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Masked Protector? Team Flare Appears

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Chapter XXII: Masked Protector? Team Flare Appears

[Z's POV]

Nami and Usopp were shaking in fright when the giant showed himself. I covered my ears when they started screaming, my fault for standing in between them. And the giant's laughter didn't help either. I uncovered my ears when the giant leaned down to asked us something but I didn't hear it.

"I'm sorry, sir. Can you please repeat that? I didn't hear you due to my little siblings screaming." I said.

"I asked if you have any alcohol? I drank mine." He said, leaning a little closer to the ship.

"I think we have a little in storage but it's the cooking kind." I said, pointing to the storage while Usopp and Nami nodded behind me.

"Oh, you do. That's perfect." He said, ignoring my two crewmates.

"But like I said, it's the cooking kind. If you still want it, I can get it for you." I said, crossing my arms.

Then the giant screamed thus scaring Nami and Usopp. He turned around and we saw a T-Rex biting him. I felt something grab my legs and looked down to see Nami and Usopp on the floor, still shaking in fear and holding my legs for support. I smiled at them, than turned to see the giant swing his axe and decapitate the dinosaur. This action, of course, caused Nami and Usopp to scream. They were still on the floor but now they were crying. The giant raised his axe and the dinosaur's head while yelled, "I'm Broggy, the Elbaph's strongest warrior! Invincible!"

I laughed with him while Nami and Usopp hug my legs in fear. Broggy lowered the dinosaur's head near the ship and said; "Now I have dinner. And the three of you are invited as my guests."

"Thank you for the invite, Broggy. That's very nice of you. But, sadly, I cannot attend. I have to stay here on the ship while my captain is out exploring the island. But I think my little siblings will like to go with you. Right, guys?" I said, turning around but Nami and Usopp fainted. I sighed and apologized to the giant for their behaviors.

"It's nothing. That usually happens around me." Broggy said, making me scowled a little.

"I'll get the alcohol for you." I said, leaving Nami and Usopp with the giant to get the drinks.

While I was getting the barrels, I thought to myself, 'Why do people judge others by looks? I mean, sure his a giant but his nice enough to invite us to dinner. I hope Nami and Usopp don't do anything stupid.' When I got to the barrels, I brought my left hand to my chocker and softly said, "Grass Type, Vine Whip" Two vines came out of neck, between my chocker and necklace, and wrapped around the four barrels while my jacket changed from pink to green and the eye changed into a black leaf. Once I got a good grip on the barrels, I walked out onto the deck, with the barrels behind me. I walked over to Broggy and handed him the barrels than the vines retracted back into my neck.

"Again, sorry about my little siblings. It's just, we've never seen a giant before and…" I said, trying to explain but Broggy said it was okay.

He took the alcohol and the dinosaur in one hand and lowered his other hand; palm up, to get us. I dragged Usopp and Nami onto his hand but before they left, I softly said, "Don't worry, you guys. I looked into the future and his not going to eat you. His going to offer some dinosaur meat and don't forget to asked about the Log Pose."

After I said that, Broggy lifted his hand and went to his cave with the two 'unconscious' crewmembers. Once they were out of my sight, I was about to jump off the ship to start hunting when my chocker started glowing. I lifted both my hands and touched my chocker. I heard a soft click, and suddenly, Celebi is flying in front of me.

"Hello, Celebi. It is nice to see you again." I said, bowing to the Time Travel Pokémon.

"Hello, Z. I see you and the other pirates have arrive at one of islands I have frozen." Celebi said, looking at the island while I stood up.

"You froze this island in the prehistoric era?" I asked, tilting my head.

"But of course. Centuries ago actually, but that does not matter at the moment. I have a message from all the Fossilize Pokémon." Celebi said.

"What is the message, Celebi? Is everything alright?" I asked, worried and confused.

"Everything is alright, Z. There is nothing to worry about. The Pokémon just wish to walk around the island." Celebi replied.

"I see. But I cannot summon more than six Pokémon." I said.

"That is true but when you are on an island that is perfect to certain Pokémon, we will allow you to summon many more. For example, this island, Little Garden, is perfect for the Fossilize Pokémon to relax before your departure."Celebi explained.

"I see. That makes since. Thank you for the explanation, Celebi. Before you return, I wish to discuss something with you." I said.

"Yes?" Celebi said.

"When the pirates and I arrived at this island, I sensed four Pokémon. When I located the Pokémon, I saw them…in cages." I said, lowering my head.

"In cages?!" Celebi repeated in shock.

"Yes. The four Pokémon were in cages. I also saw six humans in full red suits. I recently check on the Pokémon and they are still in the same location where I first saw them." I continued.

"This is awful! Those humans will pay for capturing those Pokémon! Z, you must stop those humans and save them. The Pokémon are meant to be free; not in captivity!" Celebi said in anger.

"I agree, Celebi. I will free the Pokémon from those humans. That is why I have created a plan. But first, I must summon the Fossilize Pokémon; for they have a part in the plan." I said.

"Of course." Celebi said, landing on my left shoulder while I jumped off the ship.

Once I was off the ship, I closed my eyes and concentrated on all the Fossilize Pokémon. When they were in my head, I slide my right hand over my chocker and waited for the Pokéball. I felt something land in my hand and when I opened my eyes, I saw a light brown Pokéball with a small black tornado above the center. But this Pokéball was different from the rest because only the top half was light brown. The bottom half was split into five colors with their own symbols surrounding the center. The colors and symbols were ocean blue with a black teardrop, sky blue with a black feather, silver with a black blade, light green with a black spider, and dark green with a black leaf. I held the Pokéball up and release the Pokémon. The said Pokémon are Omanyte, Omanstar, Kabuto, Kabutops, Aerodactyl, Lileep, Cradily, Anorith, Armaldo, Cranidos, Rampardos, Shieldon, Bastiodon, Tirtouga, Carracosta, Archen, and Archeops.

"Hello, everyone. Before you run along and relax on the island, I wish for your assistance." I started, than explained the situation. After I finished, I asked, "Will you all help me free those Pokémon?"

All the Pokémon looked at each other before Shieldon and Bastiodon stepped forward saying they would help than, one by one, they all stepped forward. I smiled at all of them than explained the plan. But before we set off towards the location, I told them to wait and asked Celebi to stay with the others while I get something from the ship. Once Celebi was off my shoulder, I jumped onto the ship and ran into Nami's room. I know Nami's going to kill me but once I was in her room, I went into her closet and looked for the right clothes I need for this. After a minute of searching, I found what I was looking for. I pulled out some brown short shorts and a brown tub-top. I changed into the clothes, than I reached into my bag and pulled out a green cape, my sword, The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask, and the waterproof bandages. I wrapped my right arm and the palm of my feet with the bandages; so like that if I see one the guys, they won't recognize me. After that, I tied my sword to the left side of my waist and tied the cape around my shoulders. The cape was long enough to cover my body and look mysterious. I also took my hair out of its ponytail and ruffle it a bit, to make it look wild. After I was done, I looked at myself in the mirror and sighed as I thought, 'I know I'm going to regret wearing this but I don't want any of those…humans to see my face.'

I walked out onto the deck, with the mask in my hand, and climbed up to the crow's nest. Once I was up there, I took off my bag and hid it under a blanket; to make sure the others don't find it and suspect that I got kidnapped or something. After that, I climbed down and jumped off the ship. I noticed that Celebi wasn't here while I explained the plan to the Pokémon one more time before asking Rampardos if I could ride him; knowing that if I run on my own, I'll waste energy and I won't be able to keep up with them. He nodded and I climbed up. Once I was on him, I told Aerodactyl, Archen, and Archeops to fly ahead and told Omanyte, Kabuto, Anorith, and Tirtouga that they will explain the situation to the new Pokémon once they are out of the cages. The three Flying Types took off and we went after them. While we were running, I put the mask on. No one knows where this mask is from, unless they know what The Legend of Zelda is, and the mask covers my entire face. After about three minutes of running, we reached our location. I got off Rampardos and slowly walked closer to the low excuses of humans.

"These creatures would make a fine resources for our plan." One of the humans said.

"Yes. The boss will be pleased." A female human said.

"Team Flare will rain supreme!" An obnoxious human said, making the others cheer.

I've heard enough! I turned towards the Pokémon and made the signal. They understood and got into position. I walked out of my hiding place, with my cape hiding my body, and stood in plain sight for one of them to notice me. I was hoping the one who spoke first to notice me but it was the obnoxious one who spotted me first. He warned the others and they turned towards me. I just stood there, looking at them. Each of them wore the same outfit: a red suit with a black tie and have a sigil on their belt buckle. Even their hairstyles were weird, in my opinion. To tell you the truth, they didn't look that intimidating.

We all stood in silent but when I looked at one of them, they all took out their weapons. It was mainly guns and swords but I bet they never used them before. I separated my legs opening my cape a little but they didn't noticed because we all heard growling. I smirked behind my mask when they were getting scared and nervous. The reason why the humans are scared…is because we are being surrounded by all the prehistoric Pokémon. It's a good thing they all know Scary Face. I slowly pulled out my sword while they were distracted and tilted it to the side, thus opening my cape.

Before anyone could move, I ran straight towards the humans. They shot at me but I dodged the bullets and sliced one down. I heard something coming from behind and back flipped over their head before stabbing them from behind; bring two to the ground. I looked at the remaining four with less emotion in my eyes, daring them to make a move. The four surrounded me while some of the Pokémon get the four out of the cages. One of the humans shot a bullet but I was able to slice it in half; thus impaling the other two humans behind me. I don't know how I was able to do that but it was cool. I jumped out of the way when the remaining male tried to slice me with his sword and ducked when the remaining female tried to stab me. I jumped away from them and landed near the, now, empty cages. The humans ran towards me but I jumped out of the way again and they both ended up in one of the cages. I put my sword away when the Pokémon surround the cages and me while the humans shake in fear. I kneeled down next to the cage and looked at the humans.

"Please! Let us out!" One of them begged.

"Please! We don't want to die here!" The other one begged.

"We were just following orders!" They both yelled.

I didn't say anything but stare at them. Some part of me want to leave them here, to get eating by a dinosaur, but another part of me want to let them go. If I let them go, they'll tell their boss and they might come to get us. If I leave them here, their screams will haunt my conscious. I raised my right hand and stretched it towards them. When I saw them flinched, I stopped my hand and looked at the symbol on their belt buckle. I took back my hand and stood up to walk over to one of the bodies. Once I was there, I kneeled down and took one of their belt buckles. I walked back to the cage and pointed at the symbol; signaling them to tell me their organization.

"We are members of Team Flare!" One of them said.

"We just got in the group recently! We don't have a lot of information on us! But, please! Let us out!" The girl yelled.

I looked at them with a blank expression before looking at the Pokémon. I silently asked them if I should let them go or leave them. They each gave me a blank look but I saw something shine on top of the cage. What I saw was…Celebi. I stood up and looked at the Time-Traveling Pokémon. I didn't want to speak because if I decide to let them go, they'll know my voice and tell the rest of the members of Team Flare about me. But Celebi decided to speak first.

"Excellent job capturing these humans, Pokémon Protector." Celebi said, earning a nod from me before continuing, " I must admit, the strength you displayed during the situation was…entertaining to say the least."

I bowed than looked at the humans in the cage. Celebi must of follow my gaze because it said, "I agree, Pokémon Protector. The question assuring the two humans is still surface. I discussed the situation with the others and we agreed that you should…leave the humans."

I was shocked at the answer but a part of me agreed. I turned towards the Pokémon and nodded my head. After that, I walked away from the remaining humans with all the Pokémon following me while I ignore their screams. The screams were full of fear, terror, and lost hope; the screams that might haunt me for a while until I get used to it. As the Pokémon and I walk away from the cages, I looked at the four new Pokémon in the group.

Two of the Pokémon looked like a baby T-rex. They both stood about 2'7", brown skin and grey on their stomach with white around the neck, small orange spikes on the tail as well as two orange spikes on their heads, and their eyes are black. The other two looked like a baby Long Neck. They both stood about 4'3", light-blue skin and white on their stomach with a small diamond on both sides of their bodies, and their eyes are ocean blue. All four of them seem to be scaried and nervous because when looked at me, they flinched.

'Well, there goes my first impression on them. Now they're going to think I'm just a killer behind a mask.' I thought, as I heard the other Pokémon talking about the plan.

But before they could get into more detail, we all heard something between the trees. I silently told them to wait here but they wanted to come. So Omanyte, Kabuto, Lileep, Anorith, Cranidos, Shieldon, Tirtouga, and Archen followed me while their evolve forms stay in the distance but close enough to rush in if we need the help; even the new Pokémon came along. I looked at them confused but Kabuto told me that they're curious about the sound. I allowed them to come and started walking to the sound. Turns out the sounds were Zoro and Sanji dragging their catch along the trail.

"You've lost! Damn it!" They both yelled.

The two of them lined their catch next to each other to compare length but this contest was actually about weight. As we heard them arguing, I turned towards the Pokémon and said, "I suggest you all get back with the others. I know these humans and they won't attack me." The Pokémon nodded than went back to there evolve forms but the four new ones stay with me. One T-rex told me that they want to see what I'll do to these humans. And one of the Long Necks said that they want to see if the dinosaurs are okay. By just the voices, I can tell that the T-rexes are boys and the Long Necks are girls. I nodded and walked out of the bushes with the new Pokémon following me.

"Moron, this competition about weight. How much meat will you bring in, not the length of the beast. And my catch is obviously way beefier than yours." Zoro said, stating a fact.

"Ha. Who cares how husky your dinosaurs is. All that matters is the amount that can be cook. That's things all bone; your caring about four pounds of meat there." Sanji said.

"That thing your caring around is nothing but muscle and skin." Zoro replied.

"This is pathetic, I'm not going to waist my time arguing with you. Tell you what, I'll go capture another beast just to shut you up." Sanji said, not noticing me.

"Yeah, well if you're going after a different one than so am I. I won't let you cheat because of a dumb technicality." Zoro said, not noticing me either.

"Oh, don't forget? Z-san's in the competition too. So, why not we go easy on her and let her take second place." Sanji said.

"No way. If we go easy on her than it'll be like throwing in the towel. She wants to hunt with the guys, than so be it." Zoro said.

'Looks like this competition is heating up; and I'm right here you morons!' I thought as I clear my thought making the two stop. They turned towards me and judging by the looks, they're debating either I'm a threat or just a person wearing a weird looking mask. I felt the Pokémon open my cape and look at the humans. Than the Pokémon went to the fallen dinosaurs. Zoro and Sanji looked a little confused at the Pokémon and that made me laugh.

"Is something wrong, guys? You look like you haven't seen a prehistoric Pokémon before." I said, removing my mask and making sure my cape doesn't show them that outfit I'm wearing.

"Z?!" They both yelled.

"Who else? Anyway Sanji, I appreciate the thought of going easy on me for the competition but it's okay. I've hunted before, it'll be like back at my island." I said.

"Of course, Z-san~." Sanji said.

"What's with the mask?" Zoro asked, looking at the mask in my hands.

"I'll explain everything when we get back to the ship." I said, slipping the mask back on, before continuing, "By the way, if you want to beat me and not get on babysitting duty, I suggest you get a bigger catch."

After I said that, one of the volcanoes erupted, catching our attention. I told the Pokémon to go back with the others. They looked at me, than went back. Once the Pokémon left, Sanji spoke.

"Alright. The next eruption from that volcano will signal the end of the competition. You have 'til then to seclude your prey and return to the Going Merry." Sanji declare.

"I can handle that. You're on." Zoro said.

"Sure thing. That's enough time." I said but before we went our own ways, I stopped them and said, "Hey, guys. I forgot to mention three things. The first thing: the Pokémon that were with me just now, are the ones you'll be watching if I win. The second thing: if you see the others, don't tell them that its me under the mask."

"And the third thing, Z-san?" Sanji asked.

"True, that if one of you wins, I'll be the winner's maid for a day. But to add more torture, on my account, I'll wear…whatever maid's outfit Nami has in store. Plain and simple…or skimpy and skin tight; no arguing." I said.

But before they could get a word out, I ran towards the Pokémon. Thank the Hyrule Goddesses I was wearing this mask, because my face was so red from that statement. I didn't know what came over me but it felt like something was forcing me to say that and add it to the bet. I told the Pokémon that we're going back to the ship to relax. They cheered and ran in the direction of the ship but I told Aerodactyl to help me find a good dinosaur to kill. I jumped on his back and flew into the sky to looking for a small Long Neck to capture. We flew around for a good…two minutes when I noticed two things running towards each other.

"Crap, I forgot about the giants! Quick Aerodactyl, use Protect!" I yelled.

Aerodactyl roared before a barrier appeared around us. The giants attacked at the same time; sending huge shock waves of their strength though the air. We were able to survive the impacts that approached us. I asked Aerodactyl if he was hurt; luckily he wasn't. He turned around and flew in a direction that might have the dinosaur we need to win the hunting contest.

But when we found an adult Long Neck, something caught my eye. A little distance away, we heard something hit the ground hard and dust flew into the sky. I narrowed my eyes and remembered something from this episode. Mr.5 and Miss Valentine just got to the island and they're talking to Mr.3 right now! I didn't know what to do but I already interfered with the plot by getting rid of the barrel with the snot-bomb. The giants should be okay until their next battle.

'Please forgive me, Elbaph God. I was only trying to make sure the battle continues without interruptions and unnecessary…assistants from other humans on the island.' I thought as Aerodactyl flew down and attacked the dinosaur with Flamethrower.

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