Mytree and Mystree


A story of my OC Mytree and Mystree, read more to find out what happens Um....I dont know what a blurb is but...Enjoy The Story Haha....

Horror / Scifi
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The Night

Let me explain why i am writing this, this is not ordinary. Nor is it worth reading, yet you are going to read it since its human interest. Its what we all do, your not a lone. Well lets get you to the non-fiction story.

I was only 4 at the time when my parents abandoned me and my bigger brother Mystree. He was 2 years older then me and we both were partly wolf and partly human. We had to manage saving each other from the dangers in life. So we waited on the side of the road not knowing any better, you cant blame us we had nothing. It was many many weeks till somebody finally found us and took us home. Though it was a farm it was better then nothing.

We were raised on a farm till the age of 7 and 9, we got kicked out because Mystree always fought with the owners of the farm. We had some profit from that not much though. So we waited and waited yet again wandering what our life will be like now. It was not worth it.

After another year of living on the streets begging for food, we finally got adopted. Our step parents were ok, and funny, and nice. Me and Mystree were 10 and 12 now, this is were it was tough. Mystree and I got in a big fight so he pulled out a knife and stabbed me in the chest. I didnt fight back.

After i was stabbed in the chest i begged to him why did he hurt me. We were twins, and brothers, to be together forever. Was that true...? For me yes, but i still dont know a official answer for Mystree. I ran into the woods with him chasing after me screaming he was sorry.

He fell on the ground crying as i kept running not looking back, and again Mystree yelled my name. It was useless calling for my name. I fell tripping on a rock and hitting a tree, i was unconscious.

All i remember from that one day was a teenager looking person picked me up and carried me to a mansion. I was put into a hospital like bed and treated by this random girl. The man though had a wierd black-ish blue-ish tent of skin, and the girl had grey skin.

I listened them talking about somebody yelling Mytree, and that he was around at the time. He told a guy named Slenderman to go check it out and take him here.

It went dark again

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