Sakura Train

Trigger Hippie

Chapter Twenty-Five: Trigger Hippie:

November 19th, 2010.

3:00 p.m.

Katsumi walked up and down his line of victims. All thirty sat in big-eyed terror. Their captor smirked.

“Good afternoon, everyone!” he said in English. “How is everyone?” The people broke into shaking. Katsumi laughed, throwing back his head.

“Aw, why so scared?” he asked. “We’re all friends here, right?”

-Hours Earlier-

“I have a job for you,” Aiguo said. Katsumi and Miki listened in.

“Go on,” Katsumi said. Miki grinned next to him.

“I need you to draw to a couple of shinigami out,” Aiguo said.

“You mean…?” Katsumi began to ask.


“Can we go crazy?”

“Sure. Just pass along this little message to them.”



Miki held the box in her lap. Her hand caressed the black lid.

“Who are we killing first?” she asked. The thirty hostages panicked. Katsumi chuckled.

“Good question,” he said. The boy turned back to their victims. He spotted a cue receptionist sitting on the floor, eyeing them. Beside her sat the much older manager. Katsumi’s mood changed to anger.

“Take him out first,” he said. Katsumi saw his father in the manager’s face. From day one, he looked down upon the teenage couple. The manager talked down to them, tried to have them thrown out, and tried to hit on Miki. The last one tossed Katsumi over the edge. Miki smiled and squealed.

“Good choice,” she said. Miki walked over holding the box. Katsumi whipped out his neck.

“Still think I’m trash?” he asked. “Huh? Huh?!” The manager glared at him.

“Yes!” he snapped. Katsumi gritted his teeth.

“Fuck you!” he barked. The boy slashed the manager in the neck. His blood hit the box and Miki’s face. The box rumbled in her lap. The manager gagged as more blood spilled everywhere.

“Get ready!” Katsumi shouted. Miki howled and laughed. The black oozy smoke darted towards its victim. The manager was reduced to bones. Katsumi licked his lips.

“Who’s next?” he asked. Their hostages didn’t budge.

“Come on,” he said. “Don’t make us choose.”

7:00 p.m.

Miki and Katsumi sat in the motel lobby, eating breakfast. His eyes shifted around the room.

“You remember the plan?” he asked.

“Yes,” Miki said. Katsumi let up his cigarette.

“Good,” he said. The receptionist eyed the couple with unease. Katsumi blew a kiss, making her run into the office. Miki frowned and nudged him in the ribs.

“What?” he asked.

“Cut it out,” she hissed. Katsumi shrugged like an innocent boy.

“Love you,” he said. Miki snorted.


Twenty-nine victims dropped down to nine people. Miki giggled at their work. They had never killed in broad daylight before. The new rush made her jump.

“I love you, baby!” she shouted. Miki blew a kiss at him.

“I love you too, honey!” Katsumi shouted. He killed two more guests as proof.

“Do I make the call now?” his girl asked. He did a quick count of the remaining victims.

“Yea,” Katsumi said, nodding.

“Okay!” Miki giggled as she pulled out her phone.

7:05 a.m.

Miki’s phone buzzed. “Oh.” She reached into her jeans’ pocket and pulled it out.

“That the boss?” Katsumi asked.

“Yep,” Miki said, nodding. “Got the number.” Katsumi clapped his hands.

“Time to get to work,” he said. The boy rose to his feet.


“Is this Tsuzuki-san?” Miki asked on the phone. “We’ve got a little surprise for you!”

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