New Life in One Piece

First Line of Defense? Laboon Appears!

Hello, everyone. I would like to add to Z's gift of tracking (mention in Chapter 10) that she has the gift of analyzing. So that means she can identify a new Pokemon. Think of her like a living Pokedex. Anyway, here is Chapter 12. I hope you all like it and please leave a comment.


Chapter XII: First Line of Defense? Laboon Appears!

[Z's POV]

We raced down though the canal, straight into the Grand Line. Going through the clouds, hard winds blowing straight at you, and holding on to the rails for dear life. I've only been in the crew for a little while and, so far, …I love being in this crew. While the crew was enjoying the rush wind, a loud groan was heard. I looked around but all I could see was fog.

"Did you guys just hear something?" Zoro asked.

"Huh, what's that?" Nami asked, smiling.

"That groaning sound. Didn't you hear it?"

"I did. It almost sounded like a cry." I said, standing in front of him.

"Maybe it was the wind." Nami said.

The groan was heard again and an outline came into view. Then Sanji said he sees a mountain. I know that there's no mountain, but-

"Who cares?! GO!" Luffy yelled, not giving a shit about the soon-to-be obstacle coming into view.

Soon we were out of the clouds and the outline was much clearer. It wasn't a mountain or a black wall. It was-

"-a huge whale!" Usopp yelled.

Everyone was panicking because a giant whale was blocking our path. Zoro shouted that we could get by on the left. But, like Usopp pointed out, the rudder's broken. Zoro went to help Usopp and Sanji, while Nami was just standing there, praying that we get though this. Luffy thought of a good idea and went into a room. I was going to help the guys but my head started hurting. It was pounding and my eyes felt like they were on fire. It felt like something was going to come out of my eyes. Then, the cannon was fired and the target…was the whale.

"THE CANNON?!" Everyone, besides me and Luffy, shrieked.

I sank to the ground, still holding my head in pain, and looked where's Merry's head was suppose to be. Luffy is going to be pissed. Even though I already know what's going to happen and know the outcome, I can't really do anything about this stupid headache. 'What happen in the episode again? Oh, right! This big guy is Laboon! I can't believe I forgot!' Everyone was silent; everything was still. No one moved; but waited to see what the beast will do. After a couple seconds of silence, Zoro broke it by saying, "Damn! Let's get out of here before it's to late!"

They pulled out the huge paddles and rowed the boat as fast as they could. Zoro on the right; Usopp and Sanji on the left. Again, I could of helped, if it wasn't for this strong headache. Usually I just brush it off but this one was stubborn. Laboon groaned again and, let me tell you, being a few yards away from its mouth can really~ shatter your ears…or make a headache 10x worse! Sanji yelled in pain but Usopp kept telling him to paddle. Luffy came back out and was looking, more like glaring in my position, at the whale as we drifted by.

"Luffy?" Nami said, weekly and confused.

"You think you can break my special seat; get away with it? TAKE THIS!" Luffy said, than…PUNCHED LABOON IN THE EYE!

"YOU MORON!" Everyone, besides me, shouted.

His arm was pulled back from the whale's eye. He stayed still for a minute then his eye turned to look at us. He let out, another, loud groan. Luffy kept staring at him, than continued shouting at it.


But before he could finish, Usopp and Zoro kicked Luffy, shouting, "SHUT UP BEFORE YOU KILL US!"

When they kicked him, he landed in front of me. I opened my eyes a little and saw him looking at the guys, holding his hat. Than the whale let out an angry roar. He opened his huge mouth, showing his fangs; do whales even have hangs? Anyway, the ship was being sucked up into his mouth. I saw Luffy about to fall off the ship. I was going to get him but I missed him by a few centimeters.

"Luffy!" I yelled.

But, of course, Luffy saves himself by stretching his arm to grab one of the whale's teeth and jumped. He'll be fine and will find us in Laboon's stomach. I bet Zoro and Sanji are going to kick his ass for punching the whale in the eye. The rest of us were being sucked into a whirlpool; no way out. Laboon closed his mouth; covering our only light source. Everything was pitch black; the crew screaming; being thrown everywhere. This is so~ not helping my headache.

I opened my eyes and looked at…the sky? Wait, we were eaten by Laboon; so that means we're in his stomach, right? I sat up and saw everyone laying on the ground. I stood up and looked at our surroundings. Clouds, seagulls, and blue sky. The water was calm…and green. In front of us was an island. Before I said anything, the others woke up and my headache came back. I closed my eyes and held my head with one hand. I swear; this thing is torturing me.

"Is…this a dream?" Usopp asked, in disbelief and confusion.

"I'd say that's a fair guess." Zoro replied.

"Than what's with this island and the house?" Nami asked, also in disbelief.

"Illusions." Zoro simply said.

I zoned out of the conversation when the giant squid came out. I tried to open my eyes but it hurts. I opened them slowly and, thankfully, they opened. But when they were completely open, a 3-D compass was in front of me. 'Well, this is new. And cool! I feel like a robot.' I thought. The North arrow was blinking. I started walking to the rail and looked in the distance. The compass changed into a scope and I saw…a little Pokémon drowning in stomach acid! I took off my jacket and placed my I-Pod in my bag; luckily my curiosity got the better of me last night to find water-proof bandages to cover my scars on my left arm in the, also, water-proof bag the Pokémon gave me. I looked at the crew and they're preoccupied with the lighthouse keeper's running gag. So I jumped into the stomach acid. When my skin touched the acid, it was burning. I came up to the surface and started swimming to the Pokémon. I heard the old man telling the crew that I jumped in, but I was focus my attention on the Pokémon. Lucky for me, the Pokémon wasn't that far, so once I got to it. I picked it up and softly said, "Don't worry. I'll get you out of this and heal your burns. Just hold on and I'll take you back to my ship."

The Pokémon understood me and grabbed onto my head and rapped its tail around my neck, loosely. I started swimming back but once I was close to the ship, Laboon decided it was a good time to hit his head against the Reverse Mountain. The waves were very rough, and it almost drown us. I just got to the ship when I heard Zoro said something about the acid eating the old man alive. 'What am I!? Invisible?!' I thought. But I also heard Nami asked if any of the guys saw me. 'At least Nami noticed. The guys must be complete idiots.'

"Hey, guys! I'm down here! You know in the acid! Being eaten alive!" I yelled.

I saw Zoro throw a rope for me to grab. I told the Pokémon to climb the rope and to dry itself off on my orange jacket. It climbed up and once I saw it disappear on the ship, I started climbing. But when I was half way, I saw Luffy and 2 weirdoes being flung out and flew towards the acid.

"Luffy?" I asked.

"Z? Is everyone alright?" He asked. "Um, I could use a hand." And fell into the stomach acid with the other 2.

I sighed and jumped back into the acid. I swam down and got him before he sunk any farther. I looked at the other 2 and, decided to take pity on them, and took them to the ship. Once we resurface, I threw Luffy on deck and threw the other two. After that, I climbed up. While I was climbing up, I thought back to the episode. ' The two weirdoes are Mr.9 and Miss. Wednesday. Otherwise known as Princess Vivi. There in Baroque Works, but Vivi want to stop them from destroying her home kingdom.' When I, FINALLY, got back on the ship, I saw the Pokémon wrapped around my jacket, looking at me with black eyes. I looked at my clothes and saw the bottom half of my shirt gone and some holes around my knees. I didn't really care about my clothes and looked back at the Pokémon.

It stood about 0'8" inches and looked like a small mouse. Has a long black tail with a small bush at the end, have orange fur with a clear belly. Mouse ears and red cheeks like Pikachu but has antenna like whiskers. It was…kinda cute. (Who's that Pokémon?)

"You didn't have to save the other two." Zoro said walking up to me.

"You could of helped." I said then walked to the Pokémon.

"Why were you in the acid in the first place?" He asked.

I didn't answer him, but crouched down and picked up the small new Pokémon, who was now staring at me with confusion and still wrapped in my jacket. I turned to Zoro and held up the little guy for him to see. He looked at it, then back to me. I smiled and said I'll explain everything to the crew later when we're out of the whale. He accepted that answer, than went to see our 2 guests. While I kneeled down and placed the Pokémon on the floor, to healed it. I placed one hand on its head and touched my chocker with the other. I softly said, "Psychic Type, Heal Pulse"

"Thank you, miss." The little Pokémon said, after the affects were done.

"No problem. It's my job to protect Pokémon. By the way, what's your name? You can call me Z." I said, while my, almost dissolved shirt, turned from cream to pink and a half open eye appeared across my chest.

"My names Dedenne. Wait, you can understand me?" Judging by its voice, it's a he.

"Yes, I'm the only one on the ship who can, for now. I'm here to take you and the other Pokémon in the Grand Line to your new island." I explained.

"Really? You're the Pokémon Protector." He asked.

"Yes, I am."

"I don't believe you."

"What?" Okay, now I'm confused.

"I heard that the Pokémon Protector has scars allover her left arm, that only a Pokémon could recognize. And she's strong, loyal, nice, and wise too." He explained.

I looked at him for a few seconds, than looked at the crew. They were discussing about what to do with the two weirdoes. I looked at Dedenne than, slowly, undo my bandages. Once they were off, I showed them to him. He gasped than looked at me, silently accepting that I'm the Protector.

"We can discuss this later, okay. I have to see what my captain wants." I said, retying the bandages around my arm, before standing up and walking to the other; where Luffy is calling for me to get over there.

Once I was there, I saw Luffy looking at my left arm with confusion. I looked at the others and saw everyone, but Luffy and Zoro, not looking at my arm. I noticed Zoro looking at me; more specifically my stomach. I wrapped my arms around my stomach and saw him look me in the eye, than looked away. But I was able to see a small blush on his cheeks. 'Was Zoro checking me out?' I thought before the old man saying that the two agents won't lay a finger on Laboon as long as his alive. I knew what was coming so I slowly backed up and touched my chocker with both hands. I closed my eyes and softly said, "Chatot"

[Zoro's POV]

When Z came to join us up here, I noticed that her left arm was covered with bandages. I kept looking at her arm but, somehow, my eyes moved to her stomach. It was well tan and ton. I don't know why but I kept looking at her until she wrapped her arms around her stomach. I looked at her in the eye, and saw confusion and innocents. I looked away when I felt a blush coming up. 'I can't believe I was checking her out! I've only know her for like a day and so far I'm acting weird.' I mentally shook my head.

When the weirdoes stood up, hard wind came out of nowhere and surrounded Z. I turned to see a small hurricane surrounding her; she was transforming. Her hair was pulled into a ponytail, her clothes changed into green shorts, with yellow leggings underneath, a yellow top, a white scarf being place around her neck, and a tail appeared behind her. She stretched out her arms and blue feathers appeared. Her feet changed into bird's feet. She opened her eyes and they changed from dark brown to a rocky color. The hurricane disappeared just about the same time the weirdoes shot their cannons. Z jumped and flew straight to the cannonballs. It looked like the old man was going to jump into the line of fire but Z swoop through and grabbed both of them with her feet. She flew down than turned around and though them up. Z pulled back one of her…wings and yelled out, "Flying Type, Aerial Ace!"

A flying blade shot out and destroyed the cannonballs. Once they blew up, she looked at us and smiled. I was shocked to see a move like that, I'll ask her how she did that later. She slowly landed back on deck while Luffy punched the weirdoes, knocking them out.

"Thank you, Luffy." Z said.

"Um, what was that for?" Usopp asked.

Luffy looked up and said, simply, "I just…wanted to hit them."

"Z, why did you protect the whale?" Nami asked.

She moved her left arm to point to herself, while simply saying, "Animal person."

Z then looked down and smiled at the little mouse she rescued. She kneeled down and looked at the little think while Nami backed away from it. It said something, that I don't understand, but Z nodded her head. The mouse jumped on her and climb up to her shoulder. Z stood up and flew toward the island while everyone else walked over. Usopp got some rope and tied up the weirdoes. After we placed them on the floor, Luffy wanted to fly, but Z was already giving the little mouse a ride. She was doing lots of trick, like loop-de-loops, corkscrews, dips, and others. The little guy was laughing the whole time. When she was flying I noticed that she flies with such grace; it was…'Beautiful'

I was knocked out of my thought when the old guy said, "I thank you for saving my life; though I must ask, why did you do it?"

"I didn't do it to save you. There was something about those two that I didn't like." Luffy said still looking at the little mouse on Z's back with jealously.

Z swoop down and landed next to me and said, "I'm an animal person. So I protect them."

Luffy jumped out of nowhere and wrapped his arms around Z's neck, begging her to give him a ride. When Luffy 'attacked' Z, the little mouse jumped off Z's shoulder and landed on mine. I looked at it confused, but all it did was smile and did a little sound. I heard laughter and heard Z said, "He said, 'sorry.' Alright Luffy, hold on tight."

"Yes!" He shouted.

Z jumped and flew around a few more times with Luffy on her back. He kept shouting 'this is fun', 'faster, Z' , and 'Loop-de-loop' I swear he acts more like a kid than a real captain.

"Okay, I think it's time we get some answers. Who are these guys? And how did you get inside this whale?" Nami asked, being bossy again.

"These guys are thugs from a near by town looking for whale meat. If they caught him, Laboon could feed the town's people for at least 2-3 years easy. All their concern is filling their fat, greedy bellies." Crocus replied.

By the time Nami asked, Z landed on the ground and shook off Luffy. We, besides Z, looked at him confused, but Nami asked the question we were all think. "Laboon?"

"That's the whale's name, Nami. A special whale with a heart of a human's. His been holding onto a promise for 50 years." Z said, then made a weird sound. She covered her mouth in embarrassment.

Crocus looked at her, surprised, "How…?"

"I know things. Both past and future." Z said, looking down.

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