Albion's Coin

Chapter 5 Unfolding, Part 3

"Is there still more?" Arthur asked.

"Yes," Freya answered quietly. Arthur took a deep breath. "He's done so much already."

"I know. If it's too much, we can stop. The main reason I wanted to show you what Merlin has done, is to show you that there are good people who have magic."

Arthur nodded. "I know that now. Before I died, I told Merlin that I didn't want him to change. My whole life, I was told that magic corrupts. When Merlin told me he had magic, I thought he betrayed me. I was so afraid of him, I didn't even think of how he has been a good friend to me all these years. I don't even know what I would be like if he hadn't come along."

"We don't have to watch anymore if you don't want to" Freya told him.

"No," Arthur said calmly. "No I should know. He might not tell me everything if I ask him."

"That would be Merlin" Freya said with a smile. Arthur chuckled at that statement.

"Freya," Arthur asked as another question came to mind. why didn't Merlin tell Morgana he had magic? He could have helped her not be afraid of it; like what he did with you. Perhaps she would't have turned evil."

Freya looked at him sadly. "We can never know what would have happened. Morgana still would have hated Uther. If she knew Merlin had magic, Morgana might have betrayed him in her rage. Because Merlin would have stood by you. No one can change the past, no matter how powerful." Arthur nodded understanding.

Arthur observed as Merlin found Freya. He saw how Merlin showed her the goodness magic can bring. Freya sat silently threw it all. Arthur noticed a tear sliding down her cheek. He wondered if it was because of happy memories, or her death. Arthur hoped it was the later. Then came that fateful night; the pool showed how Freya's curse turned her into a Basset. Tears were streaming freely down Arthur's face; watching in horror as his sword plunged into the creature's side. Helpless to take back the decision he'd made. The sword sounded incredibly loud in Arthur's ears as it made the fatal blow. Freya was crying openly now with him. "I'm sorry" was all Arthur could say. "I'm so sorry."

"Arthur," he held his head down, unable to meet her eyes. "Arthur, look at me" she said in a commanding voice. Arthur did. Freya placed a gentle hand on his cheek, wiping away the tear streak. "I do not blame you Arthur. I cannot hurt anymore innocent lives because of what your choice to protect Camelot's citizens. For so long, I hated my curse. After my death, I realized that it brought me to Merlin; and for that I am eternally grateful."

"He's so loyal" Arthur said with heaviness in his voice. "Merlin knew I killed you, but he still stood by me. I promise, whatever it takes. I will make magic legal again." Freya smiled brilliantly. She threw her arms around him, Arthur hugged her back. Attention back to the pool, both had an arm around the other innocently, offering their comforting support. Merlin still had trials ahead, Arthur marveled as he exceeding every one. Then came when Merlin had to uphold his promise to free Kilgharrah. Arthur remembered what Merlin said to him during the attack. "I'm sorry." Now he understood why he said that.

Arthur found out that Balinor was Merlin's father. "No, not him" Arthur said disparagingly. Freya lifted her head off of his shoulder and looked at him quizzically. "I watched him die. On our way back to Camelot." He paused sympathetically. "Merlin loses his father too."

"Fate has been cruel to Merlin."

"Too cruel" Arthur agrees. He couldn't help to blame his father again. Suddenly, a thought came that couldn't be ignore. "Freya?"


"Balinor was a dragon lord. Does, does that mean Merlin." He couldn't get the words out.

"Just watch," was all she said.

Arthur did, he saw Balinor die again, and Merlin crying over the body. "No man is worth your tears" is what he told him. Merlin couldn't openly mourn for his father. Arthur hated himself "Oh Merlin." His heart aching for his friend.

They rode out to face Kilgharrah. 'Why didn't I give Merlin any armor?' Arthur thought bitterly. As they reached the dragon, Arthur saw Kilgharrah wipe out the knights. When Arthur went unconscious, Merlin stepped up. A voice came out of Merlin that had to be obeyed. Arthur was impressed as the dragon submitted to him. Merlin showed Kilgharrah mercy, Arthur was glad he did. After seeing all that Merlin achieved so far, Arthur wasn't sure how he'd feel if Merlin killed one of his kin. Pride consumed Arthur at the goodness of Merlin's heart.

It was hard for Arthur to watch Morgana turn evil again. He saw all her attempts against their father, Merlin kept protecting them. Arthur watched in dismay as Morgana and Morgause trapped Merlin, leaving him to the Serkets. "I was dying," was what Merlin said to him. Arthur frowned, he was telling the truth. They continued watching for a long time. Arthur swore to make it up to Merlin. Finally to be the friend as Merlin was to him. Making a silent promise for Merlin to never have to be alone again. Albion will be born. Even if it was the last thing he'd do. That much was owed to Merlin, that and much more.

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