Albion's Coin

Chapter 22 A Forewarning

The next week didn't go easy for Merlin. He was quieter and not like his usual happy self. His friend's helped him the best they could, and Merlin was thankful for that. Arthur was in the throne room after a council meeting. It didn't concern anything to do with magic, so Merlin didn't attend. Arthur knew Merlin hated being at council meetings as much as he did. The last subject had been about who would inherit the throne. A decision still hasn't been made. Arthur had no relatives left alive and neither have Gwen. Sitting at his place at the round table, Arthur was deep in thought when he heard the wooden doors open. Turning around, Merlin walked in with his cloak flowing behind him. Arthur smiled to himself, thinking how different he looks with a simple cloak when he was used to him in his brown jacket. "I've come to say good bye."

"Good bye?"

Merlin nodded. "I'm going to Ealdor, just for a few days. I need to, sort some things out. I'll be back."

"Of course, of course. How long will you be gone for?"

"About a week or so. Think you'll be able to manage without me?" Merlin gave a cheeky smirk at that.

"George has been an excellent servant, mind you. The best one I've ever had. He actually wakes me up on time, something you've never done by the way. A lot more respect than you've ever had. Doesn't say anything about me being fat…"

"So you admit it then!" Merlin said triumphant. "George wouldn't be bold enough to put another hole in your belt." Merlin pointed out. "Another thing you should be thanking me for."

"Merlin!" Secretly Arthur missed their usual barter; but of course he'd never admit that.

"Yes Sire?"

"Shut up."

Merlin only kept grinning. "Oh, by the way, Gwen wanted me to bring Gwaine along."

"Well at least I won't have to pay his tavern bill. He'll have to make up for lost time of training when you both get back."

"Ah yes, swinging swords at each other. I'm sure he'll miss being waked around by you."

"You're the only one who's ever been waked around Merlin. You're terrible with weapons."

"And my charming demeanor makes up for that" Merlin smirked. Arthur rolled his eyes.

"Don't really need a sword anyways."


"Shut up?"

"You guessed it." This time Merlin rolled his eyes.

"Be good to Gwen."

"Always" Arthur reassured him. Merlin was about to turn to leave, when Arthur stopped him. "Good luck my friend." Merlin nodded "Thanks."

Merlin and Gwaine were in the courtyard about to leave. After a quick good bye to Leon and Percival, Gwaine mounted his horse. "You ready?" Merlin took a deep breath, "yeah." Gwen watched them leave from the top of the steps. Merlin wave at her before they would be out of sight. She waved back.

Arthur laid next to Gwen in their bed. It was in the middle of the night and Camelot was quiet. He wasn't sure what it was that woke him. Turning on his side, Arthur tried going back to sleep, but it wouldn't come. After about an hour of staring at the ceiling, Arthur sat up, frustrated at lack of sleep. Careful not to wake Gwen, Arthur slid off the bed. Slipping into a pair of shoes and a red shirt; maybe a walk would help calm his nerves. Closing the door silently behind him, Arthur let his feet lead the way. It was still summer so the nights were warm. An uneasy feeling had been gnawing at his stomach. Almost like Merlin's funny feelings. Though Arthur didn't get funny feelings. That was always Merlin.


Maybe something happened? Is he in trouble? If something happened to his brother he would know about it right? A little voice in the back of his head said he was being paranoid. Merlin was perfectly capable of handling himself. Arthur almost believed the little voice. Almost. Only his uneasiness didn't go away. Arthur found himself outside the door where Iseldir stayed. Merlin had invited him to be on the council of Magic and Iseldir accepted the offer. Arthur knocked on the door. Perhaps he should have waited till a better hour. About to leave, Arthur heard shuffling on the other side after a few minutes of waiting. "Sire; this is a surprise."

"I apologize for the late hour Iseldir, but there is something I wish to ask of you."

"Of course, please come in."

"Thank you" Arthur went in to the room. It wasn't as large as his or Merlin's chambers, but it was relatively a good size. Iseldir lead Arthur over to the table where they sat down. "What troubles your mind Your Majesty?"

"Please, call me Arthur. There is no need for formalities."

"Very well, Arthur."

"I've come to ask you about your ability with telepathic communication." Iseldir showed his surprised, but didn't interrupt. "Merlin has informed me that only those with magic can do this."

"That is true. Telepathy is just as simple as talking out loud, it is not something to learn." Arthur nodded understanding.

"Is it possible to speak like this to someone without magic?"

"No, only those with magic can do this. May I ask why this topic has come to a sudden interest to you Arthur?"

"It's just, that there have been a few incidents where I seem to" Arthur paused trying to think of the right word. "Connect with Merlin."

Iseldir was even more supprised at this. "Would you please tell me?"

"When I was in Avalon, and I was seeing what Merlin had done for me. The first time it happened, I didn't know it at the time. Was when Merlin drunk from the poison chalice. I was in the cave getting the flower that would cure Merlin. Huge spiders came for me and I was trapped on the ledge. A ball of light suddenly appeared and I thought for sure I was going to die. I, I think Merlin must have known I was in trouble, and he sent that light for me. It happened once more when I was dying from the Questing Beast. I remember that I must have senses him in danger. The most recent was just a few days ago. When Merlin was in his shock from losing his mother. I reached out to touch him and, I, felt his distress as if it were my own." Arthur shuddered on the memory. Iseldir listened to Arthur with great interest.

"You and Merlin have a great destiny. It is possible, that because of your bond by fate, that you may be linked."


Iseldir was about to explain when the door flew open. Arthur stood up and spun around. His hand flying to his side to reach Excalibur with Knight's reflex. Only letting it drop when it wasn't there. Two woman were standing at the door way. One was panting and looked frantic. The other, was trying to offer comfort to the one who was in distress. Iseldir stood up and rushed over to them, knowing they were from his druid clan. "I'm sorry Iseldir, she wouldn't wait until morning."

"That's alright Marie, I can take care of her from here. You can leave if you wish."

"Alright," Marie quickly bowed to Arthur before leaving.

"What's wrong with her?" Arthur asked as Iseldir led the still apprehensive woman over to where they sat moments before. "Isabelle is a seer, I have never seen her like this after a vision since she was a child."

It took a few moments to calm the shaking girl. She didn't seem to notice Arthur was there. "A new prophesy." Isabell said quietly.

"What does it say?" Iseldir asked her gently.

"Albion's Coin will be broken

The half will be split again; and weep for the brother lost

For one cannot be whole without the other

A gift to the barren Queen will be given

And Albion's Coin will be once again be awoken"

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