Sakura Train

Violently Happy

Chapter Twenty-Three: Violently Happy:

Hotaru paced around, biting her lower lip. She looked at her cell phone. I hope she can get here just fine, the loli demon thought. Suddenly, someone came up behind her and playfully covered her eyes.

“Oooo,” Hotaru said. “Is that Ryo-chan?” The Shinto priestess giggled as she moved around front.

“Hi,” Ryo said. Hotaru’s heart did little flips in her chest.

“You made it!” she said.

“Of course,” her date said. “Why wouldn’t I?” Hotaru blushed.

“Good point. Where are we going today?”

Ryo nuzzled her on the ear. “Come with me and you shall see.”

Hotaru giggled. “Okay then.” Ryo took her by the hand and led her across the bridge.

Life in the city buzzed around them. Hotaru breathed in the clear air. Ryo looked over her shoulder.

“I’m going to show you my favorite place,” she said.

“Your favorite place?” Hotaru asked.

“Yeah. It’ll be worth it.”


Ryo put up her hand for a taxi. One instantly pulled up to a halt.

“Where to?” the driver asked.

“Koishikawa Botanical Garden,” Ryo said. Hotaru gave her a weird look.

“That’s so far away,” she said as she was pulled into the backseat of the cab. Ryo giggled as the driver pulled away. She turned her attention to her date.

“Miss me?” she asked. The teacher rested her hand on her date’s knee. Hotaru’s eye trailed down at her touch.

“Yes,” she said with pink cheeks.

“How much?” Ryo asked. Her fingers crept up, Hotaru’s frilly black skirt.

“Ooo! A lot.”

“Is that right?” Her fingers found the crotch of her date’s panties. Hotaru jumped at the cloth moving away.

“Yes!” she yelped. Ryo chuckled priestess drew back her hand. Hotaru whipped her hand around.

“W-W-Why did you stop?” she asked. Ryo pressed her forehead against hers, smiling.

“There will be more at the park, sweets,” she whispered. “Just be patient.” She kissed her on the tip of her nose. The loli demon blushed as she nodded.

The cab pulled up to Koishikawa Botanical Garden. Ryo paid the driver before he left. She turned to Hotaru and held out her hand. Hotaru took it with red cheeks. Fireflies floated around them as the women walked down the walkways.

“I’ll take you to my special place,” Ryo told Hotaru. “You’re going to love it.” Her date clutched her hand. The ladies came to a collection of cherry trees. Ryo turned around, smiling.

“Ta-da!” she said. She noticed the odd look on Hotaru’s face.

“Well, okay,” she said. “It looks better in the spring.”

“But why are we here?” the loli demon asked. The miko smiled as she walked up to her potential girlfriend.

“Because,” she said in a husky voice. Ryo kissed Hotaru on the lips. The loli demon felt her spine go stiff. Her hands inched forward to pull her into her arms. Her date smiled as she playfully broke off the kiss, looking down.

“Tell me what you want,” Ryo said. Hotaru’s eyes filled with stars.

“You!” she said. “Please?” The miko licked her lips.

“Good choice,” she said. Ryo unbuttoned her black shirt, one button at a time. Hotaru had her eyes fixed on her chest. The loli demon had to swallow back her drool. Ryo raised an eyebrow.

“What?” she asked. We’ve only gotten started.”

“I’m sorry,” Hotaru said.

“Let me guess, you haven’t gotten laid months, have you?”

“H-H-How did you know?”

Ryo tapped her on the lips. “Well then, we’ll have to fix that.” Her shirt hit the grass. She reached for Hotaru’s short black dress.

The loli demon had almost forgotten how good it felt to have someone else’s hands all over her body as she was being stripped naked. Hotaru closed her eyes and whimpered. Ryo froze with her hands on her bra.

“Am I going too fast?” she asked.

“No, no!” her date said. “Please, don’t stop. It feels nice.”

“Like this?” Ryo asked. She nibbled Hotaru on the neck.

“Oh!” the loli demon moaned as she spread her legs.

“Oh, eager, aren’t you?” Ryo asked. She reached down between Hotaru’s thighs. Her date’s hips bounced back and forth at one touch.

“Easy there,” the miko said. “I haven’t gotten to the good part yet.” She kissed Hotaru on the lips as she slipped her fingers inside. The loli demon nibbled on her lower lip. Her hips bounded with each pump. Ryo slipped her tongue into her mouth. Despite the cool November breeze, she felt her body burning all over.

“More,” she pleaded. “I love you so much!” Ryo licked her on the throat.

“Cum for me,” she whispered. It didn’t even take words for Hotaru to give in her climax.

“Ryo-sama!” she screamed. The loli demon lay in her date’s arms, panting. Ryo looked down, rather curious.

“Are you falling asleep?” she asked.

“Mmm,” Hotaru said. “Can we stay like this? It’s nice out here.” Ryo broke into a little smile.

“Sure,” she said. “Why not?” Hotaru had already gone to sleep. The miko kissed her gently on the forehead.

“Good night,” she whispered. The couple stayed in the park until morning.

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