon egg as his prize, the sun was starting to set and Ash then held out the egg to May. May gave a look of confusion before asking, "What is it, Ash?"

"This is for you, May." Ash explained.

"Oh no, you won it, it's yours," she said pushing back towards him.

But then he added, "I entered the tournament hoping to win the egg not for me but for you whether you made it to the last round or not. So please, I won it for you, it's yours May."

May had a blush on her cheeks but she shyly accepted the egg from his hands and smiled at him and said, "Thank you Ash, that's very sweet of you."

Ash smiled at her and then said, "Let's get dinner, it's already 7:30." He took her hand and they went into a restaurant to eat along with Pikachu and Glaceon . They had carried on with their stories of their adventures and had eaten a lot again.

Then when they were finished, they all headed out to see if they would get a good spot for the fireworks display that would start in 20 minutes. They found a good spot in the park where Ash and May sat down on bench while Pikachu and Glaceon snuggled with each other on the ground. Everything was peaceful and the moon was out which made everything seem surreal. As Ash looked over at May, he was suddenly in a trance-like state.

"She looks really beautiful in this light," Ash thought to himself and then he added, "Maybe I can tell her this time."

"May?" Ash called to get her attention.

May looked at him and she asked, "Yes, what is it Ash?"

"You know that thing I wanted to say to you before? When you were sick?" Ash asked nervously.

May blushed instantly when she recalled that moment but then she nodded, answering, "Yes. Did you want to finish what you were saying?'

"Okay, this is it Ash, don't blow it this time," Ash thought determinedly.

Then he took a deep breath and started, "What I wanted to say was that I realized that I…I l..love you, May." He finished with stutter and his face was a dark red as he waited for her to answer.

May was shocked but then she had become incredibly happy that she had tears in her eyes as she heard Ash say, "I… understand if you don't feel the same and that's okay if you…" but he was cut off as May squeezed him in a tight hug.

"Ash, you didn't have to worry about that, I love you too," May explained as happy tears were flowing down her cheeks.

Ash opened his mouth in disbelief but then he smiled and returned the hug just as firmly. He felt that a huge weight had been lifted off of his shoulders and he was very happy that he could tell her his feelings.

There was a boom in the sky and the fireworks had started, so they just sat there, watching in a comfortable silence with Ash catching glances every few seconds with him staring at her lips. He didn't know what compelled him to do it but he tilted her chin up with his hand, looked into her eyes and slowly leaned in to give her a kiss.

It was a small, but sweet kiss because it was their first and it made them see fireworks figuratively almost like the real ones exploding in the sky. Ash broke it first and he smiled down at May as she had a wide smile on her face too. Then she put her head on his shoulder and Ash had put his head on hers, just watching as the fireworks went off, brightening up the night sky. On the ground, Pikachu and Glaceon were also comfortable with each other, and then Glaceon nuzzled Pikachu's cheek, causing the electric mouse to blush. Then he was just smiling as he nuzzled her back as a way of saying "I love you", just as she did to him. Nothing like this moment could be more perfect for these two couples, as they watched the fireworks.

Of course, unbeknownst to them there were three people who were watching from a safe distance. All smiling at what had transpired with the two, Rebecca spoke up, "I think those two will be alright now, we'll leave them alone now."

"It may have been a reckless idea to spy on the them the whole day but in the end, it was a recipe for sweet relationship," Cilan noted to the both of them.

Iris added, "Now I may just have to tease him about this, but I think he's not such a kid anymore." As she said that, Axew popped out of her hair and said, "Axew ew, (Yeah, you're right.)"

So after that, Cilan and Iris walked back to the Pokémon Center and Rebecca went on home through the forest. Leaving the two couples to themselves, that day had certainly been the most perfect date.

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