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Enemies United! Team Flare and BW

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Chapter XXIII: Enemies United! Team Flare and Baroque Works Temporary Alliance!

[Narrator's POV]

The battle between the two giants continued; harsh shock waves appear when their weapons clash. Neither giant stepping down or showing any mercy to their opponent. Usopp was amazed by the giants fight; noticing that if either one of them slip up, they're dead. Nami wasn't really getting the whole point of the duel, so Usopp explained in another way. Even with Usopp's analogy, the fight didn't interest Nami. Usopp decided that one-day, he would visit Elbaph. Unknown to them, someone was watching them.

"They're going to see you, Miss Valentine! Now get down here!" Mr.5 yelled.

"Oh, don't be so jittery, Mr.5. You see…they're completely absorb in the fight down there. They won't notice me." Miss Valentine said.

"Just get down already!" Mr.5 yelled.

"Oh, okay. Okay." Miss Valentine said, getting down from the air.

When she finally got down, Mr.5 said, "Now behave yourself. This is a 200,000,000 Beri job here."

"Of course. Thou, I'm not really crazy about this; what Mr.3 wants us to do." Miss Valentine replied.

"I know. C'mon now." Mr.5 said, walking past her.

"Okay." Miss Valentine replied before catching up to Mr.5.

Meanwhile, Z and Aerodactyl defeated the Long Neck. Z asked the Fossil Pokémon to help her take the dinosaur to the ship. They dragged the catch towards the ship; ignoring the other animals around them. It took a while to drag the huge dinosaur towards the small ship where the other Pokémon were playing and relaxing. The earthquakes, cause by the giants, were making it harder for Z but she pulled through.

Back at the ship, the other Pokémon were enjoying their time out on the island. Omanyte, Omastar, Kabuto, Kabutops, Tirtouga, and Carracosta were having a great time swimming in the river, near the ship. While Cradily, Armaldo, Rampardos, Bastiodon, and Archeopes were lying on the grass; enjoying the sun. The younger Pokémon were answering the new recruits' questions.

"Amaura Amau Amau?" One of the Long Necks asked. (Are you sure we can trust her?)

"Archen!" Archen yelled while jumping around. (Of course!)

"Anorith Anorith Ano An Ano." Anorith said. (Mom's always been there for us back in the East Blue.)

"Tyrunt Tyrunt?" One of the T-rex said. (You're from the East?)

"Shiel. Shieldon Shieldon, Shiel Shieldon Shiel Shieldon Shiel Shieldon Shieldon Shieldon Shiel Shieldon." Shieldon said. (Yeah. It was nice there, but a lot of humans keep coming and tried to take us away.)

"Cranidos Cranidos Crani; Cranidos." Cranidos added. (We're lucky to be here right now; thanks to Mom.)

"Am Amaura Amaura Amau Amaura?" Both Long Necks asked. (She protected all of you from the bad humans?)

"Armal, Armaldo Armaldo. Armaldo Armaldo Armaldo Armal, Ar Armal Armal Armaldo." Armaldo said, joining the conversation. (At first, none of us trusted her. But after she fought off a group of pirates, we slowly started to trust her.)

Before the conversation continued, the Pokémon heard something coming from behind them. They turned around and saw Z and Aerodactyl dragging an unconscious dinosaur behind them. The older Pokémon looked over and greeted the only human they trust and the Fossil Pokémon. Z thanked Aerodactyl for helping her kill the dinosaur and told him that he can go relax with the others. Said Pokémon did what he was told and went to relax while Z went and lay down near the younger Pokémon. Once she was on the floor, she took off her mask and set it down next to her. Z closed her eyes and sighed deeply but before she could daydream, she felt nine shadows cover the sunlight from hitting her body. She opened one eye and saw Lileep, Anorith, Crandios, Shieldon, Archen, and the four new Pokémon around her. Z smiled at the Pokémon and slowly sat up. Once she was sitting up, she asked, "Are you guys enjoying your vacation?"

A chorus of 'yes' filled the air before a long earthquake hit them. The Pokémon kept their ground during the whole thing and when their earthquake stopped, everyone heard laughter. Z smiled while the Pokémon, except the four new ones, looked confused. Z looked at the new Pokémon and asked for their names. The two T-rexes were Tyrunt and the two Long Necks were Amaura. Z gave them her name and told them that she's the Pokémon Protector. At first, the four didn't believe her but after showing them her left arm, they believe her. The other Pokémon smiled when they saw the four new members talking to their Mother. Life is peaceful once again.

[With Zoro]

Zoro looked at the sky and said, "What was that? Laughing? First, that long strange earthquake, and now this creepy laughing sound. What's going on in this place? What kind of creatures live here? Well, that damn cook is still-hunting; maybe he'll run into one of those monsters. I just hope Z and the Pokémon don't run into one on accident."

[With Sanji]

"Where those bird cries? Cause the birds here don't look edible; I'll find something else. We may be competing for big prey but a chef has to have standards. Doesn't matter how big it is; it still has to taste good." Sanji said while walking deeper in the forest before he smirked and added, "Something I'm sure that lousy swordsman doesn't understand. But I'm sure Z-san understands perfectly."

[With Z and the Pokémon]

After the laughing stopped, the Pokémon returned to enjoying their vacation. Tyrunt and Amaura continued their chat with Z; talking about their last adventures and about the other Pokémon. Z answered the curious Pokémon's questions, as well as, remembering the events in the episode. She got rid of the barrel that was suppose to explode in the Giant's stomach and right now, Dorry should be thanking Luffy and Vivi for the drinks, Vivi asking about the island and learning that most humans die before their Log even resets, Luffy and Dorry laughing about just sailing randomly into the sea and, if they're lucky, they might get to an island; unknowingly predicting the thing they might do if someone gets sick, Vivi getting mad over something stupid, Broggy explaining to Usopp that even though they're life span is longer than humans, the Giants still think how they're going to die, and right now-

An explosion was heard somewhere in the distance; cutting Z thoughts. She and the Pokémon turned around and saw a thin smoke. Z was confused at first because she got rid of the rigged barrel, but stood up with her mask in her hands. The Pokémon looked at her than at the smoke while Z put on her mask again. Z told the Pokémon that she was going on a walk and if she's not back in 20 minutes to come find her but be careful because there might be hidden members of Team Flare or Baroque Works somewhere on the island. The Pokémon nodded but both Tyrunt and both Amaura wanted to go with her. At first she didn't want to take them but agreed anyway. With a final farewell, Z and the 4 new Pokémon disappeared in the forest.

[Somewhere deep into the forest]

"The key to winning any game is to know your opponent's state of mind. For now, we've successfully in confusing our enemy. They are no doubt wondering about the mysteries bomb that we delivered. And the identity of their mysterious enemy." Mr.3 said, pouring some tea.

"About that, Mr.3. It appears that the tampered barrel wasn't with the Giant." Mr.5 said.

"What! How can that be?! There is no way that those stupid pirates were able to detect it!" Mr.3 yelled.

"That's because those pirates have a mysterious ally with them. Someone who knew that there was something wrong with those barrels." An unknown voice said.

The agents turned towards the door and saw four strange people in matching red suits and strange hairstyles. The one of the male strangers spoken while the other three stood behind for back up. Before the agents could say or do anything, the leader spoke again.

"It seems that we have something in common at the moment, Baroque Works."

"How do you know our name?" Miss Valentine asked, glaring at the intruders.

"Our boss told us you might be here." One of the female intruders said.

"Does the name 'Team Flare' ring any bells?" Another male intruder asked.

" 'Team Flare'! You mean the unknown team of researchers who are trying capture strange creatures all over the Grand Line!" Mr.5 exclaimed.

"That's right and it appears we have the same enemy that's interfering with our plans." The last female said.

"Our boss gave us orders to hunt down the Straw-hat pirates…" Mr.5 said but got cut off.

"…and our boss gave us orders to hunt down the four creatures we need for our goal." The second male continued.

"Than it seems we have to work together to bring down the enemy for our leaders." Mr.3 said, leaning back and sipping tea.

"It seems so." The first male agreed as he walked over to the table and served himself and his friends a cup.

"Since the bomb idea didn't work. We just have to sit here and enjoy our tea until the next duel starts." Mr.3 said.

"So we stay in the background and let the giants tired them out." Mr.5 explained.

"That's right." Mr.3 said.

"That's a stupid plan; but I assume that is all we can do." One of the female Team Flare commented.

"The key to winning any game is to know your opponent's state of mind." Mr.3 said calmly, but glared at the female. "You have to consider your enemy. Warriors like these two operate much the same way as wild boars. They can be intimidating and head hard fight; but they don't have the brains to think beyond their intimidating circumstance. So why bother going after them directly, if you have the intelligent to go after them indirectly."

"That does sounds logical…but still boring nonetheless." The second male said, finishing his tea.

Before Mr.3 could argue, he noticed that his partner was staring at the table. He stared at her; to figure out what she wants but he noticed that her gaze was on the teacup set out for her. Mr.3 stood up and handed her the cup while saying, "Why can't you just get the tea yourself, Miss Goldenweek?"

"And just what are we going to do with the Straw-hat gang?" Mr.5 asked.

"Straw-hat gang? Oh! You're talking about the little brats who found out about the boss's secrets." Mr.3 said, than threw a photo and three drawing on the table than continued. "We can start by luring them out one by one. The order doesn't matter, really. Let's start with the one closes to my tea set."

"That would be wise. Considering the one we're after is with these pirates; capturing them and holding them hostage will lure him out. And with the creatures too, I bet." The first male said, looking at the photos.

"I have a personal motto, you know. And that is 'big crimes via cheap tricks.' There are plenty of good ways to defeat any enemy or without fighting." Mr.3 said.

"Hey, Mr.3. Refill." Miss Goldenweek said, holding up her cup.

"Yeah. While your up." Mr.5 added, holding up his cup.

"Same." The second male said, holding his cup.

"Refill." The first female said, holding her cup.

"If you don't mind, Mr.3." The second female said, holding her cup.

"Can't you savages take some time to actually savor your tea!" Mr.3 yelled.

[With Luffy and Vivi]

The volcano erupted; thus starting the Giants' next fight. Luffy looked at the volcano in shock and Vivi softly said, "That's their signal, isn't?" The ground shook around them and the giant smiled before standing up and getting his sword.

[With Zoro]

The volcano erupted three more times after that. Zoro was walking, aimlessly, thru the forest; not caring where his feet take him.

"Ah damn. Guess my time is up." Zoro said, before stepping on something.

He looked down and saw that he stepped on a baby triceratops. He apologized but the baby dinosaur jumped up and bit Zoro's foot. Said swordsman tried to get the dinosaur off but he wouldn't budge. Zoro kept trying to get the baby off but he stopped when he heard five sets of footsteps and one laugh. He turned around and saw Z, with her mask on, and the four new Pokémon walking up to him. She stopped and took off her mask, before saying, "Having trouble with the animals, Zoro?"

"Yeah, but I got it." He said, than continue to get the little dinosaur off his foot.

"No, you don't." Z said, than turned towards the Pokémon, "Would you look after my mask for me while I help this human?"

"Amuara?" One of the Long Necks asked. (Are you sure?)

"Yes, I'm sure." Z said, giving the mask to the Long Necks.

"Tyrunt Tyrunt Tyrunt!" One of the T-rex yelled. (But his a bad human!)

"No, his not a bad human. His a good human because his one of us." Z said, walking over to Zoro to get the baby triceratops off his foot.

"Amuara?" The other Long Neck asked, holding onto the mask with her sister.

"Tyrunt Tyrunt Tyrunt Tyrunt Tyrunt?!" The other T-rex yelled, running up to their protector. (You mean there are more good humans out there?!)

"Well everyone on the ship are good humans. I'll introduce you four to them when we leave the island." Z said, now holding the baby dinosaur, who was glaring at Zoro, before turning towards the swordsman and asked nicely, "Zoro, what did you do to the baby?"

"I accidentally step on him." He answered, before adding, "And when I apologized, he attacked me."

"Why did you bite my friend when he said he was sorry, little one? Did you think he was a going hurt you again?" Z asked the dinosaur, letting her mother side take over.

The little triceratops nodded his head before his continue glaring at Zoro, who glared right back. Z rubbed the dinosaur's back where she saw the footprint. Before Z could ask the dinosaur anything, the pirates heard something a few feet away from them. They both turned and saw an adult triceratops glaring at them.

"Is that your mother, little one?" Z asked the baby in her arms.

The baby nodded his head while wagging his tail. Z slowly walked over to the other triceratops and slowly put the baby down. When the baby was on the ground, he ran over to the adult dinosaur. The adult lowered her head and nudged the baby. She looked up and glared at the pirates but before she could attack, the baby started talking to her. The mother nodded her head than looked at Z. She walked closer to the pirate, who stood perfectly still and who told Zoro and the Pokémon not to move an inch, nudged Z with her horn; saying thank you in her own way.

"Your welcome, triceratops." Z said, petting the dinosaur's horn.

The two dinosaurs turned around and started walking away but the baby ran back towards Z. Said pirate kneeled down and petted the baby's head while the dinosaur rubbed his head against Z's hand. After that, the baby ran back to his mother, who was waiting for him. The mother gave a roar before walking away with her baby. Z smiled at the scene before turning around and saw looking at her in a surprise look on his face.

"What? Never seen a person befriend a dinosaur before?" Z asked, sarcastically.

"…Yes." He answered.

Z rolled her eyes and walked over to the swordsman. When she was close, she raised her right hand and poked his forehead with her index finger; knocking him out of trance. Z smiled before turning towards the Pokémon and said, while getting her mask, "Zoro, I would you like to meet Tyrunt and Amuara. Guys, I would you like meet Zoro; his a good human."

The Pokémon nodded their heads to Zoro, who nodded back. There was a silence in the air before the volcano erupted again. The pirates looked up while the Pokémon stood there ground. Z told Zoro that she and the Pokémon are going back to the ship and asked if he wants to come along; after putting her mask back on. He said he was going to get his pray before heading back before walking off. Before he could get any farther away, Z called out and said, "If you see any people in red suits, they're the enemy!"

"Got it! See ya!" Zoro yelled back.

'I hope he doesn't get lost; but that's what makes Zoro…well Zoro.' Z thought as she and the Pokémon walk back to the Going Merry.

[With Sanji]

"I don't have any big pray to bring back and that was the signal. Damn it, guess my time's up." Sanji said walking around the forest. But what Sanji didn't know is that a jungle cat was watching him.

[With Nami and Usopp]

Nami, Usopp, and Broggy looked at the volcano; all knowing that that was the signal for the next fight.

"Well, there's the signal." Broggy said, standing up and getting his axe and shield. "It's really been active today."

"You're really going? But your wounds from the last battle haven't healed." Usopp commented.

Broggy smiled and said, "Please. Dorry can't be doing any better than me." Than the giant started to laugh before continuing, "A few scratches won't take me out of a duel. That would sure make me a poor excuse of a brave warrior."

[Back with Luffy and Vivi]

While the pirate and princess were distracted by the volcano, Dorry cracked his knuckles. The two turned around and saw Dorry getting his shield.

"It seems that the volcano's been more active today." Dorry said.

"Are you really going to fight? You still haven't healed from the last one." Vivi said.

"I have to. Or else I'll be nothing but a poor excuse of brave warrior." Dorry said before laughing and continued, "Besides, these scratches are nothing."

The tensions are high. With the giants ready for their next battle, Team Flare and Mr.3 agreed to a temporary truth; with the same goal of capturing the pirates and the mysterious Masked Protector. The Pokémon and Z are enjoying there time on the island but Z can't seem to relax; knowing that a fight is soon going to start and her friends are in danger. How will this fight end? Will it end the same as in the anime…or will the outcome be different?

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