Flirting in a Train Compartment


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Chapter 1

(Author's Note: Hi all, I was recently invited to publish on this website from under the same username. It's been a few years since I've written any fanfiction so re-publishing these will be interesting for me! Please read & review! xxx)


"Hey- Lily?" I divert my attention from my closet and turn towards the doorway. I smile welcomingly at my cousin Rose, who leans against my doorframe, wringing her hands and looking slightly nervous. I raise my eyebrows.

"What's up?" I ask, as she looks hesitantly at me.

"This is kind of embarrassing, but I…" She takes a deep breath, then continues. "Well, I'm almost seventeen, and I've had two boyfriends." I inhale sharply, my excitement growing at the prospect of what this conversation is going to turn into. But I know Rose could change her mind at any moment, so I proceed with caution.

"Three," I can't resist reminding her. Nothing like a boost of self-confidence, right? Wrong.

"Andy McLaggen doesn't count. He took me to one party, got drunk, and started snogging some Hufflepuff. Oh. Right. I clear my throat.

"Yeah, and he was a total bastard for giving up his chances with you," I tell her, smiling.

"Yeah, right." Rose pauses, then continues. "Anyway, I didn't come here to talk about my failures." I gulped, wishing I hadn't said anything about Andy. I wait. "But as I'm going into sixth year, well, I kind of wanted to, you know…have a chance with boys. Next year I'm going to be really busy with N.E.W.T.S…well, obviously, I'll be studying and everything this year too! But as I'll be slightly less busy, well, I thought…" She trails off awkwardly, but of course I understand. I smile encouragingly at her.


"Could you help me?" Rose finally asks, and I break out into a grin, flopping back onto my bed.

"Rose Weasley, I can't believe you want me to give you a make-over!" I exclaim.

"I never said I wanted you to give me a make-over!" Rose exclaims indignantly. "I meant like- a few tips, maybe- or- I don't know, but I'm not going to change myself for a boy!"

"Not change yourself," I explain. "Just, you know…change your style a bit, or your hair…not you, exactly. Just so guys can see you for what you are! C'mon, Rose, you're gorgeous!" It's true. I don't know how she doesn't see it. When she doesn't look convinced, I add, "And it wouldn't be for a boy, but the boy. You know. Mum met Dad and Hogwarts, and your mum and dad met at Hogwarts! This could be the year!" Rose looks quite frightened at the idea.

"Godric, Lily, I don't want…I mean, I just wanted to have a bit of fun! But, meeting my future husband…I don't think…" Her cheeks redden, and she flops down next to me on the bed. "Fine. Change me." She finally says. I jump up, grinning.

"Seriously? Thanks, Rosie!" I squeal, hugging her. She closes her eyes, still blushing.

"Please don't make me regret this," She pleads, and I laugh, rolling my eyes.

"Of course not! Seriously, Rose, I bet you're going to fall in love this year!" I dance around the room, before falling out of breath and sitting down again.

"So, where do we start?"


Rose P.O.V.

"Lily, we have a uniform. I still don't see-," Lily cuts me off as she explains, yet again,

"It's for after classes, Rose. That's when all the parties are, remember?" I don't know. I stare doubtfully at the pile of short skirts and shirts with low necklines. There's even a few dresses thrown in there. It's a big departure from my normal attire of white button downs and plaid school uniform skirts, which, Lily informs me, everyone shortens the skirts and leaves half the buttons unbuttoned. I still don't think it makes a difference, though, as hardly anyone will see them under our school robes.

Finally, I give in with a grudging sigh and we go and pay.


I stand in front of the mirror in a fitted tank top and a skirt. Lily comes behind me to join me.

"Hey, you look good!" She tells me, and I grimace. I think my shoulders are too broad, my waist too thick, and my feet too big. "Really," Lily continues. "I'm so jealous of your figure." I look at her incredulously.

"You've got to be kidding," I say, looking at her. Lily is slim, her waist tiny, and her shoulders just the right width. Lily shakes her head.

"No, look. You've got the perfect hourglass," She tells me, and she actually sounds sincere. Out of my shapeless button-downs, she might have a point. I study this new aspect of me curiously, surprised I hadn't noticed. My figure isn't that bad, I think to myself. She pulls my thick, reddish brown hair over my shoulder and deftly braids it into a thick, long braid.

"It looks good!" She exclaims, and I have to admit, the style suits me.

"Thanks, Lily," I smile, and I hug my younger cousin.


"Lily!" I call, trying to catch my cousin's attention through the mass of students in the narrow corridor. "Lily!" I try again, louder. As Lily turns into a compartment, I hurry to join her before the door closed. I collapse on the seat, breathless, and close the door behind me.

"Oh, hey Rose," She greets me, smiling. "I lost track of you on the platform, sorry about that." I shake my head, waving it off.

"No worries," I say. "Through that crowd of guys, I couldn't hope to talk to you anyway." Lily grins at me.

"Those gits? Not even on the train yet, and they somehow know I'm single. It's rather pathetic, actually." I raise my eyebrows.

"Really? You always seem to have a boyfriend, though." It was true. Boys love Lily. I don't know if it's her pretty features, long, glossy auburn hair, wide, almond shaped friendly eyes, or her ever present flirting and laughing with them, but she's definitely a boy magnet. Something that I haven't quite mastered yet, as hard as I try.

"Nope, I'm single," Lily grins.

"Oh, right. After you broke up with- who- Henry?"

"No, that was months ago! Eric." She tells me, tossing her hair playfully.

"Merlin, Lily, I can't even keep track," I complain. "Eric…Macmillian or Boot?" I asked.

"Macmillian," She confirms regretfully. "Although I wish I'd gone with Boot, he's a lot nicer." I sigh. Lily is perfect with boys- she always knows how to act. Me, I'm awkward and I never know what to say…

"Hey, Lily?" I start. "Changing my clothes is great and everything," I glance down at my strapless fitted tank top and short denim skirt, "but I don't know how to act around guys. That's the thing." Lily frowns, studying me.

"Well, improving your clothes and everything was the first thing, but honestly, just be yourself. And definitely, definitely, be confident." I groan, and she laughs. "Cliché, I know. But just try to laugh and flirt with them- you know, go along with what they're saying. At least, if you're interested. Make eye contact, and don't be afraid to- you know, get closer to them. Touch their arm, swat them, whatever." I raise my eyebrows.

"Swat them?" I ask. She rolls her eyes.

"C'mon, Rose, you know what I mean. As flirting." I do. I see her do it all the time.

"Okay," I take a deep breath. "Got it. Laughing, flirting, swatting." She shoots me a look at the last one, and I laugh, easing up.

As we hear a tapping on the glass, I look up. Two boys stand behind the door, apparently looking for a seat. As she gets up to open the door, she whispers to me,

"Jason Finch-Fletchley and Scorpius Malfoy. You try it with Justin- I don't think Scorpius is good for your first time to, you know, flirt with." I know Scorpius- he's in my year- but I've never really talked to him before. As for Jason, he's in my year, but the type of boy who always flirted with Lily, and not paying any attention to girls like me.

"Mind if we sit here?" Scorpius asked, his eyes trained on Lily. They're both good looking. Jason has light brown hair with green eyes, and Scorpius has dirty blond hair and gray eyes.

"No, of course not," Lily says, smiling at them. I quickly rearrange my mouth into what I hope is a flirtatious smile, mostly directed at Jason. Lily's probably right. Scorpius Malfoy seems a bit intimidating. I almost laugh. Who am I kidding? Even the idea of trying to flirt with a boy is intimidating.

Scorpius Malfoy quickly occupies the seat next to Lily, leaving Justin to sit next to me. While Lily gets started right away, I swallow my nervousness and smile at Justin. He looks at me, his eyes widening. I almost jump in surprise. Boys never pay me any attention, let alone look at me like that. His eyes travel over my neckline- is it too much cleavage?- and my rising hemline as I cross my legs in what I hope is a confident manner. That's what Lily said, right? Confidence.

"Wow, Rose. You look really different." He says, grinning at me, pleased in a surprised way.

"In a good way or bad way?" I smile. The words come out of my mouth easily, and I anxiously wonder if I said the right thing. Inwardly, of course. My outside is all about confidence.

"Good. Definitely good," He returns the smile eagerly, and I wonder if Lily is a miracle worker. Guys never look at me like that. Ever.

"Great," I reply, starting to relax a little. This isn't that hard, is it. "You look different, too." I remember he had a buzz cut last year. He looks a little confused and I gulp, but he plays along.

"Yeah? Good or bad?"

"Good. You know, the whole surfer guy hair thing?" I say.

"Surfing?" He looks really confused now. Dang Grandpa for being obsessed with Muggle stuff.

"Oh, uh, sorry. Muggle thing." When he looks uncertain, I try to smile at him confidently. "Sorry, I meant your hair looks really good like that." He smiles at me, albeit a little hesitantly, and runs his hand through his hair. A departure from last year, it's tousled and longer and dirty blond.

"Thanks," He says, and winks at me. I giggle, probably sounding insanely stupid, but it's flirtatious, right. He takes this as encouragement and asks,

"So, you'll sit next to me at the feast, right?" He asks. I think about what Lily told me a few days ago- once you've got him, play hard to get.

"What, to make the other guys jealous?' I say, grinning. He's surprised, but in a good way.

"Oh, yeah. Definitely. Hayden will practically be drooling." Hayden MacDougal, his best friend. I smile.

"What makes you think I won't go for Hayden?" I ask, teasing him.

"I'm much hotter," He grins cockily.

"Oh, I don't know. Dark hair and blue eyes is pretty attractive." I counter, this coming easier than I thought.

"Yeah, but you like me a lot better," Jason says confidently, wrapping an arm around my waist. I get taken a little off guard by this new arrangement, but after a moment, I decide I like it. It feels good. I lean against him, smiling.

"Yeah, maybe I do," I flirt, and he pulls me closer.



"Jason Finch-Fletchley and Scorpius Malfoy. You try it with Justin- I don't think Scorpius is good for your first time to, you know, flirt with." I tell Rose. I'm not being entirely truthful. Scorpius is fine the first time- it's the second time you flirt with him that's dangerous. Or the third. The deeper you get with him, the more in danger you are of getting your heart broken. Or so I've heard. I haven't talked to him all that much, being more interested in the playful, flirting, laughing type, the immature kind that winks and makes stupid, inappropriate jokes. Scorpius isn't that. Not at all.

Even though I'm stuck with Scorpius, I'd hate even more to burden Rose with him. Because he's definitely, definitely not the boy. Not for her, not for anyone, maybe.

"Mind if we sit here?" Scorpius asks, looking straight at me. I almost shiver, looking straight into his gray eyes. Because, for a second, I can definitely see how attractive they'd be to girls. How many girls, I wonder, have looked into those gray eyes and thought he was the boy?

"No, of course not," I reply lightly, smiling at them. We can talk lightly the whole time, not going into deeper matters, not anything more than flirting in a train compartment. It'll be fine. Like it always is.

For the first time, I'm reminded of the age difference of a boy and I. Usually, the boys are so childishly, sweetly immature that it doesn't matter, but with Scorpius, it somehow does.

As Scorpius takes the seat next to me, Justin sits down next to Rose and I see her out of the corner of my eye, looking nervous.

"Relax," I wish I could say to her, but with me so nervous, I don't think I could ever be convincing.

"You're single," Scorpius says, not really stating it as a question. He studies me, and I see the depth of his intriguing gray eyes again.

"Yeah," I answer, raising my eyebrows. "What's it to you?" He doesn't answer, but studies me.

"The boys were talking about it in the compartment." Scorpius says finally.

"I still don't get how they know already."

"They'd do anything to date you. You must know that." His voice is challenging, almost accusing, almost as if he think the attention I get is shallow, and that I enjoy it.

"They're just playing around," I reply, somewhat defensively, uncomfortable by his tone. "I'm fifteen." He raises his eyebrows at me, like he can see straight through me.

"You don't like me, Lily," Scorpius observes. I stare at him, taken aback, almost offended by the comment.

"I- I don't know you," I stammer.

"Judgmental?" He says lightly, and I blush, immediately cursing myself for pale skin.

"No!" He's skeptical, and I add, "I'm just keeping in mind what I've heard from others about you."

"Which is…?" Scorpius asks, agonizingly calm. I scoff at him.

"Don't pretend you don't know," I retort. "Liz Goldstein, Hayley Smith, Mallory Creevey…?" I trail off. The three girls he dated took months to recover. They're better now, but they'll never forget.

"Hayley Smith cheated on me," Scorpius explains, looking directly at me.

"Two years ago," I say, "And she hasn't dated anyone since." Cheating is no explanation for that.

"Once you're in a serious relationship, I don't think you can ever go back to-" He pauses, waiting for my reaction, "flirting in a train compartment." My initial reaction is indignant.

"I'm not flirting with you," I say, an edge to my voice.

"I didn't say you were," Scorpius replies, his eyes never swaying from mine. I'm too frustrated to get wrapped up in his good looks now. What does he mean?

"And the other two?" I force myself not to dwell on what he said. Does he think I want to be in a relationship with him? Or, more importantly- do I? I'm amazed by the thought that, after what he's said, I'm intrigued by him.

"They didn't want such a serious relationship. They've dated other boys after me, haven't they?"

"Yes," I reply grudgingly.

"Don't you ever get bored by all that shameless flirting?" He asks. "Making out when they don't know what they're doing, not confident enough to stake a claim, a different guy every night?"

"Wha- what?" is all I can say. He holds my gaze, his gray eyes intriguing and fascinating and enthralling. His perfect features. Mouth curled up into a perceptive smile. His hair, falling softly into his eyes. Then, our faces facing each other, but our legs pressed up against each other. His arm on mine. "I…" I trail off, but when I think about what he's said….I do get tired of it sometimes. Sometimes, I want something real. Somebody that likes me for more than just my looks, or my flirting. I'm lost in my thoughts when Scorpius nods slightly.

"I thought so." He says softly. The door slams open, and before I can react, he bends and kisses me lightly on the cheek, my skin burning where he touched it.


Rose P.O.V.

The compartment door slams open, and I jump in shock. I relax when I see it's only Albus, but get a little nervous when I wonder what he'll think of me- quiet, scholarly Rose with a boy?

"Oh- hey, Lily, Rose," He says, his eyes lingering on Jason and I for a few seconds. "Jason and Scorpius, the guys want to talk to you about the party tonight in one of the last compartments." Jason grins at me one last time and he stands up and walks out of the compartment. Scorpius kisses Lily on the cheek before he leaves, and my eyes widen, surprised. Are they a couple after half an hour in the same compartment? Is that how Lily gets a boyfriend? Albus stays in the doorway for a few moments, his eyes resting on Lily.

"I just thought I'd let you know," He tells us finally, "that the guys played an Exploding Snap tournament to determine who could sit with you two in the compartment." Lily rolls her eyes, and I know that obviously, the compartment was in such high demand because of her, not me, but I can't help thinking it's rather pathetic, what the guys do for her.

"Did I mention that I'll set you up with Annalee Corner if you don't tell Mum and Dad about this?" Lily asks innocently. Albus reddens slightly, but he counters,

"By this do you mean all your boyfriends? Because they already know, Lil, Mum didn't stop questioning us over break. You know that. Besides, she knows half the professors." Lily reddens, but I know it's not because her parents know. It's got to be something besides her boyfriends. After all, apparently Aunt Ginny had loads of boys after her when she was in Hogwarts.

"C'mon, Al, Annalee Corner. I promise. If you want, I'll even set you two up at the party tonight." It must be something she really wants to keep private. Annalee is the prettiest and most popular girl in Ravenclaw, and in her year, besides Lily, and Albus has liked her for the past year.

"Fine," Albus gives in, a slight grin on his face. "But really, Lily- Scorpius Malfoy?" Lily blushes.

"Shut up," She calls after him, but he's already gone. Oh. She doesn't want her parents to know about her and Scorpius.

"What party?" I ask first, and she looks surprised.

"Oh, the one Slytherin throws every year on the first day of school." After the battle, Mum says all the houses got on loads better, but apparently before, Slytherin was a rival to nearly all the houses.

"Oh. I've never been."

"It's invitation only…" Lily bites her lip, and I redden…well, I wouldn't have gotten an invitation before. That explains it. "But you'll get invited this year!" She says convincingly. I shrug, doubtful. But I'm too curious to stop from asking, so I say,

"And Lily…well…Scorpius?" She knows what I mean.

"Rose…Scorpius has got a bit of a reputation for breaking girl's hearts."

"Oh." As I pause to think about it, I say, "but…well, Lily, don't most of the guys you hang around with break girl's hearts? Flirt with them because they can, and then just…ditch them?"

"Yes, but that's different. Scorpius…he's different. He goes really deep inside them, make them fall in love with them…and then he just…ruins them." She takes a deep breath, then continues in a lighter tone. "But that's just what I've heard." She smiles at me, then stands up. "I've got to go to the loo, I'll be back, alright?" I nod, unconvinced.

"Hey- Lily?" I ask, and she turns back around. "Why do girls even hang out with him, then?"

"Because he's different," She answers finally.

"Don't get hurt," I whisper, and she smiles, more like herself.

"Don't worry, Rosie. We were just flirting in a train compartment. Nothing serious."

"And…the kiss on the cheek?" I think I see tinges of pink appear on her cheeks again, but she shakes her head.

"Oh, it's not that unusual." She turns to go, and when she closes the door, I can't help but think that with Scorpius Malfoy, it's probably pretty unusual.



"Hey, Hayden," Jason calls as he squeezes into the overcrowded compartment. "You know Lily's cousin? Rose Weasley?" He grins. "You should see her. She's changed a lot over the summer. Like, she's really hot now!" Even though his words were directed at Hayden, all the boys listen. James rolls his eyes.

"Would you guys shut up? It's bad enough you gits talking about my sister like that, who, by the way, is two years younger than most of you."

"Yeah," Henry Corner rolls his eyes, "But she's pretty damn hot." James rolls his eyes again. Albus, who's standing at the door, scans the guys in the compartment. The most popular guys in school. The way overcrowded compartment- even though it was a large one- contained Eric Boot, Eric Macmillian, his brother, James, his cousin, Hugo Weasley, Jason Finch-Fletchley, Luke Longbottom, Frankie Longbottom, Hayden MacDougal, Henry Corner, Aidan "Finn" Finnigan, Mikey Finnigan, Greg Thomas, Kellan Nott, Avery Zabini, Andy McLaggen, Emory Goyle, Darren Flint, himself, and…Scorpius Malfoy.

Scorpius. Of all people his sister had to choose the one that would probably rip her apart within a few months. Was it really worth Annalee? Scorpius and Albus got along, but when it came to girls, Scorpius had a way of getting any girl's heart. And for some reason, they were never the same when he was through with them. Never.

(A/N- Just in case anyone was wondering, the years and houses of all of the characters that I think will appear in the story are below. I'll keep adding if I need anyone else. So far, all the surnames of characters come from previous names of students that attended Hogwarts. A bunch of the guys are just thrown in there, they'll be mentioned a few times, but most of them won't be main characters unless they date a main character. There's only so many you can keep track of at once! Love you all, and PLEASE REVIEW! I get a lot of my motivation from the idea that people are actually reading this…constructive criticism welcome! Please REVIEWWWWWW! It takes like five seconds XD I will answer all reviews in the next chapter, I promise! If I get five, I'll post the next chapter!)


Mikey Finnigan- Hufflepuff


Hugo Weasley- Gryffindor

Eric Boot- Ravenclaw

Lily Potter- Gryffindor

Annalee Corner- Ravenclaw

Mallory Creevey- Gryffindor

Camille Jordan- Gryffindor


Frankie Longbottom- Gryffindor

Aidan "Finn" Finnigan- Hufflepuff

Kellan Nott- Slytherin

Greg Thomas- Ravenclaw

Hayley Smith- Ravenclaw


Jason Finch-Fletchley- Hufflepuff

Hayden MacDougal- Ravenclaw

Scorpius Malfoy- Slytherin

Henry Corner- Hufflepuff

Albus Potter- Gryffindor

Eric Macmillian- Ravenclaw

Rose Weasley- Gryffindor

Liz Goldstein- Hufflepuff

Emory Goyle- Slytherin


Luke Longbottom- Gryffindor

James Potter- Gryffindor

Avery Zabini- Ravenclaw

Andy McLaggen- Hufflepuff

Darren Flint- Slytherin

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