New Life in One Piece

A Town that Welcome's Pirates?

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Chapter XV: A Town that Welcome's Pirates? 1st Island: Whiskey Peak

[Z's POV]

After a few hours of sailing, it started to snow. I got to remember that in the Grand Line, the weather is unpredictable. I was leaning against a wall, near a sleeping Zoro, watching Luffy and Jolteon make a snowman while Usopp and Dedenne make another. I was wearing my usual clothes because I remembered this episode and the next because Zoro was going to look so badass killing all those bounty hunters. I hope I can help.

"Perfect. All done. Thanks Jolteon." Luffy said, knocking me out of my thoughts and getting a nod from said Pokémon. "Well, look who just dropped in. Its Mr. Snowbarrel."

But Usopp and Dedenne decided to comment on Luffy's snowman. "You amateur. You call that pathetic blob a snowman." Usopp said, while Dedenne nodded in agreement. He was sitting on Usopp's shoulder but his tail was around his neck, to make sure he doesn't fall off. "Behold! A soulful inspired work of art! The Snow Queen."

I got to admit; his was pretty good. But I bet that woman was Kaya. This, kinda, proves the theory that Usopp has a crush on her. Luffy and Jolteon got jealous and destroyed his snow-woman. Thus causing them to be in a snowball fight. I watched them attack each other, left to right. I was trying to keep my laughter under control but this part always made me laugh. I turned my head and saw Sanji shoveling snow off the ship because Nami told him to. After a while, thunder and lightning shot across the sky and the wind was picking up. Looks like I should get ready for the chaos to happen. I called over Jolteon and Dedenne and told them to help me if an iceberg appears.


My Pokémon covered their ears because it was too load. 'Man, that girl has lungs' I thought when she came out and told us to turn the ship around 180 degrees. Usopp and Luffy were about to question her but I said, "Don't question the navigator, guys. Just do it."

The guys got to their spots but Zoro was still sleeping. How can this guy sleep during a storm, is beyond me.

The following hour was full of screaming and work. Sanji and Luffy were working on the sails, Usopp was keeping watch, and my Pokémon and I were making sure nothing, or no one, get thrown overboard. Mr. 9 and Miss Wednesday were helping too, but not a lot.

"Hey! Iceberg coming at 10'o clock!" Usopp yelled, pointing at said iceberg.

"Leave it to us!" I yelled, running to Luffy's special seat with Jolteon and Dedenne.

Once we got there, I looked at them and said, "Alright, Jolteon use Thunder on the iceberg! Dedenne, use Spark on us!"

"What?!" Dedenne yelled.

"Don't worry, you won't hurt us! You'll be helping us by giving us more power!" I yelled.

Dedenne still didn't want to but he wanted to help; so he decided to do it. Jolteon was charging up and draining the electricity from around us. I touched my chocker with my left hand and raised my right hand towards the iceberg.

"Electric Type, Electro Ball" I yelled, at the same time Jolteon used Thunder and Dedenne used Spark.

A thunderbolt came down and struck us. We used the electricity to power up our attacks. A small ball of electricity formed in the palm of my hand, but thanks to Dedenne and the lightning, it grew and flew straight at the iceberg. Once our attacks hit the iceberg, it was enough power to destroy it.

"Cool! Nice one you guys!" Luffy commented.

We got off this sat and ran to help the others. My shirt changed from pink to yellow and the black star changed to a black thunderbolt. Miss Wednesday and Mr. 9 looked shocked and asked if I ate a devil fruit but I answered with, 'It's a gift.'

"Nevermind that! Get back to work!" Nami yelled.

'This is crazier than watching from behind a screen.' I thought, running to help Sanji.

[Narrator's POV]

After the pirates, finally, got on the right path, the weather was clear. Zoro woke up from his nap, unaffected from the harsh weather. When he got up, he saw everyone, except Luffy, lying on the deck. He saw Z lying down, away from the mast, with Jolteon on her lap and Dedenne, curled up in a ball, on her chest.

"Come on. The weather's nice and all but it's no reason to be lazy. We better be on the right track. That's all I can say." Zoro said.

'Shut up, you bastard' Nami, Usopp, Sanji, Z, Jolteon, and Dedenne thought.

Zoro than saw the two weirdoes from before. "What are you two doing here?"

"You fool!" Mr. 9 yelled.

"We're on a side mission to take them home." Luffy said.

"Oh yeah, I remember. But since when did we become a transport service for thugs?" Zoro asked.

"I don't know." Luffy simply answered.

Zoro dropped the subject and started questioning the two agents. He was teasing them and questioning them about their names. At the same time, Z sat up, waking up both Pokémon, and saw Nami walking towards Zoro; pissed off. She got up and stopped Nami and silently said, 'Let the Pokémon handle it.' Nami looked at the Pokémon and saw them about to zap Zoro.

"Or maybe I ha-" Zoro said before getting electrocuted by a, very, pissed off Jolteon and Dedenne.

"Jolteon, Jolteon!" Jolteon said.

Zoro got up and glared at the Lighting Pokémon. Z was about to translate but Dedenne decided it was a good time to jump on Zoro's head and wrapping his tail around his neck, tightly.

"De! Dedenne Dede! Dedenne De Dede Dede De Dede Dede. Dede Dedenne Dede! Dede, Dedenne! De Dedenne Dede Dedenne Dede Dedenne. Dede Dedenne Dede Dedenne Dedenne Dede Dede. De Dedenne Dede Dedenne De Dedenne!" Dedenne yelled.

Everyone looked at Z for a translation. She sighed and pointed at Jolteon, who was about to Tackle Zoro but stopped when the attention was on him, and translated, " 'What the hell, marimo!' " Than pointed at Dedenne, who was chocking Zoro, took a deep breath and translated, " 'You! You stupid swordsman! We needed help with the storm and with the iceberg. But you decided to sleep! I mean, what the hell! I've meet stubborn humans before but even they can wake up. You should consider yourself lucky that Mother said not to shock you. Cause Jolteon and I could of burn you to crisp!' "

After Z said that, she went to get Dedenne off of Zoro while Nami took over and said that she figured out why the sea is called the Grand Line. She mentioned that her navigation skills are useless but she will guide them threw.

The atmosphere got a little heavy after she said that. Everyone looked at her and Usopp asked her if she's sure. But the atmosphere lighten up when the island was approaching. It was a small island with giant cactus like rocks in the background. But Z knows that the 'spikes' were actually grave stone crosses. The two agents decided it was a good time to leave and backed-flipped off the ship than started swimming towards the island.

"That was weird." Nami commented.

"Who cares. We're here." Luffy said. "There's a river mouth up ahead."

A fog was around the shore and riverbank. Everything was quiet, but Usopp was shaking thinking that their might be monsters ready to eat them. But Nami told them that they have to stay on the island until the Log Pose was set. Some might take hours and would take a few days.

'Or months…or years.' Z thought, while thinking of Little Garden. "Oh, I just remembered. I'm going to stay on the ship while you guys explore. Alright?"

"Why? Is something going to happen?" Usopp asked, remembering that she knows the future.

"I'm sorry, but I'm not permitted to say." Z said, while Dedenne climbs on her shoulder.

"Yeah, cause I told her not too." Luffy said.

"What's the point of going on an adventure, if you know what's going to happen. So I'm just going to keep my mouth shut but give some hints; if need be." Z said, "Besides I don't need to go. There aren't any Pokémon here."

"How do you know that?" Nami asked.

"If there were Pokémon on the island, I should be getting a massive headache right now." Z explained. "Dedenne, Jolteon. Would you two like to go back and take a nap? You two deserve it for helping us during the storm."

"Jol, Jolteon Jolte Jolteon Jolteon Jolte Jol, Jolte?" Jolteon asked. (Yes, but is it alright if I get something to snack on first, Mother?)

"Dede, Dede." Dedenne said. (Me too, me too.)

"Alright, I think I have a few left." Z said, looking in her bag. Than took out two orange Poképuffs. (A/N: If you have Pokémon X or Pokémon Y, the Poképuffs are from there)

Z gave one to Dedenne, who grabbed it and started eating, and held the other one to Jolteon, who started eating it out of her hand. The others looked confused but decided not to question her. Once the Pokémon finished their treats, Z took out the Pokéball and the Pokémon went back. She brought the Pokéball to her chocker and said Pokéball got absorbed.

"Hey, do you guys see that?" Sanji asked, moving the attention from Z to the shore.

"Well, I'm out of here. Have fun with the 'monsters'." Z said, running inside before anyone could answer but got a look from Zoro.

Z was sitting in the lounge, listing to music and waiting for the sun to go completely down. She stopped the song and started remembering the conversation she had with one of the Legendary Pokémon a few hours ago.


Z ran into the lounge and waited for the rest to go and party with the bounty hunters. She stayed silent for a while before looking through the window to see if the coast was clear. She went and got a glass of water than sat down at the table. Z looked at the water, letting the silence surround her, before taking a sip. After finishing her drink, her chocker started to glow. Z got up and moved away from the table before touching her chocker with both hands. A soft click was heard before a blinding light shined. When the light dimmed, Z saw…

"Darkrai, it is an honor to see you." Z said, bowing in respect to the Pitch-Black Pokémon.

"Hello Z. I have information from the others that might interest you." Darkari said.

"What information?" Z asked, taking a seat.

"Information about your new abilities."Darkrai said. "You are aware that you can take a Pokémon's appearance. Correct?"

"Yes, Darkrai. I am aware of that." Z said.

"But you also can summon a part of a Pokémon."

" 'A part of a Pokémon'? I do not understand, Darkrai."

"For example, say you are helping the cook prepare the food. You can summon a Pokémon's tail to help. But you are permitted to summon up only three parts of the same Pokémon." Darkrai explained.

"So if I need to summon wings or a tail, I just need to focus on the Pokémon and simply asked for assistance. Yes?" Z said, hoping to get it right.

"Correct. The others were right to choose you to help the Pokémon get to their new home. Train hard and you will surpass many enemies in the future." Darkrai said, as Z was standing up.

"Thank you for the information, Darkrai. But I would like to ask a favor of you. If allowed." Z said, smiling slightly.

"And what is this favor?" Darkrai asked.

[End Flashback]

The favor was just asking if she could transform into it when the battle was going to start. At first Darkrai was silent but after saying that she was going up against Baroque Works, it agreed full heartily.

'This is going to be exciting.' Z thought, as nightfall finally arrived. As she was standing on the deck, she closed her eyes, touched her chocker, and focused on a Pokémon.

'Latias, I require your assistance. Is it possible for me to have your wings and the power to turn invisible?' Z thought.

At first, nothing happened. But after a few seconds, Z felt something on her back and her skin felt like it was on fire. Z didn't move or screamed; she just stood there, taking the pain. After a minute or two of the pain, Z opened her eyes and saw Latias' wings on her lower back. She looked at her skin and remembered what Latias' description said,

'Her body is covered with a down that can reflect light in such a way that she becomes invisible.'

'So…now I have Latias' wings and skin? That's…kinda creepy.' Z though, but went with it.

She jumped and flew to the stone houses. Z landed on a windowsill and jumped in. she looked around and took whatever was valuable. Yes, readers, Z was stealing but she was stealing from bounty hunters. After a few seconds, she didn't get much but a few Beris.

Z kept moving from house to house, stealing as much as she can but all she got from just 4 houses was 200,000 Beris. She was about to give up but stopped at one more house and was shocked to see what was there. Her computer, her 3DSXL, her camera, her ocarina. Basically all her electronics were in the room. Z looked around and saw a small safe in the corner. She went over and tried to open it but it was already open. She looked inside and saw a lot of money. Z took at least half, or more, and put it in her bag along with her electronics. She was about to leave but saw…an exact replica of Majora's Mask from The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask on the wall, right next to a picture frame and a present. Z's curiosity took over and walked over to the mask, picture, and present. She took the mask and silently put it in her bag and looked at the present. It was long and covered in blue and green wrapping paper; it also had a tag that said it was addressed…to her?

'I don't know any bounty hunters. And I dough my brothers are bounty hunters…right?' Z thought, as she picked up the, surprisingly heavy, present and put it in her bag.

Z looked at the picture but couldn't get a good view so she took it from the wall. When she got a good, long, look, she gasped in shock. The picture showed a small group: two men, three boys (one is 8, one is 11, one is 6) and two girls (both are 5 but one is a month older), smiling. The two men were holding the little girls on their shoulders, while the boys were throwing peace signs at the camera. Z recognized the boys by their smiles and their hair; two were crimson red and the other one was midnight black. Those boys were her brothers and cousin! So…the little girls…are her and her cousin. But the two men looked, very, familiar. She turned the frame around and saw names written in her older brother's handwriting. The names were from left to right:

'Dad, Z, Angel, Uncle, Alex, Anthony, Ichigo'

'So the person carrying me…is my dad! And the person carrying my little cousin…is my uncle! But the straw-hat on my father's head and the sword on my uncle's back looks very familiar. Wait…now I remember! My father is…'

All the pirates were enjoying their time with the people of the island. Luffy was eating as much as he can, Usopp was telling a group about their 'adventures' in the Calm Belt, Sanji was surrounded by 20 girls (he was in heaven), Nami was in a drinking contest to win 100,000 Beris, and Zoro was, also, in the drinking contest. But Zoro's mind was elsewhere. He knew this place was actually a bounty hunter's nest. He was in deep thought that he didn't sense a figure standing behind him. After he drank his 13th mug, he decided to call a quit and sleep. 'I have to save my energy for the fight. I counted about 200; give or take.' Zoro thought. But before he closed his eyes, he thought he heard Z whisper, "Night, Zoro. See you soon" softly in his ear.

[Z's POV]

After I escaped the room, I flew over to the party. I was invisible, of course, and when I got there, I thanked Latias for letting me borrow her wings. The same pain as before came and took the wings back. 'I don't think I'm gonna get used to that. But this was my first time.' I thought, as I silently, and still invisible, walked into the room.

Everyone was enjoying themselves, but you can tell they were getting tired. I heard Sanji say that we stumbled upon pure paradise as he was lying on someone's lap. 'An illusion is more like it.' I thought, as I stand behind Zoro. So far, from what I've seen, the battle was about to begin. I sat down next to Zoro because he was the only one who saw past the illusion. 'Now I just have to wait.'

20 minutes later, Zoro finally woke up. I wanted to scare him but…ah, what the heck.

"You saw through the trick too, Zoro-kun?" I said, making myself visible.

He turned around and from what I can see he was surprise and amused.

"Yeah. No town welcomes pirates. How'd you know I was awake?" He asked as I thank Latias.

"A swordsman letting his or her guard down is unheard of. Besides, I expect the best from 'Ex-Pirate Hunter' Zoro." I said, after my skin went back to normal. "We're going up against 200 or more bounty hunters but 2 of them are oaky. We can kill the others but the girl with blue hair and the guy with curly hair can't die. Baroque Works seems to have a lot of agents."

"You know, when they sent a scout to recruit me, they said that they went to a small island to get a siren." He said.

"Really? To tell you the truth, I don't remember. Before you guys got on my island, I hit my head. So I guess I have a small case of amnesia." I said, quickly but it was true.

He didn't question me but decided to go and 'thank' our hosts for the party. We silently made it to the roof and waited for our time to speak. They were talking about Luffy's 30,000,000 Beri bounty. Mr. 9 suggested to kill us but the bounty will lower 30% if the pirate is dead. Zoro got on the ledge and examine one of his swords in the moonlight while I sat right next to him, 'reading' a small book I pulled out of my bag. I wasn't really reading it but I wanted to scare them. And I know just the moves to do it.

"Now go! I want them alive!" Mr. 8 said. 'Looks like its time.'

"Hey…sorry to interrupt." Zoro said, surprising them. They all turned around and saw us. "Do you mind letting our friends sleep? They had a long day and the journey was exhausting; so I've been told."

"Considering that we went through a storm and almost crashed into an iceberg; I say they deserve it." I said, not looking up from my book.

"Mr. 8! Miss Monday! One of the pirates escaped when we weren't looking!" One of the bounty hunters said.

"His right over there. And his got a friend." Vivi answered, coolly.

"You should've stayed asleep with your friends." Mr. 8 snarled.

"No true swordsman, no matter what circumstances, allows himself to be overwhelmed by drinks." Zoro said, standing up.

"I just waited on the ship for the real party to begin." I said, putting my book away and standing up. By now, all the other bounty hunters arrived. I looked everywhere to find any of my family members, but nothing.

"We counted 200 of you scumbags; give or take." Zoro started.

"And we'll fight all of you." I finished.

"You hear us…Baroque Works!" We said, venom on the last words.

Judging by their shock expressions, we hit the bull's-eye. While the others looked at us, Mr. 8 shouted, "HOW DO YOU KNOW OUR NAME?!"

"I was in a similar line of work, once upon a time. Your company tried to entice me with a job offer. Naturally, I said no." Zoro said.

"A ship or two from your company landed on my island. They were being a nuisance to the creatures and destroying the premises. So, naturally, I killed them." I said, silently saying under my breath "Normal Type, Mean Look"

"Do the same rules still apply?" Zoro said, while my shirt changed from yellow to white and the thunderbolt to a black star with six points. "Employee identities kept secret, cheesy code names, the bosses identity and whereabouts also a mystery?"

"Baroque Works, a criminal organization that follows their orders like the dogs they are." I added.

"That's some secret." Zoro said, now giving his own intimidating grin.

There was silence in the air. Nothing, and no one, making a sound except for the wind bypassing them.

"This is a surprise. Since you two know all our secrets, then we're left with no other choice than to kill you both." Mr. 8 said, looking down. "And two more gravestones, shall be added to the cactus rocks tonight."

We just stood there looking at the bounty hunters, waiting for the first attack. Mr. 8 grew an evil smirk than shouted, "KILL THEM!"

But it was two late as we, literally, vanished. They were all shocked to say the least. But from where I was, I could still here Vivi say, "Th-they disappeared."

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