New Life in One Piece

Luffy vs Zoro, Mysterious Grand Duel!

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Chapter XVII: Luffy vs. Zoro, Mysterious Grand Duel!

[Z's POV]

"Damn it. Luffy's trap. We better do something about it." Zoro said to me, but still looking at the action below.

"It appears so." I said.

While Zoro climbed down the building, I traveled by shadow to get down quicker. Once we were down there, Mr.5 threw a small bomb at Igaram, thus making him pass out. Before Vivi could do anything to help, Miss Valentine flouted down and kicked Vivi but all it did was break her hair-band. After Miss Valentine went back to her partner, Zoro and I dragged our stupid captain out of the way. But when we were dragging him Zoro said, "Well, we had enough fun for tonight. See ya."

I looked at him, a little confused as to why he said that but decided not to say anything because the agents didn't care. We looked back but when we did, we saw Mr.9 blasted off from getting hit by a snot.

"Wait, hold on a second. Did that thing come out of his nose?" Zoro asked, looking confused and disgusted.

"As strange and revolting as it seems, yes that did come out of his nose." I said. But before Zoro could comment anything, Igaram grabbed my ankle. "Let go of me!"

"Swordsman! Sorceress! I have a most unreasonable request, but I need someone with strength such as yours!" Igaram yelled.

"You tried to kill us just a mere moments ago. Now release me, mortal!" I said, shacking my foot but the old man has a strong grip.

"Both of those villains possess devil fruit powers! And there's nothing I can do to stop them! That is why I'm begging you! Please protect Princess Vivi of Alabasta! In my place!" He begged.

"Release me at one!" I said, still trying to get him off.

"Surely you will be rewarded, if you can deliver the princess safely to our noble home of Alabasta kingdom. I am merely a humble servant but I am begging you to do this. Please protect the princess! I beg you!" He said.

We stayed quiet for a few seconds. I sighed and stop struggling. 'Might as well. We will be doing this favor anyway.' I thought.

"Very well." I said, looking at the soldier, who stared with wide eyes. "I accept this request of yours. But are you aware of the risk it entails of you putting the princess's life in the hands of pirates?"

"So about this reward?" A voice said. We turned around and saw Nami sitting on one of the rooftops. "I'll take it. Alright, how does a billion berries sound?"

Both Zoro and Igaram were surprise by the amount, but all I did was shook my head. 'This girl will be the death of some people, I swear. Even in my world.' I thought.

"It seems you are too late Nami." I said, but she just looked at me confused. I continued, "I accepted the request, so there is no need to drain a country that is in war at the moment."

Igaram looked at me, surprised, and said, "Y-you know?"

"I merely know glimpse of the future, as well of the past." I said, before turning toward Nami, who jumped down from the ledge. "I thought you were asleep with the other, Nami." I stated.

"Give me some credit. Who in their right mind would go to sleep in a town that welcomes pirates like Whiskey Peak? It was all an act." Nami said.

"That is true. But you are still too late. I have accepted my services as a guard." I said, closing my eyes. "After all, I am…a protector."

"But what about the money? They're loaded?" Nami asked, trying to reason with me.

But I held my ground and said no. If I can say no to Rick, then I can say no to Nami. 'Speaking of Rick…I wonder how's his doing? His probably worried sick about me. Maybe I should FaceTime him later when we leave the island.' I thought. I was knocked out of my thoughts when I saw Nami about to punch me. Luckily, I caught her fist before it could make contact with my head.

"Nami, as second mate, I order you to stop this nonsense." I said, holding her fist.

" 'Second mate'? Who made you second mate?" She asked, confused and mad.

"Luffy. After we left Laboon, Luffy pulled me over to discuss the matters of me knowing the future. After agreeing that I can not tell the crew about future adventures, he believes that it would take the fun out of it, I asked what position I have in the crew. He thought for a mere minute and decided to point me as second mate. I asked why, but he did not give me an answer." I explained than let go of her fit and Igaram, finally, let go of my ankle.

She stayed quiet for a minute than tried to reason with me again. Asking if she can make at least a small profit. I just stared at her with no emotion in my eyes, since my face is pretty much covered, than I looked at the Royal soldier and said, "How about this? Each island we encounter on our way to Alabasta is 100,000 Berris and each crewmember on the ship is 5,000 Berris, thus bring the total to…230,000 or 330,000 Berris. Does that sound reasonable to you, soldier?"

"I…I suppose that will do. But you will have to let the princess agree to the amount first. My word has no say in this." He said.

Nami hugged me, thanking me for making at least some profit out of this, even if it's just a little bit. She let me go and said, "Now that we agree on something, we'll go and save your princess for the time being."

Igaram was happy about the change of events. Nami than pointed in the direction the two agents and Vivi ran in and said, "Well, you two. Go get her."

'Why am I not surprise about this? Oh, well. At least she stop bugging me…for now.' I thought, while Zoro said no. The two started arguing about something and they didn't noticed Luffy waking up.

"Hello, Luffy." I said.

"Hey Z, I need to take a leak." He said, than walked away not noticing the bleeding guy on the floor.

"…you still own me money from a while back." I heard Nami said when I tuned back into their argument.

"What? I don't owe you anything." Zoro said.

Nami than said that she lend Zoro 100,000 Berris in LogueTown for his swords, which he got for free. But he forgot about the 300% interest she added. Which brings in total of 300,000 Berris. They started arguing again and, by now, it's really annoying. I closed my eyes and silently asked Darkrai if I could have my bag to get the money. I felt the wind around my right hand shift and then felt a soft fabric. I opened my eyes to find… my bag. 'Thank you, Darkrai.' I thought, while getting 300,000 Berris out of my bag than made it disappear. I walked over to my crewmates and before Zoro said anything, I held the money in front of them.

"The total amount is 300,000 Berris, correct? This should cover it." I said, while Nami counted the money.

"…Yep. It's all here. Well, look at that Zoro. Your dept with me is over but now you have a dept with Z." Nami said, putting the money away.

"What?" Zoro said, now looking at me.

"We will discuss this later, Zoro. But we should be protecting a princess. Come." I said, jumping in the air and flying in the direction where Vivi is.

"Hey! Wait up! Not all of us can fly, you know!" Zoro yelled, catching up to me.

"Thanks guys!" Nami yelled.

"Shut up!"/ "Silence, mortal!" Zoro and I yelled back.

After a while, Zoro asked if I could teleport us near the princess. I told him I could but Darkrai doesn't learn that move. So he ran from rooftop to rooftop, while I fly high and look for a location. Thanks to the explosion from Mr.5, we were able to find her location. We were able to get to her in time for Zoro to cut one of his snot bombs in half, safely avoiding Vivi and her duck. I decided to scary them a little by disappearing in thin air and reappearing next to Zoro.

"That could of…been me." Vivi whispered.

"I just cut someone's snot." Zoro whined.

"We shall disinfect your sword later on the ship." I said, glaring at the two agents in front of us.

"Damn it! I don't have time for this! Don't you ever give up!" Vivi yelled, spinning her weapon.

I held up two fingers, using Psychic, and stopped her weapon. "Please calm down, dear princess. We are merely here to assist you." I said, walking over and stood next to her.

"What? You're helping me?" She asked while I let go of her weapon.

"But of course. Your companion requested us. He said that we must get you home. A country without their princess, especially at a time like this, is truly dreadful. Do you not agree?" I asked.

"Am I missing something?" Zoro asked, confused.

"Nothing of the sort. Just some information I, happen, to know." I said, waving my hand in the air.

There was a loud explosion behind us. When we turned around, the path Miss Monday said to take was blocked off. 'Wait. We ignore them for a minute, and they blow up the exit instead of us? I never understood the whole bad guy thing. Note to self: ask Rick about that later.' I thought.

"I take it that you must be the swordsman and sorceress who beat up all the lowly employees who were station out here." Miss Valentine said.

"Why would you two want to protect the princess of Alabasta?" Mr.5 asked.

"Let's just say that I have my own reasons." Zoro said.

"As a protector, it is my job to protect the royal blood." I said.

"Well, one way or another, we're going have to eliminate you. You see; you're in our way." Mr.5 said.

Miss Valentine laughed. 'Man, her laugh's more annoying in real life. No wonder I always skip the talking in this episode.' I thought. We were ready to fight but was interrupted by a certain straw-hat wearing captain.

"I FOUND YOU!" Luffy said, appearing a few feet behind the agents. "ZORO! Z!"

"What is it now?" Miss Valentine asked, not really caring.

"Luffy, thanks for coming but we got this one. Unless that greedy brat dragged you into this too." Zoro said.

"I do not think that is the issue, Zoro-kun." I said.


"It appears our captain did not realize the humans in this town were bounty hunters. He merely thinks we have killed them for no reason." I said, answering his un-asked questions.

"That's right! Everyone was nothing but nice to us! They welcomed us and threw us a party! And they gave us food! And you two repaid them by cutting and poising them!" Luffy yelled.

"This guy's just a complete idiot." Vivi commented, while her duck nodded in agreement.

Zoro tried to explain the situation to Luffy, but he wouldn't listen.

"Zoro-kun? It appears, I have forgotten to tell you about the penalty of our little bet." I started, gaining his attention. "For you see, the loser…must keep Luffy occupied the next time he does anything…stupid."

"What! I didn't hear you say that!" Zoro yelled, before dodging a punch from Luffy. "Are you trying to kill me!"

"Yep! Die!" Luffy said, before throwing another punch.

Luffy kept throwing punches at Zoro, who kept dodging and trying to explain the situation, but Luffy is stubborn. While they were fighting, I made sure to keep Vivi safe from the agents.

I turned to Vivi and said, "Please excuse my captain's behavior. He does not seem to be thinking with his head at the moment."

"Um…it's fine…I guess." She replied.

"My apologies, it seems we have started on the wrong foot. You may call me Z, if you would like. But in this form, please call me Darkrai." I said.

Before she could answer, the two agents came running at us. I stepped in front of her, stretched an arm back, and yelled, while swiping my arm towards them, "Ghost Type, Ominous Wind" A light purple wind came out of nowhere and pushed the agents back a bit before Zoro kicked Luffy into said agents and straight into a building.

"Wow…" Vivi said, softly.

I walked up so I was next to Zoro. It was silent before five bombs exploded from the building the three crashed into. Before Miss Valentine drifted high into the air, towards us with the help from her umbrella. "Now I'm really annoyed! I hope your ready to experience my kilo-kilo fruit power! Prepare to be smash into a thousand tiny pieces!" She yelled, but neither of us were listening.

While Vivi tried to warn us about her devil fruit power, I cupped my hands together. Zoro told her to stay quiet while we deal with this. Than Luffy came out of the explosion, with an unconscious Mr.5. Vivi was shocked to say the lease; to see one of Baroque Works best agents defeated by a rooky pirate. Zoro tried to explain the situation one more time to Luffy while Miss Valentine brags about her power. I had enough of her voice and said, "Ghost Type, Shadow Ball" The black orb appeared in my hands and I shot it up towards her; finally shutting her up.

"YOU'RE JUST LYING! ENEMIES WOULDN'T GIVE US TASTY FOOD, WOULD THEY!" Luffy yelled, while Miss Valentine fell to the ground making a small crater.

"Fine then. It doesn't look like there's any sense in trying to talking to you." Zoro said, wrapping his bandana around his head. "You know, you're really a moron. This time, I'm not going to hold back. It will be your own fault if you die."

"Sounds good to me!" Luffy yelled.

"While you two fight, I am going to be standing next to the princess. I do not wish to participate." I said, walking away.

"Just a sec, what's going on here? I thought you guys were on the same side." Vivi asked.

"They are. But sometime the men in our crew fight for…stupid reasons. Do not worry, they will be fine." I said.

The two fought but they were both equally matched. The showdown between Luffy's rubber and Zoro's steal. 'This is gonna be good.' I thought, while they fight. It was the same as the anime. I heard Vivi say that they can't go threw the fight, unless they want to die. I told her to just wait a little bit and the fight won't last long. She was thinking it over and decided to stay with me in the safe-zone. 'Wise chose, princess.' I thought. Unknown to the fighters, the agents got up and decided to go in. 'Bad move.'

"You can't beat us! Prepare to die at the hands of Baroque Works officer agents!" Mr.5 yelled, running towards Luffy and Zoro with Miss Valentine behind him.

The two stop fight to glare at the two idiots.

"Shut up. And go away." They said, freezing the agents with fear.

"You're interfering…" They started, pulling back their fist.

"…with our fight." They finished, knocking out the agents.

Ever thing was quiet before I broke it by saying, out loud, "…Morons."

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