The U'darahje: Da'sal

Chapter 5

An epidemic, it spread like wildfire. I’d used the secret exit, to gain access to the underground community, to visit my friend.

“They’re tainted... all of them...”

“Who?” I inquire.

“The females, the humans...”

It’s an effort, to even speak. His health is dwindling, and he’s fading fast.

“Yah’tu... he knows...”

He loses consciousness, and my fist making contact with the wall, a hole emerges.

Going to Yah’tu’s home, he’s not there. I wait, and when he doesn’t appear, I spend the night in the caves. Going to his home again in the early hours, it’s apparent that he hasn’t been there all night.

I pack a few things, from my home and taking one last look at it, a commotion causes me to draw my sword.

My brother’s and sisters are engaged in various battles with the humans. The strong are trying to help the weaker to safety.

A shout in my direction, and I cut down the human charging me. A few more come for me, and it’s an easy task of dispatching them.

Joining the fight, it’s mayhem as more humans descend upon us. Cutting them down this time takes longer, as a few of us fall at their hands.

We mange to reduce their numbers, and the rest flee. “They’ll be back.” Says one.

“What’s going on here, why are the humans attacking us?” I ask.

“They came for the sick, taking them and not bringing them back.”

“Where were they taking them?”

“Above, Yah’tu tried to interfere and they killed him, that’s what sparked this.”

“We have to go.” Says another, helping one to his feet.

Bile spews from his mouth, and he falls. “We have nowhere to go, at least not with them.” States a male, referring to the ill.

“He’s right.” One of the sick, and the others agree.

Searching for Vua, he’s not here, and I head in the direction of his home. “He’s not there, they took him.” Hetyl, says.

“Take us where you went.” He adds.

“You’re the one that left?”

“Where did you go?”

Where were you?”

Their questions come quick and fast, and I’m more than willing to help, but where will I take them?”

It’s a problem that I don’t want, but these are my people, It’s my duty.

“Who are all of these people?”

I didn’t want to hide them underneath my home, so we built homes, and we have our own clan.

We’d built a wall, which is monitored day and night. We’d assisted the sick in moving on to the other life, before coming up. We don’t want to be bothered, and we’re thriving, while getting to know this new world above.

Amara has had her child, she’d been away for a few moon cycles, and returning, she and aduih were escorted in by a guard.

“My people.” I answer, as Aduih leaves her in my care.

“The ones from below?”


“Why would you bring them up here? It’s bad enough that you’re here, the clan tolerates you...”

“Your words are insulting, we belong up here.”

“I’m just saying, I don’t want anything to happen to you, because of them.”

“I’m their leader, what happens to them, happens to me.”

The worry showing on her face, I pull her close. It’s been a long time since I’ve held her, and lifting her into my arms, I can hear her heart quicken.

I love her, and taking her to my room, I show her just how much.

I’d taken satisfaction from her before, but never in this way. My first time being with any female, and the gratification’s immense. The walls of her sex tightening, squeezing my staff, I’ve never felt anything like this before.

Her body moving in tune with mine, I have to keep a firm hold on her, as she’s not adjusting well to my length. Slowing my pace, the sharp bite of her nails digging into my skin ceases. Her body’s no longer tense, and her grip relaxes.

Beneath me, her body gives mine pleasure, her essence fully opening, It’s an effort to not surrender to her charms. Her skin’s soft, as my hand slowly runs the expanse of her stomach. Reaching it’s destination, my fingers close around her throat.

A murmur of approval from her, and her legs lock around me, drawing me deeper into her center. Her hips keep pace with my rhythm, the warm wetness of her sex sending waves of pleasure through every fibre of my being.

“Amara...” I state in warning, as I don’t want this to end.

With an enticing smile, she stops her torture all together. “I’m not going anywhere.” She says, moving quickly from my grasp. Forcefully pushing me back on the bedding, she’s atop me, her lips slowly making their way downwards.

Her entrance brush against the top of my stalk, and unable to control myself, I gently lower her down my length. “Da’sal...!:” She whispers, when her limit has been reached.

The roll of her hips gyrating steadily, the silky pulsating pull of her sheath, it’s pure ecstasy. The intensity of our copulation is overwhelming, and holding her hips still, I pause our session. “Don’t do that...” She admonishes. Retaking control, she rides me with a strong passion, eager to please.

Her strokes forceful and hard, her tempo increases, and I warn her with a low growl, to cease her reckless behavior. Her fingers finding their way into my locs, the rush of energy from her to me, it’s a plethora of sexual stimulus.

An overabundance of pleasure, I’m unable to hold back anymore... I release my seed into her womb.

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