New Life in One Piece

Get to Know Z and Water Type Battles

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Chapter XIX: Get to Know Z and Water Type Battles

[Z's POV]

"Zoro? What are you doing here? I thought you be outside with the others." I asked, looking up at the swordsman.

"Darkrai told me to come in here and asked you if you could play its favorite tune." Zoro said.

"Favorite tune? Um…alright." I said, pouring some of my homemade sake in the cup for Darkrai.

'I wonder what Darkrai means by tune. Maybe it wants me to compose the same melody he heard in the movie. It's worth a shot but I still have to ask it.' I thought, putting the small pitcher back in the fridge. But Zoro asked if he could try my sake. I was a little surprise that he asked but I gave him the pitcher anyway. Luckily there was still about half left. I walked over to the door but before I could open it I heard Zoro say 'Not bad.'

'I'm gonna take that as a complement. And it looks like I have to make another batch.' I thought before stepping out into the sunlight with Zoro behind me. When I walked out, I saw everyone up in the front but Darkrai was standing on the figurehead; facing the ocean. I'm surprise Luffy didn't yell at it to get off his special seat. Anyway when we got there, Zoro sat down near the stairs and I went up to Darkrai while Nami and Vivi were explaining the situation to Usopp and Sanji.

"Here you go, Darkrai." I said, handing the cup over to it.

Darkrai turn towards me and said, "Thank you, Z."

"Your welcome, Darkrai. But if I may ask…" I started.

"You may." It said, drinking some of the sake.

"…What tune did you want me to play for you? And with what instrument?" I asked.

Darkrai looked at me, with surprised and confusion in its eyes. After a short staring contest, Darkrai bend down and placed its left hand on my head. I looked at it confused but it told me to stay calm and close my eyes. I closed my eyes; unaware of what Darkrai might be doing. After a few seconds, I felt a sharp pain through my head. I wanted to scream but Darkrai told me stay calm. After a few minutes, the pain stopped and Darkrai let go of my head. When it let go, I dropped to my knees while holding my head.

[Zoro's POV]

After Nami and Vivi finished explaining the situation to Usopp and the ero-cook, the stupid cook went on about not showing his strength and now the sleeping prince will protect Vivi. 'His an idiot.' I thought. Usopp was glad he wasn't there though.

"My dear, are you getting jealous?" Sanji asked Nami.

"Uh…no." Nami said.

"Z-san, are you jealo- WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU DOING TO Z-SAN!" He yelled.

We turn towards Z and saw her drop to her knees while holding her head. Darkrai was just sitting there drinking its sake; not even caring that the girl, who is helping its kind get to their new home, is on her knees.

"Z!" I yelled, running up to her and grabbing her shoulders.

She didn't answer. All she did was hold her head and kept her eyes shut, but I was able to see small tears leak out of her close eyes. I glared at the Pitch-Black Pokémon; legendary or not, no one makes Z cry. It must of sense the anger and confusion because it turned towards us and said, "There is no need to worry. I merely gave her some of her memory back."

"Gave back her memory?" Luffy asked, not moving from his spot.

"She has a small case of amnesia." I said before the Pokémon.

"That is correct, swordsman. She is merely absorbing the information that escaped her; although there are some information that did not returned." Darkrai said.

"Wh…what kind of…information?" Z asked, opening her eyes and wiping away the tears.

"Just some information." Darkrai said, not giving an answer. "Z, would you play Oracion for me?"

"She just got some of her memory back and you want her to play a song!" I yelled, not believing what it's asking.

The Pokémon just looked at the sea, still drinking the sake. Before I could attack it, I felt a small hand touch my arm. I turned around and saw Z silently asking me to stop. She tried to stand up on her own but couldn't so I helped her. Once she was up, she asked Darkrai what instrument would it like to here the tune.

"The leafwhistle. That is…if you remember how to play." Darkrai said.

"Of course." Z said.

After she said that, she walked over to Nami's trees. Once she was there, she started looking for something; even thought Nami was yelling at her to get away from her trees. After a minute of searching, Z got what she needed and stood up. 'I wonder what's a leafwhistle.' I thought as she turned towards Nami and said, "Don't worry Nami, I just got a leaf. I didn't hurt your trees. Would it be alright if I play Oracion for Darkrai?"

Before Nami could answer, Luffy was happy that Z was going to perform for us. Even though her red scarf was covering her mouth, I could tell she was smiling. She lowered her scarf, closed her eyes, raised the leaf to her mouth, and began to play the tune. It was soft, elegant, and peaceful. I've never heard this song before. It had no words, just music. It seems the others were in the same trance as me because none of us tried to make a sound: in fear that we would miss a part of this melody or stop Z.

Than…Z stopped. She opened her eyes and looked at us: mainly Darkrai. I turned towards the Pokémon and it looked calm. It stood up and looked at Z; who was walking over to us. Once she was near us, the Pokémon walked over to her and said, in a calm voice, "That was beautiful, Z. I can always trust you to cheer me up. The Pokémon were wise to chose you."

"Thank you, Darkrai. I am glad you enjoyed it." Z said.

Darkrai raised it hand and touched Z's chocker. I thought it was going to strangle her but instead it started to disappear. Once it was gone, Z touched her chocker and smiled. She put her scarf back over her mouth than turned towards Vivi and said, "You're not a burden to us, Vivi. We agreed to take you back to Alabasta and that's what we're going to do. Right, Luffy?"

Luffy held up his arms and cheered, "Yeah! I'm hungry too!"

"That one worries me a little." Vivi mumbled.

"Well, for now, at least we know where we're headed to." I said.

"Little Garden, huh?" Sanji added.

"Remember what she said. Are we going to die?" Usopp asked, being scared as usual.

"Who knows? Let's go, pirates!" Luffy shouted.

"Right." We all said.

After a meal, cooked by Z, everyone relaxed. It was smooth sailing; besides losing the wind a couple of times. Nami, now changed into a white shirt with dark blue long sleeves, was standing between Vivi, who changed out of her bounty hunter clothes and into something else, and Z, who was sitting on the rails lost in her thoughts.

"If this keeps up, just getting to Little Garden will take forever." Nami said.

"We're running out of time. We need to go." Vivi said, softly.

"Don't worry, Vivi. We'll get you home as fast as we can. The wind will pick up soon." Z said.

"Right. Now it's time to fish." Luffy said.

I ignored him and everyone else and tried to take a nap. But before I could fall asleep, the stupid duck stepped on me. Now I'm pissed.

"Damn it! Knocked off, you guys!" I yelled.

"I guess it's too much to asked…for you guys to be worried!" Nami shouted.

"Nami, they're guys. And from my experience, guys rarely have to worry about things." Z said.

"From experience? What do you mean?" Nami asked; though I have to admit I'm curious too.

"When I was little, I, pretty much, hanged out with guys more than girls. Except for my little cousin, of course." She replied.

"You have a cousin?" Vivi asked, now curious as we were.

"Yeah, two cousins actually. Ichigo is older than me by a year and Angel is younger than me by a month. Angel and I are so close in age that we act like sisters more than cousins and Ichigo is like a brother to me than a cousin." Z said.

"You don't say." I said, sarcastically.

"No it's true. You looking at the girl who beat an eight-year-old in mud wrestling when she was five." Z said, looking at me.

"You…mud wrestle?" Nami asked, with a hint of shock and discuss in her voice.

"Well…yeah. To tell you the truth, I rather wrestle and fight than go clothes shopping anyday." Z said, shrugging her shoulders.

"What!" Nami and Vivi yelled, looking at Z in shock.

"I've never met a girl who wants to fight like an immature boy than shop for new clothes!" Nami continued.

"Hey!" Me and the other guys on the ship shouted in offence. But to be honest, I've never met girl like that either: other than Kuina.

"Geez, girls. Can you yell any loader? I think you killed my right ear." Z said, rubbing her ear. "And what's wrong with me not liking shopping? I mean, I was anti-social back home and I didn't care about my looks. I don't care about popularity…Rebeca did though."

"Rebeca? You mean that marine girl who stabbed you." I asked, remembering the bitch.

"Rebeca? You mean Rebeca, the knife thrower? I've heard of her. She's known in the East Blue for her accuracy. Are you saying you've met her?" Vivi asked.

"Met her? I hate her! And she hates me!" Z said, glaring at the floor.

"What'd she do?" Luffy asked.

"She's annoying, bossy, and she thinks that just because her dad owns a huge company she can do whatever the hell she wants. My cousins and I were the only ones, around our age, to not fall under her evil spell…metaphorically speaking. She was the popular one and everyone loved her." Z explained. "But one day, I saw her and her little followers picking on a girl. They were torturing her because she didn't interview Rebeca for the school newspaper. I had enough of her games and, before I knew it, I ran up and punched her straight in the face. After that, Rebeca started prancing me. Trying to get me in trouble, but the adults know that all my actions have a reason. After about a month, or two, of pranks, she sent the older kids to 'teach me a lesson.' However, they didn't know my family and I could protect ourselves. But what really ticked her off was that her boyfriend, Rick, who was the most popular guy in school, dumped her after getting advice from me. All I said was; 'Listen to your heart, not your ego.' She started calling me 'boyfriend stealer' after that, even though his just my friend. A week went by since than and, I still don't know why, she challenged me to a sing off. We both had to sing four songs and dedicate the songs to someone, and we could ask our friends for help in our songs. All her songs were about her, but mine…well, two were my thoughts towards her, one was about my family sticking together, and the last one was dedicated to the dreamers. All of Rebeca's followers helped her in her performs, but I did mine all on my own; except for the last one, Rick helped me. The crowd was supposed to choose the winner. And they picked…"

"Who'd they choose? Who was the winner?" Luffy asked, anxious to know like the rest of us.

"…me. They picked me, a nobody, over the most popular girl in school. But Rebeca thought I cheated because three of my songs weren't really songs; just made up ones. So the crowed 'boo'd her off the stage. Ever since than, she hated my guts and I hate selfish, spoiled brats like her." Z said, closing her eyes.

There was silence in the air after that. None of us made a sound except for the wind. But Luffy asked Z to sing the four songs she picked for the sing off. At first she wanted to say no, but decided to only sing two of songs. She jumped off the railing and sat on the stairs before taking out her IPod and a strange little device out of her bag. Z must of saw our confused looks on the little white device in her hand and explained that the device was a speaker. But instead of having a cord to connect them, she had to activate the Bluetooth (?) in her IPod so it can connect to the speaker. After a minute, up-beat music started coming out of the speaker.

"Alright, this song's called, 'I'm Just Your Problem'. It was the first song I sang for the sing off." Z said before closing her eyes and sang. (A/N: I change some of the lyrics to fit Z's thoughts about Rebeca. And right now the scarf isn't covering her mouth.)

'Sorry I don't treat you like a Goddess,

Is that what you want me to do?

Sorry I don't treat you like you're perfect,

Like all your little loyal subjects do~

Sorry I'm not under your spell

Am I~ too strong for you~

Is that why you always attack me?

That must be such an epic fail for you, well…

I'm just your problem~

I'm just your problem~

I feel like I'm

Not even~ a person…

Am I?

I'm just your problem~'

She opened her eyes and looked at the sea. Even though she wasn't looking at us, I could tell she was remembering the contest.

'Well, I~ shouldn't have to justify what I do~

I~ shouldn't have to prove anything to you

I'm sorry that I exist,

Forgot what landed me on your Black List

But I~ shouldn't have to be the one that makes up with you

Well, I'm just your problem~

I'm just your problem~

I feel like I'm

Not even~ a person…

Am I?

I'm just your problem~'

After she finished the last note, she stopped the music and looked at us. Luffy, Usopp, and Sanji clapped, the duck quacked, and the girls and I just smiled.

"That was awesome, Z!" Luffy shouted.

"Thank you Luffy. Would you guys like me to sing the other song?" Z asked, smiling a little.

"Yes!" Luffy and Usopp yelled.

"Yes, Z-san!" The ero-cook yelled.

"Sure." I said.

The girls nodded in agreement. Z looked at her IPod and chose the song. Once she got the song, a small up-beat sound came from the speaker.

"Okay, this song's called 'Let the Rainbow Remind You'. It was third song I sang for the sing off." Z said, before closing her eyes again and sang.

'Each one of us has something special

That makes us different, that makes us rare~

We have a light that shines within us

That we were always

Meant to share~

And when we come together

Combine the light that shines within

There is nothing we can't do

There is no battle we can't win

When we come together~

There'll be a star to guide the way

It's inside us everyday~

See it now~

See it now~

Let the rainbow~ remind you~

That together we will always shine~

Let the rainbow~ remind you~

That forever this will be our time~'

Z's eyes were still close but she started humming along with the music.

'Let the rainbow~ remind you~

That together we will always~ shine~'

She opened her eyes and looked at us; silently asking if we liked the song. The guys clapped again but Luffy thought the song was a little slow for his taste. Z explained that the song was meant for her family sticking together and keeping in mind that they will always have back-up.

"That song was sweet, Miss Sorceress. I'm sure your family got the meaning." Vivi said, smiling at Z.

"Yeah. I like to think that." Z replied, looking at the floor with a small, sweet, smile. Than she turn towards Nami and said, "Hey, Nami. You have any t-shirts and pants I can borrow?"

"I think so. Why?" Nami asked, as Z stood up and put the small devices away.

"I'm not used to wearing dresses. The only times I allow myself to wear a dress is to a wedding, a formal party, or a school dance. Which is extremely rare." Z answered.

"Alright, I'll get you something. C'mon, Vivi. I might need your help." Nami said, walking to the girl's cabin with Vivi and Z behind her.

"I hope you have a shirt in a dark color." Z said, before disappearing behind the door.

After five minutes of silence, I looked at Luffy and said, "How much you wanna bet Nami's gonna put Z in something girly?"

Before Luffy answered, we heard Z scream 'No skirt! Anything but a skirt!' Than Usopp said, "…Yeah, I guess the chances are pretty high."

There was a small crash inside. We looked at each other, confused and hoping the girls aren't fighting. The ero-cook was thinking of going in there and check if they're okay. But before any of us could move, the door opened up and Nami and Vivi came out. They turned towards the door and Nami yelled, "C'mon Z! You can't hide in there forever!"

"But…but I look…weird. Can't I just wear my leggings under this stupid skirt?" Z whined.

"Z, we let you keep your bandages, your bag, and let you stay barefoot. If you don't come out, I'll raise your debt." Nami threatened. 'Greedy witch.'

"I don't have a debt. You let me have this outfit for free because this was the first time I asked for clothes." Z replied. "And I told you; my left arm is covered for a personal reason, the Pokémon gave me this bag as a gift, and I feel really weird when my feet are covered unless I'm a Pokémon."

"C'mon Miss Sorceress. I'm sure the guys won't laugh." Vivi said, softly.

Z whimpered before stepping out into the light. She was wearing an open black short-sleeve jacket over a light green tank top instead of her black dress, her red scarf was gone making her chocker visible, and instead of leggings she was wearing a ruffle black skirt that stop about mid thigh, showing off her legs. Her black bag was lying on her right thigh. Z's hair was still in a ponytail, but she looked different. She looked at us than, immediately, looked at the floor; probably embarrass. But that only made her look…cute. I mentally shook my head and thought, 'WHAT THE HELL AM I THINKING! Z is not cute! Not even when she seems embarrass…or when she acts shy…or…AH! STOP THAT!'

I was knocked out of my thought when I heard Nami said that Z was over-reacting when Vivi showed her the skirt.

"Well, excuse me for being a tom- Ah!" Z said before holding her head in pain.

"Z, what's wrong?" I asked, standing up.

"My eyes…feel like…they're…on fire." Z said.

She moved her hands and slowly opened her eyes. When her eyes were completely open, four light blue arrows appeared in front of her. All of us looked shocked; none of us were expecting that to happen. Luffy slowly walked up to the four arrows and tried to poke one. But his finger went right through it. Luffy started slapping his hand through it than Usopp tried to poke the arrows.

"Z! What is that!" Nami asked, looking scared.

"It's the gift of tracking." Z said, not moving from her spot.

"The gift of what?" Vivi asked.

"The gift of tracking. It's one of the gifts the Knowledge Pokémon gave me. It'll allow me to find any wild Pokémon that are near by or on an island. And since we're in the middle of the sea, there are either Water Types or Flying Types near by." Z replied, before telling Luffy and Usopp to stop.

One of the arrows started blinking. Z turned her head and walked towards my side of the ship. She stood right next to me and looked at the sky. But the bottom arrow blinked; so she looked down. The arrows than changed to, what looked like, a scope. She leaned over a little than said, "Three Water Types are surfacing. I suggest everyone should back up."

We backed up and as soon as Z was with us, three things shot out of the water and landed on the rail. The creatures stood about 1'0" inch and they look like frogs. They have light blue skin with white hands and they were all carrying something white on their backs. The one in the middle said something while the other growled.

"What'd it say?" I asked Z, who was watching the creatures.

Z pointed at the middle one and translated, " 'You humans are in our territory. Leave now or else we'll sink your ship.' "

The middle one looked at Z shocked than said something. But before we could ask Z to translate, she said, "Yes, I'm the only one on the ship who can, for now. I believe we started off on the wrong foot. You can call me Z and these humans are my friends. Tell me, what are your names?"

The one on the left said something, than the one on the right, and than the middle. Z nodded and told them that it's her job to protect Pokémon and take them and the other Pokémon in the Grand Line to their new island. The frog on the left asked something but the middle one yelled at it. We looked confused but, luckily, Z translated for us.

"The one on the left said, 'So, you must be the Pokémon Protector?' But the one in the middle said, 'No, you idiot! The Pokémon Protector is just a myth. Besides the Pokémon Protector has scars allover her left arm, that only a Pokémon could recognize. And she's strong, loyal, nice, and wise too. I doubt any of these three girl are her.' " Z said before asking us to close our eyes.

I don't know why she wants us to do that but the other did without commenting. I, however, looked at her confused but all she gave me was a sad puppy look. I flinched than closed my eyes. 'Did I just fall for the sad puppy look? Damn it! I can't believe I fell for it! But it was cute…AH! STOP THINKING THAT!' I thought, while my eyes were shut. I heard the creatures say something before Z told us to open our eyes again. Once my eyes were open, I looked at the creatures and Z. They said something but Z translated for us.

" 'We believe you are the Pokémon Protector but I doubt the other Pokémon listen to you.' " The middle one said.

The other two said something than all three of them got into a fight. They were yelling at each other but all I heard was 'Froakie' Z stepped forward and whistled to stop the fight. It was a high-pitched whistle but at least it stop the fight.

"I know it's hard to believe a young girl could protect the Pokémon but it's true. The Legendaries told me to go to the Grand Line and take the Pokémon to their new island. If you want Froakie, you and I can have a battle. If I win, you come with us. If you win, you don't have to. The others have a chose of either coming willingly or battle." Z said.

The creatures looked at each other and the one on the left said something than pointed at…the ero-cook? Than the one on the right said something before pointing at…me? 'Okay, what the hell did they say?' I thought before looking at, an equally confused, Z.

Before me or the idiot could asked, Z pointed at the one on the left and translated, " 'I believe you when you said you're the Pokémon Protector and I believe that the other Pokémon listen to you, Z. I will come with you but I want to battle the blond guy. I want to see if he has what it takes.' " Than she pointed at the one on the right and translated, " 'I also believe you and will come with you, Z. But I want to battle the guy with the swords. I doubt any Pokémon would listen to him.' " Z turned towards us and said, "Basically, they wants to see if the other Pokémon would listen to you guys besides me."

"So, Zoro and Sanji have to battle them? Just like back at Reverse Mountain." Nami asked.

"Yeah." Z said.

"Great, another battle. This should be good." I said, looking at the opposing Pokémon.

"Alright. I'm ready to fight. You better not lose, marimo." The ero-cook said.

"What'd you call me, ero-cook?" I said, glaring at him.

Before he could comment we heard a familiar sound and looked at Z. In her hand was a Pokéball, but it was different from the ones we saw before. This one was ocean blue with a black teardrop above the center. She looked at the Pokéball before throwing it in the air. The Pokéball opened up and a small penguin came out. The penguin said something before glaring at the frog in the middle of the group. Z whispered something so softly that I couldn't hear it before handing the Pokéball to me. Just like last time, I threw the Pokéball up. When it opened, a small turtle came out. The turtle looked at me than walked over to Z. Z took the Pokéball from me and handed it to Sanji. She told him to throw the Pokéball up so the Pokémon could come out. When he threw it up, a…I don't know what it is. But before I could describe it, it walked over to Z.

"Hello Squirtle, Mudkip, Piplup. Ready for a battle?" Z asked the Pokémon. Before introducing the Pokémon to us, "Everyone, this is Squirtle (pointing at the turtle with violet eyes) the Tiny Turtle Pokémon. He shelters himself in his shell, then strikes back with spouts of water at every opportunity." Squirtle waved at us. "Next is Mudkip (pointing at the little creature with a fin on its head) the Mud Fish Pokémon. To alert him, the fin on his head senses the flow of water. He has the strength to heft boulders." Mudkip jumped a little, I guess in a way of saying hi. "And finally, this is Piplup (pointing at the small penguin with dark blue eyes) the Penguin Pokémon. A poor walker, she often falls down. However, her strong pride makes her puff up her chest without a care." Piplup waved at us before glaring at the frog again. "All three of them are Water Types."

"Piplup Piplup Pip Piplup Pip, Piplup?" Piplup asked. (Are we going to battle them, Mommy?)

"Yes, Piplup we are." But before any of them, Z continued, "But…Squirtle will be fighting with Zoro…and…Mudkip will be fighting with Sanji."

"Squirt! Squirt Squirtle Squirtle!" Squirtle yelled. (What! I'm fighting with the swordsman!)

"Mud! Mud Mudkip Mudkip Mud!" Mudkip yelled. (What! I'm fighting with the cook!)

"Piplup Piplup Piplup, Piplup?" Piplup asked. (Why can't they fight with you, Mommy?)

"Because the two male Froakie challenged Zoro and Sanji while the female Froakie challenged me." Z said before saying, "C'mon guys. It's just one battle. Zoro already battled so he has some experience."

"Pip Piplup Piplup Pip Piplup!" Piplup yelled. (The swordsman fought with Jolteon!)

"Yes. So will you guys fight with Zoro and Sanji?" Z asked.

Squirtle and Mudkip looked at each other than walked over to us. Squirtle looked at me and nodded while Mudkip nodded to Sanji. The Pokémon in the middle said something and Z told us to follow her to the battle area, which is just the front of the ship.

[Narrator's POV]

"Alright, boys. Piplup and I are going to battle first. Then it's Zoro and Squirtle. After them will be Sanji and Mudkip." Z said before turning towards the opposing Pokémon. "Ready to battle?"

Froakie nodded while Piplup walked in front of Z, glaring at her opponent. There was silence before Z gave the first command: BubbleBeam. Piplup opened her mouth and shout out…bubbles? The bubbles hit Froakie but it didn't do much damage. Froakie jumped up and was about to land on Piplup but she dodged it. Z had her eyes closes but when she opened them, two 3-D life bars appeared in front of her. She looked closer and it seems that Piplup was a level 19 and Froakie was a level 10. Z gave another command: Cut. But Froakie used Quick Attack, thus letting her attack first. Piplup ran at Froakie and slice her with her right wing like a sword; landing a critical hit. By Z's calculations, one more hit like that would end the battle but, judging by the life bar, she's ready to be captured. Z got the Pokéball from Sanji and threw it at Froakie. It hit Froakie on the head and got her. The crew was about to cheer but Z told them to wait. The Pokéball shook a few times while the center flashed. 'Come on. Come on.' Z thought, than the Pokéball stopped.

"Alright! Way to go, Piplup! We won!" Z cheered, hugging the small Penguin Pokémon.

"Piplup! Piplup!" Piplup cheered. (We won! We won!)

Z turned towards the other two Froakie and said, "Alright, you two. Who's next?"

The Pokémon looked at each other than the one who challenge Zoro step forward. Z put Piplup down, who walked over to Squirtle and Mudkip, and picked up the Pokéball. She nodded to Froakie and threw the Pokéball at Zoro. He caught it and walked to the other side of the deck while Froakie stood there.

"Squirtle, you're up. Good luck, Zoro. I'll tell you when to throw the Pokéball." Z said, walking over to the other Pokémon. "Oh, and Squirtle's attacks are:

-Rapid Spin


-Water Gun


"Got it. Ready, Squitle?" Zoro asked the Pokémon.

Squitle nodded while Froakie stood on his side ready. Zoro gave the fist command: Rapid Spin. Squirtle ran straight to Froakie than he withdrew into his shell and started spinning rapidly. Froakie almost dodged it but got hit in the chest, sending him back. Froakie got up and shot Bubbles at Squirtle but he dodged them; sadly Usopp got hit with the bubbles instead. Z blinked and saw a name and level changed on the two 3-D life bars. She looked closer and it said that Squirtle was a level 19 like Piplup but this Froakie was a level 8; two levels less than the female Froakie. By Z's calculations, Squirtle's Rapid Spin did a lot of damage to Froakie and it wasn't even a critical hit.

"Zoro, throw the Pokéball at Froakie." Z said, before Zoro could give another command.

"Alright." Zoro replied, throwing the Pokéball. It hit Froakie on the head and got him. The Pokéball shook a few times while the center flashed. After the third flash, the Pokéball stopped.

"Way to go Zoro, Squirtle! You won!" Z yelled, while the crew cheered.

"That was easier than the last one." Zoro commented, but than he turned towards the Tiny Turtle Pokémon and said, "Nice Rapid Spin, Squirtle."

"Squirtle, Squirtle." Squirtle said, rubbing the back of his head.

"Squirtle said 'Thank you, swordsman.' " Z said, before going over and picked up the Pokéball. She looked at the last Froakie and said, softly, "Okay, your next little one…unless you changed your mind and will come willingly?"

The Pokémon shook his head and stepped forward; puffing his chest, ready for battle. Z nodded to Froakie and threw the Pokéball to Sanji. He caught it and walked to the other side of the deck.

"Mudkip, you're up. Good luck, Sanji. I'll tell you when to throw the Pokéball. Oh, and Mudkip's attacks are:



-Water Gun


"Of course, Z-san. We will win this battle for you." Sanji said, all lovey-dovey, but than went serious and asked, "Ready, Mudkip?"

Mudkip nodded while Froakie stood on his side ready. Sanji gave the first command: Tackle. Mudkip ran straight to Froakie and tackled him. Froakie was sent back and slowly got up. Once he was up, he shot Bubbles at Mudkip. But instead of dodging it, Mudkip turned around and hit the bubbles with his tail; thus sending them back to their owner. Z blinked and saw a name and a level changed again on the two 3-D life bars. She noticed that Mudkip was a level 19 like Piplup and Squirtle but this Froakie was a level 5; three levels less than the other male Froakie and five levels less than the female Froakie. Thanks to Mudkip's attack, this Froakie was already about to faint; and it wasn't even a critical hit.

"Sanji, throw the Pokéball at Froakie." Z said, before Sanji could give another command.

"Yes, Z-san." Sanji replied, throwing the Pokéball. It hit Froakie on the head and got him. The Pokéball shook only once and than stopped.

"Nice job Sanji, Mudkip! You won!" Z yelled, while the crew cheered.

"Well…that was…easy." Sanji said, before looking at Mudkip, "Nice job sending those bubbles back with your tail, Mudkip."

"Mudkip." Mudkip said, wagging his tail.

"Mudkip said, 'Thanks cook.' " Z said, before going over and picked up the Pokéball.

"Aw~ I wanted to battle." Luffy whinned.

"Don't worry Luffy, you might be able to battle when another Pokémon appears." Z said, turning towards the crew. "Squirtle, Mudkip, Piplup. Come and welcome the new members of our family."

The three Pokémon walked over to their Mother and waited for her to summon the three frogs. Not a moment later, Z threw the Pokéball up into the air and release the new Pokémon. Once the three were out, they stood there, smiling. Z kneeled down and healed all six Water-Type Pokémon. After they were healed, and Z's black jacket change into pink with a half open eye, a blue light came out of Z's eyes and analyze the three Froakie.

"Miss Sorceress, what are you doing?" Vivi asked, gaining the rest of the crew's attention.

"Analyzing." Z said, while the blue light finished analyzing.

Z stood up and blinked, making a survey appear in full blue. She read the survey out load, so the confused Pokémon and crew could hear.

"Pokémon number 656: Froakie

The Bubble Frog Pokémon

Gender: 2 Males, 1 Female

Type(s): Water

Froakie is both light and strong, making them capable of jumping incredibly high. The bubbles on their chest and back protect them from attacks. Froakie may appear absentminded, but in truth they pays close attention to their surroundings at all times.

Froakie evolves at level 16." Z read.

"Piplup Piplup, Piplup?" Piplup asked. (Are you alright, Mommy?)

"Yes, Piplup. I'm alright." Z said, rubbing her temple.

"Froa, Froakie Froakie Froakie. Froa Froakie, Froakie Froakie Froakie. Froakie?" The female Froakie said. (Wait, we need to get something. Little brother, stay here while we get them. Okay?)

"Froakie Froakie Froakie Froa. Froakie Froakie Froa Froakie Froakie Froakie Froakie." The younger Froakie replied. (But I want to go with you. I want to be strong but you always push me aside.)

The three Froakie(s) started arguing but Z told them to let him go. They wanted to complain but nodded and let him go. They jumped over board and swam down to get something. The crew looked confused as to why the three, now captured, Pokémon jumped over board but Z explained and they didn't question her. When the Bubble Frog Pokémon(s) came back, they each had one stone in their hands. They gave it to Z while the crew surrounded them to see what the new Pokémon brought.

"Water stones? Where did you get these?" Z asked, then pulled the stones to her chest when she saw a hand reach out to get them. "Back off, Nami."

"Froa, Froakie Froakie Froakie…" The female Froakie started. (Well, we found them on a swim…)

"…Froakie Froa Froakie Froa Froakie…" The first male Froakie continued. (…so we decided to keep them…)

"…Froakie Froakie Froa Froakie Froa Froakie…" The youngest Froakie continued. (…but since you're the Pokémon Protector…)

"Froakie Froakie!" The three Froakie(s) finished together. (You can have them!)

"Thank you, you three. That's really sweet of you. These might come in handy in the future." Z said, smiling and putting the stones in her bag. "And…welcome to the family, Froakie(s)."

The three Pokémon smiled than jumped up and hugged Z. She returned the hug then explained what the stones would do to the crew. After the explanation, Z told the six Water Type Pokémon that they can swim around but they have to stay near the ship. They all nodded than jumped in, all but the youngest Froakie. He turned towards Z and said something than jumped in to join the rest of his siblings.

"What Froakie say, Z?" Luffy asked.

"He said that if they come across a school of fish, and maybe a shark, they'll throw them onboard. Basically, they'll be doing the fishing for us." Z said.

"Wow, really. That's nice of them." Vivi commented.

"Yeah. The Pokémon are really nice, once you get to know them. Though, you don't want to get on some of their badsides. Trust me." Z said.

"Wait, you said Froakie was number 656 right?" Nami asked, getting over the fact that she can't have the stones.

"Yeah…why do you ask?" Z asked, confused.

"How many Pokémon are there?" Nami asked.

"Um…I think there are…718 or 721 Pokémon…in total." Z answered.


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