New Life in One Piece

Promise is Made Luffy's Vow to Laboon

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Chapter XIII: A Promise is Made and Luffy and Laboon Vow to Meet Again

[Z's POV]

I can't believe I said that! Everyone's looking at me and I tried to ignore it but I can't. I looked at Dedenne and he was just sitting on Zoro's shoulder, acting like nothings wrong. No one said anything for a while but Laboon howled at Reverse Mountain again. That woke everyone up from their shock spell. Crocus started telling us Laboon's story. I already knew it but listened, though, I was in my own thoughts half the time. 'The pirates promised to return in 3 years but meet trouble on the way. That stupid warlord and his stupid zombies. But I can't jump to conclusions yet. With me being here, I might have changed a few things with out my knowledge. I better ask.'

Lucky for me, I zoned back in when Usopp started denying the facts and telling everyone that they're still out there. We're outside the whale now. (I'm still Chatot if anyone is wondering)

"Usopp's right. They didn't abandon him. Who knows, they could still be out there. What were this pirates called?" I asked.

"They were known as the Rumbar Pirates. They were a group of musicians who were pirates. They told me that Laboon took a liking to them because of their music."

"Who was the captain?" I asked, just to make sure.

"He was a young man named Yorki. He was a kind captain. He loved Laboon fiercely, but no one loved Laboon more than his second in command, Brook. Brook took it the hardest when they decide to leave him here." Crocus explained.

'It is Brook! Perfect. Note to self: take picture of Laboon to show Brook.'

"Z-san, why are you asking all these questions? It's been 50 years! None of them could still be alive." Sanji said, softly.

"So? Crocus lived those years. So why not the pirates?" I said, then a sound came from my throat.

Crocus looked at me with sadness in his eyes and said, "I appreciate the thought, young lady. But I doubt they survived the Grand Line for 50 years. I received a report that said they tried to escape the Grand Line by going through the Calm Belt. They never returned."

"That not true! They won't abandon him! They…" but I stopped when everyone was looking at me. Dedenne jumped onto my shoulder and rubbed his cheek against mine, trying to cheer me up.

"Nevermind. I'm going to fly around for awhile." I said then flew off the ship and flew around Laboon.

After awhile of flying, I saw Luffy running up Laboon with the ship's mast. I flew down to the ship, so I won't get in the spar. When I landed, the others just noticed Luffy. Zoro and Sanji commented that we have to keep an eye on him at all times or else he'll do something stupid. 'Good luck with that' I thought. Luffy finally made it to Laboon's wound and yelled out

"GUM GUM FLOWER ARANGMENT!" slamming the mast on the open wound.

"You think his aware that that's our mast." Zoro said, calmly.

"And now it's on top of a whale." Sanji continued.

"Why'd he do that?" Usopp asked before shouting, "Hey Luffy! Stop destroying the ship!"

Let's just say that Laboon was pissed and started to attack Luffy. Luffy fought back, but I could tell he was holding back a little. After a few minutes, the whale charged at Luffy, but Luffy stopped him by saying, "It's a draw!"

Laboon stopped and looked at Luffy in surprised. But Luffy continued, "I'm strong than I look; but I had a feeling you knew that. I can always tell when someone's itching for a fight. Well if you want a battle, I'll be more than happy to give you one. Your shipmates used to spar with you didn't they? You miss it. Well I can rival anything they though at you."

'Wait, I don't remember Brook sparing with Laboon. Must be something I overlooked.'

"Tell you what. After me and my friends travel the Grand Line, we'll come back here and find you. And then you better be ready for a rematch!" Luffy finished, smiling at, now, crying Laboon.

A few hours later, we saw Luffy finish painting his, REALLY BAD, version of our mark on Laboon's forehead. He backed up a few paces and looked at the mark with pride while saying, "Consider this a symbol of my promise to do battle with you! Of course, it's a rush paint job, so you'll have to avoid hitting your head or you'll rub it off. You understand?"

Laboon let out a groan as a response. I'm glad Laboon will be happy now. Dedenne said he has something to think about and to call him when we're about to leave. He ran off to somewhere, but I'm sure his fine. I flew to the ship and helped Usopp reattached the mast. But before I helped him, I saw rope on the floor. 'The agents must of left.' I just held it in place while he nailed the plates in.

"That's my life. Luffy breaks it and I put it back together." Usopp complained.

"That's life." I simply said, than a sound came from my throat.

After he hammered the last nail he said, "Thanks Z. Now help me with the head, will yeah?"

I nodded my head, than flew to pick up the head. Once I got a good grip on the ears, I started flapping my wings hard and was able to pick it up. I flew to the front of the ship and held it in place. Usopp looked at me with a surprised look, then muttered something about strong feet and weird girl. I wanted to comment back but decided to stay quiet while he worked. After he made sure the metal plates were secured, he thanked me then left to fix a few leaks. I landed back on the ship and touched my chocker with both hands. 'Thank you Chatot'

Than hard wind surrounded me, again, making a small hurricane. I closed my eyes to let the magic do it's work. I felt my tail disappearing, the feathers being replaced with soft fabric attaching itself to my shirt, my feet changing back to normal, and my eyes changing to their original color. Once I felt the hurricane disappear, I opened my eyes and looked at myself. Normal hands and feet, no tail, light blue bag back where it's suppose to be, yep; back to normal. 'Wait, light blue bag? Wasn't it orange?'

I looked at my bag and, instead of orange, it was light blue. And instead of Charizard it was Chatot. 'I guess the bag will change into the Pokémon after I change back. That's weird, but what isn't in this world? …And mine?'

"Why were in the stomach acid in the first place?" A voice asked, behind me.

I turned around and saw Zoro staring at me. I looked at him for a few seconds than remembered that he asked me a question. "Oh, to save the little Pokémon. Why?"

"Just curious. How did you know it was there?"

'What's with the questions?' I thought but said, "From the gift the Pokémon gave me. It allows me to track a new Pokémon and identify them. There are many new Pokémon here in the Grand Line. And I have to find them and take them to the island the legendaries told me. I have to either convene them or battle them."

Before he could answer back, Nami yelled. I ran up to the latter after Usopp and climbed up. I looked back at Zoro and saw him, slowly, falling asleep. Once I was up there, Nami said that the compass is broken and that it keeps spinning.

"Nami, it's not broken. The Grand Line's just surrounded by a strong magnetic field. You need a special compass to navigate through this sea. It's also the reason for freaky storms and strange weather patterns. The #1 rule, here in the Grand Line, is to always follow the Log Pose." I told her and everyone else.

"How do you know that Z?" Luffy asked, looking at me with little sparkles around him.

"Common Knowledge here. I heard a few sailors and pirates talk about it on my island before killing them." I lied, calmly.

"The girl's right. The magnetic field makes all regular compasses equipment not work. Common sense is useless here." Crocus said.

I saw Luffy stuffing his face with the food Sanji made for everyone. I got behind him, wrap my arm around his neck and, calmly, said, "You sure you want to eat all the food, Luffy"

He stopped half way through the nose and looked at me. He bit his part and placed the other on the table, and softly said, "Sorry, Z."

I kept my arm around him while Crocus finished explaining. I noticed that Nami looked confused when he mentioned a Log Pose. I jumped back into the conversation and said, "A special compass that locks onto a certain magnetic level. With a Log Pose, we go to a certain island. We stay for hours, days; it depends on the island, until the Log Pose locks onto the magnetic field. It'll point to the direction of the next island. We follow the pattern until we hit the end…Right?"

"At least one of you knows how this place works." Crocus commented, looking down at the others.

"Where do get one of these Log things?" Nami asked.

I removed my arm from Luffy's neck and raised his hand, which had the Log Pose, and said, "Right here."

She looked at us, than at Luffy. Nami took the Log Pose…before punching Luffy in the face for him not telling her that he had one of those things. Luffy's answer was that he found it on deck and the weirdoes must of drop it when they escaped. Nami looked at the Log Pose and noticed that there wasn't a dial face.

Crocus continued explaining the Grand Line traveling method. Like I said, we follow the pattern until we get to the last island, Raftel.

"That's it! That must be where the One Piece is hidden." Usopp commented.

"Prominent theory, but hard to say." Crocus said.

'You should know. You were with the previous king as his doctor.' I thought but decided not to say anything.

"Alright guys! Let's eat the meal Sanji cooked." Usopp said.

Luffy looked at me, asking permission to dig in. I smiled and nodded my head. Luckily there was still enough for everyone. I went to get Zoro but before I went I told Crocus to join the others and that there are more to go around. He smiled and accepted the offer. I went to the ship and saw Zoro still taking a nap. I went over to him and poked him a few times on the head, but that didn't work. After some thinking, I decided to give him a little spark.

I placed my finger on his arm and touched my chocker with the other hand. I warned him, saying that if he doesn't wake up I'll shock him, but nothing. I whispered, "Electric Type, Spark"

A little electricity left my finger and zapped Zoro. He woke up and started glaring at me, while my shirt and scarf changed to yellow and a lighting bolt appeared on chest. I said, "Come on, sleepy head. Lunch is ready and if you want some of the tuna, you better hurry before Luffy eats it all."

I ran back, knowing he was going to kill me for shocking him. After Zoro got up there and joined the others, I noticed that they were all acting like a real crew. This was one of the moments on the show that I love. I took out my I-Pod from my bag and took a quick picture before any of them noticed, than put it back in my bag. Luffy was calling me over but I declined and went to watch Laboon. He looks so happy; he really needed that new promise from Luffy.

I sat down near the edge and closed my eyes to enjoy the sea breeze and smell the ocean. After awhile, I heard footsteps coming over. I opened my eyes, looked up, and saw Crocus standing next to me.

"I never thanked you properly for saving Laboon." He said, looking at the horizon.

"It was nothing, I like animals. I hate seeing them in pain, so I try to protect them." I replied.

"I appreciate it." He said. Than seem to be thinking about something.

"For the record, I know you were Gold Roger's ship doctor." I said, out of the blue.

He looked at me, before, trying to say, "How do you…"

"Remember? I know things. Both past and future. But I won't tell anyone; I'm a pirate."

He smiled, than said, "Gold Roger was a good man. He cared about his crew like they were his family, but would always make the tough choices when need be."

"All men of D are like that, don't you think?" I said, looking at the water.

"Now, how do you know that?" He asked me, confused.

"My captain's full name is Monkey D Luffy. Son of Monkey D Dragon; Grandson of Monkey D Garp. From what you said about Roger, they share some characteristics." I said, still looking at the sea.

I could tell he was surprise by saying, "Well, he has an interesting family."

"Yeah." I commented.

"When we were talking about Laboon and the pirates, you seemed to take it offensively when I said they abandoned them. Why is that?" He asked.

I stayed silent for a few seconded then answered, " 'Cause I know what really happened to the Rumbar pirates."

I started telling him that half of the crew got sick and decided to sail into the Calm Belt, to keep the disease from spreading to the others. I explained that the other half was killed by unknown pirates. I also told him, descriptions of Yorki and Brook. After I finished explaining, I looked at him and his eyes were wide, a few tears were starting to show in the corner.

He took off his glasses, while saying, "I…I can't believe it. They didn't deserve that fate. At least…they didn't abandon Laboon like I originally thought. It's still a shame they're dead."

"Not all of them." I said, standing up and looking at the ocean.

I told him that Brook ate a devil fruit, sailing around the Floridian Triangle with a busted rudder, and looking for a way to come back to Laboon like he promised. I turned around and saw Crocus crying silent tears. I took off my scarf and gave it to him.

"How…how do you know all this? If you're lying…I will never forgive you." He said, wiping his tears with the scarf.

"Why would I lie about this? His really out there, keeping his promise. And I'm going to bring him back." I said, with a small smile on my face.

"This…this changes everything! I'm so happy for Laboon! You promise to bring him back. You better not go back on your promise." He said, in a serious tone.

I raised my left hand and cross my heart with my right hand, while saying, "Pirate's honor 'o ship doctor. I promise to bring Brook back over the mountain. But he may not look like how you remembered him, but his out there; same afro and all."

After I said that, he looked at me funny then smiled and said, "I'm sure Laboon will recognize him."

"Oh, is it okay if I take a picture of Laboon?" I asked.

"Sure, but you have to ask him when he comes back up for air." Crocus said, walking back to explain more of the rules to Nami and giving her his old Log Pose.

I heard a huge splash and turned around to see Laboon, Mr. 9, and Miss Wednesday. I looked at Laboon and asked if I could take a picture of him. He grunt, I don't speak whale so I'm going to take that as a yes. I took out my I-Pod and got the camera ready. But I couldn't get a good angle. I stepped a few spaces back, fixed the camera to a good angle, and took the picture. It turned out good. I put my I-Pod away and thanked Laboon for holding still, before looking at the 2 agents. I walked over to Vivi, held out my hand and said, "Here, let me help you."

She took my hand and got back up while Mr. 9 said, "Hey…we need your help."

"You have to come talk to my captain. I have no authority without his permission." I said, letting go of Vivi and walked to a bolder to get some sleep. Staying up for 2 day can drain a girl, that and turning into a Pokémon and swimming in stomach acid. Once I sat down, I closed my eyes and welcomed the darkness.

[Zoro's POV]

"Whisky Peak?" Nami asked.

The 2 weirdoes we saved in the whale's stomach were on their knees asking us to take them to their home island. They couldn't explain much because their company's policy was mystery. All of this sounds very familiar I just can't place my finger on it. Luffy agreed to take them, surprising the crew expect Z, who was asleep by a boulder. I looked at her, while the old man told Luffy that if we leave and take that route, we're stuck to that path. 'She looks so peaceful.'

"Alright, let's go. Zoro, go get Z." Luffy told me, knocking me out of my thoughts.

I walked over to Z and shook her shoulder. She took a deep breath and slowly opened her eyes. She looked at me and gave me a small smile.

"Hey, are we leaving?" She asked, while getting up and stretched her arms.

"Yeah, we are. We're taking the 2 weirdoes with us." I informed her.

"Whatever. Let me call Dedenne. He told me to call him before we leave." She said before looking at the mountain and screamed, "Dedenne!"

A little later, the mouse came out from a little crack, carrying 2 stones. It walked over to us but stopped to put the stones down. It said something to Z and judging by her reaction, it's not good news.

"Okay. So do you want to fight me or…" She said.

"De Dedenne De." The little mouse said, pointing…at me?

"What did he say?" I asked Z, who was staring at the mouse.

"He…wants to see if the crew…is good. And…to test that theory, he…wants to battle…you, Zoro." Z said.

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