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Time to Leave Whiskey Peak

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Chapter XVIII: Deliver Princess Vivi! The Straw-hat Pirates Set Sail!

[Z's POV]

"Damn pest." Zoro said.

"Messing with our fight." Luffy continued.

I looked at Vivi to see her in shock; do to the fact that they took down two Baroque Works agents, and lived. She turned to me and asked me to stop the fight before they kill themselves. I sighed than I walked in front of her and raised both my hands, palms facing the guys. When Luffy and Zoro were about to continue their fight, I closed my eyes and said, "Psychic Type, Psychic" Just like before, my eyes, now open, and hands were glowing and a strange outline appeared around Luffy and Zoro. They couldn't move, but they were struggling. I walked over to them, at the same time separating them further from each other.

"Z! Let me go, so I kick Zoro's ass!" Luffy yelled, trying to escape.

"What the hell! Z! Let me go!" Zoro yelled, trying to move his sword.

"I am afraid that will not happen anytime soon, gentlemen. The fight is over due to the fact that you both defeated the agents that were sent to kill the princess." I said.

Out of nowhere, Nami showed up and punched the guys but thanks to Psychic, they didn't go anywhere. She started yelling at them; saying that we were lucky to keep Vivi safe and that she almost lost the reward. I'm surprised she didn't yell at me though. Vivi was confused about the whole situation. Nami said that they have to discuss a contract to get a reward. The guys were still struggling to get out but it was no used.

"I suggest you both stop struggling. I will not release you if you do not calm down." I said, before turning to Nami, "Perhaps we should go to a more…cleaner environment to discuss the situation and explain the reason why Zoro and I attacked the other humans in this town to Luffy."

She agreed than told the princess to follow her. I followed behind them; still keeping Luffy and Zoro under Psychic. I'm surprise she did question this.

"Hey Z." Luffy said, moving his eyes.

"Yes, Luffy." I said.

"…Why is your hair white?" Luffy asked.

'He just noticed that!' I thought, ignoring the feeling to smash him against a wall. "I will tell you after Zoro and I explain why we attacked the other humans on the island." I said, getting his hat.

Once we all got to an ally, Zoro explain the whole bounty hunter situation while I told him what Pokémon form I'm in. Meanwhile Nami explain the whole 'contract' to Vivi; saying that for help, she would like 500,000,000 Berris. 'She forgot about the deal I made with Igaram on purpose.' I thought, while I stood next to Zoro and in front of Luffy, who was sitting on a barrel.

"Oh, man! Why didn't you just say so guys? I was figuring that you beat up all those guys because they didn't make any food you'd like." Luffy said, laughing. Than he turned to me and said, "And Z, that Psychic thing was cool. What Pokémon are you again?"


"I did not attend the little party the bounty hunters threw. Do you not remember, Luffy? I stayed on the ship while the enemy welcomed us. And to remind you once more, I am one of the Legendary Pokémon. So when I return to normal and thank Darkrai please show respect when speaking to it." I said. (A/N: In the Pokédex, it says that Darkrai's gender is unknown. Most of the Legendary Pokémon(s) genders are unknown) Then I turned to Nami and said, "Do you not remember the deal I have said back to Mr.8, Nami?"

She looked at me confused but before she could say anything I continued, "I said, that it would be 100,000 for each island we encounter and 5,000 for each crewmember. Thus bringing the total to…230,000 or 330,000 Berris. Not 500,000,000."

Nami looked like she was going to argue but decided not to; knowing that it would take a lot more than threat, to change my mind. We both turned to Vivi, after Nami told the guys to shut up, to hear her answer. She was quiet for a few more minutes before Nami tried to reason her into taking the deal I set up.

"No I can't. But I appreciate the help you've given me so far." Vivi said.

"Why not? You're a princess after all. So…aren't you rich?" Nami asked, not getting what Vivi meant.

"Do you know much about Alabasta Kingdom?" Vivi asked.

"No." Nami, simply, said.

"I have some information." I said, gaining their attention. "Alabasta Kingdom used to be peaceful with an abnormally amount of rain, despite it being mainly sand and rocks. Until several years ago, a massive drought appeared in Alabasta. It has not rained for years, correct?" Vivi nodded in sadness before I continued, "If my…vision is correct, than the country broke into a civil war. The citizens are revolting against King Cobra, Vivi's father. Although, the people in Alabasta are being manipulated by Baroque Works. The goal of Baroque Works is to make an ideal nation. However that is only the cover. The head of the organization said that so no one would go against them. Their true goal…is to take over Alabasta Kingdom."

"How do you know all this?" Vivi asked me, surprised.

"I know some of the past…and I know some of the future…we shall leave it to that at the moment." I said, hoping that I didn't say much.

"Okay, I get it. I see how it is. Yeah, it's starting to make sense now. I suppose you wouldn't have much money laying around during a civil war." Nami said.

'Really? Is that all she thinks about?' I thought before Luffy broke the silence.

"Hey. So did you find out who's in charge?" Luffy asked.

"The Boss's identity! You shouldn't ask that!" Vivi shouted.

"But you know, don't you?" Luffy asked, putting more pressure on her.

"I know who is in charge." I said, raising my left hand a little and getting a shocked look from Vivi.

"You do!" She asked, receiving a nod from me. "Y-you can't know! If you do, the whole organization will hunt you down!"

"Tell us! Tell us! Is he strong!" Luffy asked; jumping off the barrel he was sitting on.

I walked toward the shadows and said, "I will prepare the ship for departure." Once I was near the shadows, I raised my right hand and was slowly absorbed into the darkness. I heard Luffy shout something along the line of awesome or something. But before I was completely absorbed, I turned around and said, "The person behind the organization is one of the Seven Warlords…Crocodile." Than, I vanished completely.

[Narrator's POV]

After Z disappeared, a sea otter and a vulture appeared and took some mental notes before flying away. Nami and Vivi were looking at the spot, where Z disappeared, in shocked while Luffy and Zoro were just staring at the spot a little shocked; well Luffy was surprised that she disappeared like that. Nami than started yelling at Vivi; why'd they just saw the animals fly off and where did they go, while Luffy and Zoro seem excited to be going up against a strong enemy. Nami then walked away saying that it was nice knowing them because they don't know what she looked like. While she was walking she saw the sea otter with a sketchbook. Once he was done with the last one, he turned them around and showed Nami. But he only showed her a drawing of her, Luffy, and Zoro. There wasn't one of Z. When she walked back, Luffy and Zoro couldn't wait to fight one of the Warlords.

Meanwhile, back at the Going Marry, Z reappeared on the deck. She looked around for any signs of an enemy, but the coast was clear. She walked over to the railing and threw down the rope ladder for the guys. Than she pulled up the anchor; there wasn't much left to do other than get the sails ready but she'll wait for the other to do it. Z walked into the lounge and stood in the middle of the room. Once she was there she was about to change back but her chocker started glowing. Z touched her chocker with both hands. A soft click was heard before a blinding light shined. When the light dimmed, she saw…

"Darkrai?"Z said, not knowing what else to say.

"Hello Z. I presume you were satisfied by the results of the night."Darkrai said.

"Yes,Darkrai. Thank you for allowing me to transform into you for the night."Z said, bowing before the Pokémon.

"But the fun is not over yet, Z."It said.

"Whatever do you mean?" Z asked, before remembering something. "Oh, of course. Miss All-Sunday will be coming to the ship."

"That is correct. The others have decided that you should stay hidden from her for now. But…I have decided that you should do something more…interesting."Darkrai said.

"And what is your plan,Darkrai. You have captured my curiosity."Z said.

Darkrai didn't answer but judging by the look in it's eyes, the plan's gonna be good.

After Darkrai told Z the plan, she walked out onto the deck to find everyone there. Vivi told them that there was a stream we could use to get out of here faster. After Zoro asked how many hunters Baroque Works would send after us, apparently there are about 2,000 loyal employees and there are other islands like this one scattered around the area. Z walked over to the mast and leaned against the shaded side, not saying a word. Nami commented on that and than Usopp and Sanji, finally, woke up.

"Hey. The ship's moving!" Usopp said.

"You're finally awake." Nami said, sarcastically.

"Hold on a second! Can't we stay just one more night?" Sanji asked.

"One night?" Usopp repeated.

"This towns full of amazingly cute girls!"

"Who knows if we'll ever have this much fun again!"

"Even pirates deserve a vacation!"

Usopp and Sanji kept begging the others to stay just one more day; not knowing the danger they are in. Nami 'explained' the situation to them but left out the complicated parts. And by that…I mean hit them a few time until they shut up.

"We should be reaching the sea soon." Vivi commented.

"Hey, cool. Look at all the fog~." Luffy said, randomly.

"Finally, it's getting light out." Nami said.

"I'm just glad we got away from the people who were chasing us." A voice said, breaking the silence.

'Time for the plan to begin.'Z thought looking at the intruder before anyone else.

"That's for sure." Nami said.

"With all this fog, we need to be careful to avoid the rocks." The same voice continued.

"I'll take care of it." Nami said, then looked at Z, confused. "Um Z…did you say that?" Z didn't answer her. Instead, she just kept looking at the intruder. Nami, slowly, turned around to see a dark-haired woman with blue ringed eyes, wearing a skimpy purple cowgirl outfit. She sat on the rail, surprising everyone but Usopp, Sanji, and Z.

"What? Who's that?" Zoro asked, nearly drawing his sword.

"It's…it's you!" Vivi said.

The intruder smiled and said, "I just happen to run into your dear Mr.8 a little ways back. He didn't look so good."

"So you killed Igaram." Vivi said, with hate in her voice.

"You! What are you doing on my ship? And how did you get here? Who are you?" Luffy asked, pointing at her.

"Answer him! What are you doing here…Miss All-Sunday." Vivi asked.

Nami looked at Vivi and said, "So you know who she is. Which of the number guys is she partner with?"

"Crocodile, or otherwise known as Mr.0, is her partner."Z said, stepping a little way from the mast, but still in the shaded area. Nami looked at her, with a surprise and scarred look on her face.

Miss All-Sunday looked at Z, with confusion in her eyes and said, "I do believe that you must be the siren that some of the billons reported in the East Blue."

Z nodded but didn't say anything else.

"She's a bad guy." Luffy said, but everyone ignored him for now.

"She was the only one who knew the boss's identity. That's how we found out who he actually is…by following her back to him." Vivi continued.

"To be accurate, I allowed it." Miss All-Sunday said.

"So she's a good guy than." Luffy said, but was ignored again.

"I know you knew we were there. You were the one who told the boss what we knew. Weren't you?" Vivi said.

Miss All-Sunday closed her eyes, still smiling, and said, "That's right."

"Alright than, she is bad." Luffy mumbled.

"Luffy, would you cut that out already." Zoro said, but they were both ignored.

"You still haven't told us what it is you're doing here!" Vivi yelled.

The woman in question closed her eyes, the smile wiped from her face, and said, "Oh, right. You were just so serious about the whole thing, that I couldn't help myself. A princess doing whatever it takes to help her country while making herself an enemy of Baroque Works. The idea was just so…ridiculous."

After she said that, Vivi snapped and all the pirates, except for Luffy, pointed their weapons at her. Sanji appeared on the left; pointing a pistol to the intruder's head, Usopp appeared on the right; pointing his slingshot to the intruder's head, Nami held up her staff, Zoro held up a sword, and Z stretched out an arm, but still staying in the shaded area. It didn't take long before Sanji and Usopp were tossed off their feet, Zoro's and Nami's weapons were knocked out of their hands. But arms sprouted from Z's shoulders and sides before wrapping her arms and hands together; making sure she doesn't move.

"You mean-" Zoro started.

"-she's eaten-" Vivi continued.

"-a devil fruit." Zoro finished.

"But which one?" Nami asked.

"Release me, mortal."Z hissed.

Sanji, slowly, sat up from his fall and looked at Miss All-Sunday. When he got a good look at her, he said, "Wow! Now that I get a look, you're beautiful!"

But she ignored him and turned to Luffy and said, "Now, there's no need to get so excited. You can all calm down; I haven't been given any orders to follow here. I have no reason to fight you." Than, the treasure Straw hat was flung from Luffy's head to Miss All-Sunday's hand and twirled it. "So you're the captain. I've heard so much about you…Monkey D. Luffy."

"GIVE ME MY HAT BACK! YOU DON'T WANT ME TO COME UP THERE AND TAKE IT!" Luffy shouted like a child and waved his fist around like a real monkey.

"You are a bad person! I demand that you leave this instant!" Usopp said from behind the mast.

Miss All-Sunday placed Luffy's hat on hers and said, "Bad luck. Picking up a princess, who Baroque Works already made up their mind to see eliminated. Protected by a mere handful of pirates. But your luck gets even worse, because of the direction your Log Pose is indicating. You see." At this point, Nami looked at the Log Pose around her wrist than Miss All-Sunday continued, "The name of the next island…is Little Garden. We won't even need to lift a finger. You'll all be dead before you could reach Alabasta."

Luffy ignored her and yelled out, "MY HAT! GIVE IT TO ME!"

After not saying anything, Z finally spoke. She locked her eyes with Miss All-Sunday and said, "I will asked this only once, do you wish to continue down this path?"

Miss All-Sunday looked at her, confusion back in eyes, and said, "Oh. And what path am I on?"

Z ignored her question and chuckled before asking, "I'll ask but once more, do you wish to continue down this path?"The others looked at Z confused as to why she repeated the, strange, question. Even Miss All-Sunday was, somewhat, confused.

"I don't know where you're going with this." She asked.

"I'll asked but once more…"Z said in front of her, startling the crew, but kept eye contact.

"…do you wish to continue down this path?" A voice said from behind her. Miss All-Sunday turned around and saw the same girl that was also in front of her; but this one had dark brown hair, dark brown eyes, and scythes for arms. Z's left arm was around the intruder's throat and her right arm was around the intruder's waist; keeping her arms from moving. "Surprise." Z said, with no emotion in her voice.

"But how? I didn't see you move your arms." Miss All-Sunday said curious, but there was still a hint of fear in her voice.

"Look closely…" Z said. Miss All-Sunday looked at the other restrained Z who just stared at the two. What startled her was a slight chill that went up her arms. Than 'Z', slowly, disappeared into the shadows. The crew looked at that the spot where 'Z' was standing. Z looked at Luffy and said, "By your orders, captain."

Miss All-Sunday made a slight move with her hand, but that made both scythes get closer to her body. She stopped her movement. "There's an Eternal Pose behind me that would help you avoid the next island. The needle points to Nanimonaishima. Since none of our agents know this route, you won't be followed." Even though the tables are turned, she still had a smug smile on her face.

Z kept her arms where they are but something got the Eternal Pose and hat from Miss All-Sunday. The hat floated towards Luffy and it landed on his head while the Eternal Pose landed in his hand. Everyone, but Z, was confused as to how the objects floated toward the pirate captain but the answer was revealed itself when they saw the shadow of a figure. Than the figure disappeared before anyone could question it.

"What? So she's good after all?" Nami asked, quietly.

"Why are you giving this to us?" Vivi asked.

"…It's got to be a trap." Zoro said, not trusting Miss All-Sunday.

"Oh, does it." Miss All-Sunday said.

There was silence in the air before Luffy said, "Forget your thingy. We don't need it." Before crushing the Eternal Pose into pieces in his hand. But his 'coolness' was cut short when Nami kicked him in the face.


But Luffy ignored her and looked at the hostage Miss All-Sunday. "You aren't the one who decides where this ship goes." There was a long silence between them, but she sighed and shrugged.

"Well, that's to bad." Miss All-Sunday said before slightly turning to Z and said, "Now, would you please let me go."

Z didn't say anything but looked at Luffy and said, "By your orders, captain. Would you like me to kill her now? I promise it would be just a clean cut here." She raised her left arm a little.

"It's alright, Z. Just let her go." Luffy said, just waving his hand.

The siren removed her arms from the Baroque Works agent and backed up a few steps; letting her walk away. Don't get Z wrong, she loves Robin like an older sister but when she's apart of the crew; not now. Miss All-Sunday looked at Z and silently said, "I might stay on this path a little bit longer before switching."

Miss All-Sunday walked toward the edge of the ship and said to the crew, "I'm sorry to hear that. And I'm sorry you didn't take my offer. If you survive, I hope that we meet again."

"No." Luffy, simply, said.

That said, Miss All-Sunday jumped from the ship to a giant turtle, who was waiting by the ship, and sailed off. Zoro and Usopp walked over to the edge to see what she creature she jumped on.

"Wh-what is that thing?" Zoro asked.

"It isn't a sea king, is it?" Usopp asked.

"No guys. It's just a turtle." Z said leaning against the railing, near the stairs. But she was ignored.

"Whoa. A turtle." Everyone but Z and Vivi said.

'That's what I just said.'Z thought, walking down the stairs and looked at the shadows for something; or should I say…someone.

Vivi dropped to her knees since the adrenaline left her body and said, "That woman. I don't even have the slights idea what's going through her head."

"Then don't think about it. Trust me when I say this, but trying to read peoples minds or facial expressions will only lead to headaches." Z said, still looking for someone.

"There's someone on this boat who's just like that." Zoro said, while a red arrow points at Luffy.

"Would someone explain what's going on? None of this makes sense." Usopp asked.

"Oh, Miss Wednesday. Have you joined our crew?" Sanji asked, being lovesick.

"Hey! Explain already!" Usopp yelled, before he saw the duck and asked, "Whoa, who's bird is this?" The said bird quack in response. "Please, what's going on."

"We're fighting for food or for women?" Sanji asked.

"Tell me! Tell me now~!" Usopp whined.

"Nami will explain the situation to you, Usopp. So quit complaining." Zoro said, before turning toward Z, who was still looking for someone, "Z, what are you looking for?"

"Not a 'what', but a 'who'. I'm looking for Darkrai, have you seen it?" Z asked, bringing up a scythe.

"No." Zoro said, looking at her arms.

"Z~!" Luffy yelled, jumping up to said person. "How'd you get those cool~ scythes?" He asked the question that was on some of the others minds.

"I just asked one of the Pokémon for help. It was Darkrai's idea to trick Miss All-Sunday. I just went along with it." Z said, trying to change her arms back to normal without cutting herself.

"Would you like some assistance, Z?"A voice said behind Zoro and Sanji.

The pirates jumped back in shock to see the Pitch-Black Pokémon appear out of nowhere. The said Pokémon walked over to Z, who put her arms down. Darkrai raised its right hand and touched Z's chocker. There was silence than Z's arms started to sting and shack. The scythes slowly withdraw into Z's arms than her arms reconstructed themselves back to their original form. To the others, it looked painful but Z didn't move or make a sound while her arms changed back to normal. After a while, Darkrai lowered his hand and took a few steps back. Z moved her arms and hands; to make sure they still work. She noticed that the sleeves of the dress and gloves were gone but her left arm was covered by the waterproof bandages again.

Z looked at Darkrai and bowed before she said, "Thank you for assisting me, Darkrai. In both the fight and returning my arms back to normal."

"Um…guys? What is that?" Vivi asked, softly.

Darkrai turned toward Z and nodded. Z understood and took a step forward before saying, "Everyone. I would like to introduce you to Darkrai, the Pitch-Black Pokémon. To protect itself, Darkrai afflicts those around it with nightmares. However, it means no harm. Darkrai is a Dark Type and also a legendary." Z than turned toward the Pokémon and said, "Darkrai, you remember the pirates from the meeting on the island."

"Hello everyone. I apologize for scaring you all earlier this evening. I was merely trying to surprise our guest."Darkrai said before turning toward Z and said, "Z, would you fetch me a glass of your homemade sake? From wasting to much energy, I am feeling a bit parched."

"Of course, Darkrai. Would you like anything else from the kitchen?" Z asked, after bowing a little.

"No, please. Just the glass of sake."The Pokémon said.

Z walked past everyone and went into the kitchen. When she got the cup the glass, she went to the fridge to find a small multi-color pitcher. Once she got it, she pulled it out but when she turned around she bumped into someone. Luckily, she didn't drop the pitcher and when she looked up she saw…

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