New Life in One Piece

Waking Up, Unknown Visitor

I'm sorry it took this long to get the this chapter up. I had a huge case of writer's block. but now, here is Chapter 7. I hope you all like it and please review. I like reading other people's comments. I don't own anything except Z, her brothers, a boy, and a girl.


Chapter VII: Waking Up, Unknown Visitor

[Z's POV]

After Snorlax was getting drowsy, he fell back but was about to fall on Jigglypuff. I was about to run in and get her but Zoro beat me to her. When I got to them, they were alright. I don't know what came over me, but I wrapped my arms around him and whispered a 'thank you' softly in his ear. I heard him snoring after that. 'Looks like the singing finally got to him. Oh, well. I'll let them rest for now.'

After an hour and an half later, me and some of the other Pokémon got the food and fresh water for the pirates. I asked Totodile and Cyndaquil to help me wake them up. Once we found them, lying face up near the lake, I looked Totodile and said, "Ok, Totodile. Use Water Gun on Zoro."

Totodile shot water out of his mouth and directly hit Zoro in the face. 5 seconds later, he was gasping for air, by then I stop Totodile. Sometimes he can go a bit over-board.

"What the hell, Z?!" Zoro yelled at me, "Why did you wake me up and what is that?" He said pointing at Totodile.

"Good morning to you, too." I said sarcastically.

I didn't bother answering his other questions because I know the others are going to ask the same thing and I don't want to repeat myself. I walked over to the others to wake them up too. I looked at Totodile and nodded my head. He got the message and used Water Gun on them. One by one they all woke up, except for Luffy, who was still asleep. I knew that was going to happen, so that's why I brought backup. While the others were getting dry and glaring at me, I looked at Cyndaquil and said, "Alright, Cyndaquil. We got a stubborn one here. You know what to do."

She nodded and walked to Luffy. The others were confused on how a little cute mouse was going to wake Luffy up. The answer was reveled when Cyndaquil turned around and her back burst into flames, thus burning Luffy's butt. Luffy's eyes shot open and he started running around trying to stop the flames. I rolled my eyes, touch my chocker, and shouted, "Normal type, Wrap" The 2 vines came out of my neck and grabbed Luffy so he can hold still. I looked at Totodile and nodded. Again, he got the message and used Water Gun on Luffy.

"Thank you, Cyndaquil, Totodile for waking them up." I said to the Pokémon, after putting Luffy down.

"Z~, why did you do that?" Luffy whined. The others nodded in agreement

"Sorry, Luffy. But it was the only way to wake you guys up. I would of used Double Slap, but that wouldn't work. Just be happy I didn't electrocute your asses." I said to them.

"Hey Z, who are they?" Usopp said, pointing to Totodile and Cyndaquil.

"Guys, this is Totodile (pointing to the little light blue crocodile with red eyes, who is rubbing himself against my leg, purring) the Big Jaw Pokémon. He has a habit of biting anything with his developed jaws. He's a Water type." Totodile waved to them, then continued rubbing himself on my leg. "And this is Cyndaquil (holding the little blue-green fur mouse in my arms) the Fire Mouse Pokémon. She has a timid nature. If she's started, the flames on her back burn more vigorously. She's a Fire type." I explained.

She looked at them and jumped out of my arms and walked to Zoro. Zoro just stared back at her.

"Were you the one who saved Jigglypuff and helped Mommy stop Snorlax?" She asked, very curious.

Zoro looked at me, silently asking me what she said. I smiled and while pointing at Cyndaquil, I translate, " 'Were you the one who saved Jigglypuff and helped Mommy stop Snorlax?'"

"Uh… yeah I did. Wait, who's 'Mommy'?" He answered/asked.

Cyndaquil pointed at me and said, "She's Mommy. She takes care of all of us, sings to us if we get nightmares, brings us food, and keeps us safe. She's like our Guardian Angle."

I was both shocked and flattered at what Cyndaquil said. 'They…think of me…as a Guardian Angle.' I thought. The pirates looked at me, waiting for me to translate.

"Um…she said that I'm 'Mommy' and that I take care of them, sing for them if they get nightmares, bring food for them, and keep them safe. I'm like their…Guardian Angle." I said while rubbing the back of my neck.

[Zoro's POV]

After Z said that, we were surprised that she does all of that for the creatures. It was silent but then we heard a loud cry. Z turned around and saw a horse, a big dog, and a humanoid-bird running to us. When they got to us, we were all shocked to see the horse on fire…literally. Z didn't looked surprise, she walked up to the horse and pets it, acting like nothing is wrong here and hug the dog and humanoid-bird.

"Uh, Z." Nami said.

"Yes, Nami?" Z asked, still looking at the creatures.

"The horse…is on fire! Is that normal!" Nami shouted.

"Yeah, it's normal for Rapidash to be on fire. I mean she is the Fire Horse Pokémon. When at an all-out gallop, her blazing mane sparkles, enhancing her beautiful appearance. She's a Fire type." She explained, petting Rapidash again.

"That's so cool!" Luffy shouted, running up to the horse.

He circled the creature, then asked Z if he could ride her. I walked over to the horse but it started 'talking' to Z and judging by her expression it was bad news. She looked shocked. The dog and bird were watching us, to see if we're going to attack or something.

"AHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!" Luffy shouted, holding his hand and blowing on it.

"Luffy, did you pet Rapidash?" Z asked.

"Yeah, I thought I could ride her without getting burned." He replied.

"Baka! Of course, you were going to get burned. The horse is on fire! No one can ride her." Nami yelled at him.

While Nami was yelling at Luffy, Z asked the horse something. Rapidash nodded her head and Z climbed on her back. I waited for her to scream in pain but it never came. She just started laughing, that caught everybody's attention.

"What was that you were saying Nami? 'No one can ride her'?" Z said to Nami, with a smirk on her face.

Nami was starring at her, shocked. While Luffy was whining saying that it wasn't fair that Z can ride the horse and he can't.

"Alright, guys. There's a Marine ship coming to the island. The Pokémon told me that it's a certain asshole. Coming to take them away." Z told us.

"Hey Z. Before you tell us the plan, who are they?" Usopp asked pointing to the dog and bird.

"Everyone this is Arcanine (pointing to the big dog standing next the horse), the Legendary Pokémon. His proud and regal appearance has captured the hearts of people since long ago. He's a Fire type." Arcanine nodded his head in a way, "And this is Blaziken (pointing to the humanoid-bird standing on the other side of the horse, with its arms cross), the Blaze Pokémon. Flames sprout from his wrists, enveloping his knuckles. His punches scorch his foes. He's a Fire/Fighting type." Blaziken nodded his head the same as Arcanine.

"Blazi Blaziken. Blaziken?" Blaziken said to Nami. (Miss, I can care you. If you want?)

Nami looked at Z for the translation. Z giggled, then pointed at Blaziken and translated, " 'Miss, I can care you. If you want?'"

"Care me? What for?" Nami asked confused, like the rest of us.

"We need to get to the beach. Blaziken was asking if you want him to care you, so we could get there faster." Z explained, "They all agreed to help transport us back to the beach. Arcanine can let 2 people ride him, Blaziken can care Nami bridal style and someone on his back, and Rapidash can let 1 more person ride with me. So…who's going with who?"

We all discussed, argued, and agreed on who is riding which Pokémon. Nami and Luffy are going with Blaziken, Usopp and the ero-cook are going with Arcanine, and somehow I'm going with Z on Rapidash. Blaziken picked up Nami bridal style and Luffy hopped on his back. He didn't really mind caring Luffy on his back. Arcanine kneeled down, so Usopp and the ero-cook can get on his back. I looked at the horse and asked Z if I might get burned.

"Maybe, but if Rapidash is okay with you, then you'll be find." Z said, trying to sound confident.

I sighed, knowing that I won't be able to get out of this. I climbed the horse and…nothing happened. I'm not getting burned. Z turned around and smiled at me. When she smiled at me, I felt that same chill down my spine. She told me to hold on or else I'll fall off because Rapidash is fast.

"Alright. Let's go to the beach." Z said.

The Pokémon ran straight for our destination. At first I was holding onto her shoulders, but when the horse started running, I slipped my arms around her waist. I heard a small gasp, then chuckling. I moved my head and saw my crewmates trying to hold back a laugh, except for Sanji. He was trying not to explode. I placed my head on Z's shoulder for comfort. It looked like she didn't mind at all; she was focused on creating a plan to stop the Marine ship.

After about 5 minutes, we saw the ocean and our ship. When we got near the ship, the 4 Pokémon came to tell us something. The other Pokémon put us down, and ran back into the forest. Z looked around looking for the ship. She called over the little bird (Starly) and told it something before sending the little thing away. She looked up one more time and found the ship.

"Okay, guys. We need to protect the island from them." She said.

"But, why? What did the Marines do to you?" Luffy asked.

She was silent for a second, then told us, "They want to take the Pokémon's freedom. And I have to protect them."

[Z's POV]

Before they can asked me anymore questions, I heard a small cry. I looked up and saw Starly with the 3 other Pokémon that can help us. The 3 Pokémon are none other then the 3 funny Ghost Types.

"Hello Stary. Thank you for bring them here." I said to her.

She nodded then flew back on the ship. I looked at the 3 but they weren't in front of me. I looked around but didn't see them. I heard a loud shriek behind me. 'There they are.' I thought. I turned around and saw them picking on Nami and Usopp. Sanji looked angry and try to kick one of them.

"Hey, knock it off you 3! It's not the time to go playing tricks." I said to the Ghost Types.

They looked at me, then came at me full speed, knocking me down on the ground. 'I bet they always do this.' Then all of a sudden, they were tickling me.

"Okay. Stop!" I yelled.

They finally stop and smiled. I looked at the pirates and they were staring at the Ghosts. I stood up and introduce them to each other.

"Sorry about that guys. They love to scare people and other Pokémon. This is Gastly (pointing to the first one) (A/N: I don't know how to describe these 3) the Gas Pokémon. Born from gases, anyone would faint if engulfed by his body, which contains poison." Gastly nodded a 'hello'. "Next is Haunter (pointing to the ghost with hands) the Gas Pokémon. He likes to lurk in the dark and tap shoulders with his gaseous hand. His touch cause endless shuddering." Haunter showed an example by tapping Sanji's shoulder, after that he came back and waved. "And finally, this is Gengar (pointing to the last one) the Shadow Pokémon. The leer that floats in darkness belongs to his delighting in casting curses on people." Gengar smiled wide and waved. "All 3 of them are Ghost/Poison Types." I explained.

The crew was quiet. I ignored them for now and pay attention to the Pokémon. I called Crobat over and when the 4 Pokémon were in front of me I said, "Okay, you guys. I need you to go to that ship and use Confused Ray on them, I different directions. I'll cast a mist around the shore so they won't see you."

They all nodded and was about to go, but I yelled, "And don't even think about scaring them, you 3!"

I touch my chocker and yelled, "Ice Type, Mist"

The next thing we knew, there was a nice cool mist around use. I turned to the pirates while my shirt turned from white to ice-y blue, and the black star to a white snowflake. They looked a little surprise, but whatever. I told them to relax while the mist is around us. So far, only Nami, Usopp, and Luffy relaxed while Zoro and Sanji stay on guard with me. It was really quiet, except for my music. After about 6 minutes, the mist was gone and the Marines' ship stop a few feet away from us to the left.

We all stood still while someone jump off the ship. When the person stood up, I was shocked to see who it was. It was…

"Surprise to see me, Z" Rebecca said, with a stupid grin on her face.

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