Love? Not again!


Girl: I said stay away from me you pervert Guy: You know that, I can't Girl: And why is that? Guy; you are mine and I love you! Girl: Love? Not Again! She was innocent! They turned her into devil! World blames her! She is NANDINI MURTHY who falls in love on her teen in school life but couldn't get what she wanted and that is love! She was betrayed! Every one fooled her! Made fun of her! HE used to ignore her! She was madly in love with him! Will she be able to complete her journey of life!? Who betrayed her? Who was her love? Can you say if she ever gets to fall in love once again? Well to know more.. let's join to this life history which is actually based on true life incident..

Romance / Other
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Well welcome !so this is my first ever story! I want all your support

This story includes Possessive character’s, Abusive character’s and many bad language so if any body has any discomfort on any of the above topics then i do WARN you DO.NOT.READ this.

If you have any questions! Do ask me! And about the plots! well Day by day the story turns nasty and dark! I warn you again for your being!

I like to describe thinks much so if any of you thinks the story is going to slow then do tell me! I will show after breaks!

English is not my first language so any mistakes? Tell me , After completing this story and too while writing this i will try to edit some plots for you and the edited one will be marked!

If you love some possessive behavior then obsession and possession kind of thinks then you are welcome! I hope you will love it!

So here is the prologue!!

A guy was repeatedly calling someone and getting irritated as the person was not recieving the call..

On the other side a girl was reading geography and gets a call .. after checking the caller id she kept the phone on silent and continued her study!!!
Here there the boy was getting restless as the girl was not receiving his calls so he decided to go at her place!!
While driving
The guy’s love
Why is she not peaking up my call.. I know I have hearted her a lot but why can’t she give me a chance.. I love her man.. (by saying that he speeded up a little)
(End of pov)
After reaching at her place.. he again called her!!
and may be by mistake the girl received it..
Phone conversation:
Guy: Hello! Why you were not receiving my calls.. are you okay? Is there any problem! ..(he blurted out in one go)
Girl: (after knowing who is it she tried to calm herself ) How many times I have to say you that I don’t wanna talk to you. Don’t you get that on your tiny head? Erghh what’s your problem man?(she seriously got very angry)
Guy: Just come down am waiting for you (by saying this he disconnected it)
Girl: What! What are!!! Hello?? Hello!!
(End of phone conversation)
What the Hell why he disconnected it!! Oh god what is he up to!!
(She gets down)
Girl:What do you think what are you doing here? (Angry)
Guy: am just here to confess my love
Girl: but I have already told am not interested.. at least not anymore(sternly)
Guy: once you loved me right!! Then now what happened!?
Girl: Yes!! And that was my mistake
Guy:seriously!! Don’t joke around please!!
Girl: am not joking .. am just saying god Damn truth!! Loving you was my mistake do you get that.. loving you wad my mistake.. and the film is over now.. am not a slut that you seriously need to warm your bed right! How much Mone..!(she couldn’t complete her sentence)
Another Guy enters and shouts on her
Guy2: Nandini!!!! (Shouts) how could you.. I mean how could you say shit about yourself!! (His eyes spitting fire)
Girl:What are you doing here!!(shocked)

Guy2: Don’t act smart darling! You .Are. Mine. don’t forget that!(the guy yelled at the girl)

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