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Stopping Snorlax

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Chapter VI: Stopping Snorlax

[Z's POV]

After I said that, they were all shocked for some reason. I wonder what's the problem (A/N Yeah, sometimes she's clueless.) "Um, guys? Is everything okay?"

"How are you their Mother? You're a human and their creatures with strange abilities! Did you eat a devil fruit?" Nami asked, more like shouted.

"Hey, calm down. I don't know why but they keep calling me that. But to tell you the truth, they act like little kids sometime, so someone has to be mature around here when the legendaries aren't around. And no, I didn't eat a devil fruit." I answered.

Somehow that got the others out of shocked. I really don't know what the problem is here. I was about to asked them what they were thinking when I heard someone calling me.

"Mom! Mom!" A girl's voice shouted.

I turned around and saw Jigglypuff running to me. And I saw Chatot flying over to us. They came here faster then I thought.

"Hello Jigglypuff, Chatot. I'm glad you came." I said to them.

"Need help?" Chatot said.

I heard the pirates gasp behind. Looks likes I have to introduce them to each other and explain this to them.

"Guys, this is Jigglypuff (pointing to the little pink balloon with big blue eyes), the Balloon Pokémon, when she wavers her big, round eyes, she begins singing a lullaby, that makes everyone drowsy. She's a Normal type." She waved to them shyly and hiding behind my legs, "And this is Chatot (pointing to the bird with a music note as a head), the Music Note Pokémon, his tongue is just like a human's. As a result, he can cleverly mimic human speech. His a Normal/Flying type. Say 'Hi' Chatot."

"Hi" Chatot mimic, after he landed on my shoulder.

"Cool!" Luffy and Usopp shouted looking at Chatot. I bet those 2 will make Chatot say a lot of weird thing as pranks or something.

"Aw!" Nami shouted looking at Jigglypuff, who is still hiding behind my legs.

"It's okay, Jigglypuff. They won't hurt you." I said to calm her down.

"A-are you su-sure, M-Mom?" She said.

I gave her a smile that said 'Trust me'. She nodded and walked over to Nami. Jigglypuff still looked a little scared but she trying to be brave. Nami needed down and stick out her hand, to show she's not a threat to her. Jigglypuff looked at Nami, then smiled. 'She trust Nami. That's good. 1 down, 998 to go… I think.' Jigglypuff let Nami pet her and judging by the smile on her face, she likes Nami's touch.

"Looks like someone likes you, Nami." I said, teasing her a little.

"Whatever, Z." She said to me, while rolling her eyes.

"Mother, mission?" Chatot said.

"Oh, right. Sorry. Well, Snorlax woke up." I said.

The Pokémon gasp but stayed silent. So I continued, "As you know, the only way to stop Slorlax, is to put him to sleep. Wait, I think we might need someone else to help us. Chatot, may you please go get Meloetta. We might need the extra…voice." I asked.

Chatot nodded and flew into the forest to get Meloetta. The others were looking at me for some reason, well beside Jigglypuff, who is standing near Nami. 'Meloetta better help us with this situation. It might take like 5-10 minutes to stop him with the 4 of us singing.'

[Zoro's POV]

I wonder, why Z needs 3 of these creatures to help her stop Snorlax? She looks really serious about the situation. Might as well ask my questions before my curiosity gets the better of me.

"Hey, Z." I said.

I might of snap her out of a trance because she answered, "Huh? Oh sorry, Zoro."

"Why do you need these 3 to help you stop Snorlax? Won't it be easier if we attack him?" I asked.

She gave me a look that said 'You're kidding right?' Then she punished me in the arm and said, "We are not going to attack Snorlax. His 6'11" and he weighs 1,014.1 lbs., if we attack him, he'll just brush it off like its nothing and eat all the food on the island."

After she said that, Luffy looked at her as if she's crazy and shouted, "What! He could eat all the food?!" He grabbed her shoulder and shocked her for like 10 seconds, asking if she was joking.

"I'm not joking, Luffy. He really can eat all the food. And to answer your other question, Zoro. It'll make thing go faster if 4 people were singing instead of 1." She said after throwing Luffy off her.

Before I could ask another question, the bird flew back to us with something following him. It almost looked like a little girl wearing a black dress and has blond hair. Z looked at the creature and introduce us to it.

"Everyone, this is Meloetta, the Melody Pokémon. The melodies sung by Meloetta have the power to make Pokémon that hear them happy or sad. Meloetta is a Normal/Psychic type."

"Mel. Meloetta Meloetta Mel Ta?" It said. (Hi. Mother, what do you need?)

"I need you, Chatot, and Jigglypuff to help me stop Snorlax. If we all sing in different directions, then we might be able to put him to sleep." Z explained.

That's not a bad plan but what does she mean 'if we all sing'? After 5 seconds, I got what she meant. "Wait, you want all of us to sing or only you 4?" I asked just to double check. 'Please tell me I don't have sing.'

"I mean only the Pokémon and myself. You guys have to help us lure Snorlax back to his sleeping spot." She said looking for something.

She climbed a tree like a monkey. When she came down, she had these weird color fruits in her arms and handed one to each of us. We all looked at them, wondering what there for. Z noticed our confused looks and took mine and said, "No offence, guys but you're the bait."

"What do you mean we're bait? I doubt he'll take us as bait." Nami asked.

Instead of answering, Z cracked opened the fruit, showing a powder like substance. And threw some on top of my head!

"HEY! WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU DOING?!" I shouted at her.

"Covering your scent with this powder. It'll attract Snorlax to you guys and while you're running for your lives, we'll jump out, sing, and poof, he'll be asleep. I suggest you wash off after this, unless you want all the grass and bug types on you." She said rubbing some of the powder on my arm.

I got to admit, she has a nice soft touch. I mentally shook my head to get rid of that thought. 'What the hell am I thinking?! I just met this girl a few hours ago and now I'm thinking of her soft, warm, gentle- AH! Stop that!' I thought. After 5 minute of rubbing the powder on us, we were ready to start the plan. We got into our spots while Z and the 3 creatures stayed silent in the trees around us. After like 20-40 minutes of standing around, we heard something coming our way. It sounded like giant footsteps. We turned around and saw a giant, fat bear with blue-green like fur, pointy ears, and a cat-like face.

"SNORLAX." It said. (FOOD!) 'That's Snorlax!'

It ran straight toward us, but before we can move, Z and the creatures came out of there hiding spots and surrounded him.

"Chatot, Jigglypuff, Meloetta use Sing on Snorlax!" She commanded.

The 3 creatures did what they were told and started singing. I didn't know what they were singing because they were saying their names over and over again. The singing got us drowsy. I looked at the others and right now Luffy, Usopp, and Nami were sleeping on the floor. Looks like me and the ero-cook are the only ones standing. When I looked back at Z, she raise her left hand, touch her chocker and said, "Normal type, Sing"

(A/N: This is a little poem I just wrote, I hope you like it. If the poem doesn't rhyme, please forgive me.)

"Go to sleep Snorlax,

Just relax.

We're gonna sing you,

A lullaby.

Go to sleep Snorlax,

Take a nap.

You'll be fine in the

Dream world.

Please Snorlax,

Go to sleep.

You'll be happy,

Later on.

Go to sleep,


Her voice was amazing and soothing. I heard a thump behind me and saw Sanji on the ground near Nami. They stopped singing after they saw the big guy falling back. I saw the little pink balloon in the way so I ran and pulled her to a save spot. She was saying something, but I think it was a thank you. Z came running towards us after Snorlax fell, and asked if we were alright but I didn't answer because the singing was getting to me. Before I fell asleep, I felt arms around me and hear a faint 'thank you' from Z, near my ear. It gave me a little chill down my spine but I ignored that and fell asleep…in Z's arms.

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