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Zoro and Z vs Baroque Works!

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Chapter XVI: Explosion! Zoro and Z vs. Baroque Works!

[Narrator's POV]

"They're gone." Mr. 9 clarified.

"What? But how the hell could they just disappear?" Mr. 8 asked.

The bounty hunters looked around, hoping to see the two pirates somewhere. Unknown to them that the pirates were right next to them, a few yards apart from each other. After about 20 seconds or so, some noticed Zoro standing in the middle, also looking around. The bounty hunters simply gawked at him while he just grinned, silently making fun of them for being stupid.

"Who do you think you are?" One of the bounty hunters said, aiming their guns at Zoro. "Fire!" But, they only shot themselves as the Ex-Pirate Hunter vanished. 12 kills goes to Zoro, 2 kills goes to Z.

"Those morons. They just shot each other. But where's the other one?" Mr. 8 said.

"Wow, way to go Zoro. You killed 12 bounty hunters without breaking a sweat." Z said, standing in a huge crowd.

"You bitch!" One of the bounty hunters yelled. They were careful this time and 15 hunters got their swords and knives. They were about to strike but Z jumped up and dropped a bomb in her place. ~Boom~ The small bomb exploded; taking the 15 bounty hunters with it.

"Did you humans really think you could kill me? It will take more than just mere swords and guns." Z said in the air before disappearing once more.

"Damn it! Just kill them! We're only up against a swordsman and his girlfriend!" Mr. 8 yelled. But froze when two blades appeared besides him. Zoro and Z stood behind him; looking amused at the situation.

"Ask yourself…" Zoro started.

"…will two gravestones really be enough?" Z finished.

"There they are! Now!" A bounty hunter said while five more got their guns ready.

"No! Don't shoot! You're going to shoot me! Stop!" Mr. 8 yelled but the hunters didn't listen, "Igarapow!"

Mr.8 aimed his saxophone over his head and bullets shot out as well as a terrible noise. The bullets hit the bounty hunters, knocking them down. Zoro and Z disappeared before anything happen. The other bounty hunters looked around while Mr.8 said, "Alright, you idiots. Where did they escape to this time?"

Meanwhile, Zoro and Z were hiding behind a building. Once they caught their breath, Zoro said, "So that things a weapon, huh? Dangerous; better watch it."

"True." Z answered, "Hey, Zoro-kun. How about a little wager to make things interesting?"

"A bet?" Zoro said, intrigued by the idea but let the girl continue.

"Whoever kills the most wins. I'm in the lead with 17 and you got 12. But remember the guy with curly hair and the blue-hair girl don't count. So no killing them." Z explained.

"Alright, anything else?" Zoro asked.

"…Nope, nothing else. But keep count." Z said before touching her chocker with both hands, closed her eyes, and softly said, "Darkrai"

After she said that, the shadows circled her; consuming her in the darkness. Before Zoro could get her out of there or do anything, the shadows returned to normal, leaving Z right next to him. But Z's hair turned from dark brown to white, still in a ponytail, and her bangs were covering her right eye. He noticed her clothes changed as well. Her pants changed to black stockings, covering her feet, her shirt changed into a short black dress with puff shoulders and long sleeves covering her arms, black gloves covering her hands, and a red scarf around her neck covering her mouth and nose. When Z opened her eyes, Zoro noticed that her eyes changed from dark brown to blue-green.

Z turned to Zoro and silently said, "Good luck" Than she disappeared in the shadows. Zoro just stood there looking at the shadows, then looked at his two new swords from LogueTown. 'Now's a good time as any for a test run. And with these thugs, we don't have to hold back.' Zoro thought before dodging a bullet. But what he didn't know is, Z left a little something on his shadow.

After Z disappeared, she reappeared just a few houses away and got ready for the idiotic mortals to approach her. She thought of the moves that would be useful to her; mainly Hypnosis, Nightmare, Ominous Wind, Shadow Ball, Sludge Bomb, and X-Scissor. There are others but those will do for now. Before she could do anything else, she heard a faint noise. Turns out six hunters came at her. Z smirked behind her scarf and simply said, "Psychic Type, Hypnosis" A small psychic wave approached the hunters and they all fell asleep. Than she held out a hand and said, "Ghost Type, Nightmare" Something small appeared in the middle of her palm than it flew to the sleeping bounty hunters. Their once peaceful dreams changed into terrible nightmares. They were groaning and yelling but Z wasn't done. She jumped up into the air, cupped her hands together, than said, "Poison Type, Sludge Bomb" A dark purple orb formed in Z hands, than she threw it at the six, helpless, bounty hunters. Still in the air, Z flew towards another part of the town and look for more prey.

'Let's see… I have 31 kills and Zoro has 24 kills. His catching up but I'm still in the lead. I'll tell him the penalty later when I meet up with him.' Z thought after landing on a rooftop and killing more bounty hunters with Ominous Wind.

"Die!" A little girl yelled holding up a knife, ready to stab Z. Z turned around and slapped the knife out of her hand. The girl started shaking and crying. Than a priest came and told her have mercy on them but sadly, for them at least, Z knew they were faking and silently said, "Flying Type, Aerial Ace" She held up her arms and slice the priest and little girl, who were about to shoot her.

"That trick will only work on weak-hearted humans." Z said. '63 for me; 56 for him'

She flew towards the noise and found about 20 bounty hunters going after Zoro. 'Might as well surprise them.' Z thought, before cupping her hands together and yelled, "Poison Type, Sludge Bomb" The dark purple orb formed in her hands, like before, and she threw it at half the bounty hunters shooting at her. '73 kills for me; 72 kills for Zoro. Fuck! His catching up!' Z thought before slicing three more with Aerial Ace. 'Oh, wait. Nevermind.'

After killing more bounty hunters, Z turned around and saw Miss Monday about to punch Zoro. She flew up and straight at her. Once she was about a few feet away, Z crossed her arms and yelled out, "Bug Type, X-Scissor" That move was similar to Zoro's Oni Giri Attack. After Z sliced Miss Monday, she pushed Miss Monday off of Zoro and off the edge of the roof. Z held out a hand to help Zoro up, which he took; either from not trying to be rude or from the shock of the surprise attack.

"Are you alright, Zoro-kun?" Z asked, helping the swordsman up.

"Yeah, I'm alright." He replied, before giving her a sly smirk "By the way, nice attack."

"…T-thank you, Z-Zoro-kun." Z replied, shyly.

They both walked to the edge of the roof to look over the remaining seven bounty hunters.

"Is that all you got, Baroque Works?" Zoro asked.

"That was not even a warm up to us." Z said.

Four bounty hunters were mumbling about the girl defeating Miss Monday with just one hit. Saying something along the lines of it being impossible. After they said that Mr. 8 gasped.

"Now it all makes sense. The Marines must of made a mistake on that poster." Mr. 8 said.

"It does make sense. I can understand why he would have a 30,000,000 Berris bounty put on his head. He must be the true captain while his girlfriend is second-in-command." Mr. 9 said.

"Yeah, he must be." Miss Wednesday agreed. "It seems strange that that weakling would fetch such a high price."

"Even if this guys is the really captain, this is getting disgraceful. The boss put us in charge of this town and his not going to be very please if we lose to two pirates." Mr. 8 said.

Mr.9 started talking about single-digit number agents, lower the number means stronger foe. All the information that Z already heard. 'Would someone just shoot them already.' Z thought before cupping her hands together and said, "Ghost Type, Shadow Ball" A black orb formed in her hands and than she threw at the agents. But the three number agents dodged it; the other four weren't as lucky.

"I thought you said not to attack those two." Zoro complained.

"My apologies. They were annoying me and I could not hold back the urge to shoot them." Z said. "True, we can not kill those two but it is alright to injure them. The man in green though, you may kill if you so wish to."

Zoro turned to the agents, who were only stand a few feet away from where Z shot the shadow ball, and said, "I find that fancy titles means nothing when it comes to fighting. The strongest wins…"

"…and the weakest devours. Simple really." Z said, finishing Zoro's sentence.

There was a silent cold wind, than…

"Igarapow!" Mr.8 yelled, shooting a dozen bullets at the pirates, who just jumped out of the way.

"Let's go, Miss Wednesday!" Mr.9 yelled.

"Of course, Mr.9." Miss Wednesday said.

While Mr.9 jumped on the house up toward the pirates, Miss Wednesday whistled for her duck, Karoo. The duck appeared and ran to his owner. "C'mon Karoo. Show them how fast you are. Leave them in the dust." Miss Wednesday said, but the duck just sat down where he was. "I didn't tell you sit now, did I?" Than she punched the duck.

"You kidding? A duck?" Zoro asked, un-amused.

"Strange riding animal." Z said to herself.

"You get distracted so easily. How can you hope to follow my acrobatics?" Mr. 9 said, standing on the very top of the house than back flipped toward Zoro. "You better prepare for…my bloody…bats!" He said, bringing out two metal bats.

While Zoro deals with Mr.9, Z was defeating the remaining bounty hunters and going through the score. 'Let's see… I killed 99 bounty hunters, but adding injuring Miss Monday, than I have 100 and Zoro has 93 kills. Looks like I win. But if you add these three…what's the differences, I still beat him by a long shot.' Z thought, but was knocked out of her thoughts when she saw Mr.9 back flipped off the building. She silently laughed and knocked out 2 surviving bounty hunters with Quick Attack. 'Should I add them to my score or Zoro's? Hmm…I'm feeling nice so I'll add them to Zoro's.'

"Now enjoy my perfume dance." Miss Wednesday said.

Z turned around and saw the princess dancing and Zoro on his knees. 'How long was I lost in thought?' Z thought before sending an Ominous Wind to get rid of the perfume. She then looked at the two before closing her eyes, raise her left hand, and yelled, "Psychic Type, Psychic" Z opened her eyes and they were glowing, as well as her hand. A strange outline appeared around Miss Wednesday and her duck, than when Z raised her hand the two floating the air. The two were scared and screamed when Z moved them over the edge and let them drop.

"Oh, honestly. It seems rather embarrassing to fight this humans now that there is only so very few left for us to fight." Z said, walking over to Zoro while her eyes and hand stop glowing.

She snapped her fingers in front of his face to snap him out of it. After two or three more snaps, he got up and looked over his shoulder. It was silent before the two heard a familiar noise than dodge the sneak attack. Zoro dived into the hole he made while Z disappeared into the shadows.

"Come back here swordsman! And have a taste of how dangerous I am." Mr.8 yelled, not noticing the second pirate flying in the air.

Zoro was hiding around the corner, thinking of a plan to get rid of that horn. But Mr.9 showed up saying that Zoro won the first fight and no more tricks from him this time.

"I didn't trick you. You jumped off a building." Zoro said.

"Now for my Homerun Sneaky Bat!" Mr.9 said, before firing the end of his bat to reveal a chain. The said chain wrapped around Zoro's arm. He laughed than said, "What are you going to do now, tough guy?"

"Kick your ass." Zoro said, clearly.

"What are you waiting for Mr.8? Kill him! Now!" Mr.9 yelled.

"That's right, don't move. If you think about doing anything foolish or call your girlfriend, Mr. Bushido, your friend here will be paying the price." Miss Wednesday said, holding a knife to Luffy's stomach.

"Well done, Miss Wednesday. It looks like there is no escape for the swordsman and the girl now unless they wants their friend to die." Mr.9 bragged.

"Can't that idiot wake up when his being held hostage." Zoro said, more to himself then anyone else.

"Can Zoro-kun handle this situation without my assistance?" Z said, flouting in the air without a care in the world. The only response she got was a small smirk.

"Preparing to fire." Mr.8 said pulling his necktie, making six more guns appear out of his hair. "Firing squad, ready!"

"What?" Zoro asked, confused but his question was left un-answered.

Mr.8 pulled his neck-bow and fired six shots. "Igarappa!"

"Great, more guns." Zoro said, pulling the chain and make Mr.9 take the six shots instead. Than he pulled the corpse and threw the chain at the girl and her duck, forcing them away from the, still sleeping, Luffy. Mr.8 fired again but Zoro dodged them. He kept dodging them while running to Luffy and said, "Gonna borrow your stomach, Luffy."

Zoro jumped on Luffy's stomach like a trampoline, using it to his advantage and slice Mr.8. After Mr.8 fell off the roof, Z flouted down and landed on the roof next to Zoro and silently said to herself, "It appears he can."

"Maybe now I can get some peace and quiet." Zoro said, sitting down near the edge on the other side.

"But I feel as if this is only the beginning." Z said, sitting down. "Do you agree, Zoro?"

"What happen to '-kun'?" He asked opening a bottle of sake.

"Do you wish for me to call you that from now on?" Z asked, tilting her head to a side.

"I don't care, but not in front of the others. Only when we're alone or something." He said.

"Very well then. If that is what you wish, then so be it." Z said, looking at the river.

"Any reason why you're talking so formal?" Zoro asked.

"I speak like this, do to the fact that I required the assistance of a Legendary. When talking to a Legendary Pokémon, you must show respect." Z explained.

"Now I get it." Zoro said, drinking some of the sake before remembering something. "Hey, what about the bet?"

"Ah, yes. It appears you have lost, Zoro-kun." Z said, calmly.

"What! How!" Zoro asked, not believing that he lost.

"Believe it or not, I have killed 100 and you have killed 97, including the three agents that you have just faced." Z said, "And I have kept an eye on you the entire night when we were fighting so I did not miscalculated."

"How did you keep an eye on me when you were fighting on the other side of town." Zoro asked, not accepting that he lost.

"Simple. Look at your shadow." Z said, pointing at his shadow.

Zoro looked and saw nothing wrong with his shadow. But when he looked at where the eyes are suppose to be, he saw…an actual eye looking at him. He was shocked and looked at Z for an explanation. She slowly moved her bangs away, to revel…nothing.

"When I said I was keeping an eye on you, I meant it." Z said, than crawled over to his shadow and placed a hand on the eye.

After a few seconds, she moved her hand to show no eye on the shadow anymore. She moved and sat back in her spot. Zoro blinked than slowly reached out a hand toward Z. She didn't move, but stared at him. Once his hand touched the side of her face, he moved her bangs with his thumb to reveal another blue-green eye. They stared at each other; nether of them moving or blinking. After what felt like minutes, the two felt, what seems like, a little rumble. They moved toward the edge to see the three agents talking to two new people. They were talking about two people in the organization knowing some secrets that they're not supposed to know.

Mr.8 got up and shot a dozen bullets at Mr.5 and Miss Valentine. After that he announce, "YOU WILL NOT LAY A HAND UPON OUR PRINCESS! NOT WHILE THE CAPTAIN OF ALABASTA SECURITY STILL STANDS!"

"Igaram!" The princess yelled.

The smoked cleared and revealed the two agents unharmed.

"Igaram, captain of Alabasta security, and Princess Vivi Nefetari of Alabasta Kingdom, we have come here in the name of the boss of Baroque Works to see that you both are eliminated." Mr.5 said, holding up a picture of Vivi.

There was a silence in the air but was disturbed when Zoro said to Z while wiping some sake off his chin, "This could be good."

"But it appears we have left our captain with them. Still asleep, as well." Z said, shaking her head at her captain.

Vivi was standing there, shocked that they found out. It's only a matter of time now before the word gets out to the other higher agents about this.

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