New Life in One Piece

Fighting the enemy, Legendary,Leaving?

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Chapter VIII: Fighting the Enemy, Legendary, and Leaving?

[Narrator's POV]

The moment Z saw Rebeca, she knew that life was starting to torture her. You see; Rebeca was her school's annoying, rich brat. She thinks she's perfect and all the other girls are trash compare to her. But Z was the only girl in the school who doesn't give a shit about that. Just because her father is rich, she can push people around and think of herself as a queen. She has a huge grudge against Z because, somehow, she took her boyfriend away. Everyday after that, Rebeca kept calling Z 'boyfriend stealer', even though his just Z's friend.

"What the hell, are you doing here, Rebeca?" Z said, glaring at her.

"What do you think, freak?" Rebeca said.

"…Do you want the real answer or the sarcastic answer?" Z said, just to be funny.

"Screw you! Now, why don't you be a good little slut and hand over all your little creatures." Rebeca said, giving Z an ugly grin.

For some reason, after Rebeca said that, something in the surrounding Pokémon (Crobat, Gastly, Haunter, Gengar, Vaporeon, Starly, Murkrow) and the pirates, especially a certain swordsman, snapped. The Marines surrounded Z after she gave Rebeca the finger. The pirates and the Pokémon came out of their hiding spots and attacked the Marines.

"Luffy! You and the others deal with the Marines! Rebeca's mine." Z said, running straight to the dark blond woman.

Z touch her chocker and said, "Ice Type, Ice Punch"

Her right fist, suddenly, was covered with ice and she punched Rebeca's face. But Rebeca dodged it by sinking into the ground. Z looked around, but then Rebeca came out of and almost tackled Z to the ground. Z was shocked that Rebeca, the girl who has to pay someone to finish her fights, almost uppercut her.

"Surprise, Z?" Rebeca said, laughing at Z shock expression.

"Did you eat a devil fruit or are you an unknown animal in hiding?" Z said, losing her shock.

"Shut up, bitch!" Rebeca said, throwing sand at Z.

'Is that…Sand Attack?' Z thought, dodging the flying sand. Rebeca kept throwing sand around, which got into the Marines eyes. Rebeca got annoyed and she threw another attempt shot at Z's face. While Z swiftly dodged the cheap shots, all the Marines were merely wiped-out by the Pokémon, when suddenly the Pokémon stopped in their tracks. The pirates were confused as to why the creatures stop fighting. Rebeca stopped throwing sand to see the valuable creatures standing there. Z looked at the Pokémon with concern, and was wondering what are they doing.

Starly turned her head to look at Z and said, "Mommy, THEY are coming. We need to go the center."

Z was a little confused as to what the Starling Pokémon was talking about. But, realization hit her like a bolt of lighting. She has to the end this fight fast before THEY come to the island. She nodded and told the Pokémon to run ahead, while she takes care of the intruders.

She turned to the pirates, who finished fighting the Marines, and said, "Make sure no one chases the Pokémon. They have to get to-" But before she can finish her sentence, a knife was thrown to her lower back.(A/N: Think the same area Zoro got stabbed, when they were facing Buggy)

Z turned around and saw Rebeca, with her arm out, holding knives. The pirates saw the knife and send an evil glare at Rebeca, but Luffy's glare was the worst. Rebeca didn't seem fazed from the glares but just laughed at Z in pain.


Luffy ran straight to Rebeca and started attacking while she's still in shock from that yelling. Meanwhile, Zoro went to get the knife out of Z back. Z felt the pain from the knife getting pulled out but didn't say anything. She looked at Luffy fighting Rebeca and thought of a way to get reed of the annoying bitch. The idea came to her when she looked at the sun.

"Luffy! Keep Rebeca busy, I'll tell you when to switch!" Z yelled.

"Right!" Luffy yelled back, throwing punches at Rebeca.

Zoro didn't know what Z was going to do, but it was going to be big. He saw her close her eyes, touch her chocker, with both her hands, and whispered something. The next thing they knew, she was surrounded by a light glow and something coming from the sun, forcing the glow to shine brighter.

"Luffy! Send her up into the sky!" Z yelled, not opening her eyes.

"Okay!" Luffy yelled.

He grabbed Rebeca from the back and kick her up into the air. She started screaming bloody murder. Z asked Zoro to toss her into the air, as well. He didn't want to, but did it anyway. He picked her up and threw her up into the air. Z still didn't open her eyes, but she can tell that Rebeca was near her. Rebeca noticed her and try to throw another knife at her but Z opened her eyes. They weren't their normal dark brown color; they were glowing as bright as the sun. Rebeca was shocked to see her eyes, but tried not to show it.

"This fights over, Rebeca. And now, you're going straight to hell where you belong." Z said, in a voice with no emotion at all.

Z cupped her hands and a small orb of energy was formed between them. She forced all the energy she has into that orb and was ready to release it. She looked at Rebeca, who was cowering in fear for her own life, and right as Z threw the energy she yelled, "Grass Type, Solar Beam"

Z released the energy and it looked like Goku's Kahmehameha wave from Dragon Ball. When she was finished, her eyes returned to normal and was looking at where Rebeca was once…flouting. Z started to fall and was falling fast, she thought she was going to land hard on the beach. But, out of nowhere, someone grabbed her before she could hit the floor. Z opened her eyes and noticed that a certain green-haired swordsman caught her and was now holding her bridal style. She didn't say anything but smiled kindly at Zoro, a silent way of saying, 'thank you for catching me'.

Zoro didn't know what came over him, but when he saw Z falling from the sky, he had to catch her. When he noticed the smile Z gave him, he felt like he was blushing, but pushed it down when his crewmates came to check on Z. He gave her a smirk that said, 'any time'. He noticed that her shirt change from ice-y blue to green and the white snowflake to a leaf. Zoro had to admit, she looked good in green, but kept that thought to himself.

"Z! That was sooooooooo cool! How did you do that!" Luffy yelled, over excited that he got to see a beam tight before his very eyes.

"-giggle- That was Solar Beam, Luffy. I just absorbed the power the sun was giving into my body and released it into, well that beam." Z explained, "But sadly, that took a lot of my energy and now I can't move my body that much. Sorry, Zoro. You don't mind carrying me for a little while, do you?"

"No, I don't mind. By the way, why did the Pokémon stop fighting in the middle of the fight?" Zoro asked, the question that was in everyone's mind.

Z gasp and told them that they have to get the center of the island fast before THEY show up. Before the pirates could ask who THEY are, all 6 of them were, somehow, transported to an unknown place. When they open their eyes, they were surrounded by 4 birds, a pink mice, a gray lizard with a purple tail, a white dragon, 3 lions, a little light green bug, a giant sea basin, 11 dragons, 4 aliens, a creature that looks like its made out of lava, 2 sea creatures, a creature that looks human, a small creature with flowers on its side, a little creature with wings and pointy ears, 3 four-legged creatures, and a fairy.

The pirates were surprise to see all the creatures surrounding them but Z was shocked and scared to see their faces. Z noticed that she can move again and asked Zoro to put her down. Once he put her down, Z walked a few steps forward and bowed down.

"It is an honor to see all of you, Legendary Pokémon." Z said. She looked back at the others and silently said, "Get down, you morons! Show a little respect!" The pirates quickly went down on one knee and faced the floor.

The Pokémon nodded their heads. Z stood up and introduced the Pokémon to the pirates; after they stood up.

"Straw-hat Pirates, these are the Legendary Pokémon. Articuno, the Freeze Pokémon, (1 of the 4 birds, with light blue feathers, light brown eyes), Zapdos, the Electric Pokémon, (1 of the 4 birds, with yellow and black feathers), Moltres, the Flame Pokémon, (1 of the 4 birds, with fire on its head, wings, and tail, violet eyes), Mew, the New Species Pokémon, (the pink mice with blue eyes), Mewtwo, the Genetic Pokémon, (the gray lizard with the purple tail and violet eyes), Raikou, the Thunder Pokémon, (1 of the 3 lions, with yellow fur and black design and light blue tail, red eyes), Entei, the Volcano Pokémon, (1 of the 3 lions, with light blown fur and black like chains around all 4 legs with red eyes), Suicune, the Aurora Pokémon, (1 of the 3 lions, with light blue fur, white diamond designs, red eyes, violet fur on its head), Lugia, the Diving Pokémon, (the white dragon with blue on its stomach and 2 little horns on the tail), Ho-Oh, the Rainbow Pokémon, (1 of the 4 birds, with red, light green, orange, and white feathers, red eyes, a small light green line around its neck), Celebi, the Time Travel Pokémon, (the little green bug with big light blue eyes, antennas with blue tips), Latios, the Eon Pokémon, (1 of the 11 dragons in blue and gray with red eyes, small arms, and a small triangle on its chest), Latias, the Eon Pokémon, (1 of the 11 dragons in red and white, honey eyes, a blue triangle on its chest), Kyogre, the Sea Basin Pokémon, (the giant sea basin with red marks on its arms and side, gold eyes), Groudon, the Continent Pokémon, (1 of the 11 dragons in red with spike on its side and tail, black marks all over its body, gold eyes), Rayquaza, the Sky High Pokémon, (1 of the 11 dragons in green with yellow marks, sharp claws, yellow eyes), Jirachi, the Wish Pokémon, (the fairy) (A/N: I don't know how to describe Jirachi), Deoxys, the DNA Pokémon, (1 of the 4 aliens in red and blue with a violet pearl in its chest, twisted arms), Uxie, the Knowledge Pokémon, (1 of the 4 aliens with 2 tails, a red ruby on its forehead, yellow crown around its head), Mesprit, the Emotion Pokémon, (1 of the 4 aliens, that looks like Uxie but instead of yellow, its pink, yellow cat eyes), Azelf, the Willpower Pokémon, (1 of the 4 aliens, that looks like Uxie and Mesprit but instead of yellow or pink, its blue, yellow cat eyes), Dialga, the Temporal Pokémon, (1 of the 11 dragons in blue, light blue, and gray, red eyes, a diamond on its chest), Palkia, the Spatial Pokémon, (1 of the 11 dragons in light pink and violet, red eyes, pearls on both its shoulders), Heatran, the Lava Dome Pokémon, ( the creature that looks like its made out of lava), Giratina, the Renegade Pokémon, (1 of the 11 dragons in gray, red, yellow, and black, 6 legs, wings), Cresselia, the Lunar Pokémon, (1 of the 2 sea creatures in violet, yellow, and pink), Darkrai, the Pitch-Black Pokémon, ( the creature that looks human, blue-green eyes), Manaphy, the Seafaring Pokémon, (1 of the 2 sea creatures in light blue, big ocean blue eyes, a small red ruby on its chest), Shaymin, the Gratitude Pokémon, (the small creature with flowers on its side, light green eyes), Arceus, the Alpha Pokémon, (1 of the 11 dragons in light gray), Victini, the Victory Pokémon, ( the little creature with wings and pointy ears), Cobalion, the Iron Will Pokémon, (1 of the 3 four-legged creatures in light blue, white, gray, and light brown), Terrakion, the Cavern Pokémon, (1 of the 3 four-legged creatures in brown, has horns), Virizion, the Grassland Pokémon, (1 of the 3 four-legged creatures in green), Reshiram, the Vast White Pokémon, (1 of the 11 dragons in completely white), Zekrom, the Deep Black Pokémon, (1 of the 11 dragons in completely black), and Kyrurem, the Boundary Pokémon, (1 of the 11 dragons, looks like its made out of stone, small arms, bright yellow eyes)." Z said, then turned to the Pokémon, "Everyone, this is Luffy, Zoro, Nami, Usopp, and Sanji."

The pirates didn't say anything, still shocked by all the Pokémon. The Pokémon took note of this and decided that it's their turn to speak.

"You are all probably wondering what you are doing here." Mewtwo said.

Everyone (the pirates), except Z, was shocked to hear the voice. Z explained to them that some Pokémon could speak to us with their minds. Luffy thought that was cool (no surprise there), Zoro and Sanji tried not to show emtion, and Usopp and Nami were shacking a little but tried to look brave.

"Z, we summond you here to descuse about the fate of this island." Mewtwo said.

" 'The fate of the island' I do not understand what you mean, Mewtwo. Does it have something to do with the Marines, pirates, and sailors coming to the island?" Z asked.

"Yes, people in this world believe that, us Pokémon, are valuable creatures. Worth more than the devil fruit. We need you, Z, to protect the other Pokémon." Mewtwo explained.

Z was shocked to know that the Pokémon are worth more than the devil fruit. 'That means they're worth more than 1,000,000 Berris!' Nami was shocked when she did the math; the price was so high, she almost fainted from the amount. Luffy didn't show any emotion, just stood there, listing to the conversation.

"What must we do to prevent other humans from capturing the other Pokémon?" Z asked, hoping for a way to protect them.

The Pokémon didn't answer but judging by the look in their eyes, it wasn't good. Luffy and Z noticed the looks, confused and concern, for the Pokémon. Before anyone could speak, Luffy walked up next to Z, in front of Mewtwo, and said, "What if they come with us, to the Grand Line?"

Everyone looked at Luffy, silently wondering what's he think. Uxie flew towards Luffy, looking at him, curiously. Celebi flew to Mewtwo, while Mew flew towards Z. Mew looked at her with big blue eyes, silently wondering what she might say to Luffy's idea.

"Care to explain that idea, Straw-hat Luffy?" Uxie asked.

"What if we take the Pokémon to the Grand Line and protect them? That way they won't stay on this island forever and Z can join my crew." Luffy explain.

The others all shook their heads, knowing that Luffy was going to ask Z to join the crew. The Pokémon didn't say a word, they looked at each other than at Z, who was shocked that Luffy wants her to join his crew. Arceus walked up to the humans and said, "You pirates must leave this island in 2 minutes and never return. We need to discus something with Z. even if Z is not with you when time is up, you must leave this island."

"But we didn't get our supplies yet." Nami said, getting the attention from the Alpha Pokémon.

"Actually Nami, some of the Pokémon and I put fresh fruit and fresh water in your ship when you guys were sleeping." Z said.

"So, we leave in 2 minutes, with or without Z. Right?" Luffy asked, to clarify things.

"Yes, but when you leave, look back at the island. You might get a farewell present from us." Arceus said, " Deoxys, transport this pirates back to their ship."

Deoxys nodded and walked towards the pirates. (A/N: Deoxys is in its normal forme) It didn't say anything but stretch out its arms.

"Hold on to Deoxys. When a Pokémon teleports, you have to have physical contact." Z explained, when she saw the confuse looks on their faces.

Luffy and the others got ready but before they left, Luffy went up to Z and hugged her. Z just stood there, not knowing what to do, but she heard Luffy whispered something in her ear. "See you on the ship." After he let go and grabbed Deoxys' arm, they teleported to the ship. Z looked at where her friends were standing, then turned to the Legendary Pokémon. Giratina walked up to Z, standing tall in its Altered forme.

[With the Pirates]

The pirates were standing on the ship, where Deoxys teleported them. After Deoxys let them go and teleported back, they got ready to leave the island the siren and strange creatures. Luffy kept looking back, hoping to see Z walk out and jump on the ship, but she never came. After 2 minutes, the pirates left the beach, but not before looking back and checking for Z. She never came. Luffy and the others were still looking at the island, but after another 2 minutes, the island…exploded.

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