New Life in One Piece

Translating,Making a Deal,andSinging?

Chapter IV: Translating, Making a Deal, and…Singing?

[Usopp's POV]

After Nami and I recovered from our shocked, Z started talking to that creature. She called it 'Absol' but it kept saying the name over and over again. The creature looked like a white spotless snow leopard with a side horn and red eyes. 'How can she talk to that thing? Can she really understand it?' I thought as I looked at the creature. She keeps saying 'They won't take you away', 'What are you talking about? They weren't going to hold me hostage', and 'I know, I know. Don't worry, I know what I'm doing.' 'Okay, this conversation is just weird and it's starting to irritate me.'

"WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT?!" I yelled to get their attention.

They all looked at me as if I lost my mind. But luckily Z replied, "I was just explaining to Absol the situation. He just thought that Luffy was going to stab me in back or something. Right, Absol?"

"Absol" The creature…said?

"He said 'Right'. Judging by your confuse look Usopp, I had to translate." Z explains.

"Wait, you can understand that thing? Even when it keeps say its name over and over again." Luffy asked a little confused.

"Yes, I can understand him. I can understand all of the other…creatures here on the island." She replied.

"Absol Absol" Absol said.

"Absol said, 'Don't call me it.'" Z translated. "Hey, why don't we go get the supplies for you guys. We just need to go to the lake, that's where all the fresh water is. And I can get you some food. It's the least I can do to say sorry for Absol attacking you a little earlier."

[Z' POV]

"Yeah, that be great. Okay Usopp, Zoro, you two stay and watch the ship." Nami said, more like command.

"They can come along. I can get Vaporeon, Murkrow, Crobat, and Starly to watch the ship for you." I said.

"Who are they? I thought you said you were the only 1 on the island." Luffy asked confused.

"No. I said, 'I was the only human on the island.' Who said they're human?" I asked as I walked to the water.

I turned around and said, "You can go, if you want, Absol. I'm going to help our…guests. Don't worry if anything happens, I'll yell."

"Alright, Mother. But make sure they don't hurt any of the others. If I see 1 Pokémon crying because of these pirate, I'll kill them." Absol said/threatened to us. Then he turned around and dashed to the mountain area.

The said pirates looked at me, really confused as to what Absol just said. I translated while pointing to where Absol was standing, " 'Make sure they don't hurt any of the others. If I see 1 Pokémon crying because of these pirate, I'll kill them.' "

After I said that, Nami and Usopp looked scared and the monster trio looked unfazed. I looked back at the ocean and yelled, "Crobat, Murkrow, Starly, Vaporeon! Come on out, I have a mission for you!"

[Sanji's POV]

After Z-chan yelled out those names, it was quiet. I was about to go up to her and asked what was she waiting for but something was swimming towards Z-chan and she wasn't moving. She just backed up a few steps, crouched down, and took out her left hand. A little creature came walking, on all four, out of the water. It was light blue like the sea and its tail was like a fish. 'I never seen a creature like this before.' Then, 3 shadows flew past us and landed in front of Z-chan, except for one. She didn't even flinch. The 3 creatures looked like a crow with a puffy tail, a little bird, and a bat with 4 wings.

"Hello everyone. I suppose you all are wondering why I called you here." Z-chan said while standing up again.

"Starly, Starly" The little bird…said? (Yeah, mission)

"Mur? Murkrow Mur?" The crow said. (Huh? Who are they?)

Z-cha turned around and introduced us to the creatures, "The one with the straw-hat is Luffy, the girl is Nami, the one with the long nose is Usopp, the guy with green hair is Zoro, and the blond is Sanji."

She then introduced the creatures to us, "Guys, this is Vaporeon (pointing to the light blue one sitting on the floor), Murkrow (pointing to the crow), Starly (pointing to the little bird), and Crobat (pointing to the bat, who is still flying)."

She turned around and said, "I need you 4 to watch their ship for them. I'm going to show them where to get some food and fresh water. Are you 4 willing to do that for me?"

"Vaporeon" (Sure Mother)

"Star Starly" (Sure, Mommy)

"Murkrow Mur" (Sure thing, Mom)

"Cro Crobat Crobat Crobat" (Sure, but what's in it for us?)

I had no idea what their saying but it looked like they agreed but Z-chan looked at the sky, thinking. Then she snapped her fingers and said, "How about I sing for you guys tonight at a little party at the center of the island?"

The creatures all nodded their heads(?) But if you mention a party around Luffy, you're in trouble.

"Party? Your having a party tonight? That's cool, can we come Z? Can we? Can we? Can we?" Luffy said to Z-chan getting in her face.

I was about to kick him but Z-chan pushed him back…laughing?

"I don't know Luffy. Are you sure you want to come? The other…creatures might not be happy about that. But if you all can behave yourselves and not make them angry, then I suppose you can come." Z-chan said.

"Oh, Z-chan, I am grateful for you inviting us to your party tonight!" I said.

[Nami's POV]

"Wait? What did they say, anyway?" I asked, a little lost.

"Well, I asked them if they can watch the ship. They said sure, but Crobat asked what's in it for them. So I suggested that I sing for them at the party we're having tonight at the center of the island and they all agreed." Z explained to us.

"You can sing? Was that you singing early during that fog?"

"Yeah, that was me. Sorry if I was really bad. I thought I was alone." Z replied, a little embarrass.

"Nonsense, your voice was like an angle." Sanji-kun said, more like flirting.

"Mind giving a demonstration of your singing?" I asked.

[Z's POV]

I tensed up a little, 'They…want to hear me…sing.'

"I don't know if I-"

"Come on Z! Sing for us! Just 1 song. Please~~~~~" Luffy asked, while giving me the puppy eye look.

It was so cute! He looked like a lost kicked puppy on the streets. 'Don't give in! Don't give in! Don't! Don't!'

"Come on Mommy, 1 song won't kill you?" Starly said, landing on my shoulder.

"-Sigh- If Luffy stops, then I'll sing 1 song." I said giving in.

"Yahoo!" Luffy shouted, excited that I'm going to sing.

"But, I haven't sung in front of anyone except the…creatures here on the island. So, I might mess up a little." I said stopping Luffy's little dance. Starly jumped off my shoulder and landed next to Murkrow.

"That's okay. Just close your eyes and sing. Once you feel less nervous, open them." Nami said, helping me with my little stage fright.

"Okay then. But I don't know what song to sing?" I said.

"Why don't you sing, 'Cross the Line' We haven't heard that song in a while." Vaporeon suggested.

"Alright, I'll sing 'Cross the Line'." I said, while looking for it in my IPod. 'By Superchick, it's a good song too.'

Luffy and the Pokémon cheered while the rested clapped except Zoro. After I found it, I closed my eyes and started singing.

Follow the leader, stay in the lines

What will people think of what you've done this time?

Go with the crowd, surely somebody knows

Why we're all wearing the emperor's clothes

Play it safe, play by the rules

Or don't play at all - what if you lose?

That's not the secret, but I know what is:

Everybody dies but not everyone lives (x2)

[I opened my eyes to look at them, smiling]

I'm gonna run like I've got the cops on my tail

I'm gonna live my life like I'm out on bail

I'm gonna be out front, gonna blaze a trail

I'm gonna, I'm, gonna, I'm gonna, I'm gonna cross that line

The crew was surprised and the Pokémon were dancing; well Crobat was flying around but I guess that's his way of dancing. When I looked back at the crew, Nami was smiling, Sanji had hearts in his…eye, Luffy and Usopp were dancing with Vaporeon and Starly, and Zoro was just standing, glaring at me. Still don't trust me, huh Zoro? I gave him a sad smile before I continued:

Everybody freeze - don't step over the line

Don't stand up, they'll shoot down the first one who tries

Try to change the world, they'll think you're out of your mind

Revolution starts when someone crosses the line

They want us to lie, don't give into the lies

Nothing has to change, and no one has to die

That's not the secret, but I know what is:

Everybody dies, but not everyone lives (x2)

I'm gonna run like I've got the cops on my tail

I'm gonna live my life like I'm out on bail

I'm gonna be out front, gonna blaze a trail

I'm gonna, I'm, gonna, I'm gonna, I'm gonna cross that line

I'm gonna cross that line

I'm gonna run like I've got the cops on my tail

I'm gonna live my life like I'm out on bail

I'm gonna be out front, gonna blaze a trail

I'm gonna, I'm, gonna, I'm gonna, I'm gonna cross that line

Run like I've got the cops on my tail

I'm gonna live my life like I'm out on bail

I'm gonna be out front, gonna blaze a trail

I'm gonna, I'm, gonna, I'm gonna, I'm gonna cross that line

After I finished the song, everyone clapped and cheered except for Zoro, of course. I just smiled and looked at the Pokémon. They were happy that I sung.

"Wow, Z! That was great!" Nami said.

"Yeah, that was great. Better then me, Captain~ Usopp." Usopp said.

"You still got it, Mother." Crobat said.

Everyone was giving me comments, except for Zoro and surprisingly Luffy. It was weird to see Luffy so quiet. It was…un-natural. Finally, I wasn't the only one who notice.

"Hey Luffy, why are you so quiet?" Usopp asked.

Luffy walked up to me and put his hands on my shoulders. I thought he was going to say that I suck. Not a lot of self-confidents in me, I have to work on that. But Luffy said, "Z…that was really great! The way you hit those notes. It felt like the music was controlling me. You're really good."

I was really surprised; I didn't know what to say. " Um, thanks. I uh don't know what to say." I said really embarrass.

"Even I have to admit, that was pretty good." Zoro said, out of the blue.

"Thanks Zoro." I said giving him a smile. Then I turned to the Pokémon "Are you guys ready to watch the ship for our guests?"

They all nodded. Crobat, Murkrow, and Starly flew to the ship while Vaporeon ran into the sea and kinda disappeared. The others were surprised to see that so I explained.

"Her cells composition is similar to water molecules. So, she can melt away into water" I said to clear things.

Luffy looked at me and I swear I saw little stars around his eyes. 'If his impress with Vaporeon, his going to glow when he sees the others.'

"Alright guys, let's go get your supplies." I said while I started walking to the forest. I turned around and said, "You guys might want to stay close. We're going into bug territory, so don't touch anything that moves."

'I hope they take my warning because the bug types might scary these guys to death.'

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