The U'darahje: Da'sal

Chapter 8

She doesn’t know what to say, her response is silence. Vata’s given her a choice, her son and him or me.

I’d left his question unanswered, and she’d done the same for his stipulation.

“You’ll choose us, or I’ll force you too.”

His rage filled threat is received with low growls, and a few words of disdain.


Going to him, she takes his hand. “I’m going with you.”

Her words hurt, but I’m relieved that she didn’t say “I choose you”, there’s hope.

Looking back at me, one last time, before she exits the gate, she doesn’t need to say anything, her eyes says it all.

I love her too.

Strange, for the last of the clan to not return to us, after many moons spent away, and even stranger still, for Aduih to be at our gates.

Receiving him with an embrace, he delivers a written correspondence.

I love you, so please don’t think ill of me, and the choices that I’ve had to make. I’m unable to do as Vata has requested, and choose between you both, so I’ve had to choose the next best thing, the only other option. I’ve chosen my people, and our children.

I’ll raise them, in the ways and traditions of the yautja, and ensure that they know you both, their fathers. Don’t worry, I’ll be taken care of, and we’ll be safe.

I love you...”

Our children...?

“My brother received a similar letter, she left... if you know where she went, tell me, so that I can bring her back.” Says, Aduih.

Her people... the humans... she couldn’t have known where the others are.

Going back to the human colony, my people are nowhere to be seen. Watching the guards, and the scouts for them, my request as to their placement is denied.

“Is my friend Vua available?”

My chaperone around the colony, a female, dark of skin, attractive and of great height for a human.

“He’s indisposed at the moment.” She says, accepting a letter from a messenger.

“But I can be of assistance...” Another female, of small height, lighter skin tone, and a brash personality, interrupts us.

“Da’sal, this is Joy, my assistant. She can answer any additional questions that you have.” Promptly taking her leave of us, Joy’s smiling invitingly at me.

“You’re Amara’s friend, right?”

“She’s my mate.”

“And you’re probably like her other mate, afraid to take another to mate.”

“Actually no, a second mate is the answer to an issue that I have.”

“Well... Da’sal, maybe I can be of assistance to you after all.”

I heard her offer, but someone has my full attention... Giselle, Aduih’s mate.

She’s the head of the human colony, and she was able to tell me about my people. They’re in battle with the ancients, the city of Zhen, the heart of the yautja. Weapons, scientific discoveries, and so much more, stems from there.

“Recall them!′ I demand, of her revelation.

“The order has been given, and it stands.”

Beckoning to the guards, they surround me. Drawing my weapon, I wait for their attack.

“You’re a friend to us, Da’sal. We have no quarrel with you, but I must ask that you leave us. Your people will be returned to you, when the war is over.”

Amara wasn’t there, per Giselle, and they sent me on my way, without my people. Returning home, Vata and his people are waiting outside of our gates. It’s a multitude, a horde of warriors, and I know that this can’t be only his people.

No greeting, just...

“Will you stand with us?”

I don’t hesitate, I take his offered arm.


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