New Life in One Piece

Pokemon Island?

Chapter II: Pokémon Island?

[Z's POV]

"Is she okay?" "Mommy, wake up." "Please wake up, Mother."

These voices keep repeating themselves. I wonder who they are? I tried to open my eyes so like that, they know I'm alive. When I opened my eyes, I saw Butterfree, Gastly, and Venomoth hovering over me.

'What the hell?! Pokémon are actually around me. Okay, calm down Z, its okay. Just act normal and it'll be alright.'

"Wha-what happened to me?" I said.

"Look! She's awake! Are you okay, Mother?" Blissey asked.

'They talk!' I smiled at her and said, "Yes, sweaty. I'm alright."

"You shouldn't stand up. You're still injured." Maractus said.

"Don't worry everyone. I'm okay now. I'm sorry, I scarred some of you."

"It's okay Mom. You can walk around but you have to go with Arcanine just in case." Chansey said.

Arcanine walked over to my side to help me up.

"Thank you, Arcanine. I appreciate it." I said to him.

Arcanine nodded and walked me over to the beach. I was surprise to see the ocean. Being stuck indoors will do that to you. We walked around the island in silence. I looked at my clothes; a grey shirt with a guitar and around the shoulders were cut and regular shaded jeans. I'm not wearing my combat boots anymore so that means I'm walking barefoot. 'Great (-_-)'

"Mother, there's a ship coming to the island." Arcanine said.

"I see."

"Would you like me to call Spearow for you, Mother?"

"Yes, please. If you don't mind."

Arcanine ran into the woods to get Spearow. I just stood there looking at the ship. 'It looks familiar.' I walked to the water and it felt cold, but it felt good on my bare-feet. 'I wonder whose on that ship?'

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