New Life in One Piece

Explaining and Midnight Talk

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Chapter X: Explaining to the Crew and Midnight Talk with Mew

[Narrator's POV]

The crew was silent, staring at Z in shock and relief. There standing before them, unharmed, was Z. Luffy was happy she was on the ship, Nami was happy she was unharmed, Usopp and Sanji were happy she was safe, and Zoro. Zoro was happy, and extremely relived, that Z was safe, unharmed, and with them. When he saw the island exploded, he felt a sharp pain go threw his body. Zoro noticed that Z looks entirely different. She had dragon wings, orange on the back and blue-green on the front, and a tail, orange on the top and a cream color on the bottom, with the tip on fire. Her clothes changed as well; her shirt changed into a strapless plan cream shirt, that showed her chocker and necklace, an orange jacket that cover her scars, orange finger-less gloves that separate her ring finger and pinky from the other two, which were separated from her thumb, her jeans changed color, orange, with a hole in the back, for her tail. Not only did her clothes changed, but her hair and eyes too. Z's chocolate, dark brown eyes changed to sky blue and her dark brown, almost black, hair, are in high pigtails, and changed to a red-orange color. (A/N: Who's that Pokémon?)

Z smiled, happy to see her friends and surprise them too. She looked at everyone's reaction and noticed that they were concern. Luffy ran to her and asked for another ride but sadly, for him really, she shook her head. When she opened her mouth to speak, fire came out of her mouth. Luckily, for the pirates, a small flame came out of Z's mouth. Z blushed, of embarrassment, and touched her choker. The crew then saw fire and a rush of hard wind come out of nowhere and surrounded Z. They wanted to help her but right when they were about to, the fire and wind stopped and left Z standing there in the same clothes but with no wings or tail, her hair still in pigtails, but back to her normal color, same with her eyes.

"Sorry about that, guys. I'm still getting used to my new powers." Z said, embarrassed that she almost set the ship on fire.

"Z…what happened? We thought…you know…with the island." Nami tried to say.

"Oh, about that. Remember when Arceus said that you might get a farewell present?" Z asked. "Well, turns out…I'm the farewell present from the Pokémon."

"Huh?" Everyone said.

"Whatever, we're glad you're here with us Z! Hey, where did you get your new powers?" Luffy asked.


Giratina walked up to Z, standing tall in its Altered Forme. It stood there looking down (literally) at Z. Everyone was quiet, no one said a word.

"What is it you would like to discuss, Giratina? Is it about the fate of the island?" Z asked, breaking the silence.

"Yes, the straw-hat has a good plan. We know an island that will be our new home. Thought transporting the Pokémon will be difficult."Giratina said.

"What must we do than? If the Pokémon stay here, then other humans might come and take them away." Z said. "Where is the other island that you said?"

"The island is…in the Grand Line. In the New World to be exact."Giratina answered.

Mewtwo walked up and stand next to Giratina, looking at Z, thinking about something that could help. After a minute, Mewtwo whispered something to Giratina. It nodded, then Mewtwo walked up to Z, who is just standing there, watching the Pokémon in front of her.

"Z, we trust that you could protect the Pokémon from harm. You must take them to the new island."Mewtwo said.

"Yes, Mewtwo. But, how will the Pokémon get to the island?" Z asked.

"That is where you come in, Z"Mewtwo said, before walking up to Z.

Z didn't say anything, but stand there, waiting for what Mewtwo might do. It stop a few meters away from her. Mewtwo raised its right hand and touched her choker. The choker begin to glow and, out of nowhere, a strange rainbow color light (think of Psybeam) came from the sky and was absorbed by the choker. The light was so bright that Z covered her eyes. Once the choker observed the light, Z opened her eyes and noticed everyone was gone except the Genetic Pokémon. Mewtwo lowered his arm and stepped back, giving Z some personal space.

"Mewtwo, what was that? And why do I have a splitting headache?" Z asked, grabbing her head.

"That was all the Pokémon being absorbed into your choker. Their attacks, defense, speed, special attacks, and special defense are in you now. Your brain is absorbing all the information, which is the cause of your headache."Mewtwo explained. "Now, I need you to close your eyes and think of a fire/flying type."

Z did as she was told and thought of a fire/flying type from her memory. Once she chose a Pokémon, Mewtwo continued.

"Good, now touch your choker with both your hands and say the Pokémon's name." Mewtwo said.

Z touched her choker and whispered the Pokémon's name "Charizard."

Then out of nowhere, Z was engulfed by fire and a hard wind came and surrounded her. She didn't scream; all she did was concentrate on the Pokémon. When the fire was out and the wind stopped, Z opened her eyes and noticed she changed.

"You are now able to take a Pokémon's appearance, but still look human." Mewtwo said. "Z, you must fly to the lake at the center of the island. Once you are there, the lake will be drained. Then, at the bottom of the lake, is a bomb. Use Flamethrower to light the bomb. After that, fly as fast as you can, away from the island. Go with the pirates to the island…and to fulfilled your dream."

Z bowed her head, silently agreeing with Mewtwo. It gave a small smirk, then slowly started getting absorbed by the choker. Once Mewtwo was gone, Z spread her wings and jumped into the air. It took a while to get it right, but she got it.

Z flew from the chambers to the center of the island. She looked at the lake and found the bomb. She dove down and once she was a few feet away, she opened her mouth and fire shot out and hit the bomb. The bomb was counting down from 20 seconds. Z flew straight up into the air, to get out of the bomb's range. Unfortunately for her, the bomb exploded, taking the island and Z with it. But Z was able to reach a safe zone.

[End Flashback]

The crew looked at Z, as she finish telling them what happened. They stayed silent, progressing the new information.

"And that's what happened. Now, I have a question for Luffy." Z said.

Everyone looked at her, as she faced Luffy. She took a deep breath and asked, "Could I…join your crew, Luffy?"

Everything was silent, everyone looked at Luffy. Nami, Usopp, and Sanji silently wishing for Luffy to say, yes. Zoro looked bored, but inside, he was also wishing for Luffy to let Z join. Luffy walked up to Z and said, "Of course you can join my crew, Z!"

Z smiled, happy to be apart of the Straw-hat Pirates. Sanji went to the kitchen and came back with 6 mugs. He past one to everyone before the captain said, "Alright, to our new nakama and to the Pokémon! KAMAPI!"

"KAMAPI!" Everyone else yelled.

[Z's POV]

After we made the cheer, Luffy wanted me to sing. I told him I'd sing later but his as stubborn as my brothers when it comes to me singing. I swear one of these days, I'm going to lose my voice from singing or yelling. I gave up arguing with him and took out my I-Pod. While I was choosing a song, Luffy asked, "Hey, Z. What's that thing in your hand?"

"This is an I-Pod. An electronic device that holds music, games, movies, and pictures." I said, holding up the said device in front of him.

"How can that little thing hold all that?" Nami said, joining the conversation.

"It's a mystery." I said, sarcastically.

Sadly, Luffy took that seriously and got excited. I had to keep it away from him because I'm scared he would break it or accidentally throw it over board. I told Luffy he can see it later, but, again, his as stubborn as my brothers. Speaking of my brothers, I wonder how the 24 and 21 year old are handling my disappearance. I bet they're going to starve without me. I just hope they don't drag my cousin into this.

"Hey, Z. Is this yours?" Nami asked, holding up a small orange bag with a picture of Charizard, breathing fire into the air, to me.

"Yeah, I think. Where did you find it?" I asked, taking it and examining it.

"I saw it by the mast where that creature, with twisted arms (Deoxys), teleported us. I thought it was nothing but then when you were surrounded by fire, it change color and that creature appeared." She explained, pointing at Charizard's picture.

"Oh…thanks Nami." I said, not knowing what else to say. Making a mental note to look at it later.

"Z, that thing takes pictures, right?" Luffy asked, knocking me out of my thoughts.

"Yeah, why?" I asked, confused.

"Take a picture of us, as a crew." Luffy said.

Before I could reply, he went to get everyone else. I sighed, knowing that I can't get out of this. I took out my I-Pod and got the camera ready. Once I got ready, I went to where Luffy was calling me; near the 'Going Merry's head.

"Okay, Luffy. The camera's ready. Did you get everyone?" I said, not looking at him.

"Yep. Is this pose okay?" He said.

I looked up and saw them in a weird…I don't even know what they're doing. It almost looks like a combination of a dog-pile and a monkey tree. I sighed and told everyone to just get into a line and I'll told them where to stand. I told Luffy to stand in the middle, with a determination look on his face and getting ready to kick someone's ass. Once he was ready, I asked for the 1st mate to step forward from the line; which, of course, was Zoro. I told him to stand on Luffy's left side slanted.

"You mean right here?" He asked, standing at Luffy's right.

"No, not there; over here. That's where the navigator is going." I said taking his hand and leading him to his spot. I don't know if it was my imagination, but I thought I felt Zoro tense for a second when I took his hand. I let go of his hand and told him to take one of his swords out and look like he was about to attack an on-coming enemy. Once he was in position, I told Nami to come stand on Luffy's right side and to take out her weapon; which was a bo-staff. She didn't argue with me, probably because she wants to leave and not do this. 'You and me both, girl.' After Nami was ready, I got Usopp to stand next to Zoro with his weapon out; which was a slingshot. I told him to stand with a determine look and toss some ammo around in his hand. Once Usopp was ready, I told Sanji to stand next to Nami. He didn't argue at all and just did what I told him, probably because his standing next to Nami. I told him to hold his cigarette and give a sly smirk towards me. I stood away from them and got the camera ready.

"Okay, 1…2…3" I said, taking the picture. "Okay guys. I took the picture. You can move now."

They relies a sigh of relief. 'Were they holding their breath the whole time?'

"Z, let me see! Let me see!" Luffy said, coming over where I was standing.

I went to the memory and showed him the picture. They actually look pretty cool in that pose. My brothers were right; maybe I should make a career out of taking pictures.

"Wow, Z. This is great! We look sooooooo cool. Hey guys, look! Look!" Luffy yelled, taking the I-Pod from my hands and running to the others.

"Hey! Luffy! Give it back!" I yelled, afraid he was going to drop it.

He ran to Nami and showed it to her first. She took it from him, and looked at it, but before she could get a good look at the picture, the scream turned black.

"What happened?" Nami said, handing it to me.

I unlocked it by typing the password, making sure they don't see it. Once it was unlocked, I hold it in front of them, making sure Luffy or the others don't take it from me. Usopp and Sanji came to look at that picture while Zoro went to sleep.

"Wow, that's a great picture. Those poses you suggested were nice." Usopp commented.

"Thanks, Usopp. I've always been good at taking pictures, since I was a little girl." I said, smiling at the picture.

Hours later, it was nightfall. The stars shining bright, the moon half way out, and no clouds in the sky. It was a beautiful sight to see. 'You can't find this in the city. Note to self: take picture.' I thought to myself.

"Okay, whose turn is it to take lookout?" Nami, asked, after everyone was done with dinner.

Before anyone said anything, I volunteer. Everyone looked at me, confused and surprised that I spook up. I said that I'm used to staying up late because I have to make sure the Pokémon are safe and sleeping. Some of them love to pull all-nighters but they never get past a certain time before they knock out, except the nocturnal Pokémon. But thanks to that I kinda turned nocturnal myself.

"What's nocturnal?" Luffy asked.

"Nocturnal means that you have more energy at night and sleep most of the day." I replied.

After that, I went outside while everyone went to sleep. Nami told me that they take shifts and that Usopp or Zoro will take the second half of the night. I told her that I'll take the night shift, while the others take the day shift, but she said no. Before I went up to the crow's nest, Zoro came up to me.

"Hey, Nami said that I'll take the second shift tonight. I'll come by later." He said.

"It's okay, Zoro. I don't mind taking the night shift. Like I said I'm used to staying up all night. You just go and sleep. Could you tell Sanji that I'll cook breakfast in the morning?" I said/asked.

Before he could say anything or argue, I climbed the mast and went to the crow's nest. While I was up there, I looked at the bag, taking in the design and detail of the item. The strap was too small for me to put over my shoulder. So, I pulled the strap and tied it around a belt loop. It fit perfectly; the bag was now lying on the side of my right thigh. I unzipped it to look what might be inside. When it was open, I saw…darkness.

'What the hell? Again?!' I thought as I stuck my hand in, to see if anything was on the bottom.

What surprised me was that my arm was able to fit in. 'Wow…roomy. This would be perfect for emergencies a.k.a hiding food from Luffy, hiding money from Nami, and other things that I don't want the crew to see or find.'

I moved my arm around and I felt something hit my hand. I grabbed it and pulled my arm out of the bag. What I found in the bag was my Pokedex book. I thought I left this on my desk back home. Before I could question anything, my choker began to glow. I placed my book back in the bag then touch my choker with both my hands. I heard a soft click and suddenly, Mew is flouting in front of me.

"Mew?" I said, before bowing, showing my respect. "Do what do I owe the honor of seeing you, Mew?"

"We have much to discuss tonight, Z. I have come here to instruct you about your new abilities." Mew said.

" 'My new abilities?' I am afraid I do not understand what you mean." I said.

"Come. I will show you." Mew said, before flying down to the deck.

I climbed down, slowly, making sure that I don't make a sound. If the others wake up and see Mew or me training, I'll have a lot of explaining to do. Once I was down on the deck, Mew started explaining.

"Z, you are aware that you have all the Pokémon's power within you, yes?" Mew asked.

"Yes, Mew. Mewtwo told me back on the island before sending me to ignite the bomb." I said.

"Yes. But I must tell you that there are more Pokémon out there in the world." Mew said.

"More…Pokémon?" I asked, a little confused.

"Of course. There are more Pokémon in the Grand Line. I have spoken with the others and we all agreed to send you to help them get to the island. Z, you must challenge the wild Pokémon and capture them." Mew explained.

"I have to battle? But how? I cannot just fight them head on. And how will I know what type they are?" I asked, hoping Mew will answer.

"That will be easy. I noticed that before I appeared, you were looking at the gift the Pokémon and I got for you." Mew said, pointing at the bag with its tail.

" The gift?' You mean the bag that Nami found?" I asked, "If I may asked, why?"

"You will need the gift later on your journey. Now back to the matter at hand, close your eyes and focus on a flying type." Mew said.

I closed my eyes like before and thought of a flying type. Once I got a Pokémon in mind, Mew continued. "Now, slide two fingers across your chocker. Then leave your hand palm up."

I did what I was told and slide two fingers across my chocker. I heard a small click, than placed my right hand palm up. I heard a weird noise then felt something land in my hand.

"Open your eyes, Z." Mew said, in a calm voice.

When I opened my eyes, I was shocked to see what was in my hand. It was…a Pokeball! A real Pokeball, but this one was different from the others I've seen. This one was sky blue and had a black feather on it. I looked at Mew, than at the Pokeball. I held the Pokeball up, hoping it would open and let out the Pokémon. Lucky for me, it worked. And Noctowl was now standing on the rail.

"Now, you have the knowledge to summon a Pokémon from your memory. But there is a limit to how many Pokémon can be summoned at a time." Mew explained. "You can summon up to six Pokémon but they must have at least the same type trait. For example, you summoned a flying type. Therefore, you must only summon five more Pokémon that are just flying or flying/ something else."

I put the Pokeball in my pocket than turned to the New Species Pokémon. I was about to say something but it continued, "There is much to discuss. I am sure you have questions, you want answers."

After Mew said that, it flew toward the kitchen. Before I followed Mew, I turned to Noctowl and said, "Can you keep lookout for me? If you see any Marine ships, call me."

Noctowl nodded then flew up to the crow's nest. When I saw him up there, I went to the kitchen, where Mew was waiting. Once I opened the door, Mew flew toward the table. I walked over to the sink and got a glass of water and a bowl of water for Mew. Once I placed the bowl in front of it and sat down across from Mew, I began asking my questions.

"Mew, if you do not mind me asking, but how can I find the new Pokémon in the Grand Line, even though I do not know what they look like?"

"When the Pokémon were being absorbed into your chocker, Uxie gave you the gift of tracing. The Knowledge Pokémon thought it would be wise to give you a sense that would allow you to find a Pokémon on an island. The gift will allow you to see when the wild Pokémon is ready to be capture and if your Pokémon are injured." Mew explained.

"I understand. If I summon or capture a Pokémon, will I use the same Pokeball?" I asked.

"You may use the same Pokeball. But when summoning, you must make sure they have the same trait." Mew answered.

Before I could ask another question, Mew told me it was time for it to go. I thanked the New Species Pokémon for answering my questions and to rest well. But before it got back into my chocker, Mew said, "Look at the small notebook for recipes to feed the Pokémon that you summon and capture. Good luck…Mother." And got back into my chocker.

I stood there looking at the area where Mew was, in shock. Mew…just called me…MOTHER! After standing there for a few minutes, I snapped out of it and looked in my bag for the small notebook. When I thought I felt it, I pulled it up and it was my small green notebook with recipes I made up and discovered for my brothers. I looked though it, just to make sure it was all mine and that every recipe was there. Luckily it was. I turned around and looked out the window. ' Noctowl looks kinda lonely out there. Time to summon a few more helpers.' I thought before going outside and lifting up the Pokeball.

"This is gonna be fun." I said to myself, smiling at the 4 other flying types.

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