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The U'darahje: Da'sal

Chapter 2

“Da’sal, I need you...” It’s my mother, she was the half breed, and my father the human. I’d surpassed them both, at one hundred and twenty five years. My mother living to be only fifty years old in human years, and my father going two years before her.

Our DNA is constantly being broken down with each generation, as we continue to reproduce with the humans. My plans are to go above ground, and find a mate there. a yautja female, to continue my line with.

Memories of her last moments replay in my mind, her face and body, looked to be one hundred and fifty human years. Her body had started to deteriorate in her forties, and she left this world soon after.

“I thought that I would live to see your generation, and then their generation come to fruition.” Sitting by her bed, her frail hands in mine. My mandibles making contact with her skin, breaks through and she winces.

“I’m sorry.”

“it’s okay, I want you to have something.”

Her eyes going to a small box of trinkets, I retrieve it. Opening it, there’s a bracelet of jewels inside. “For your mate, it was given to me by my mother when I was mated. Passed down from her mother and so on...”

Tears come to her eyes, and her suffering is too much for me to bear. “Whoever you choose, I hope that she’s worthy of you.”

Sitting by myself in the common area, my partner from training joins me. Light colored hair, a slender build, and an attractive face, she smiles warmly before taking a seat across from me.

“Hi.” She says, unsure.


“You were by yourself, you’re always by yourself... I thought that maybe, you’d like some company.”

“You’re welcome to sit where you like.”

Her name’s Tamlin, and she’s trying desperately to do her “duty”. Following me, always trying to start a conversation, and as she takes a seat I come to mine.

“What’s wrong?” She asks, as I’m backing away from her. Something’s not right, her scent’s off. Fighting against the urge, the pull, I leave her.

As soon as I’m a good distance away, the attraction is instantly gone.

We have a don’t ask, don’t tell principle, but if someone asks, you answer truthfully.

“Pheromones, this came from the oomans from above. They want results, and they want it now.” Yah’tu, explains.

“You’re forcing unions, where is the integrity in that?”

The integrity lies in the greater good, I know what you long for Da’sal. We all long for it, every yautja... male and female.”

I’d come to his home, and demanded answers. He takes a seat, motioning for me to join him.

“We’re a dying breed, we need the sun.”

“We have light.”

“We need direct contact with it, this plant diet isn’t enough.We’re weaker than the full bloodied yautja’s.”

“Why do the humans care so much about our numbers?”

“Now you’re asking the right questions. They want an army, to take over from above.”

“When, in fifty to a hundred years?”

“The breeding program has been ongoing, since the humans merged with us.”

“There’s not that many of us down here.”

“Yes, something to ponder on.”

Joining the other’s for training, I’m late and almost didn’t show. The females are clothed, and not participating. They watch from the sidelines.

I don’t even care why, searching for her, she’s watching me, and thinking that I should go back out the door, my friend approaches, tossing a sword at me.

“I thought that you wouldn’t show, they say that you’re like the humans from the other clan, you prefer males.”

His sword clashing with mine, I take advantage of his good nature, and take an extra swipe at his head.

“Ah... anger, then it must be true.”

Pushing him away, when he atracks again, he laughs heartily at my expense.

“Your human looks lonely, maybe i’ll invite her over tonight.”

“Do as you wish with her.”

“Maybe I will, she’s very pleasing to look upon.”

Another look in her direction, and I almost take a hit. “Are you not satisfied with your human?”

“Of course, my human’s well on her way to carrying my child. They want us to breed them, and so we are.”

“How do you know about that?”

“We’re not stupid, they bring a harem of females to us, asking us to train them, for what?”

He’s tiring too quickly, and I let up, slowing down to match his pace.

“Haven’t you noticed, where has your head been? The group is larger, by fifteen more females.”

Vua’s been my friend since we were young yautja’s, and his smile slowly vanishing, followed by confusion, before his hand goes to his heart, more than concerns me.

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