Haruhi's Best Friend

Episode 6 Part 1

Next day at the Host Club…

"Hey guys," I greeted as usual.

I noticed that Haruhi glanced in my direction briefly before blatantly ignoring me. As I suspected she still wasn't happy with me.

"Can you two dress me up today? Ya know since you've stopped the fighting?" Rossi requested the twins, who I noticed swapped their dyed hair colours (so Hikaru had blue hair and Kaoru had pink hair).

Why'd they keep those hair colours when they've stopped fighting?

"Sure thing," The twins agreed.

"I'm coming too," I told them following them to the changing rooms.

"Oh yeah? Feel like having a makeover Doggie," Hikaru teased.

"That's one way of putting it," I responded before telling the twins what I planned to do.

"Of course happy to help," Hikaru agreed too eagerly.

"Though that particular outfit has a rather small skirt," Kaoru added, both of them looking too creepily eager for my comfort.

"The shorter the more uncomfortable I'll be so the skimpier the better," I responded determinedly.

I was then ushered into one of the changing areas holding said attire.

The things I do for you Dearest.

Haruhi's Narrative

What the hell is Tomuru doing? She's off conspiring with the twins again despite what occurred yesterday. Unbelievable, she'd usually do something embarrassing to make me forgive her! Rossi came out of the dressing room wearing a purple red dress, the twins trailed behind looking oddly enthusiastic for some reason.

"Ladies and Hosts may we turn your attention to Tomuru Okiro!" the twins announced.

I huffed and began to walk towards the kitchen, not interested in what Tomo was up to.

"Ah, ah, ah you don't wanna miss this toy," The twins dragged me to a random chair that faced the changing rooms.

The guests were quietly gossiping, wondering what was happening.

"Haruhi what is your mad friend up to now?" Kyoya asked me.

"Who knows," I replied.

The lights were turned off and a spotlight appeared revealing Tomuru.

Tomuru's Narrative

As soon as the lights switched off I quickly moved to where the spotlight was going to shine, whilst putting on the makeshift sign I created the night before. When I made the signal the spotlight appeared, allowing everyone to see what I was wearing. This was the one outfit I swore I'd never wear. Breaking the only condition I made when agreeing to become errand girl. That's right I was wearing the Maids cosplay, complete with quite impractical high heels, apron and white feather dust. The sign I made had 'FORGIVE ME DEAREST!' written on the front and a picture of a cake with a red cross through it.

"WHAT IS MY DAUGHTER WEARING?!" I heard Tamaki screech, getting held back from the twins.

"I, Tomuru Okiro, hereby declare my sincere apologies to Haruhi Fujioka and until I am forgiven I shall wear this maid cosplay and not consume anything sweet. Including cakes, cookies and chocolate buttons," I announced hand on heart, the other hand held the feather duster which I pointed at Haruhi.

The lights were turned back on so I could see everyone's eyes were either on Dearest or me. Then came the excited chatter from the guests.

"Aww, that is so sweet!"

"Oh forgive her Haruhi."

"She must really like him!"

"How romantic!"

I wouldn't really consider this romantic.


"Shush," I shushed him, making him go into his dark aura.

I watched Haruhi get up and walk towards me, her expression was unreadable kinda like Mori Senpai's. She looked me up and down for a second before her face broke into a huge smile and she laughed. And continued to laugh for a good few minutes.

"Dearest I'm being serious for once!" I moaned, trying to pull down the skirt part of the outfit so my frog underwear wasn't displayed, like an art piece in a gallery, but failing.

"You moron! Course you're forgiven just don't keep anything from me again alright? Pinky promise," Haruhi laughed, giving me a hug.

"Pinky promise! I'm still going to wear this outfit for the next few days just so we're even," I stated, looking relieved as we did the Pinky promise.

"Yes!" the twins cheered high-fiving each other.

"Hey, any touching or staring at my behind will get you a punch got it?" I threatened.

"Yeah no objectifying my sister," Rossi snapped, giving the twins the warning glare.

"Trust me you don't want to get Rossi angry," Haruhi advised.

"That goes for anyone else," I spoke vaguely, referring to the other Hosts mainly.

"Alright we'll behave," The twins assured hands up in submission, however, they had their mischievous look in their eyes that told me otherwise.

"Now that's done with can you get on with your errands now?" Kyoya stated.

"Right away Kyoya-Senpai," I responded, before heading to the almost empty cake trolley.

"By the way nice underwear Doggie."

"Ribbit," The twins muttered as they passed.

"What did I just say!" I exclaimed kicking them both on their arses.

"Bloody perverts," I grumbled.

As I tended to my usual routine I tried to keep my underwear from view as much as possible. Mainly crouching down to refilled teapots instead of bending down and sitting down as much as I could.

"Doggie come over here!" the Tweeds called.

"Oh goody," I remarked sarcastically walking very slowly towards them.

"What?" I demanded.

"Could you be a dear and pick up our napkin for us. We seemed to have dropped it," Kaoru asked sweetly though the ulterior motive was definitely hinted.

I looked at where they 'dropped' their napkin which was beside the coffee table.

"You can easily get that yourselves," I pointed out.

"Yes well we're too busy," Hikaru excused.

"Besides it's the errand girl's job to clean up after us," Kaoru added.

"Fine," I spoke curtly.

Instead of bending down like the twins clearly wanted I quickly crouched down and retrieved their precious napkin.

"Here! Why have you got a camera?" I asked holding the napkin at them.

"What camera?" Hikaru asked taking the napkin from me.

"Yeah we didn't have a camera," Kaoru added innocently.

"Then what's behind your backs," I questioned, arms crossed.

"The sofa genius," Tweedledum remarked sarcastically.

"Right that's it! I'm warning you I'll get Rossi over here if you don't own up!" I snapped.

"What's Rossi going to do?"

"Yeah, he's twelve," The Tweeds teased.

"You brought this on yourselves…ROSSI THE TWINS SWORE!" I shouted.

Before the twins could even stand Rossi pounced on them, eyes glowing red, his movements blurred from how fast he hit. Two minutes of the Rossi treatment the twins were bruised and bitten in most places.

"Thanks, Rossi!" I chirped pleasantly.

"Anytime," Rossi responded, skipping back to Honey's table as if nothing happened.

"Now have you learned your lessons on not being perverts?" I asked them.

The just nodded their heads, tears in their eyes looking traumatised.

"Camera please," I requested, to which Hikaru quickly handed over.

"Aha! I knew that's what you two were up to! Delete." I stated, deleting the photo and handing the camera back to them.

"May I ask what is going on here?" Kyoya interjected, seeing the bruised twins.

"Just teaching the Tweeds on how to treat a lady," I commented lightly.

"Right well could you double check all the cosplay attire is ready for next week?" Kyoya asked.

"Sure thing what's the theme?" I replied.

However, Kyoya didn't seem to hear me. In fact, he looked like he had something else on his mind.

"Um, Kyoya-Senpai?" I queried in confusion.

What's he looking at?

As soon as I looked down to where he was looking I realised why he was so distracted. Now this outfit didn't really leave much to the imagination as not only was it short enough to see my underwear but it was also strapless and well…cleavage shaped at the top. Making my boobs look a size larger than they actually are.

"Kyoya-Senpai are there little aliens dancing on my chest?" I asked with a mock pleasantness.

"What? No," he responded finally giving me eye contact.

"Then what is the theme of next week's cosplay?" I repeated more articulately, sending him an annoyed glare.

"It will be Royal Arabian themed," He answered before turning away and returning to his laptop.

Still a bit annoyed I went and did as Kyoya requested.

"How are you handling dressing up maid style?" Haruhi conversed, joining me a few minutes later as I sifted through the many cosplay outfits the Host Club had.

"Does all maids' have to dress like this in rich mansions? If so then rich people are pretty perverted," I commented.

"I think servants have uniforms that give them more dignity," Haruhi replied.

"So I'm just wearing the skimpy outfit then," I moaned irritably.

"Already getting unwanted attention sugar? Let me guess the twins?"

"Yeah but I already dealt with them Rossi style. Surprisingly Kyoya Senpai has been at it as well," I informed.

"Really? Who knew Kyoya-Senpai was a pervert? I thought it would be Tamaki-Senpai."

"You'd think, but actually he's acted the opposite. When he's not entertaining guests Tamaki's been trying to cover me up any chance he had. Whether by trying to persuade me to wear his Ouran blazer or by walking in front or behind me as I moved. It's nice an' all but it's hard to see where I'm going when all I see is Tamaki-Senpai's back," I told her.

"I guess he does live up to the Princely type reputation," Haruhi commented.

"Yeah when he's not around you," I teased.

"Shut up!" Haruhi moaned.

"Alright, alright."

"Ya know you don't have to wear that silly costume anymore. You've suffered a lot more than I have in this last hour alone," Haruhi said earnestly.

"Look I only have two more days of wearing this thing. Besides it gives me a good excuse to beat up people," I shrugged.

"Did you beat up Kyoya-Senpai?" Haruhi asked.

"Nah I just asked him whether there were little aliens dancing on my chest," I replied.

"Who knows maybe he secretly likes you Sugar." Haruhi bantered, wiggling her eyebrows.

"Oh yeah what a story that'll be for the grandkids. 'Grandma, how did you and Grandpa Fall in love?' 'Well, it was love at first sight for your Grandpa. However it wasn't my face he fell for,'" I scoffed pointing to my breasts, before laughing along with Haruhi.

Kyoya and I, like that will ever happen!

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