The U'darahje: Da'sal

Chapter 9

Semi moon cycle is 6 months

Chapter Text

The command was given, Zhen was the first to be attacked, and then came the order for all clans on Prime to be exterminated. This was being planned from the start, when the humans were forced to go underground.

Never has there been a battle like this, destroying our brother’s, my people. But it must be done, the humans are out of control.

Twelve clans united as one, we work as mercenaries on our traveling beasts. We aide our brothers, clan after clan, we help them to eliminate the human warriors. Our destination, Zhen...

A loud shout goes up all around me, as the last warrior of our enemy falls, at the hands of Vata. A warrior, bearing my clan’s mark, his head’s discarded like vermin. No time to rest, we take to our beasts, riding hard into the night.

Zhen greets us, with the dawn, smoke billowing from buildings, war cries, and looking to the sky, a battle’s ongoing from above. How they were able to hold out for a half a semi moon cycle, speaks volumes of their combat skills.

Joining the battle, we attack from behind, as Zhen holds the fortress from the front. We fight until there’s no one left standing. The fighters from above retreat, and we’re called upon to assist with the disposal of the dead.

Returning home, there’s not much to return home to. Most of my people were sent to war, and may moons pass, before a few start to come back to us.

“I’ve been sent to you as a gift, a thank you for your support.” The human female, Joy. One has to give her credit for her perseverance. She’s beautiful, but I’m only concerned with one female right now.

“It’s a shame that i’ll have to send it back.”


I’d left my people, I’d gone in search of her. Back down below, to the humans still living below ground. Where else would she have gone?

She’d made the caves their home, a part that was sectioned off and claimed as hers.

“My own clan...” She says, with a smile.

Her stomach’s full to bursting, and Adhuin’s grown immensely over the past few moon cycles.

“Does he know where you are?” I inquire.

“Not yet.”

“Shouldn’t you tell him?”

“I will, soon... but i’m afraid.” She replies, quietly.

“He should know where his son is.”

“I know.”

She’s quiet the entire journey to Vata’s clan, and upon reaching our destination, Vata’s waiting. I’d told Aduih, so that Vata would expect our arrival. He’s not ill at ease with her, instead he’s grateful and considerate of her condition.

Thanking me for returning her, I make my solicitation. She’s resting in his home, and Adhuin’s by his side as I make my appeal.

“Soon i’ll be a father, Amara’s not going to leave our child, and neither am I. So if it is your will, I am asking to become one with the Vohtou clan.”

“And what of your people?”

“They come with me, but will remain separate.”

“If I say no, Amara will give me no peace. If I agree, your clan will come under my rule, they will no longer answer to you.”

His demand is easy to accept, I never wanted to lead.

“I’ll require a second little one, before yours.”

“And yet, you’ll have to wait your turn.” He responds.

We both have a light chuckle, before I accept his arm.

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