New Life in One Piece

Zoro's First Pokemon Battle

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Chapter XIV: Zoro's First Pokémon Battle

[Narrator's POV]

Everything was silent around the swordsman and Pokémon protector. Zoro looked at Z, confused and hoping that she was joking. But sadly, she wasn't. Z looked at Dedenne, who looked confident in his decision.

"Are you sure you want to battle Zoro, Dedenne?" Z asked.

"De. De Dedenne Dede De, Dede Dedenne Dede Dedenne." Dedenne said, pointing at Zoro with his tail at the end.

"What did he say, now?" Zoro asked the only translator on the crew.

"Well, he said, 'Yes. I already trust you, but I want to see if I could trust him.'" Z translated, than continued, "Basically, he wants to see if the other Pokémon would listen to you guys besides me."

Zoro was about to take out his swords but Z stopped him by placing her hands on top of his. She tensed up a little when her hand touched his. 'Zoro's hands are really warm and rough compare to mine. Wait! What am I thinking?! Oh, great. Either it's the fangirl talking or…' Z thought, while a small blush appeared on her cheeks. Unknown to Z, Zoro was having his own problems. The moment Z's hands touch his, he noticed that her hands were soft and cold. But he ignored those facts, to notice that her hands looked fragile. He mentally shook his head while thinking, 'Why am I acting like this? I mean, sure, her hands are soft and looks so delicate…' He stopped his train of thought when he noticed a small blush on her cheeks. 'Hehehe, cute.'

They stayed like that for a minute, than Z pulled back, much to Zoro's disappointment, while saying, "You're not going to fight Dedenne with your swords. You have to fight him with another Pokémon."

Zoro looked at her as if she was crazy but went along with it, knowing that there was no way out of this. He sighed than told her that they should tell the others about the battle. Z agreed to the plan than walked with him to the others, while thinking of a good Pokémon to face Dedenne. When they got to the others, Zoro explained the situation to them, while Z was lost in her own thoughts. 'What Pokémon is a good match for Dedenne? They can't be giant, the rest will think it's unfair; they can't be cute, for Zoro's sake. Which one to choose? They either have to be the last evolution in a group or a Pokémon who doesn't evolve. Wait…I know who to summon!'

Z snapped her fingers, finally deciding on the right Pokémon to fight Dedenne. She closed her eyes, to focus on the Pokémon. Once the Pokémon's image was in her head, she slid 2 fingers across her chocker. Soft click was heard, than she raised her right hand up, waiting for the Pokéball. The crew heard a strange sound, than turned around to see a Pokéball appear out of thin air than landed in Z's hand. The Pokéball wasn't like the one Luffy and Zoro saw before. This one was yellow with a black thunderbolt above the center. Z opened her eyes and looked at the Pokéball, before whispering something so softly that the others couldn't hear. She handed the Pokéball to Zoro, who took it, slowly.

Z noticed his confused look and told him to throw the Pokéball up and say 'Come on out.' Zoro did what he was told and threw the Pokéball up. Once it was in the air, it opened, allowing the chosen Pokémon to appear. (A/N: When Z, or anyone else, summons or captures a Pokémon think of it like the show because I don't know how to describe it. Sorry.) The Pokémon Z chosen to fight Dedenne was…

"Jolteon, ready for a battle?" Z asked the Pokémon, before turning to the crew to introduce him. "Everyone, this is Jolteon, the Lighting Pokémon. If agitated, he uses electricity to straighten out his fur and launch it in small bunched. His an Electric Types. Jolteon, you're going to fight Dedenne alright?"

Jolteon nodded but before he could say anything Z continued, "But…you'll be fighting with Zoro."

"Jol? Jolteon Jol Jolteon! Jolteon Jolteon, Jolteon?" Jolteon asked. (What? I'm fighting with marimo! Why can't I fight with you, Mother?)

"Yes, you're fighting with Zoro because Dedenne already trust me but he doesn't trust the crew. So he wants Zoro to represent them in a battle." Z explained.

They kept arguing but to the crew, it looked like a one-sided argument. Dedenne was getting impatient, so he send a little spark towards the humans; to remind them that he was there. Everyone looked at him but before anything happened, Z whispered something in Jolteon's ear. He agreed and went to stand in front of Zoro. "Zoro, you have to trust Jolteon and tell him what to do. He is limited to 4 moves;

-Quick Attack

-Thunder Shock

-Thunder Fang

-Pin Missile

Jolteon, you have to listen to Zoro." Z said, holding her head. "Zoro, once Dedenne looks leak enough that he might faint, throw the Pokéball to capture him."

"Let's get this over with. Ready Jolteon?" Zoro said, accepting the fact that he can't out of this.

Jolteon crouched down, ready to take out the new Pokémon and get his reward. There was no way he was going to lose his first battle in the Grand Line. Everything was silent around the Pokémon. Dedenne was ready; sparks flying from his cheeks and determined to make a good impression. The silence was broken when Zoro gave the first command: Pin Missile. Jolteon stored up some electricity from the air and release it, straight to Dedenne. It hit Dedenne, but it didn't do much damage. He used Thunder Shock but thanks to Jolteon's ability, Volt Absorb, it didn't hurt him.

While the fight was going on, everyone, but Z, was cheering for Zoro and Jolteon. Z was trying to fight another headache. She opened her eyes, guessing that another Pokémon was near by, but two 3-D life bars appeared in front of her instead. She looked a little closer and saw both Jolteon's and Dedenne's names and their levels. It seems that Jolteon is a level 25, while Dedenne was a level 21. 'Just like the games.' She thought while Jolteon used Quick Attack and landed a critical hit, thus lowering Dedenne's life. By Z's calculations, one more hit like that would end the battle but, judging by the life bar, his ready to be captured. Dedenne used Charm, that would of worked if Jolteon was a girl but it did get an 'Aw' out of Nami and Miss Wednesday. Z had to admit; he was cute.

"Zoro, throw the Pokéball at Dedenne." Z yelled.

"Alright." Zoro replied, throwing the Pokéball. It hit Dedenne on the head and got him. The crew was about to cheer but Z told them to wait. The Pokéball shook a few times while the center flashed. 'Come on. Come on.' Z thought, than the Pokéball stopped. Z told them, they could cheer now.

"Way to go guys!" Luffy yelled, while patting Zoro on the back…hard.

Z surprised him by jumping at him, giving him a hug. "Way to go, Zoro. You won your first Pokémon battle." She said smiling, but let go when she remembered what she was doing. She went to congratulate Jolteon while everyone else congratulated Zoro.

"Way to go, Jolteon." Z said, hugging the Lighting Pokémon.

"Jolteon." Jolteon said. (Thanks, Mother)

"C'mon. Let's go welcome Dedenne to the family." Z said, letting go of Jolteon and walking over to the Pokéball.

She picked up the Pokéball and summoned Dedenne. The said Pokémon stood before them, smiling. Z kneeled down and healed both him and Jolteon. After they were healed, a yellow light came out of Z's eyes and analyze Dedenne. 'So, this is the gift of analyzing. I guess it fits, but why is everything coming out of my eyes?' Z thought, while the yellow light finished analyzing. Z blinked and a survey appeared in yellow and…light pink? She read the survey out load, so the confused Pokémon could hear.

"Pokémon number 702: Dedenne

The Antenna Pokémon

Gender: Male

Type(s): Electric/Fairy

By emitting radio waves from his antenna-shaped whiskers, he can communicate with far-off allies. Dedenne can also plug his tail into outlets to drain electricity from them.

Dedenne does not evolve." Z read, but looked confused about the Fairy Type part.

"Jol Jolteon, Jolteon?" Jolteon asked. (Are you alright, Mother?)

"Yes, Jolteon. I'm alright. I don't know where that came from." Z said. "Are you ready to go, Dedenne?"

"De, De Dedenne. Dedenne De." Dedenne said, than running to a boulder. (Oh, wait a minute. I'll be right back.)

When he came back, he was carrying the two stones he brought out before. Dedenne was carrying one with his tail and the other in his paws. He gave them to Z when he got back to them. Z observed them, than realized what they were.

"A thunder stone and a shiny stone? Where did you get these?" Z asked, holding the stones in both hands.

"De Dede Dede Dede. De Dedenne De Dede Dede Dedenne Dedenne." Dedenne said. (I found them a while ago. But decided to keep them for the Pokémon Protector.)

"Well, thank you Dedenne. These will come in handy in the future." Z said, putting both stones in her bag and standing up. "Oh, and welcome to the family, Dedenne."

Dedenne smiled and jumped up and hug Z around her neck. She laughed while hugging the little Pokémon back. She still held onto him while she and Jolteon walked back to the crew, who were about to leave. They loaded up the ship. Crocus gave Nami his old Log Pose because somehow the other one got destroyed.

"If you have any questions…ask her!" Crocus yelled, pointing at Z.

"See ya, pops! Thanks again for the Log Pose! Take care!" Luffy yelled.

"Have a safe trip, my boy!" He replied.

"Bye-bye Laboon! Take care!" Z yelled, waving at him. He replied with a happy groan.

"Don't forget to keep your promise, girl!" Crocus yelled.

Z ran to the side of the ship, held up her left hand, cross her heart with the other, while saying, "Pirate's honor 'o ship doctor!"

"Next stop…Whiskey Peak! Ready gang! Let's set sail!" Luffy yelled.

The others were waving goodbye to Laboon and Crocus but Zoro came up to Z and ask what did the old man mean by 'keep your promise'? She replied with, 'I'll tell you and the rest when the time is right, but not now.' Before going to check on the two Electric Types.

While the Straw-hat Pirates were sailing away, Crocus was thinking. "I wonder, Luffy and his exuberate crew could be the very pirates we've been waiting for. That young captain sure has a way about him. It's uncanny really. Wouldn't you agree…Roger? And that girl with her Pokémon are mysterious. She seems to be silently putting the pieces together in that head of hers. Your cute daughter is growing up to be a beautiful woman. Wouldn't you agree…Diana?"

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