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The U'darahje: Da'sal

Chapter 3

Amara, she’s been joining me at night, when everyone’s sleeping. It’s quiet in the caves, as she kneels in front of me.

Letting her examine me, she runs her hands over my arms, before studying my nails. Touching my face, she’s unsure as she surveys my mane.

I silently give my approval, and her fingers carefully paw their length. A highly sensitive appendage, her light caresses arouses a sexual reaction.

Alarmed at this need, that I’ve kept tempered for so long, I stop her inspection. “I’m sorry.” She says, as if she’d done something wrong.

“You examine me, as if you don’t have a personal interaction with my kind.”

“He doesn’t let me touch him, like that.”

“Your relationship is only physical, then?”

“No, he just doesn’t like to be examined I guess.”

I know what we’re capable of, how we can connect with each other, I wonder if he’s made the connection that marks the soul.

Sitting across from me, she settles in for our nightly session. “Guan.”

“Night.” She replies.

ater.” I state, testing her.



“Yeyin, who was that girl that I saw you with?”

Her question comes from out of nowhere, and I’m trying to find her an answer. “I see... a mate?” She Inquires, of my quietness.

“If she was my mate, you would be the first to know.”

“Lucky me...”

She’s jealous, and i’m pleased. “What’s her name?”

“Are you here to talk about her, or attempt to learn something?”

That last part ruffled her feather’s, and i’m graced with the “evil eyes”.

“Tell me about your family.” Those beautiful eyes peering back at me through slits, says it all. She’s done with lessons for the night, and I don’t want her to leave early.

Exhaling loudly, her posture becomes relaxed. “My mom passed when I was seven, and my dad and aunt raised me.”

“No brother’s or sisters?”

“An only child, like you.”

She’s from a planet similar to ours, a place where her people are recruited for the hunt. Per her, they thrive on greed, a constant need that cannot be filled. Monetary gain motivates them, it feeds their purpose. “A pathetic reason for being alive, if you ask me.”

“Yeah, but no one’s asking you.”

Her mate, the human... His tone is usually borderline disrespectful, when he addresses me. “Da’sal’s right, we work for the almighty dollar, so that we can attain frivolous material things, until death.”

“Well now we’re here.. doing what? What is our purpose?”

“I don’t know, I’m just enjoying the moment.” Replies, Amara.

He’s right, we rise everyday to train, join the humans in their festivities, and for what? To give life to half-breeds, for their agenda, is that my purpose?

Amara’s taken me with her, when she visits her mate’s brother. He’s very welcoming and doesn’t question our relationship. I like him, he’s become a good friend, gifting me with a cloak, a device that makes me unable to be seen, and other various weaponry.

Amara’s inside with Aduih’s mate, while we’re enjoying a drink of C’ntlip outside. “Is this going to be your home forever?” I inquiry of him.

Taking his time answering, he take a few more drinks. “For now, until my child is born, and then we’ll go back up.”

“Do you not fear for your child?”

“Yes, but courage means, that I’m afraid, but I do it anyways. My child is a yautja, it doesn’t matter that his mother’s a human, yautja blood gives him life, and he’ll live as one.”

I’m embarrassed... but anger replaces it. “As should you.” He adds.

“Are you two going to share, I’m not the one that’s pregnant.” Says Amara, as she and Giselle joins us.

Taking the sack from me, she takes a small sip, before passing it to Aduih. Taking one last drink, it’s placed in my hands, before he joins his wife.

“I’m going back up, for a couple of days.” She says, reclaiming the sack.

I’m going to miss her. “But, before I go, I want to share something with you.”

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