Albion's Coin

Chapter 16 The Wedding

Freya went as far as the water would allow her; Merlin never left her side. Gwaine engulfed Merlin in a friendly headlock. "Gwaine!" Merlin cried out. "Arthur! Help!" Arthur smiled and pulled him off. Merlin rubbed his sore neck as Arthur gripped his shoulder and congratulated him. Merlin's eyes suddenly grew wide "I need tell my mother. And Gaius."

"Don't worry Merlin, we'll take care of everything" Arthur told reassured him. Thondiair and Asiniell were more than pleased to prepare the wedding of Emrys. The group made a plan. Leon and Percival would head back to Camelot to fetch Gaius. Gwenevere offered her assistance to the elves and they gladly welcomed her. Gwaine decided to stay with Gwen to help prepare the ceremony. While Merlin and Arthur head to Ealdor.

Then the elves started coming out of Albion. They were introduced to Arthur and Gwen by Gwaine. Many bows were given to them, as well as to Merlin. Gwen was delighted by the children who were chasing each other around the beach; pleased to have new surroundings. The company stayed overnight and would set off in the morning. Merlin stayed by Freya. For the first time in a long time, he felt complete.

Morning came all too soon. Merlin didn't sleep that night. Staying with Freya as the others long went to bed. They sat and watched the sun rise over the lake. It was going to be a beautiful day. After breakfast, the knights mounted their horses. Splitting off into separate directions. Gwenevere stood alongside Freya as they waved off their men.

Merlin and Arthur made good time to Ealdor. Hunith's eyes lit up at the sight of her son. She hugged both of them. Hunith offered to make tea which they accepted gratefully. "Now, is there a specific reason why my son is in my house with the King of Camelot?" Hunith asked casually. "Does there have to be a reason mother?" Hunith raised an eyebrow at her son's question. Arthur gave a slight chuckle. "Yes, there is a reason Hunith. We've come to tell you two things. The first; I have lifted the ban of magic. Merlin, is Court Sorcerer." Hunith's was in shock. Of all things, this was one she didn't think would hear. Her eyes brimmed with tears as the new settled into her. Merlin stood up from his chair and knelt next to his mother. Hunith wrapped her arms around her son crying with relief. Arthur watched the sight before him. He couldn't help but feel slightly jealous of Merlin in this moment; because he had a mother's love. Something Arthur always wanted.

Hunith wiped her eyes once she calmed herself down, "Thank you." Arthur took her hands "You're absolutely welcome."

"What is the second reason?"

This time Merlin spoke up. "I'm getting married."

"WHAT?!" Hunith looked at her son with a brilliant smile. "Who is she? What's she like? What's her name?" she asked all these questions at once. "I will tell you all about her on the way" Merlin promised.

Hunith didn't waste any time. She didn't need to bring anything so they left right away. Merlin helped his mother on his horse and he got on in front of her. Hunith peppered Merlin with questions the whole way.

When they arrived, Leon and Percival already had Gaius with them. Arthur dismounted his horse first and helped Hunith down. Gwenevere ran up, giving her a fierce hug. "Gwen, it's so nice to see you my dear." Merlin introduced her to the knights, then to Thondiair and Asiniell. "It is an honor, and a privilege to meet the mother of Emrys" Thondiair told her. Hunith couldn't help but blush.

Merlin stood underneath an arch of water lilies, which floated in the air gracefully over him. Merlin waited for Freya to appear from Avalon. The sun was beginning to set when the ceremony was ready. A handful of elves stood off to the side with instruments. Behind Merlin, Arthur and the rest of the company sat in wooden chairs to watch the ceremony. A sweet sound of music filled the air as Que. Then he saw her.

Freya wore a blue shimmering dress that seemed to mimic the water's movements. She walked gracefully across the water, her bare feet sending small ripples at contact. Reaching the arch, Freya folded her hand into Merlin's. "Freya," Merlin spoke. "You are the love of my life. I will protect you till my dying breath and will protect you when we depart from this world. I do not have vows for you. I cannot express in words how much I love you, or what I will do for you. I only promise, that I will stand by your side. In life and in death."

Freya had tears in her eyes at the end of those words. "Merlin. My heart belongs to you, and only you. You are my protector, and my guide. I will stand with you, in life, and in death."

Merlin had a silent tear down his cheek as he gazed into her eyes. Merlin gently turned over Freya's right hand. He held a golden ring, gifted to him by Thondiair. "With this ring, I pledge myself to you; my wife." Merlin slid the ring onto her index finger. Freya also had a golden ring she carried. "With this ring, I pledge myself to you; my husband" she said sliding the ring onto his finger. Merlin spoke those same words in the Old Religion. Freya went after him. At that moment, each ring held a golden glow. Binding them for eternity. When the light faded, Merlin leaned down and wrapped his strong arms around her waist. Freya had her hands on his shoulders. They kissed. It was a soft and gentle kiss that held abundant passion. And promise for more to come.

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