The U'darahje: Da'sal

Chapter 6

“You’ve only been here a few days...”

“I know, but I have to get back. I can’t leave my child, for so long.”

“You’re welcome to bring him with you, I’ll keep you safe.”

“Vata won’t allow that, maybe you could move closer.”

“You know that I can’t.”

“I’ll be back.”




“Two days...” She replies, with a smile.

I don’t want her to go, but she has to, leaving me in a state of agitation, her words concern me. “Move closer.” How are we supposed to make this work?

I won’t live separately from my children, apparently none of us thought this through enough. He won’t leave his clan, and neither will I, so we have a dilemma. And so, I go about trying to resolve this issue.

Hunting Tillk, a large horned beast, who’s meat we favor, four in number, we slowly stalk the herd. Quietly, and light footed, we come upon them. Each of us with eyes on our prey, I silently give my approval for the attack.

Spears at the ready, we bombard them, and taking down two, the other’s flee. Together we work to bring down a third, it’s fast, and two hunters going to the trees, Aiyia and I stay on the ground.

Pursuing the creature, it catches up to the the herd, and it seems that we’ve become the prey. The herd’s turned on us, split into two groups, they have us surrounded.

A few aggressive snorts, and feet stamping, we look to each other, raising our spears. We’re in agreeance, we’ll take a few with us. In unison, they charge us. The sound of wave blasts echos around us, and the beasts closest to use fall.

Confused, our attackers scatter, and not sure what exactly happened, we examine the fallen. Perfect holes in the heads of five. We don’t see them, but we can sense their presence.

“You desire their flesh, and they desire yours.”

The voice comes from the trees, and after a careful watch, I can see him.

“Show yourself!” Demands Aiyia.

He moves to another tree, before dropping soundlessly to the ground. She’s still looking to the trees, and tapping her shoulder with my weapon I show her his position. Coming closer, he appears before us, and she’s enamored of his size. Her weapon’s lowered, and she’s taken a nonthreatening posture.

“Why are there so many of you? Where do you come from?” He inquires.

“That’s of no concern of yours.”

“So there are more of you.”

It’s a statement, and knowing what will come next, he doesn’t disappoint.


Unsure, Aiyia still doesn’t raise her sword. Moving closer, the stench of death is upon him, fresh blood. Our brother’s can’t be heard, and they would have appeared by now.

The crack of his whip’s quick, and rolling out of it’s way, it lashes the air near my head. Brandishing a weapon, he fires, pinning Aiyia to the nearest tree. Wrist blades extended, he attacks, and using my spear, i’m able to counteract his assaults.

“Ah...!” Aiyia’s screams, commands my attention, the net’s closing in on her tightening, glowing as it draws nearer. As it slices her skin, something sharp pierces my shoulder. The yautja’s right blade digs deeper, and the other’s raised to take my head. I raise my spear to his stomach, ripping the flesh on the way up, his deep bellow’s louder than Aiyia’s wails.

The blade’s pulled from my shoulder, and backing away from me, I throw my spear. A strangled roar as it pierces his chest, I close the distance between us, forcing him to his knees. Retrieving my spear, I drive it through his heart.

“There were two others, they didn’t follow me, but they were watching.” I address the assembled mass, they wanted answers for the dead hunters.

“Who’s to say, that you didn’t do this?”

I’d brought Aiyia back, a pile of chopped up flesh, and returning to search for our brother’s, they were hanging from the trees, reduced to prey, skinned.

“What would have been my motive?” I answer.

“The lust for the hunt has drove you mad.”

“We all crave the hunt, but not like this, this is barbaric, my own people? I have plenty to hunt, I wouldn’t have brought you up here for this.”

“Da’sal saved us, he could have left us down there, is this the honor that we bestow upon him, lies.. accusations?” Says Hetyl, his words silencing them.

“They’ll search for us, they’ll find us, and we’ll be ready. I add, taking my leave of them.

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