Sakura Train

Corrupt Karma Police

Chapter Thirty-Four: Corrupt Karma Police:

-Living Realm-

Katsumi sat over coke and sake. He couldn’t get over his loss. Miki… Katsumi replayed her death in his head. Her screaming, her struggling, her remains. He resisted the urge to scream.

“Miki,” Katsumi whispered. Tears streamed down his face. Their toy took his reason for living. He gritted his teeth.

“Bastards!” Katsumi shouted. “Damn them all!” He slammed his fist on the motel desk in his room. The tears wouldn’t stop.

Katsumi looked up at the ceiling. His sorrow began to dull and anger set in.

“She shouldn’t have died! She shouldn’t have died!”

“You’re right,” a voice spoke up. Katsumi looked around.

“Who’s there?” he asked. A hot breath touched his nape. Katsumi jumped out of his chair.

“Relax,” the voice said. “I only want to help you.” Katsumi pulled out his knife.

“Come out and show yourself!” he yelled. A child-version of Miki appeared before him.

“Miki-chan?” Katsumi asked, blinking. The child shook her head.

“No,” she said. “I am not her, but I can help you.”

“You can bring my Miki-chan back?”

“I can’t bring back there dead, but I can help you take revenge.” Katsumi lowered his knife.

“How?” he asked. The child-like Miki smirked.

“Lend me your body,” she said. Usually, he would’ve said no to something like this. Tonight, Katsumi held out his hand.

“Take it!” he said. “Take all of it!”

Miki-chan laughed. “Excellent.” Her claw-like nails stabbed him in the chest. Katsumi gasped as he collapsed on her arm. Miki-chan laughed as she disappeared into his body. Katsumi opened his eyes to reveal a deep red glow.

For three days, there was another murder spree. It began in the early hours of Friday morning. The sun hadn’t even come up when the first victims came to the motel. A man with two hookers came in from a party. Katsumi waited in the abandoned receptionist’s office. He lifted his head when the bell rang.

“Hello?” the man asked outside. “We would like a room, please.” He rang the bell again. “Hello? Is anybody here? Hello? Hello?”

“Do it!” Miki-chan’s voice yelled in Katsumi’s head. The possessed youth race forward with his knife, letting out a violent scream.

For three days, the motel because a death trap. Katsumi had to step over the bodies at one point. He used to enjoy killing people, but now he felt nothing. The only thing driving him was revenge.

“Miki, this is all for you!” he shouted on the third night. His demon who took his body sat back and watched the savage carnage.

By the morning of the fourth day, the news of the carnage reached Meifu.

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