Sakura Train

Goth Cupid

Chapter Seventeen: Goth Cupid:

Lucy crawled on Jared’s back and kissed him on the neck. “Babe.”

Her husband gently pushed her off. “Yeah?”

“I’m bored.”

Jared broke into a naughty smile. “I can fix that.” He pushed her back on their bed. Lucy tapped his nose.

“Well, we can do this too,” she said. “But…” The goth woman sat up. “I need a little help with a project I’m staring.”

Jared gave her a confused looked. “Huh?”

“Come with me.” Lucy climbed off the bed. Jared followed behind.

Lucy knocked on the door of her neighbor’s apartment. She backed when Lenard peeked out.

“Yes?” he asked. Jared kind of looked at his wife.

“Is Tai in?” Lucy asked.

“No…” Lenard said. The goth grinned.

“Good, may we come in?” she asked.


“Thanks.” She dragged Jared into the apartment with her. Lenard stood struggling to speak.


“You want to do what?” Jared asked in their kitchen. Lucy played with her black hair.

“I want to play cupid,” she said. “For our neighbors.”

“Which ones?”

“Tai and Lenard, of course!”

Jared gave his wife a blank stare. “Why?”

Lucy giggled. “Oh, I have my reasons.” Jared narrowed his eyes.

“Which are?” he asked.

“Hot man sex,” his wife said.


Lucy still grinned when she saw the look on his face. “What?”

“You are a dirty,” he said.

“What? I like listening to our neighbors having sex. We need some new blood.” She looked at him like a sweet little schoolgirl. Jared sighed and looked at the ceiling.

“Fine,” he said, groaning. “I will help you out.” Lucy smiled at the table.

“I love you,” she said.

“Yeah, yeah,” Jared said back.


Lucy, Jared, and Lenard sat in Lenard’s kitchen. The host gave them an odd look.

“So,” he said. “What brings you by?” Lucy didn’t even wait.

“What is Tai to you?” she asked.

“A friend,” he said. The goth woman studied his facial expressions. She was certain she saw a little happy flicker in his eyes.

“Uh-huh,” she said. “Do you like him, like him?” Lenard about choked on his juice.

“What?” he asked. Lucy shrugged, smiling.

“I was just wondering,” she said. “You two seem so close. You never know these days. Unless you like women…”

Lenard wrinkled his nose. “No. I prefer men.” Lucy ran her fingers through her head. Good, she thought.

“I figured as much,” the goth woman said.

“Excuse me?” Lenard asked.

“You just gave off that vibe,” Lucy said. Lenard looked at Jared for any sort of sanity. Lucy’s husband shrugged.

“Don’t look at me. I’m just here,” Jared’s eyes said. Lucy didn’t even wait for the dust to settle to bring in the clincher.

“Do you want to be more then friends with Tai?” she asked. Lenard froze. Lucy had the answer she needed as she looked at his face. Cheeks slightly red, gaze slightly off, and hands clenched on the table. Lenard lowered his head.

“Yes,” he admitted quietly. Lucy raised an eyebrow.

“So… what’s stopping you from making a move?” she asked. Lenard pressed his lips together.

“Can I tell you guys something?” he said.

“Sure,” Lucy said. Lenard shifted his eyes back and forth before he took a breath.

“I am transitioning into a man,” he confessed with a trembling voice. Lenard waited for the judgmental looks and harsh remarks.

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