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Sunlit sky

By Fallenangel

Drama / Romance


A twilight fan-fiction story.

Setting post breaking dawn however some events have been changed in this story Victoria  has never been killed James however did die but was resurrected by a woman known as Amy who will make an appearance. 


The corridor was cold ancient and timeless decorated in various tapestry's and artworks belonging to ancient times, times which had become lost forgotten by man throughout the ages, under the cities devoid of life our world grew quit and still like the icy flickers of an eternal winter, time had become meaningless here it was such a mortal mechanism at one point I had acknowledged times significance now it was a shadow a mortal compass belonging to the simple child like creature I had once been. It had been many years since I had marveled at times capacity to tear apart the mortal vessel and leave behind such a quivering hungry spirit desperate to breath once more to feel just a flicker of mortal desire.  My eyes roamed the stillness passing with vague appreciation across a beautiful sculpture depicting mans fall from grace, women it would seem were more devout in their faith unperturbed and less eager to fall into temptation. Cool air danced across my skin flesh which had long since forgotten the mortal bounds of cold and heat idly I would wonder what it would be like to feel once more to endure the chilling cold and dazzling heat yet these were passing notions quick to slither back to the dark recess of my mind to the time before, when I had been such a weak pretty thing so timid and breakable. Slowly I crossed the elaborate tiles illuminated only by candlelight and flickering shadows a quick turn led me to the inner sanctum beyond the patterns of torn and swirls I would find the Volturi's seats, three chairs fit to be thrones dominating a large circular room enriched with marble and decor fit for any king. I was many things but foolish was not, to be summoned at such a time was never a good thing the Volturi would never favor the likes of my breed, resilient and free everything power attempted to suppress. I quickened my pace one should never keep them waiting only a fool would delay. My feet swiftly covered the long space carrying me to that door my heels clicking echoing loudly in the stillness the only sound in a room filled with nothing. My ears ricked ringing with the noise if I wished to I could hear the quiet murmurings the greedy lick of tongue against flesh the dance of lovers over the paling corpse of their last meal and the screams loud to begin full of life and struggle until they faded becoming nothing more than distant echos lost in time.The thoughts of it set my throat aflame greedy and hungry for their beautiful elixir so sweet and soothing caressing the never ending inferno encasing my body quelling my want. Finally my fingers clasped that handle so mundane and yet so final with a breath a pressed inside initially the light here was stronger taking my vision by sheer surprise before settling. The door thudded behind me the hollow bang filling the silence sharply a  sliver of pride caused my lips to twitch James had always declared me a tad dramatic oh but to see that fleeting look of annoyance cross dear Aro's face so thrilling. Their eyes watched me cool feeling the lack of any physical human reaction was sharp to be immortal for so long I wondered how one could enjoy it, loneliness was a curse all of its own I could not envision a worse fate to be eternal but alone such as the three regarding me, for a moment a flicker of pity tugged at my gut before Aro's gaze met mine. Such coldness such disinterest the flicker died. Stony faced Cauis and Marcius waited no doubt awaiting Aro to speak first I was under no illusion despite their eerie calm and tendency to allow Aro to speak they themselves were just as powerful just as brutal again a flicker of dread pulled at me. James had wanted to accompany me eyes encased with worry and concern I had all but forced him to remain outside, to appear weak before the Volturi would never benefit me.Yet my eyes scanned Cauis memories rising unbidden before me how long had it been "Victoria" Aro's smile was sickening chalky skin stretching almost unnaturally across his face as though the action had been long forgotten and now was forced and sloppy. I suppressed the urge to shudder concealing my disgust with a sickeningly sweet smile of my own teeth flashing ever so slightly "Aro" my head inclined gently a mockery of respect. To my left I could sense Jane stiffen scarlet eyes rich with the urge to hurt and shatter. Where there was Jane there was Alec my gaze slithered towards him a flash of hunger and desire how amusing  Alec had always harbored such tender feelings towards me.A small smile just for him it was always a delight to see Jane so flustered sure enough her fingers twitched face stony bar the ripple of quick annoyance ah Jane such a pretty little thing too bad for her lack of humor. The continuing smile Aro gave me pulled me attention back skin ricking with unease such a smile harbored. I never was one to enjoy being cornered this summoning had me on edge and the silence "You summoned me" soft with a flicker of annoyance the smile widened impossibly far chalky skin glowing in the light. It was unnerving how ancient Aro appeared unlike my own marble flesh his had become almost waxen like a decaying corpse refusing to break apart and fall. "Of course dear child" this time I allowed the shiver to curl down my spine to take strength as he drifted closer almost bored the others watched on yet Jane seemed excited a ripple of amusement passing across the other wise marble facade. "I have not summoned you out of chance dearest Victoria" crimson depths circling closer predatory and harp instinctively I almost stood back pride halted my movement.  "Of course" again my head bowed almost relieved so this was not something James had feared, it was true that our habits had caused a few incidents int he past my lover had feared that the Volturi had caught on to our patterns and that punishment would ensue it would seem his fears were unfounded the breath left my lungs a little easier with the knowledge."My dearest child I request a favor of you something small untaxing no doubt a woman of you skill would have no objections" if anything the relief was more apparent this time and yet my stomach clenched suspicious I regarded the man I had an inkling that this task would undo me if I was not careful "Of course anything for you Aro" another inclination as the elder vampire surged closer almost manic now that I had apparently accepted my faith. Pleasure was not the right word for the pure emotion surging through his dark red eyes "Of course this is so very good of you Victoria" his tone changed becoming gentle almost soft it reminded me of a time long ago when I had been nothing more than a youngling on this path "I have foreseen certain complications involving the Cullen's" a cause to gauge my reaction almost smug as the anger stirred across my features the Cullen's how could I forget the ones who shattered my heart tearing my beloved my mate from my side had it not been for my  eyes evaded his expectant  gaze "this does not surprise me" another smile this one seemed more practiced "Ah yes I am aware of your past indiscretions involving their family you will perhaps enjoy your task then" my muscles tensed expectant almost excited "My task is simple kill the Cullen girl the youngest in their dreadful hoard" I froze Jane's amused smirk catching my gaze I had of course heard of the child's birth it had been a thing of great speculation, at the time I had been mourning still moving throughout great cities with no cause for continuing all until I had met the bronze haired girl one who had given me my darling James once more.Did Aro expectant me to kill a child an innocent and yet those eyes were expectant almost taunting me to refuse   like face.  Vengeance was uncalled for now that James was by my side once more i had more or less forgotten the Cullen's uncaring of what transpired next this task would only change my path how could I be a monster to kill a child was not something to be done lightly and yet. Aro smirked while Cauis tensed almost as though he wised to step forward. "Do not fail me daughter"almost pleading Aro's face consumed my vision it had been so long since I had that endearment many years since he had guided me and pressed his tender affection upon me. Unbidden the need to please rose within me if I did not comply my life would be forfeit and yet if I killed an innocent surly my soul would suffer.My head hung in acceptance "Of course father" his lips quirked into a genuine smile hands reaching to pass across my cheek the touch so fleeting it was as though it had never existed. "Perfect" finality is such a dreary thing without any more words I bowed hurrying to escape that room ignoring the eyes the jeers. My chest hurt in a way it had not before as I hastened my steps coming to a halt outside. The scents of Italy consumed me comforting and sweet I breathed ignoring the human urge to vomit. Warm air caressed my face almost as though it were attempting to quell my pain abruptly two strong arms crushed me to a firm chest. My instinct was to reach out and hurt until I inhaled that familiar fragrance James. "Are you alright?" such concern such love my fingers trialed across his face in reverence I needed to fulfill this task failure would mean that he would be taken from me Aro always liked to torture the heart first. Ignoring the sickening guilt curling across my skin I smiled "It is time for us to hunt darling" his arms tightened around me lips dropping to press a quick kiss to my temple "As you wish" his palm met mine fingers linking together as we merged into the night. I would not lose him again innocents be dammed. 

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