Albion's Coin

Chapter 17 Afterwards

Merlin couldn't remember another time he was as happier than that night. The elves were playing happy, exciting tunes for the dancing. Hunith danced with Gaius, Arthur danced with Gwen. Many of the elves danced as well; and danced for their newly found freedom. There were tables of fresh foods. Warm bread, fruit, cheese and meats. All summoned by magic of course. Gwaine approved of the wine. After a few glasses Gwaine was drunk. Gwaine went up to Leon and offered a hand. Percival gave a goofy grin, and gave him a push. Leon was blushing, Gwaine was laughing as the two of them were dancing. Percival decided to join in the fun. Tapping Gwaine on the shoulder, "may I?" Gwaine flashed a toothy smile, letting him have his dance partner. The three were switching between themselves. Leon was blushing a bright pink until he just decided to go along with it. Arthur shook his head. These were his most trusted knights of the round table. They were more like overgrown children.

Gwen and Freya were laughing historically at the sight. Merlin suddenly had a brilliant idea. "May I have this dance?" he asked jokingly stepping in front of Arthur. "Merlin!" Arthur was almost as red as Leon. "Oh go on! It'll be funny!" Gwen smiled and pushed Arthur forwards, stumbling into the Warlock. "You better not breathe a word of this when we get back Merlin."

Merlin chuckled. "Don't worry, if there's one thing I'm good at its keeping secrets." Arthur only rolled his eyes.

There was one last dance. Merlin bowed to his gorgeous wife. Freya smiled and curtsied. It was a slow dance. Merlin was so consumed in the movements and the music, that he didn't notice they were far out on the lake. They were dancing on top of the water, and Merlin thought it was perfect.

The time to leave came all too soon. Gwaine decided to go with Merlin to take Hunith back to Ealdor. Leaving the rest at Avalon to pack up camp. Merlin and Gwaine returned right before noon. Both said goodbye to Thondiair and Asiniell. Merlin was sad to leave Freya, but he knew he would return soon. Arthur couldn't help but feel guilty again as he was watching them. He kept a mask on his face, but it was still there. Merlin kissed Freya before he left to mount his horse. Thondiair and Asiniell stood next to Freya as they waved farewell. Merlin kept his eyes on Freya as the group started their journey back. He watched until he couldn't see her any longer. Merlin stayed merry with their assembly throughout the ride, but he couldn't help but feel a longing. He knew he was still needed in Camelot, he just wished Freya could be there with him.

Night had almost fallen when they came back to Camelot. Merlin didn't realize how sleepy he was feeling since he stayed up the previous night. Sluggishly changing into night clothes before collapsing on the bed. Merlin dreamt of Freya that night, just as she was dreaming of him.

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