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Mia's Diaries: Twilight

By WhiteWillowWItch

Fantasy / Romance


Dear Diary,

Here I am. Forks. Part of me still can't believe I'm here. In this cloudy, rainy, kind of a loney town. I rather wish now to be back home in Lawton, in my room, lying on my bed and just zooming off. But like my grandmother said; "You can't sleep and leave the world move without you" or something like that. But it's true, I couldn't. Ever since my parents died I kept on shuting myself away from everyone. Forks can be my chance to start fresh, make friends and just be normal. But the catch is that I'm not normal. I'm a witch. How can somebody think that's normal. It's not, to humans is supernatural. And they would just laugh in your face. Ah, now I just want to go back home, but I'm already far from it.

My uncle, Noah Forbes, he's the chief of Forks police and his wife, Anna Forbes, is a nurse in Forks Hospital. They have a son, Sean , who is three years older then me and goes to collage in Harvard . Smart kid, I'm telling ya. Last time I saw him was before three years when I was 14 years old. I came with my parents to visit them. He isn't that kind of guy that has his nose in the book the entire time, he's just natural about it and dreams of becoming a professor. Which he definitely will.

I'm not really exicted about moving to Forks. Going to school there and as Grandma said: "You will stay there until you graduate." , so I guess I'm stuck in Forks until graduation, which I hope it will come fast so I can go back to Lawton.


Mia close her maroon diary and locked it. She placed it into her bag that was underneath her feet while her legs were pressed against the box of the car infront of her in the passanger seat. She throwed her black pen inside with it before she sigh and leaned in her seat.

Listening to the music from her black earphones, she watched the trees as they passed by them. Noah, her uncle that picked her up from the airport, glanced at her face that looked like she had no life and her pale face made her look lifeless.

He didn't say anything to her, besides 'Hi', 'How are you been?' and her answeres were very short. The rest of the ride she just kept quite while listening to music. Noah decided it was time to say more then just 'hi' to her, so to get her attention he cleaned his throat.

To his surprise, Mia seemed to hear his attempt of trying to get her attention and her icy blue eyes looked at his hazel eyes before she taked her earphones out of her ear. He expected her to say 'what?' but instead she just stared at him waiting for him to say something.

"How are you?" Noah asked, clearly couldn't think of something else to say to her.

"Fantastic." Mia answered, sarcastically before looking out through the window.

"Well, you could atleast crack a smile. It would suit you." Noah said.

He already starting with his casual voice, knowing that there wasn't such a distance between him and her. She was always a girl that easily relaxed around him, probably because he was that kind of a guy that you can trust and know he will understand you.

"I don't feel like cracking a smile." Mia said back.

"Come on." Noah exclaimed and playfully hit her leg. "Just a little bit." Noah said with teasing voice.

Noah had a teasing smile on his face and without Mia expecting it, Noah started to tickle her stomach. Laugh escaped her lips as she was very ticklish, expecially on her stomach. She laughed, trying to remove his hand, which she successfully did, but only because he had to change gear.

"See, there you go." Noah proudly said.

"Not fair." Mia said, but still keeped a smile on her face.

"Yes, fair." Noah laughed. "Anyway, your books arrived and you will start school in Monday."

"Oh, great." Mia sigh. "Don't worry, I will bring home straight A's." Mia said with a fake smile.

"I won't worry about that."Noah said, glancing at Mia. "Anna will."

"Yey." Mia fakely cheered.

Noah drived his police car towards his house that he shared with his wife Anna that was located almost at the end of Forks where the path lead towards with woods on each side of the road. Mia sat straightly in her seat while looking at the house infront of her.

It hasn't change from the last time she saw it. It still had white walls with porch and light brown door. There was a swinging bench on the right side of the door with light purple pillows on it where a woman with light brown hair and brown eyes sat.

Her eyes immediately filled with excitement as the police car parked in their yard. She got up and started walking towards the car seeing first his husband walking outside and then a girl with long wavy dark brown hair.

"Mia!" Anna spoke.

Mia's icy blue eyes looked at her and a smile unconsciously appeared on her face. Her light pink lips pulled into wide smile, showing her bright teeth. She close the door of the car and skipped-runned slowly towards her, wrapping her arms around her neck.

"I missed you." Mia said, honestly, her voice really showing the same expression she had.

"Aw, dear, I missed you too." Anna said, hugging her closer before pulling away. "Come inside, I'll show you your room."

Anna taked Mia's hand and pulled her four steps up to the porch and insde the house. While, Noah was in charge of taking Mia's three suitcases and her bag from the passanger seat. He sigh in surprise how women's suitcases were always heavy, no matter what light their put inside.

Mia followed Anna up the dark wooded stairs and turned on left. Anna went to the last door on the last and open them. There was an exciting smile on her face while she watched Mia's expression change when she saw the bedroom; in a good way.

"What do you think?" Anna asked, pressing her hands together like she was praying.

"I-it's great." Mia smiled.

There was a double bed pressed against the wall on her left. There were two windows, one was opposite of where she's standing, while the other is opposite from the bed. A closet was in the corner between two windows and on the other corner was a table in L.

There were books on it, probably for the school. The sheets of the double bed were white and dark purple. All the furniture was in the same brown color while the walls were painted in antique parchment color with ceiling in white and a white lamp hanging on it.

Mia stepped inside slowly and sat down on the bed. The mattress sink under her weight but not to much and it was great. She looked one more time around, notcing that the curtains were soft purple tied against to wall giving her a perfect view of the forest from both windows.

"You like it?" Anna asked.

"Yeah." Mia nod.

"This used to be room where you slept when you visited and we renovated in immediately when we heard you will arrive soon." Anna said.

"How did you managed to do this in one week?" Mia asked.

"With miracle." Anna answered, laughing slightly. "We found all the things within five days." Anna said, leaning on the doorframe. "It was like you were ment to come to Forks."

"Yeah. Thanks." Mia thanked and Anna waved with her hand.

"Don't mention it." Anna said. "I needed some company in this house since Noah almost works the entire day." Anna smiled. "I'm glad you are here, Mia. It's nice to see you again."

"You too." Mia smiled.

Soon after, Noah arrived with two suitcases inside Mia's new room and then went to take the last one and Mia's bag. Anna went downstairs to the kitchen to continue cooking dinner for three of them. While Anna started to unpack her suitcases.

She opened her new closer that a lot of space inside. She started to hang her jeans and pants while her shirts she placed on the bottom. She soon heard Noah walked towards her new room, murmuring something under his breath before walking inside her room.

"What the hell did you place into this suitcase?" Noah asked in breathloss as he placed the suitcase on the bed. " A brick?"

"No." Mia answered. "A book."

"A book?" Noah asked, wondering what kind of a book could she put inside that would weight that much.

"It's a witch book." Mia answered.

"Oh, right." Noah nod in aknowledge. "That dusty, old, big book."

"It's not dusty." Mia pointed it out. "It's old book then is given to a witch from generation to generation."

"I never understand you witches." Noah said, placing his hands on his hips.

"There's nothing to understand." Mia said. "We're just silent in your world and that's all you have to know as a Confidant."

Confidant, or also know Secret Keeper, was the person who knew about witches and swear his life to always keep existance of witches a secret to humans. Mia father was one, who married her mother, a pureblood witch. And then her father told Noah and later even Anna found out. And both sweared their life to be Confidants.

"Right." Noah nod. "I got that." Noah exhaled. "Unpack your bags, dinner will be ready soon."


Noah gave her a quick smile before he turned on his heels and left her new room. Mia slightly smiled out of nowhere before she continue putting her clothes in the closet. She opened the third suitcase Noah brought which had three pair of shoes and big, thick, black book.

Mia taked it out, feeling the heaviness of it. She placed the book on her bed and examed it examine it. It had vines imprinted in the corner of the book and all around it, while in the middle there was wicca symbol imprined.

Mia opened the book. The papers were old and were already in the color of pale brown while the words and pictures in the book still had their color, but more paler. Mia sigh before she close it and hit it in her drawer under the closet, covering it with few shirts.

Mia unpacked the rest of her things, while she hid her diary inside the closet between clothes and the wall of the closet. Even through she knew nobody would try to read it because only Mia knew where the key is, she still decided to keep it safe.

After 25 minutes, Anna called her for a dinner. Mia went downstairs, now changed in black sweatpants and a grey sweatshirt. For dinner they ate spaghetti and while they were eating, it wasn't quiet dinner, it was actually very family like.

Noah would talk about what happened on work and so did Anna about her work in hospital. While Mia listened to them and just felt…happy… filled with memories of her family, how she used to spead time with her parents, when they were alive.

Mia felt like she belonged with them and didn't feel any emotion like she was bugging them or making them uncomfortable. She was only atleast one hour with them, and she already felt like she found safety and love with them.

For the first time after long while, Mia knew she will find herself in Forks.

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