Haruhi's Best Friend

Episode 5 Part 3

The next day…

"Hey Rossi did you have fun at Honey's house?" I asked as I made breakfast.

"Yeah it was sweet! We had a tea party, watched My Neighbour Totoro then had dinner," Rossi answered excitedly.

"Did you get to meet his family?" Yuli asked.

"I only met his younger brother Yasuchika, but he didn't seem like the friendly type. Honey also showed me some of his martial arts techniques."

"Beg ya pardon?" I questioned, as I gave Boris his breakfast.

"Yeah turns out Honey's and Mori's family are famous for their martial arts. Honey himself is the best fighter in his family. They even train police forces and overseas military," Rossi explained.

"Well looks certainly are deceiving," I commented.

"You weren't the only one in the company of Hosts," Yuli interjected.


"I'll let Tomo explain or I'll be late for work later guys," Yuli stated, before leaving.

"So who came to visit?" Rossi asked.

"Tweedledum and Tweedledee came to visit. Marcel was fanboying over them," I answered.

"Why'd they come to visit?"

"They wanted to see where we lived. Plus they wanted my help with something."

"They didn't do they're Twincest act here did they?"

"I made sure they promised not to do that unspeakable behaviour before they entered the premises. Aren't you gonna ask why Marco was fanboying over the twins?" I asked.

"Damn it I overslept again! Someone chuck water on me next time alright," Marcel exclaimed in a panic, grabbing a piece of toast before running out the door.

"Anyway I know why Marcel would be excited to see them. There are pictures of them practically covering Marcel's walls," Rossi responded.

"Well thanks for telling me I had no idea about it until yesterday," I retorted.

"I thought you knew," Rossi defended himself.

"Whatever I'll give Boris his morning toilet break before we head to school," I said, which Boris dashed to the front door instinctively.

Haruhi's Narrative

I got seated for class to start. The twins haven't arrived yet.

"Hey Haruhi," I heard Hikaru greet.

However, when I looked up, I was shocked to see that Hikaru's hair was pink.

"Good morning," He continued.

"Hikaru what in the world happened to your hair? Why is it dyed pink?" I asked in surprise.

"Cus pink suits me don't you think it's cute? From now on I'm the pink haired twin. I didn't want to be mistaken for that Kaoru for the rest of my life ya know," Hikaru answered.

At that moment Kaoru entered the classroom. His hair was dyed bright blue.

"Good morning Haruhi," Kaoru greeted, both twins were blatantly ignoring each other.

"So Kaoru's the blue twin?" I guessed.

"I finally got to sleep all by myself last night but I ended up having a nightmare. I dreamt that my stylist dyed my hair pink. It was garish and ridiculous looking I woke up screaming," Kaoru commented, obviously insulting Hikaru in the process.

Hikaru heard the insult and responded by moving Kaoru's chair just as Kaoru was sitting down, making him fall to the floor. Kaoru then pulled Hikaru's chair from under him, which made Hikaru collapse on the floor. These acts then lead to a full on fight where the twins threw anything they could get their hands on at one another, which I happened to be stuck in the middle of. Thus creating a hill of stuff created behind me. I'm sure I saw Usa-Chan and Honey-Senpai amongst the items for some reason.

"Uuuh," I moaned to myself.

At lunchtime I decided to follow the twins to the dining hall in case they got into another fight.

"I'll have the A lunch," Both the twins ordered.

"No give me the B pasta and the D salad. I'll have the F Capalini with the Barbary duck. No make that a four prawn paraga sauce. STOP COPYING ME WHY DON'T YOU JUST LEAVE ME ALONE!" The twins continued to speak simultaneously, causing the chefs to back away.

"Amazing perfect unison even when fighting," I stated to myself.

"I was wondering what all the fuss was about. I can't believe the two of you are still fighting. You're a disgrace to the Host Club," I heard Tamaki Senpai scorn from across the dining room.

"Look who it is."

"Aww I love them."

"I've never seen them all together like that."

These comments were only a few of the comments from the girls in the dining room.

"We've had enough of this you are both to blame for this fight," Honey interjected, getting out a strawberry cake before continuing, "Hika-Chan and Kao-Chan I want you to make up and go halvesies on this cake kay? But I want a piece too so I guess we have to go thirdsies. Oh we're not gonna be able to split the strawberry on top though. What should we do? Maybe I should just take it after all strawberries are my faviroute. Oh I forgot to ask Hika-Chan, Kao-Chan do you like strawberries?" Honey rambled, irritating the twins.

"You're just making it worse leave them alone," Mori stated, taking Honey to one side.

"Oh Haruhi I didn't expect to run into you in the dining hall," Tamaki-Senpai stated happily.

"I was worried about those two so I followed them without even thinking. I always bring a boxed lunch and I was just going to eat it in my classroom," I responded gesturing to my lunch I was holding.

"A boxed lunch?" Tamaki muttered, before going off into his own little world.

I left him to daydream and sat down at a spare table.

"Haruhi you wanna sit here with me?" Hikaru offered.

"Uh ok."

"So what's that? What did you bring for lunch?" Hikaru asked casually.

"Yesterday's leftovers and a rolled omelette," I answered.

"You wanna switch with me? I had to order something different from Kaoru so I got something I didn't actually like," Hikaru asked.

"That's fine with me," I sighed, even though he already swapped lunches before I responded.

This is really magnificent. I never tried anything like this before.

As soon as I put the forkful of rich food in my mouth I knew it was ten times better than the food I usually eat. It tasted utterly delectable. Like it was the food of gods, I'm sure the surroundings were more sparkly around me as well, which was weird now that I think about it.

"So Haruhi is it any good? How would you like to taste mine? Here," I heard Kaoru offer as he sat the other side of me, bringing me out of some tasty food trance.

At that moment he lifted my chin up with one hand and spoon feeding me with the other. Before I could try it Hikaru intervened eating the spoonful himself.

"Quit butting in get lost Kaoru." Hikaru grumbled, the spoon still in his mouth.

Then Kaoru threw his soup at Hikaru, which Hikaru blocked using Tamaki-Senpai as a shield. This, for the second time today, spiralled into a full on throwing fight. Except with more food and Hosts being chucked.

"I think I'm going to eat in my classroom after all," I decided, walking away from the chaos.

Tomuru's Narrative

At the Host Club…

"Hey guys, no guests today?" I greeted entering the clubroom with Rossi.

"Yeah and no twins either," Haruhi responded, looking a bit worn down.

"So they're still fighting?" Rossi asked.

"Uh huh,"Honey answered.

Rossi gave me a confused look, to which I gave him a 'just play along with it' look.

"No offense but you all look fed up," I told the Hosts that were present.

"That because the twins fought all day. They even dyed their hair," Haruhi stated.

"Really?" I asked, acting surprised.

"Yeah blue and pink for some reason," Tamaki interjected, his head and arms flat on the table.

"What?" I exclaimed, laughing heartily.

"It's not that funny Tomo," Haruhi sighed, staring through the window.

"Tis," I managed to splutter, before trying to contain myself so I didn't give anything away.

They did it! The Tweeds actually did it. I so need to see what they look like!

"Looking at the numbers if this situation doesn't resolve I'm afraid we have to stop doing our brotherly love package. We're down a one pair of loving brothers," Kyoya informed tapping a calculator.

"Oh Haruhi I just want you to know there's no reason for you to feel responsible. Even though it was your tactless comment that started this whole feud between the twins in the first place right?" Kyoya continued.

"Clearly he blames you Dearest," I whispered, to which Haruhi nodded in agreement.

"It's weird for Hika-Chan and Kao-Chan to be fighting like this. It's never happened before," Honey commented, to which Mori agreed with an 'mm'.

"They've never fought before?" Rossi questioned.

"I've known Hika-Chan and Kao-Chan since we were in Preschool. We weren't in the same year so I never really got to talk to them. But I remember the two of them always played together," Honey spoke, playing with Usa-Chan thoughtfully.

"Yeah that's true. I mean I've only known them since they were in Middle School. But they definitely stood out. It seemed like they kept everyone at a distance except each other. Believe it or not they were even more warped back then," Tamaki reminisced, his left hand holding up his head.

"When you stop and think about maybe this fight is a good thing for them. Maybe this means the twins are expanding their horizons a bit. We should just leave them alone and let them work it out," Tamaki continued.

I started to feel guilty about keeping the twin's secret, especially from Rossi and Haruhi.

"Besides Tomo and I squabble with our siblings all the time it doesn't mean we still don't love each other," Rossi interjected lightly.

"Hey not all the time," I protested.

"Why pink and blue though?" Rossi thought aloud.


"I get that they want to be different from one another but why those colours. They seem a bit random and… weird," Rossi commented, giving me a quick glance.

"Who knows maybe they just wanna be dramatic or peacocky or something," I answered vaguely and not at all suspicious in any way.

The Next day in Music room 3

I finally got to see the twin's new hair styles, which were greater than I ever imagined.

"Love the new hair Tweeds," I laughed.

"Shut up Doggie! UH STOP COPYING ME!" the twins shouted, before throwing everything they could lift and throwing it at one another, just as I told them.

"Didn't think they were that strong," I remarked.

"This was basically happening all yesterday," Haruhi told me.

We all stood and watched the Tweeds tire themselves out, since they threw all the furniture into one huge pile.

"How'd Honey get up there?" I wondered, staring at Honey holding Usa-Chan.

"Uh, don't you think it's time for you two to quit all this fighting? It's driving me insane," Tamaki complained, shaking all over.

"What you say? It's driving you insane? Oh you've got to be kidding right now how do you think I feel right now? Every time I look in the mirror I see his face. I am sick and tired of constantly being mistaken for you Kaoru. The truth is I HATE YOUR GUTS!" Hikaru shouted.

I remember typing some of that.

"You took the words right out of my mouth. In fact I hate you so much I bought this. Belsanaff the curse doll!" Kaoru retorted, getting out a brown cat doll and a pen.

I didn't put that in the script?

This made Tamaki shriek and cower away.

"I'm going to complete the curse Hikaru. I'm gonna write his name on your back. From now on you will experience nothing but misfortune and sorrow!" Kaoru declared scribbling on the back of the doll.

Haruhi and I looked at each other then decided to end this charade (though Haruhi didn't realise that just yet). The twins have gone a bit too far with that act. we both ran towards them, then Haruhi punched them on the top of their heads.

"WILL YOU GUYS JUST KNOCK IT OF!" Haruhi yelled as she hit them, which surprised the Hosts.

I grab the doll away from Kaoru, as Haruhi continued to tell off the twins.


"Guys you can squabble all you like but don't get dark magic stuff involved. Specially this voodoo witchcraft." I agreed

The twins looked shocked for a moment before symmetrically smirking. Slowly they got up and sneaked around Haruhi and me.

"So what you're saying Haruhi is that if we make up we can go to your place?" the twins spoke smugly

I turned the doll around the see that Kauru wrote 'Blank' not Hikaru. The twins proceeded to high five each other.

"I'm so sorry Kauru. Even though we were just following our script I said such awful things to you. I'm not fit to be your brother." Hikaru apologised, returning to his brotherly love state

"Don't say that Hikaru! I was so worried. I couldn't live with myself if I ever thought I'd hurt you." Kauru responded in his brotherly love state

"Are the poses necessary?" I mumble to myself

"Kauru I'll never let you go again!"


"You gotta be kidding me you mean you guys were faking it this whole time?" Honey exclaimed in annoyance

"We didn't have anything else to do we were bored." The twins laughed

Haruhi and Tamaki were knelt on the floor in surprise.

"They totally fooled me." I heard Haruhi mumble, making my guilt increase

"Twins with too much time on their hands…are the devil." Tamaki groaned, which the twins response was sticking their tongues out.

"…THAT'S WHY THE TWIN'S WERE AT OUR HOUSE!" Rossi exclaimed in realisation

"Uh oh." I muttered

"Say what? Sugar please tell me you didn't get involved in this." Haruhi spoke sternly at me

"Well…" I began sheepishly

"Afraid so, it was her idea to dye our hair different colours and throw things all the time. Plus she wrote the script we acted out." Hikaru confirmed, getting me even more in trouble

"Did she now?" Haruhi seethed

"Well thanks for telling your brother and best friend sister dear." Rossi remarked sarcastically

"How could you betray your father?" Tamaki whimpered

"I know I'm sorry. Does it help that I feel really bad about it? By the way they improvised most of it. I mean the curse doll was their idea. Look I'll try and make it up to you guys promise." I apologised

"You have never kept anything from me before." Haruhi murmured looking betrayed

"I know, the twins made me promise not to tell!" I responded slightly panicky, I mean I didn't want Haruhi to hate me or anything

Haruhi still did not look happy so I decided it would be best to leave. I grabbed my stuff and went out the clubroom. I walked with a daydream daze and ended up at Bernard's turf. Of course they were spitting and quacking at me.

"Yeah, yeah" I droned sitting at the farthest bench and placing my head in my hands.

"I'm gonna have to do something I really despise to make dearest forgive me." I muttered

"You got that right Tomo." Rossi spoke making me jump

"You followed me?"

"Yep, dunno why you chose here of all places."

"Dunno either I must've really screwed up. Hell I know I did. You forgive me right?" I asked hopefully

"Yeah ya dummy! You've kept stuff from me before. Like you beating up that High School lad from my previous beat up." Rossi spoke lightly

"Let me guess Yuki?" I groaned

"Uh huh, but I kinda figured you'd do something like that anyway."

"I made Haruhi's life miserable these past two days, telling the twins to throw stuff and fight." I sighed

"Well then do something that will make you miserable for two days, maybe four." Rossi suggested

"Rossi that's brilliant! Let's see things that'll make me miserable." I praised hugging Rossi

"You could have Bernard hang round you for two days?" Rossi suggested

"Too impractical, plus I'd be in hospital for duck bites…I'VE GOT IT!"

"Yeah well let's hear it?" Rossi urged

Then I whispered my plan in Rossi's ear.

"Tomo you sure?" Rossi asked nervously


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