The U'darahje: Da'sal

Chapter 7

Oerds - Yautja horses - my made up word -

Adhuin - Ad Who win

Chapter Text

The days are long, and the nights even longer, following the trail left by the humans, we end up twenty one moon cycles away from our clan. The journey was worth it, we’ve located their base. They don’t hide, they live above ground with another clan. We’d been watching them the entire morning, no walls to protect them, and we find out why. Hidden in the trees, they’d been watching us, watch them.

“How are they able to keep this place hidden?”

Vua looks well, he’s been modified. Now he stands the length of an untainted Yautja. The sick Yautja’s were being modified, and now they request that I deliver my clan to them. They want to do the same to us, so that we can become their soldiers, bring down the Yautja’s that rule this land, one clan at a time.

“A cloak, over the entire compound.”

Taking in the entire compound, it’s immense. “How many are there?” I inquire.

“Enough, to destroy every clan on Prime, I suspect.”

“Is this our fight?” I ask, of him.

“It is..., accept this union with the humans, so that our clan can be safe, and your little ones can be safe.”

We’d been transformed also, a revision that made us sick to the point of death. Days... many moon cycles spent away from our people, as we recover. We’re released, given gifts of weapons, and a herd of Oerds, beasts for us to travel on. The agreement has been made, the humans are our ally.

Returning home, we receive favorable and negative results. I send the ones for the alterations to the humans, and the ones against it take counsel with me.

“There’s nothing wrong with us, to accept this change, acknowledges that we are lesser!”

“I am the same, no matter my size...” I state.

“No, now you’re an abomination!”

“This will guarantee that we’ll live in peace with the other clans. Our brothers nearby, not all of them agree with their leader concerning our right to live as one of them, to even be alive.”

“And he only agrees because he’s bred a half-breed!”

The small gathering of resisters are hard to appease, and we just might have to abandon them, send them on their way, into a world that does not want them.

“You’re supposed to lead us!”

I thought that’s what I was doing...


“What the hell happened to you?”

Aduih as Amara’s escort, is silent, his eyes given evidence of mistrust, and disturbance.

“Did you all hit a growth spurt or something? Which is hard to believe, because it’s too late in the game to be...”

“Would you leave us, Aduih?” I interrupt her ranting.

“Shall I wait at the gate?” He asks, exiting without waiting for a response.

“Now that was just rude, he’s your friend.”

“And not one of us...”

“Whoa... What’s going on?”

My trust in her is too generous, I don’t know if I should discuss the affairs of the clan with her. She’s mated to the leader, of our enemy.

Her questioning gaze, turns to exasperation, as she waits for my response.

“Are you serious right now?”

“Let me enjoy you, our issues shouldn’t worry you.”

An incredulous huff from her, and she heads to the door. “You have to understand my position.” I say, stopping her from leaving.

“Da’sal, I came to see you, not to argue.”

“Then see me...”

I was able to get her to stay with me longer than two days at a time. She’d left me, and returned with her son, a handsome child. “He’s growing quickly.” I note of his size.

Watching him with the young one’s, he’s three times their length, but he’s the younger of the group. Adhuin, he’s a fast learner, strong and full of life.

I knew this happiness would be short lived, as Amara didn’t get the father’s consent to bring him here.

Following me to the gate, Vata’s let in. “Where are they?”

“Safe, with me and my people.”

Take me to them.” He demands.

Leading him to Amara and his child, he gather’s him up into his arms, and proceeds to leave with him.

“What are you doing?”

She’s reaching for him, and is pushed away. “You can stay, but my child goes with me, he’s to not leave the clan again, do you understand?”

“I should be able to take him, wherever I please.”

“Do you understand me, Amara!” His raised voice, alerts the guards, and weapons are raised. Motioning for them to lower them, Vata’s insulted. “What’s happened to you all?” His gaze wandering over all of us, he notices for the first time, our height.

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