Haruhi's Best Friend

Episode 4 Part 3

Author's Narration

I'm gonna be narrating this chapter today lovelies as Tomuru will be busy being an actress.

Hikaru smiled widely to the crowds of high-pitched cheering girls, show boating as he scored a point for his team.

"Get a stretcher take him to the infirmary immediately!" Hikaru heard his basketball coach demand.

When Hikaru saw that the player coach was referring to was his own twin brother he ran to his aid. (Cue dramatic music).

"Kaoru… Kaoru, Kaoru!" Hikaru spoke urgently concerned for his brother's physical state.

"You've got to get back in the game Hikaru," Coach insisted.

"Shut up!" Hikaru snapped at him.

"Hikaru…listen to me please don't worry. There's nothing you can do you can't share my pain. You're not the one that got hurt. Now go on." Kaoru spoke weakly up to Hikaru, cupping on hand on Hikaru's cheek.

"I can't! it hurts, it hurts Kaoru!" Hikaru cried, holding Kaoru's outstretched hand.

"Your pain is my pain. It doesn't matter to me if no one else understands. As long as we've got each other we can go on living," Renge narrated as the scene was cut to Tamaki standing in the rain.

"I'm sorry but I'm envious, the way you two support each other like that," Tamaki told the twins solemnly.

"But Suoh Senpai?" Hikaru started.

"How can you be envious of us you're the school's idol?" Kaoru finished in surprise.

"An idol, right?" Tamaki scoffed flipping his fringe from his face before continuing with the tone of angst, "I hate that people all worship me for something so superficial as my appearance I think it'll be much better for me to be alone."

"One lonely heart meets another. They pass each other, wounding one another. What are the hearts of these poor men made of?" Renge narrated.

The scene transitioned to Haruhi running through some trees, before leaning on one to catch her breath.

"You can't run away forever," Honey told her in a harsh, to which Haruhi slid done to the floor in defeat.

"I'm going to show you what happens to anyone that crosses me," Honey continued threatening.

"Don't do it Mitskuni. You should have realised by now that when you hurt others you're really hurting yourself," Mori advised.

"I didn't ask you for your advice. Do you want me to put you over my knee again?" Honey spoke to Mori irritably.

"Will it be the light of salvation that ultimately awaits these boys or will it be something else?" Renge narrated.

"Ya know it really pisses me off when people don't know they're place," Honey remarked in an intimidating tone.

Just then Honey cracked under pressure and got out of character, returning to his adorable Boy Lolita self.

"I'M SO SORRY HARU-CHAN I CAN'T DO THIS ANYMORE!" Honey cried, chucking himself at Haruhi, to which she hugged Honey.

"CUT! CUT, CUT, CUT! WHAT'S WRONG WITH YOU? YOU'VE GOT TO STICK TO THE SCRIPT!" Renge screeched, her snake hair making an appearance again.

"But I can't," Honey whimpered.

"Stop rolling cameraman," Renge demanded.

"Yes Boss," The cameraman obliged.

"Aw man my part was coming up," Tomuru moaned, seated in one of the 'actors' chairs.

"I didn't think Honey had an intimidating bone in him?" Rossi stated in slight surprise.

Both siblings were eating popcorn whilst Tomuru waited for her turn to act.

"Me neither. I think I prefer Honey as his cute, cake eating self," Tomo stated.

"Definitely," Rossi agreed.

"Let's just continue with the next scene. Tomuru you're up!" Renge called to her.

"Yes my turn in the spotlight. This is going to be so fun! Come along Dearest!" Tomuru rambled excitedly.

"Break a leg sis," Rossi called out to her.

"Ok everyone in position? Ready and ACTION!" Renge cued.

"Ya know it really pisses me off when people don't know they're place," Honey repeated his line in the same bully manner.

From the rain Tomuru ran and placed herself between Haruhi and Honey.

"You will not touch my Dearest," She told Honey dramatically.

"Oh yeah? And what are you gonna do about it girly?" Honey sneered.

"Love can conquer any foe. I would rather die than let my dearest Haruhi get hurt," Tomuru continued, however finding it difficult to suppress a smile at the ridiculous lines she had rehearsed.

"Are you in love with Haruhi?" Honey scoffed.

Before answering Tomuru looked down at Haruhi, who herself was also suppressing a smirk, before answering Honey.

"Yes alright it's true! I'm in love with Haruhi Fujioka!" Tomuru expressed, overly dramatic before adding...

"Though I dunno why I mean look at him. Even when he's at a posh rich school he's still a little nerd. Ya know what I think I'm over this crush thing. I'm off to find me a more suitable mate. Maybe one who can dance because this little dude certainly can't," Tomuru spoke lightly before walking back the way she came.


"Improv?" Tomuru answered smiling.

Rossi, Haruhi, the twins and Honey were all in fits of laughter; even Mori and Kyoya were smirking.

"Enough! We are retaking this scene until you get it right! Get into position Tomuru!" Renge demanded, not pleased at all.

"Take 2!"

"Ya know it really pisses me off when people don't know they're place," Honey recited the line once again.

"Right listen here you little ragamuffin. You leave my babu alone before I give ya a punch on the nose capache?" Tomuru told Honey in a squeaky, high pitched voice, stroking Haruhi's hair.


"Look over there cake!" Tomuru gasped before grabbing Haruhi's hand and running away, laughing manically.

"TAKE 4!"

This time Tomuru didn't get to say any lines (improvised or scripted) as she slipped on the muddy grass, made muddy by the artificial rain, which made her backside muddy and her laughter contagious.

"TAKE 5!"

"You….will….not…..hurt….man I'm unfit….my….dearest," Tomuru panted, acting like she was out of breath (truth be told she was a little from laughing to much).


"Sugar getting her act together? That'll be the day when pigs fly," Haruhi scoffed.

"Come on I never take anything the Host Club does seriously," Tomuru remarked.

"Nice performance out there Doggie," Hikaru started.

"You do know this is more of an angst movie than a comedy right?" Kaoru finished.

"With your acting how could I possibly tell the difference?" She back chatted.

"Nice comeback," Haruhi praised, giving me a high five.


"How did it go from changing our characters to shooting a movie about them?" Hikaru wondered.

"Why is there an entire film crew here to shoot it?" Haruhi asked.

"Apparently she flew them in from Hollywood. Don't you recognize the director? He directed the vampire movie Millennial Snow. It was the number one box office hit in America last year," Kyoya informed,

"Damn these rich people," Haruhi and Tomuru simultaneously thought.

"And another thing how come this stupid script portrays Kauru as the pitcher?" Hikaru demanded.

"Yeah," Kaoru agreed.

"What does that mean?" Haruhi asked.

"If you don't know never mind," The twins responded.


"I think it's a name of one of the players in basketball. Ya know like there's a goalkeeper for football?" Tomuru guessed.

"Haruhi, so how was I? Did you like my performance?" Tamaki asked, seeking Haruhi's opinion.

"It was pretty awesome. I'm surprised you can get into your character like that you were really believable," Haruhi answered, handing Tamaki a towel.

"I discovered a new darker side to myself. I'm starting to think it might be a good idea to explore it," Tamaki said eagerly.

"Are you sure about that? Cus I think you're fine just the way you are now Senpai," Haruhi concurred.

"You do? Well if you say so Haruhi," Tamaki said bashfully, his cheeks going red.

"Hey Haruhi you're on," Renge called.

"Coming," Haruhi replied heading to where she was needed.

"Am I needed in this scene Miss Manager?" Tomuru asked cheekily, knowing full well it will annoy Renge.

"No!" Renge snapped at her.

"You two are so cute ya know?" Tomuru turned to Tamaki.


"You and Haruhi, I'm shipping you guys," Tomuru explained herself, making Tamaki's blush even redder.

"What's shipping?" the twins asked Tomuru, appearing on either side.

"If you don't know never mind," Tomuru mimicked the twins from their earlier comment, which irritated them.

Suddenly a crash sounded from where Haruhi was meant to be.

"What was that? Is dearest being clumsy again?" Tomuru thought as followed Tamaki to where the crash was heard.

"What happened Haruhi…?" Tamaki began to ask before he froze at what looked like Haruhi crying.

When Tomuru caught up with him, she immediately rushed to Haruhi, whilst Tamaki had one of the two boys pinned to the wall.

"Hey you OK dearest?" Tomuru asked, helping Haruhi up, to which Haruhi nodded.

"So which one of you jerks started this?" Tamaki snarled.

"Wait Suoh it's not what you think. That girl started it she was giving us a hard time," The unpinned boy explained.

"He's telling the truth Senpai. It wasn't their fault they were provoked," Haruhi confirmed, still holding her face in discomfort.

Tamaki unpinned the other male student and went up to Haruhi, the boys made a getaway while they could.

"Haruhi are you in any pain?" Tamaki asked in concern, holding her face gently.

"Yeah it's my contact," Haruhi said holding it on her finger.

"Your contact?" Tamaki muttered,

"Yeah I guess it must've slipped out," Haruhi commented lightly.

"We thought it was something serious you moron," Tomuru remarked, punching Haruhi's arm lightly.

"I see how it is. You are able to cry without the use of eye drops. So you're a full-fledged Host now," Tamaki praised.

"You, you, please tell me you got that cameraman," Renge interrupted, watching the whole scene unfold.

"Yes boss."

"Other than Haruhi's contact falling out that was an ideal final scene. All it needs now is a moving narration by my sweet Kyoya," Renge stated passionately.

At that moment Kyoya hit a rock against the camera, which caused the lens to break.

"Well that was unexpected," Tomuru muttered

"What did you do to my camera?" the cameraman exclaimed.

"What? Is something wrong?" Renge asked innocently.

"I'm terribly sorry but I cannot allow there to be any record of a club member engaging in violence. I think you've caused enough trouble around here Renge please stop being such a pest," Kyoya stated firmly.

"Oooh brutal," Tomuru winced quietly.

"A pest…But you was supposed to pat me on the head and tell me not to worry. You were supposed to be kind and affectionate Kyoya. Why are you acting so differently now tell me why?" Renge sobbed.

"Because that's not the real Kyoya," Tamaki answered.

"…What the hell kinda answer is that?" Tomuru whispered to herself.

Renge fell to her knees and cried, Tomuru nodded to Haruhi to use her consoling magic to comfort Renge.

"Does it really matter? Who cares if Kyoya is a little different to how you expected him to be? Take a good look at the person inside and get to know him little by little. It's a lot more fun that way," Haruhi comforted, crouching down to her level.

"Dearest always knows exactly what to say to cheer people up," Tomuru muttered smiling.

The Next Day at the Host Club…

"Hello ladies come on in," Tamaki greeted.

"I bought the video of that film you made," One guest said.

"I did too," Another added.

"And so did I."

"You did?" Tamaki stated in surprise.

"The scene in the rain was just phenomenal," One guest gushed.

"I loved the Lonely Prince."

"And the loving relationship between Hikaru and Kauru was so sweet."

This lead to all of the guests gushing and gossiping about the film.

"Kyoya?" Tamaki inquired.

"I may have broken the camera's lens but the footage we'd already shot wasn't damaged. Although naturally I cut out that one violent scene. Sales have been pretty good so far. That Hollywood film crew did a fantastic job although that was to be expected," Kyoya explained.

"So is this what you meant by interesting?" the twins accused.

"It's best to have as much money as we can in the club's budget," Kyoya stated.

"Since when did he start calculating all of this?" Haruhi pondered.

"I didn't know you had such strong feelings towards Haruhi, Tomuru?" One of Haruhi's guests teased.

"Don't get any ideas ladies I'm just a good actress," Tomuru warned.

"I'm not sure anyone is that good of an actress. The secrets out now," Another said, which then led to gossip about Tomuru fancying Haruhi.

"No ladies just platonic best… oh I give up let them think what they like," Tomuru spoke in defeat.

"I'm sure they'll get over it," Haruhi reassured.

"Yeah right…Did you cut out my silly acts Kyoya?" I asked.

"I took them out of the main film but they are in the outtakes," He answered.

"Good day everyone," Renge greeted.

"Renge? But I thought you went back to France already?" Tamaki remarked in confusion.

"I can't believe I realised this sooner it was chivalrous to risk your life to protect me. I could feel the love when you lectured me about judging people. When you said it was fun to get to know people little by little you were talking about me," Renge spoke to Haruhi sweetly, holding Haruhi's hand.

"Uh…yeah," Haruhi muttered hesitantly.

"Come on Haruhi let's go play together. I think it's time you got to know me better," Renge said dragging Haruhi away.

"Wait what?" Haruhi exclaimed.

"Hey Kyoya Senpai you okay with that?" the twins asked.

"Why wouldn't I be? Everything Renge just said is true," Kyoya stated.

"NO IT ISN'T!" Tamaki shouted.

"I thought you said you wanted her to have a female friend in the first place Daddy?" Tomuru interjected, finding this situation amusing.


"Come on Haruhi let's go play together."

"WAIT DON'T TAKE HARUHI FROM ME!" Tamaki exclaimed.

"Looks like you have some competition Tomuru. I guess Renge fancies Haruhi as well as you," One of Haruhi's regular guests piped up.

This made Renge freeze in her tracks as she heard the girl's comment.

"What did you just say?" Renge demanded.

"Tomuru's head over heels for Haruhi," Another guest supplied.

"Is this true?" Renge seethed at Tomuru.

"Wait a minute they only think that cus you…" Tomuru began defending.

"TOMURU SANKA FROM NOW ON YOU'RE MY ENEMY!" Renge screeched before stomping off.

"What? Oh come on I don't need another one I already have Bernard," Tomuru whined.

"Look what I've got," Rossi sang.

"Great, you have a copy of that film too?"

"Uh huh," Rossi confirmed waving the DVD at his big sister.

"Things are gonna get harder for you huh Sugar?"

"It appears so Dearest, it appears so."

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