What My Heart Wants

Chapter 9: Until Next Time

This had been an eventful few days for the new couple, they would train together like they used to when they traveled and then they went out together to eat or just enjoying one another's company. They couldn't be happier that they were spending time together and that Pikachu and Glaceon had the same relationship as their trainers.

Cilan and Iris were happy for the two of them and when it was required that they left them alone they obliged to it. Sometimes they even trained in tag battles with them and they could see how well they work together. Ash and May was a perfect couple as far as they could tell.

Sadly though, it wouldn't last long, May had only said she would be in Unova for a week and then she had to get back to Sinnoh for the Grand Festival. Frankly, Ash knew it wouldn't last as long as he wanted it to but he couldn't let her give up the festival for him just like May wouldn't want him to give the Unova League for her.

So here they are at the port next to the plane that would take her back to Sinnoh. She was trying so hard not to cry as she saw her boyfriend and her new friends on the dock with her.

They all felt sad that she had to leave but there was nothing they could do. Ash especially didn't really want to say goodbye to May again, it was bad enough the first two times. But he knew that being a Coordinator was her dream and he wouldn't stop her if it made her happy.

"Well, I guess this is it, huh?" Ash said to break the silence.

"Yeah, I really don't want to leave you, Ash and I can't make you come with me. We both have our dreams to follow right?" May replied sadly, trying to hold back tears.

"Hey, it'll be alright May. We'll see each other again, we just keep in touch and I'll never forget you. Since there is a part of you with me all the time," he replied as he took out his half of the Terracotta ribbon and took out his charizard pendant to show them to her.

May smiled as she did the same with her half of the ribbon and her heart locket. She put the half of the ribbon to his and made it whole again.

Then she opened her locket and showed him the picture she put inside it. It was a picture of him when they were traveling together in Hoenn.

"This way, I'll always have a bit of you too, Ash." May said as she let the tears flow.

Ash wiped the tears from her eyes and gave her a reassuring kiss to let her know everything that everything will be alright.

"Hey you two, don't be so sad at departing from each other and besides, don't think of it as goodbye, think of it as "See you next time," Rebecca exclaimed trying to cheer them up.

They smiled up at her and they nodded in acknowledgement, knowing that she meant well by it.

Then May approached Rebecca and said, "Thank you for your advice and being there when I was stuck. I can say that without a doubt, I'm glad I chose to be a fan of yours."

Rebecca replied, "Don't, you're going to embarrass me; I can only give you advice and remember that you can only believe in yourself and in your Pokémon. I know that you can win that festival. Next time you see me, I might be your competition one day, so keep training hard okay?"

May nodded as she felt Rebecca give her a hug and reminded her to keep in touch. Then she turned to Cilan, Iris and Axew and she said to them, "It was really a pleasure meeting you two, I had a lot of fun hanging out with you two and I liked your evaluations, Cilan. And Iris, I know that you'll be a great Dragon Master one day. When you get stronger, I wish to battle you soon."

"Of course May, I look forward to it and good luck in the Grand Festival," Iris replied.

"Axew axew, (Good luck,)" Axew said to her.

She saw as Glaceon was trying to not cry in front of Pikachu but Pikachu was comforting her as best he could. Then she heard the last call for passengers to get on board and she regrettably had to get on the plane.

May gave her new friends hugs and promises to keep in touch, and gave Ash one meaningful look and just let the tears flow again. She hugged him last and she didn't let go for at least a minute before pulling away and leaned in to kiss him before she had to leave.

After they kissed, she reluctantly pulled away, picked up her bags and Pokémon egg and said to Glaceon, "We have to go, Glaceon."

Glaceon nodded sadly, gave Pikachu one last lick on his cheek and went next to May about to board the plane.

They were on the ramp until she felt someone grab her shoulder to stop her. She turned to see Ash with sad smile and eyes that looked watery.

"Take care May, I'll be cheering you on to win the Grand Festival and always remember that I love you no matter where you go. I hope to see you soon." Ash said to her.

She nodded and replied, "I will and I love you too. I'll see you later, until next time, Ash."

She pulled away and boarded the plane with Glaceon behind her, the attendant closed the door behind him and the plane had started its engine. The plane was roaring to life and the propeller began to spin. Then as it slowly started down the water, Ash and Pikachu ran alongside it, watching the plane as it took off into the sky. It flew further and further away from them until it was gone completely.

Ash watched the plane with May on it go far away and he let the tears that he holding in flow. Pikachu, who was on the ground next to him, felt the same way and let himself cry with Ash.

He felt someone's hand on his shoulder and he heard Cilan ask, "Will you be okay, Ash?"

He wiped away his tears and answered, "Yeah, I will be, thanks guys."

Then he suddenly asked, "Rebecca is there an express flight to Sinnoh?"

Rebecca looked surprised, but then she figured out what he wanted to do so she answered, "As a matter of fact, there is."

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