The U'darahje: Da'sal

Chapter 4


“You decided to forgo the pheromones?”

“Yes, I’m sorry. I was doing what I was told to do.”

After training, I’d gone to visit Vua, he’s bedridden, and Tamlin greets me, as I’m existing his home. “What are you doing here?”

“I was bringing him something to make him feel better.”

“What?” I ask, as her hands are empty.


I don’t care for her, but I feel as if something was taken from me. She was given to me, she belonged to me. “You have a good day, Da’sal.” I’m dismissed, and the feeling’s odd.

I don’t know why, but loneliness must have drove me to accept her invitation,

“Why’d you bring him?” Tamlin’s friend, her attempt at whispering is in vain. An assembly of fifteen, she’s huddled together in a group of four, the springs is our destination, a vapor filled tube’s being passed around, and an hour into it, from my observations, the effects seem to dull the senses.

“What do you mean, why’d I bring him?”

“Forgive her, she’s from the “you know what” colony.” The dark haired one explains to the group.

“What’s that’s supposed to mean?”

“A Yautja-lover, it’s so disgusting... how do you even let them touch you?” Says, one.

“He hasn’t touched me...”

“But you’re supposed to let him right?”

“What...?” Inquires another.

“Yeah, I overheard my father talking about it. The Zure community are now required to have sex with them, it’s mandatory.”

“It’s more than that, we’re creating bonds.” Tamlin’s trying to defend the edict, which isn’t being received well.

“Bonds... you’re being pimped out to aliens, you can’t make this shit up.”

“Naly, that was way harsh...” Reprimands, the friend.

“It’s the truth, look at it... it’s hideous.”

Their gazes falling to me, I stare back at them, my eyes lingering on the one that called me ugly. So says the female, that’s built like a tree. She has no room to talk...

Turning their backs to me, Tamlin’s watching me for a reaction. Finally, her friend forces her to turn away from me, and I leave. I don’t even know why I came, wandering the lower levels of the caves, I find myself following her scent.

I’m watching her from the entrance as she disrobes, and enters the water. The females in the community walk around unclothed all day, without any effects on me. The water glistening on her body, causes my skin to warm, and a tightening in the lower part of my body.

I have to look away for a moment, before i’m able to actually enter the room. She doesn’t hear my approach, my voice loud echoing off of the cave walls, frightens her. “You scared me!”

We’ve spent many weeks together, and in that time we’ve made a connection. She’s accepted me, allowing me to take liberties with her body, without fully making her mine. She calls me her friend, all of her sexual conquests bear the same label. I plan on forcing her to do away with it, when it comes to me.

I know that we’re much more than that, and she’ll have to accept it, I’ll make her accept it.

Returning back from her visit from up top, she’s unsettled, and vengeful. Snapping at me with her words. I’d taken her to my home, and she’d examined the images of my family, the furniture, paintings. She has a habit of making a long study of things, even touching the wall.

Entering my mother’s room, she goes to a drawing of me. I’ve left it as it was, when she moved on into the next world. “She was an artist?”


“She was talented.”

She doesn’t verbally acknowledge my pain, as I keep it well hidden. Taking my hand as she exits, she gives it a gentle squeeze. “Following her to my rooms, she does a long scrutiny of the ornamentation, before running and diving onto the bedding arranged in a corner of the room. “Oh my god... this is amazing! I don’t know how you all get the cloth to be so soft, but it’s like sleeping on clouds!” She says, burying her face in the bedding.

I’m silent watching her, as she flails about on the coverings. Her shoes are kicked off, and she invites me to join her. Beckoning me with a smile, I go to her, and pulling me to her, I take in her scent. I love her fragrance...

The urge to sample her flesh is overpowering, and suppressing this need, I instead taste her skin. Her fingers exploring the sensitive parts on my head, I lose control ripping at her clothing. She’s alarmed for just a moment, her excitement coursing through my body, from her fingers locked in my mane.

Her clothing’s shredded, as we both attempt to remove them. Her fingers working their magic again, I have no self control. She’s leading me, and I accept my role. I receive her urging, her directions, and I obey... My tongue slowly making it’s way down past her stomach, her legs tremble, I can smell the dew between her thighs. Begging me to stake my claim, but I cannot, instead I do what I can... taking my pleasure from giving her pleasure.

A visit to Aduih’s, and some c’ntlip later, we’re above ground. “Before I go, I want to share something with you.” Her words to me, before she led me to the another part of the community. A part that I’d yet to explore, it’s in our community, A back way that leads up above.

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