New Life in One Piece

A Miracle Before Their Eyes

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Chapter IX: A Miracle Before Their Eyes

[Narrator's POV]

The island was in flames; no screams of pain or agony in the air. The pirates look at the island in shock, fear, and concern. Their friend and her creatures were nowhere to be found. Luffy wanted to turn the ship around and find his friend, but he can't. The crew was silent; not a single sound from them as they look at the island. Suddenly, they saw something shoot straight into the air. The crew only could see the shape of the figure but nothing else. They noticed the figure has 2 wings and a tail. The figure noticed the ship and flew in their direction, in an alarming speed. Before they could do anything, the creature grabbed Luffy by the shoulders, with its hands, and carried him up into the air.

"Hey! Let me go!" Luffy shouted, trying to get out of the creature's grip.

The creature didn't say anything and continued to circle the ship. The creature looked at Luffy and he stopped struggling. He smiled and started enjoying the ride. The creature roared and when it open its' mouth, fire came out. Luffy was happy, so he didn't care. The creature started to slow down and went back to the ship. It placed Luffy down, by Usopp, and landed right in front of the others.

When the crew saw the creature up close, they gasped in shock and relief. Because the creature standing before them…was Z.

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