New Life in One Piece

A Deal, Little Chat, Videogames

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Chapter XX: Setting a Deal, A Little Chat, Videogame Lessons, and Z's Motherly Instincts

[Zoro's POV]

Before we could question the fact that there are over 700 Pokémon, an unconscious shark shot out of the water and landed on deck. Than six Pokémon jumped on board. They ran to Z and they all started talking at the same time. It was confusing but Z was able to calm them down and told them to go one at a time.

"Pip Piplup, Piplup Pip Piplup." Piplup said, jumping on the shark.

"Squir, Squir Squirtle Squirtle Squir Squir Squirtle Squir Squirtle Squir Squirtle Squirtle Squirtle." Squirtle said, joining Piplup on the shark.

"Mud Mudkip Mudkip Mudkip Mudkip Mud." Mudkip said, joining the other two Water Types.

"Froakie Froa! Froakie Froakie Froakie Froakie Froakie Froakie." The three Froakie said together, while jumping on the shark.

Everyone looked at Z for a translation. She pointed at Piplup and translated, " 'Look Mommy, Mudkip found a shark.' " Than, she pointed at Squirtle and translated, " 'Yeah, the Froakie siblings worked together to confuse it before Piplup cut it.' " Next, she pointed at Mudkip and translated, " 'But Squirtle was the one who weakened it.' " Lastly, she pointed at the three Froakie and translated, " 'Either way! We got a shark for you and the other humans.' "

"YA-HO! Thanks, guys! Sanji, food!" Luffy yelled.

The ero-cook started cooking while the rest of us went back to our usual routine. Nami and Vivi were talking about maps, Luffy was waiting for the food, Usopp was working on an invention, I was trying to sleep, and Z was talking to the Pokémon. After a while, the Pokémon got tired and went back into the Pokéball. When the Pokéball was absorbed, Z sat down next to me and sighed deeply. She seems stressed out.

"Tired?" I asked, keeping my eyes close.

"Yeah. You try taking care of 651 different Pokémon." She said.

"I bet it's hard." I said.

"That reminds me, you owe me 300,000 Berris." Z said.

"What?" I asked, opening my eyes.

She had her eyes close and looked like she was about to fall asleep but answered my question, "Don't you remember? Back in Whiskey Peak, you and Nami were arguing about it. It got annoying, so I dug threw my bag and pulled out the right amount. So instead of having a dept with Nami, you have a dept with me."

"You can't be serious?" I asked, hoping she would change her mind.

"I am, actually. But instead of paying me back with money, you can pay me back another way." She said, opening her eyes a little.

"…How?" I asked, hoping it would be easier.

"You can pay me back by…watching over some Pokémon for me." Z said.

I didn't understand what she meant, but she continued, "All you have to do is watch over a Pokémon for a while and each Pokémon will be 5,000 Berris. You just have to watch 60 Pokémon, in total, to make your dept disappear. Simple, right."

"I guess. But…" Before I could finish, Z cut me off.

"It's easier and the more you spend with the Pokémon, you might be able to understand them. Wouldn't that be better than waiting for me to translate?" Z said, tilting her head.

"True, you seem to get annoyed when we asked you to translate." I said, relaxing.

"I am. It more annoying than trying to teach Rick how to speak Spanish." She said, looking up at the sky.

"Whose Rick?" I asked, getting a small weird feeling in my gut.

"Just a guy that I save from dating Rebeca. Don't worry, his just a friend. Meaning, I'm still single." Z answered, making the weird feeling disappear.

"Oh." I said, going to sleep.

But before I could let the darkness take over, I felt something run threw my hair. I opened my right eye a little and saw Z, standing up, running her right hand threw my hair. It felt kinda good and it was soothing. Soon enough…I feel asleep.

[Z's POV]

After my little talk with Zoro, I went to the back of the ship and looked at the ocean. 'It's so peaceful here. Maybe I should summon a Pokémon to run around and stretch their legs.' I thought before closing my eyes. When I got the Pokémon in my head, I slid two fingers across my chocker than raised my right hand. Once I felt something in my hand, I opened my eyes and saw white Pokéball with a black star with six points on it. I threw the Pokéball up and the Pokémon came out.

"Hello, Teddiursa." I said to the little Pokémon.

"Hi, Mom." He replied.

"Would you like to walk around the ship while I make a phone call?" I asked.

"Okay, Mom. I need to stretch my legs anyway." He said, walking away.

"Just don't disturb the rest of the crew. Or trick them…without me." I said, giving him a 'I mean it' look.

"Alright, Mom." Teddiursa said, running away.

I sighed, before taking out my laptop and lying on the floor. I turned on my computer and while it loads up, I stretched a little so my back could crack. A small crack was heard and I rolled onto my stomach. I logged into my account and went to see if I got any messages while I was here. Luckily, there was Wi-Fi. And…I have no new messages. 'Good.' I thought, before I heard a familiar ring. I saw, on the top of the screen, a notice that Rick was calling me through Skype. 'Might as well answer. He won't stop calling until I pick up.' I thought as I set up Skype. Once it was ready, I sat up and adjust the screen, than my friend was on the screen.

"Hey, Rick. How's it been?" I asked the 18-year-old man with black short hair and blue eyes wearing a black t-shirt.

"Oh, good. Good. But…WHERE THE HELL ARE YOU?!" He yelled.

"You know there's no need to scream. I can hear you just fine; as well as everyone else on the ship." I mumbled.

"You're…on a ship?" Rick asked.

"Um…yeah. And I really like it here. I mean, I feel really comfortable on the water than on dry land." I said, looking at the sea.

"I know, you told me once that you feel a deep connection to the sea, traveling, and adventure." He said, looking around his room.

"Are you okay? You don't seem your normal-self today." I asked, concern.

"Truth? I'm not okay. My best friend is out on sea and school starts in two days." He said.

" 'Two days?' I've been gone for almost two weeks?" I asked, more myself than him, but he still answer.

"Yes, you have. Are you coming home anytime soon? Because if you are, I could go pick you up at the pier." He offered.

"That's sweet of you, Rick. You never offer to drive me home before, why the sudden change?" I asked, tilting my head.

"Well…um…can't a guy be nice to his friend once in a while?" He said in his defense, but I could see a small blush form on his cheeks.

"…And this is coming from the guy who laughed at me when I said I wanted to become a pirate?" I said.

"I didn't know you were serious! I thought you were telling a joke!" He yelled.

"You don't have to yell. And when was the last time I told a joke?" I asked, trying to keep my temper down.

"Okay, point goes to you on that one. And I said I was sorry, hell, I even did our penalty. I didn't mean to hurt you. In fact, I never wanted to hurt you." He said, looking at me with a lot of emotion in his eyes.

"…And this is coming from the football player who pushed me in mud?" I said.

"This is also coming from the football player who gave you a heads up on those pranks Rebeca tried to pull on you." He said, smirking lightly.

"Okay, point goes to you on that one." I said, using his own words on him.

"And now, ladies and gentlemen, the score is tied between Singer Z and Drummer Rick!" He announces.

Before I could comment on that, I heard Usopp yelling at Zoro. I told Rick to hold on while I deal with the noise. I put the laptop down and walked over to where Usopp was sitting and said, "Hey, Usopp. I don't mind you yelling but could you keep it down, please? I'm talking to someone and he can hear you."

"Oh, sorry Z." He said, sheeply.

"It's okay. Just keep it down, alright?" I asked.

"Sure." He answered.

I nodded than walked back to my laptop to find Rick trying to balance a pencil on his nose.

"…You're weird, you know that?" I asked, startling him.

"Don't do that! You know I hate that." He said.

"I'm sorry, Rick. You're just easy to scare when your guard's down." I said.

"Well, it's hard to keep your guard up when you're up against a cute girl." He mumbled, but I still heard him.

"What did you say, Rick?" I asked, pretending that I didn't hear him.

"No-nothing!" He squeaked.

"No, you said something along the lines of 'keep your guard up' and 'cute girl' in the same sentence." I said, smirking.

"Uh…well, will you look at the time? I have to go! Bye, Z! See you at school!" Rick yelled, before signing off.

"Wait, and…his gone." I said to myself before closing my laptop and putting it back in my bag. "Oh, well. While I'm up, might as well go find Teddiursa and introduce him to the crew."

Just before I took my first step, I head an explosion from the main deck. I ran over there and saw Luffy exiting a room where we pump water so we can take a shower. 'Oh, so episode 69 starts now, huh? Should of guess but still…this mean's we're near Little Garden and then…we get Chopper! I can't wait.' I thought while walking around the ship looking for the Little Bear Pokémon. I didn't see him on deck so I went into the cabin to see if he was sneaking some food. When I opened the door, I saw Teddiursa sitting on top of a crate full of apples, eating said fruit.

"Come on, Teddiursa. Let's go meet the rest of crew." I said, raising my arms, signaling that I'll carry him if he wants.

"Okay, Mom." Teddiursa said, jumping into my arms.

I laughed a little while I carry him to where everyone else is. Once we were outside the door, I put Teddiursa down, but he grabbed the back of my leg and tried to hide. I told him that there was nothing to be afraid of when meeting the rest of the crew and our guest. He looked at me for a few seconds than let go of my leg and put on a brave face. I smiled before opening the door.

"Hi, guys." I said, waving a little.

"Hey, Z." Luffy said, stuffing his face with food.

"Hello, Z-san." Sanji said.

"Hello, Miss Sorceress. Who's the creature behind you?" Vivi asked, pointing at Teddiursa, thus making him jump behind me.

I reached down and picked up the little Pokémon. When he was in my arms, I said, "Everyone, this is Teddiursa, the Little Bear Pokémon. He lets honey soak into his paws so he can lick them all the time. Every set of paws tastes unique. His a Normal Type."

Teddiursa, shyly, waved at the crew before burrowing his face into my shoulder. That action cause Nami and Vivi to fawn over him, saying 'Aw~' and 'His so~ cute' I smiled at the Pokémon and asked him if wants to go with Nami. Teddiursa looked at me, nervous and scared, but that change when I saw a small flash of mischief. He smiled before nodding his head. I walked up to Nami and asked her if she can hold him for me so I can make his food. She nodded before putting the newspaper down and held out her arms. I gave her Teddiursa and she carried him like a baby. I got to admit it was cute.

"His so cute. Why didn't you bring him out earlier, Z?" Nami asked, while giving the Little Bear Pokémon some of her cake.

"I dunno. If the Pokémon want to come out, they just ask me. It was either Teddiursa or a Bug Type." I said, getting the ingredients for his lunch and placing them on the table.

"I've been meaning to ask but…how many types of Pokémon are there?" Vivi asked, when Nami sat Teddiursa between her and Vivi on the table.

"There are…I think 18 types. I just found another one here in the Grand Line." I answered, while mixing some of the ingredients.

"18? Nami didn't you say there was 17?" Luffy asked.

"Well…yeah. At least, that's what the rumors said." Nami answered, while petting Teddiursa.

"What rumors?" I asked, cutting the ingredients into the right size before getting a bowl and said, "Luffy, don't eat Teddiursa's food."

"Rumors say that on your island, there are creatures with different abilities and a siren controls them. They say that you brought sailors, marines, and pirates to their death in 17 different ways." Nami explained.

"Oh…those rumors. I heard them before. And I have an excuse for killing those sailors, marines, and pirates." I said, pushing the bowl of Pokémon food to Teddiursa, who cheered before eating.

"And that excuse is…" Zoro started, waiting for me to continue.

"…the sailors were scaring the Pokémon, the marines were annoying me, and the pirates were trying to capture the Pokémon and sell them because even one Pokémon is worth more than a Devil Fruit. I have to protect the Pokémon because they're like family to me." I finished, sitting down between Luffy and Zoro while sitting across from my Little Bear Pokémon.

Teddiursa stood up and walked over to me before hugging me. While hugging me, he said, "Of course we're family, Mom. All of us love you, even THEM. Even though they won't admit it."

I smiled before returning the hug and said, "I love you guys too."

Teddiursa let go and went to finish his food. The others were talking while I pulled out my 3DSXL from my bag and started playing The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds. I already have two paintings, from Skull Woods and Turtle Rock, and I already have the Bee Medal, 3 of the weapons were bought and 2 of them were upgraded, thanks to the money I get from fight the monsters and for finding 20 of those little squids, and I already have Titan's Mitt. Next up is the Desert Temple, all I have to do is get the Sand Rod and get into the temple before the real fun begins. But before I could make Link go back to the Light World, I heard Teddiursa cry out and a crash. I stood up, look towards the sound, and saw glass on the floor while Teddiursa was crying and Sanji was stairing at the broken glass.

"What happened?" I asked, walking over to them and picked up Teddiursa.

"Nothing, Z-san. I didn't know he was standing there and when I turned around, I must have kicked him." Sanji answered.

"Sanji, be more careful next time. You hurt the baby." Nami said, coming up to us to see Teddiursa who was still crying.

"I'm sorry, Nami-chan." Sanji said, bowing his head down.

"Teddiursa, are you okay? Did you get hurt?" I asked, looking at the Little Bear Pokémon.

He raised his head to look at me and he gave me a little smirk. 'He was faking!' I thought as I smiled before handing him to Nami and told her to go make sure his not injured. She nodded and told Vivi to go with her but they both glared at Sanji before walking out the door. Once the door was closed and I waited for their footsteps to disappear, I laughed a little before picking up the glass.

"I'll clean this up, Z-san. I don't want you to cut your delicate hands. I deserve any punishment for hurting one of your Pokémon." Sanji said.

"It's alright, Sanji. And don't worry, I won't punish you for hurting Teddiursa." I said, picking up the last piece.

"What?" The monster trio said.

"I won't punish Sanji because he didn't do anything. Teddiursa used one of his moves called Fake Tears to make Nami and Vivi go against Sanji. His one of the many Pokémon(s) who likes to cause mischief. Those are the ones you have to look out for." I said, throwing away the glass.

"That sneaky, little bas-" But before he could finish that statement, I kicked his ankle. I don't do cheep shots unless I'm pissed off.

"No bad mouthing the Pokémon. That is…unless you want me to punish you." I hissed, while narrowing my eyes.

"N-no Z-san." Sanji stuttered.

"Good." I said, before going back to the table and get my 3DSXL. I was about to walk out but I was stopped by Luffy.

"What is that, Z?" Luffy asked, pointing at the device in my hand.

"It's a 3DSXL." I simply said, but all I got was confused looks. I sighed and went back to the table. I told them to come near if they want to see. Once they were near, I said, "Alright, this is one of the devices that I have. You know my I-Pod? Well with this I can play videogames. There are a lot different systems that will allow people to play different videogames. But with this one, I can play this game in 3D."

"What's 3D?" Luffy asked.

Instead of answering, I raised the 3DSXL a little and only said, 'Watch the top screen.' Once I said that, I made the screen 3D so the image was now popping out towards us. I made Link walked to an area where there are monsters. I saw one and Link was slicing it with his sword than the monster blew up, dropping only a blue rupee. I looked at the boys to see their reactions. Luffy had little stars around his eyes, Zoro looked interested, and Sanji was still confused but I could tell he was interested.

"If you guys want, we can play Brawl?" I said, saving and turning the device off.

"What's that?" Zoro asked.

"A fighting game and you can go up to 4 players. It's really fun and the characters have a strong final smash." I said, before walking away from the guys so I can pull the Wii, TV, and controllers.

Once I pulled the electronics out of my little bag, I found an outlet and plugged everything in. Sanji asked me how the electronics fit in my small bag, so I explained while getting the Wii ready.

"Okay, I call first player." I said, backing up and started up the game.

It got to the main screen and I set everything up. I set the brawl to 3 minutes and the only item will be the Smash Ball, but I put it on low. I grabbed one of the four wireless GameCube controllers that I have and told the guys to get one and sit next to me. Luffy ran and got the red controller while Sanji got the blue controller. I waited for Zoro to get the green controller, which he did, and sat next to me on my left while Luffy sat on my right and Sanji sat next to Luffy. I explained the controls and where all the character came from. They were amaze at the graphics and how many characters there were. I told them to pick a character by moving the joystick and to press 'A' to select them. Luffy picked Mario, Sanji picked Pit, and Zoro picked Link while I picked Samus.

"Okay, you guys ready to brawl?" I asked, while picking an easy stage for them.

"Yeah." Luffy said.

"Yes, Z-san. Ready to lose, Marimo?" Sanji said.

"Shut up ero-cook. I'm going to kick your ass in this game with my guy." Zoro said.

"We'll see boys. I mean you guys did choose good characters. Link, Pit, and Mario are good because of their strength and speed. But Samus is going to kick all your asses." I said.

"Yeah, right. What's he going to do?" Zoro said, when he knock Mario off the stage and ran towards me.

"Who said mine's a 'he'?" I asked, getting the Smash Ball. "Yes! Get ready to die, boys."

I made Samus stand at an edge and when I got all three of them in front of me, I press 'B' to active Samus's Zero Laser. The laser was strong enough to push all three of them off the stage. I cheered but stopped because I wanted to see their reactions. After the electricity stopped, the armor fell off my character and the result…

"WHAT!" The monster trio yelled.

I started laughing as I kick their characters butts off the stage thus giving me three points. After I finish laughing I said, "You boys really thought Samus was a guy? Man, classic first time gamer reaction."

"Why aren't you shocked?" Luffy asked, shooting out fireballs at Pit.

"Because I already knew Samus was a girl before this game even came out. I mean, you should of seen Rick's reaction when we first played this game at his house. I swear, I think he fell in love with her." I said, throwing Link off the stage. "Ha! Take that, Zoro!"

The screen started counting down and before any of us could make another attack, times up.

"And the winner is…Zero Suit Samus!" The game announced.

"Yes! Not bad for first time gamers. I'm surprise you were able to shoot me off the screen, Luffy. But, Sanji, why didn't you attack me?" I asked.

"Because I made a vow to never attack a lady." Sanji said.

"But…this is a game. No one outside this room will know about it." I said, "But…if it makes you feel better…I'll pick a male character next time."

"Thank you, Z-san." Sanji said.

"No problem. So…I'm going to see how my Pokémon is doing. If you guys want, you can play another round." I said, standing up.

"Okay." Luffy said.

"I wish I could Z-san, but I have to start dinner." Sanji said, standing up and started cooking.

"And I'm going to train." Zoro said, standing up and walking away.

"Aw~, you guys are no fun." Luffy whinned.

"You know, Luffy. There is an adventure mode in this game. You can fight enemies, battle bosses, find trophies, and other treasures. Also you travel around." I said, trying to cheer him up.

"Really?! I wanna play!" Luffy yelled.

"Okay, Luffy. Here, let me set it up." I said getting his and the other controllers.

I put three of them in my bag and left the red one out. I exited 'brawl' and went to 'solo'. Once I was there, I picked 'adventure' and typed in Luffy's name. After that, I handed the controller to Luffy and walked away. But I did tell him that if his stuck on a part, to call me. He didn't hear me because he was fighting Kirby. I sighed and told Sanji to make sure he doesn't destroy the electronics. I walked out and headed to the Nami's room. When I joined the crew, Nami offered me to stay with her but I refused because I told her I was used to sleeping outside. When I got there, I saw Nami and Vivi talking about something while Teddiursa was sitting on Nami's lap. I quickly took a picture of them before Teddiursa saw me. When he saw me, he ran over to me.

"Hello, Teddiursa. You didn't get hurt before, did you?" I asked, picking him up and hugging him.

"No, Mom. Did you see the cook's face? It was funny." Teddiursa said. I nodded in agreement and sat down on the floor while placing the Pokémon on my lap.

"Hey, Z. You've been on the crew for a while now. Do you like anyone?" Nami asked.

"…What do you mean by that? You mean 'like' or 'like-like'?" I asked, tilting my head.

"The second one, duh. Do you have a crush on one of the guys?" Nami asked.

"Um…I don't think I have a crush. I mean I've been on the crew for like two weeks. Beside…I've…never had a crush before." I answered, scratching the back of my head with my right hand.

Before Nami or Vivi could reply, Teddiursa yawned and asked for me to sing him a lullaby. I asked the girls and they said they didn't mind. I stood up, while caring the tired Little Bear Pokémon, and walked over to the bed. I placed him on the bed, between Nami and Vivi, and sat back down on the floor facing them. I took out my I-Pod and picked a song that would help but I don't own any soft songs. Actually, I have a few but I bet he won't fall asleep. So I decided to pick one from a show that I was force to watch when I was babysitting Rick's little sister with him. I put a soft melody that I recorded, cleared my throat, closed my eyes, and started singing.

'Hush now, quiet now

It's time to lay your sleepy head

Hush now, quiet now

It's time to go to bed

Hush now, quiet now

It's time to lay your sleep head

Hush now, quiet now

It's time to go to bed

Drifting off to sleep

The exciting day behind you

Drifting off to sleep

Let the joy of dreamland find~ you


Hush now, quiet now

It's time to lay your sleepy head

Hush now, quiet now

It's time to go to bed

Hush now, quiet now

It's time to lay your sleepy head

Hush now, quiet now

It's time to go to bed

Driffting off to sleep

The exciting day behind you

Driffting off to sleep

Let the joy of dreamland find~ you


When the melody ended, I opened my eyes and saw all three of them asleep. Nami and Vivi were leaning against each other while Teddiursa layed his head on Nami's lap. It was cute; I had to take a picture of it…, which I did. I put my I-Pod away and slowly stood up and took out the Pokéball. After pointing the Pokéball at Teddiursa and absorbing the Pokéball, I slowly walked out of the room and closed the door. I walked out on deck and went to check if Luffy didn't destroy the Wii. I walked in and saw Luffy and Usopp fighting over the controller, Sanji was cooking, and Zoro was drinking some sake, I think. I sighed before walking over to the idiot duo and take the controller.

"Mind explaining why you two are fighting over this?" I asked, holding the wireless controller in my left hand.

"I wanted to play, but Luffy kept hogging it." Usopp said, pushing Luffy.

"But I was in a middle of a fight, so I couldn't give him the controller." Luffy said, pushing Usopp back. "Beside I said he could play when I die but-"

"You died twice!" Usopp interrupted, pushing Luffy again.

"Enough!" I yelled, making the two stop. "Okay, Usopp do you even know how to play this game?"

"Of course I do! I invented it." Usopp lied.

"Oh yeah, then what's the game called?" I asked, narrowing my eyes.

"Um… it's…called…" Usopp stuttered.

"I rest my case. Now you have two options, boys. Either, I take away the game and you two, including Zoro and Sanji, won't be allowed to play any videogames for a whole month. Or-" I said, before cutting off.

"WHAT! YOU CAN'T DO THAT!" Luffy and Usopp yelled. I noticed that Zoro and Sanji looked over when I mentioned their names.

"OR…you two shut up, apologizes to each other, and I'll give you another controller. Adventure mode can be played up to two players." I said, getting a silver controller from my bag and holding it in my right hand.

They gave me a blank look before saying 'sorry'. I was slightly satisfied, than gave them the controllers. Luffy explained the controls to Usopp and then they started fighting as Ice Climbers. I sighed before walking over to the table and sat down, across from Zoro. Once I sat down, I rested my head on the table.

"You handled that well. Normally it takes a punch from Nami to shut them up." Zoro said.

I lifted my head slowly and said, "I said it before I'll say it again. You try taking care of 651 different Pokémon. Most of them act like kids, mainly the Normal and Ghost Types. So this is nothing."

"Well, Z-san. It's a good thing came and handle the situation. Because if they didn't stop, I would of kick them into the wall." Sanji said, serving the food. "I'm going to go get the girls and the little bas- I mean bear."

"You don't have to worry about Teddiursa anymore, Sanji." I said, standing up.

"Huh? What do you mean?" He asked, dragging the idiot duo to the table.

"Teddiursa was getting tired, so I sang him a lullaby. But, somehow, I was able to put him and the girls to sleep." I said, saving and turning off the Wii before putting all the electronics away. "I even took a picture for evidence."

"May I see this picture, Z-san?" Sanji asked, walking over to me.

I walked over to the table and took out my I-Pod. I went to my pictures and picked the recent one. But before I could show the guys, Nami and Vivi walked in. I put away the electronic before greeting them.

"Hi Nami. Hi Vivi. How was your nap?" I asked, sitting down next to Usopp and across from Zoro.

"It was good. But warn us before singing that lullaby again, okay?" Nami said, before sitting down.

"I thought it was soothing." Vivi commented, before sitting down next to Nami.

"I'm not saying it wasn't. I'm just saying that if Z was going to sing that song, she should give us a warning." Nami said, before eating.

"What song?" Luffy said, with his mouth full.

"Just a lullaby that was able to put the Little Bear Pokémon, Nami, and Vivi to sleep a while ago." I answered, before slapping his hand away from my plate.

After that everyone kept eating and made some side comments. Luffy and Usopp were talking about Brawl, they even asked me what the green flags and the crowns mean, Nami and Vivi were talking about clothes or something along those lines, I wasn't paying attention to much, and Zoro, Sanji, and I were just eating in silence but adding our comment here and there. After dinner, it was getting late so everyone decided to call it a day and head to bed. I volunteered for night shift again because I wasn't that tired. They didn't argue with me, so we saved some time. Before I could climb the mast, Luffy stopped me and asked me to sing the lullaby to him and the guys. I wanted to argue but decided not too. It was actually my first time down here and so far…I'm not impressed. I waited for them to get ready before I started singing. After I finished singing, I heard the boys snoring. I slowly climbed up and closed the door.

'Now that everyone is asleep, I can get down to business.' I thought before walking over to the room where we hold the alcohol. Once I was there, I closed my eyes and touched my chocker with both hands.

'Audino, I require your assistance. Is it possible for me to have your ears to find a bomb that is hidden within one of these barrels?' I thought.

Just like when I asked Latias for help, nothing happened. But then, I felt my ears grow and reshape. After a few seconds, I opened my eyes and looked around. I closed my right eye and focused on the two barrels on my right. I didn't hear anything but moving liquid, so I opened my right eye and closed my left eye. All I heard was moving liquid, so I focus on the barrel in front of me. And, what do know, it was that one. I closed my eyes and thanked Audino for her help. After my ears were back to normal, I walked over to the barrel with the bomb and, gently, rolled it outside. Once outside, I tossed the barrel overboard.

'There. Now the giant won't get hurt before the next battle on Little Garden.' I thought, walking over to the small door that leads to the boys' room. I slowly climbed down the ladder and walked over to the guys. But I stopped when I heard Luffy.

"Let's go! Now!" He shouted, than mumbled. "On to…Little Garden…"

"Yeah." Zoro, Usopp, and Sanji replied in their sleep.

I smiled while walking over to them and placed a blanket on each of them. I also moved Luffy's foot back in his hammock. After that was done, I walked back to the ladder and was about to climb up but stopped. I looked at all their sleeping faces and softly said, "Good night, boys. I'll see you in the morning."

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