New Life in One Piece

Z's Cooking and Cross the Red Line!

Chapter XI: Z's Cooking and Crossing the Red Line!

[Z's POV]

Morning came quicker than I thought. I just finish cooking breakfast for the crew and Pokémon, when I heard a scream outside. I ran out the door and saw Usopp being carried by Fearow. I looked up and saw Noctowl, Chatot, Swablu, and Swellow standing on the mast. I turned my head and saw Luffy smiling at my Pokémon, Zoro and Sanji were looking at them with a confused look, and Nami was looking at me.

"Morning, everyone. I made you breakfast. Come and get it while it's still hot." I said, pretending that everything was alright. "Fearow, put him down. His not a toy."

"Z, why are there 5 crazy birds here?" Nami asked.

"I summoned them last night to help and keep me company. It would be easier to keep watch at night. Plus, they can come and stretch their wings." I explained.

I turned around and walked back to the kitchen, to get the Pokémon's food. Nami isn't going to like having my Pokémon eat with them inside, so I'm going to eat with them outside. I put their food in there own bowls that, somehow, were in my bag. Once my Pokémon's foods were ready, I noticed the crew coming in and looking at the food I made for them. I made them all omelets, but instead of using the ordinary recipe, I used some of my own.

"I hope you all enjoy. I'm going to give the Pokémon their food. So I'll be outside if you need me." I said, than exiting the room before someone can stop me.

"Z-san, you didn't have to cook breakfast for us." Sanji said.

"Didn't Zoro tell you that I was going to cook? I told him to tell you." I asked, confused.

"Whatever, lets eat! I'm starving." Luffy said, than running to get a plate.

Before he started eating, I noticed that he got Zoro's plate. "Luffy, that's not your plate. That's Zoro's. Your food is over there." I said pointing at the plate across from the one he has in his hand.

"What's the difference? They look the same to me." He asked, confused. And so were the others.

"Well…your food has more meat than the others. And Zoro's food has a few drops of sake. While Nami's has some tangerine slices, Sanji's has fish, and Usopp's has some bean sprouts." I explained, pointing to which plate has whose food.

They just stood there, confused, not moving an inch. I was beginning to get nerves, so I just high tail it out of there. Taking the Pokémon's food with me. Once I was on the deck, I placed each bowl on the floor, but making sure there was enough space between them. If they act like kids on the island, then they're going to fight. I turned around and yelled, " Chatot, Fearow, Noctowl, Swablu, Swellow! It's time to eat!"

After I said that, all 5 of the Pokémon came down and started eating. I sat down next to the railing and closed my eyes, enjoying the soft wind and salty air. 'This is way better than the city.'

[Zoro's POV]

After Z ran out of the lounge, everyone went to get their food. Some of us were scared that she wasn't a good cook, like Apis. Luffy went to his food and let go of mine. When he took a bite out of his, he stopped. We thought there was something wrong but Luffy's eyes bright up and said, "Wow! This is really good! You guys have to try it."

I looked at mine and slowly cut a piece and ate it. The taste was different, not a bad different but a good one. It had a well balance of flavors and the sake, she mentioned, was there keeping the flavor together. There wasn't a lot to make someone drunk, but enough for someone to notice. Z's cooking wasn't like any other and it wasn't like Sanji's either. Her food was in it's own category.

I looked at the others and saw their eyes light up when they took their first bite. Looks like Luffy and I weren't the only ones who likes her food. We continued eating but when we were halfway done, Luffy's case: ¾ done, Z came back in. She looked at us; nerves and fear in her eyes. Before any of us said anything, she spoke.

"Um…I…I hope you liked…the food…I cooked for you. Um…I'm going to get…some water…and head back out." She said, very nerves and looking at the floor.

"Z-san, who taught you how to cook like this? I never tasted anything that was well balanced." Sanji asked.

She looked up and said, "No one taught me. And I didn't read any books ether. I taught myself how to cook when I was 5. It was kinda hard at first, but I was able to create my own recipes. It was…really fun back than."

We looked at her a little shocked. She taught herself how to cook this good; at a young age. Z started getting a little nerve and went to get a glass of water from the sink and fast walked straight to the door. But before she opened it, Luffy finally spoke.

"Z, your cooking is great. It's different from Sanji's but still really good."

Z stopped and, slowly, turned around and looked at us. She smiled lightly and said, "Thank you, Luffy. I'm glad you liked it. Um…I'm going to sing a song for the Pokémon. So…if you want to come…you can."

After she said that she walked back out; closing the door behind her. Luffy stuffed his food in his mouth and ran straight out. I finished my food after Luffy and walked out; not noticing the looks the others were giving me. I walked over to where Luffy and the 5 birds were sitting, while Z was leaning on the rails. I sat down next to rails close to Z but far enough to stay near the Pokémon. She looked at me and smiled, but than looked at the birds and asked,

"What song would you like me to sing?"

The birds were saying something but it was the bird that spoke our language that answered the question.

" 'Run! Run! Run!' " It said. (A/N: This song is the 2nd ending of One Piece)

I never heard of that song but Z just smiled. She looked thought her…music player. Once she got the song, she disconnected her headphones and started the song. Z closed her eyes and started to sing:

'All that's in my heart confuses me

I cannot understand

As I face what I must do

I'll say goodbye and squeeze your hand

I'll set sail alone but always

Now I'm gonna keep you near!

As I drift away

I pray you watch me as I disappear!'

She hummed with the music; keeping her eyes closed. The Pokémon were enjoying the song and Luffy was bobbing his head to the music.

'As I watch the sunrise

I began to wonder

"What could be the reason

it's so hot inside?"

No answer has come

but I can't get away from what's true

It's because of you…

Show me how to catch those feelings

Get them to come back to me!

I'll do what I must

Because they're everything I wanna be!

Back these arms around my dreams

and pull up, back up, yesterday!

If I'm holding hands with you

I'm sure we can make a way!'

When the song ended, Z opened her eyes and the birds, plus Luffy, cheered for her. She looked at me, silently asking if I liked the song. I gave her a small half smirk and she smiled back. But I noticed a small blush on her cheeks when she smiled.

"I'm glad you guys like the song." Z said.

"Mother, I'm tired." Chatot said. The other birds nodded their heads in agreement.

Z smiled, than pulled out a small ball out of her pocket. She pressed the center and the ball grew a little. It was weird, but before I could ask, she pointed the ball at the birds and said, "Okay, you guys. You deserve a break from helping me keep watch all night. Have a good nap."

Than the ball opened up and all 5 flying types were sucked into it. Once the Pokémon were gone, Z held the strange ball to her chocker and it slowly got absorbed into said chocker. Luffy and I looked at Z, surprised and confused, about what just happened. She smiled sheeply, and explained to us that the ball was called a Pokeball. It aloud her to summon a Pokémon from her memory and that she can only summon up to 6. It was weird but, who on the ship is normal, right?

[Z's POV]

After I explained my newfound ability, Nami told Zoro and Sanji to up to the crow's nest because if they see storm clouds, then we're on the right track. Usopp went to stir the ruttier. I remember this episode; after they left Warship Island, they get to Reverse Mountain and enter the Grand Line.

"Nami! I have a report! Major clouds coming; big rain clouds! There's a storm coming!" Sanji yelled.

Nami looked at the map while saying, "Well, at least we're back on track." She looked at me and said, "Your island took some of our time, but luckily, it was close to our destination."

"Yeah, luckily." I said, not sure what else to say about that.

"C'mon, I have to tell the guys how we should get into the Grand Line." She said, walking into the lounge.

When we walked in, Luffy and Zoro were sitting at the table. Usopp was stirring, and Sanji was leaning on the stove. I went and sat down next to Luffy and across from Zoro, while I waited for Nami to tell us about the Grand Line.

"Take a look." Nami said, while slamming the map on the table. "I'm familiar with the rumors and these drawings confirm it. As unimaginable as it may seem, the entrance to the Grand Line is a mountain."

"A mountain?" Luffy repeated, while holding the edge of a glass in between his teeth.

"So, what? Do we crash into it?" Zoro asked.

"You gotta be kidding." Sanji commented.

"I didn't believe it, but the map's clear. The mountain appears to be riddled with small canals. So, we might have to go up and over it." Nami explained.

"Oh. Sounds like fun." Luffy said.

"What are you talking about? Even if there are canals or whatever, a ship can't just climb up a mountain." Zoro said.

"Well, the map says otherwise." Nami said.

"That's right! And if Nami thinks something can be done, then it can. Got that!" Sanji said, yelling at Zoro.

"Yeah, but remember. That map was stolen from Buggy the Clown. So can we trust it?" Zoro asked.

"If it's from Buggy, then we can trust it. After all, he did go to the Grand Line before." I said, closing my eyes.

"Buggy's been to the Grand Line?!" Luffy yelled.

"How do you know?" Nami asked me.

I opened my right eye and said, "I know things. Let's just leave it at that, for now."

"If you guys haven't noticed, the rudder's stuck!" Usopp yelled. "A little help over here would be nice!"

"Sanji, would you please give Usopp a hand? I can't think with all his shouting." Nami said.

"Right away, Nami!" Sanji said, with a heart in his…eye. "Okay." But stopped.

"Uh, does this current seem un-usually strong to anyone else?" Usopp asked.

"Eh? Usopp, what did you just say?" Nami asked.

"I said, 'If anyone noticed this insanely strong current?" Usopp replied.

"Current…that's it!"

"What is it, Nami" Luffy asked.

"The canals do go up the mountain." Nami said, looking at the map.

"Oh, c'mon. How can that possibly work?" Zoro asked, bored with the topic.

"Look, the lighthouse was pointing us in this direction. To…Reverse Mountain." Nami said, pointing it on the map.

She started explaining about the currents, canals, Reverse Mountain being a 'winter island', and if we miss the entrance, we die.

"So, basically, it's a mystery mountain." Luffy said, holding his chin with his right hand.

Nami explained that if we stay on this current, then we're fine. But if something happens with the rudder…we're screwed.

"Nami, you're a genius." Sanji commented.

"Call me 'skeptical', but ships do not climb mountains." Zoro said, still not believing this.

"Well, I heard a few stories." Sanji started.

"Stories about the mystery mountain?" Luffy asked.

"No, I've heard more than half of the people tried to make it to the Grand Line, die before they even get there. Whatever we find, it won't be easy…" Sanji explained.

"When it comes to the Grand Line, nothing is easy…or normal." I said.

After a few minutes, we reached the mountain. Sanji told Luffy to help him raise the sail. Then we heard Luffy yelled, "Hey! I can see the Mystery Mountain!"

Everyone came out and saw the mountain. Usopp said he can't see the top and it's high above the clouds. Strong winds, currents, and waves everywhere. Usopp and Sanji went to make sure we stay on course. Nami said to make sure we go straight into the crack between the rocks.

"I gotta be dreaming. It's impossible, the ocean is really flowing up the mountain." Zoro said, looking through the binoculars.

"Told you. Nothing concerning the Grand Line will be easy or normal." I said, standing next to him.

"We're drifting off course, gotta go more to the right! Right!" Luffy yelled.

"The right? Hard to starboard!" Usopp yelled.

"Wait, guys! Not to hard or you'll-" But before I finish my warning, the rudder broke.

"THE RUDDER!" Everyone else yelled.

As if happing in slow motion, Luffy tossed his hat to me, jump off, and said, "Gum-Gum Balloon!" The ship hit Luffy, but thanks to him, we were able to make it.

"Luffy! Grab a hold!" Zoro yelled, holding his hand out to Luffy.

I saw Usopp and Sanji dancing, happy we made it. I turned my head when I heard Luffy hit the deck. I went over and help him out while everyone yelled, "WE MADE IT!"

After I helped him, I handed him his hat and ran to the others. They were celebrating, happy to get through their first obstacle. Sadly, the mood was ruin when Eric, the wind-slicer, came out of nowhere. He didn't even see me, so while he was talking about dragonite, I grabbed his leg and threw him off the ship. He screamed (who wouldn't) while he splashed through the water.

"Bye-bye." I said, waving at him.

The others looked at me, dumb-bound, while saying, "Nice one; Good thinking."

"I don't know who that guy was but I got a bad vibe from him. We won't see him again because of the strength of this current." I said, half lying; half telling the truth.

"Wow, look how high we are. We're in the clouds!" Luffy yelled holding onto Merry's head and his hat.

The mountain was still towering over us, when we past through the clouds. Straight ahead was the submit; bright clear sky around us, the water creating a sparkling shower above us. It was more beautiful than seenen it behind a screen. I took out my I-Pod and took a quick picture; for memory.

After the ship fell on the right canal, I thought to myself, 'To make a new life for myself and getting the Pokémon to their new home.'

"Somewhere out there the One Piece is waiting. And we're going to find it!" Luffy said.


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