Pan watched the pirate trash talking him in front of Kat, from the rocks he knew that she liked him and so did hook, so Hook sent his goons get kat I will end that pirate no matter what is in my way I will end him to avenge my perance

Adventure / Romance
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chapter 1

Two captains stood inside the house ready for any thing, their targets where right there, one captain had a thick black berd, he poled out his gun the other poled out his gun as well, "BAM" both guns went off, discord raind in the town a little girl screamed, the black bearded captain amed his gun at her but the other captain stopped him and grabbed the girl shushing her then they ran out, the one captain dropped her off at a orphanage crying, scared, and helpless she went in and she remand there for the next 9 years until the shadow of a boy her age showed up in her window, and took her away from her home took her away from he pain, he took her to a land where you never age at all he took her to Neverland.

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