Haruhi's Best Friend

Episode 7 Part 1

At my house…

"T, someone at the door for ya!" Yuki called up to me.

"Is it someone important?" I responded, too lethargic to see for myself.

"Get off your bloody arse and find out for yourself!" Yuki snapped

"DON'T SWEAR!" Rossi exclaimed from his room

"Sorry R." Yuki apologised

"Uh, Fiiine!" I droned, making such an effort to get out from under Boris, out of bed and downstairs.

Boris followed me downstairs to investigate the new pair of feet to nibble.

"He's in the kitchen chatting to mum," Yuki told me as we passed on the staircase.


When I went into the kitchen I found 'The Creator' talking to the shadow lord. Boris went straight up to Kyoya and slobbered on some pricey-looking shoes, to which Kyoya grimaced though still patted Boris's head.

"Congratulations you are now Boris approved," I told Kyoya lightly

"I'm so honoured," He remarked sarcastically

"I see you've met another one of the Host Club set Creator," I commented leaning on the breakfast bar.

"Five out of six now, I have yet to meet the actual President of this club you're attending." Motherlord responded.

"So what exactly are you doing here shadow lord?" I asked Kyoya

"I'm here to pick you and Rossi up," Kyoya replied

"So this is who you're referring to when you say Shadow lord, I've often wondered." Mum realised

"You'd understand if you knew him, Creator. So where are we going?" I turned to Kyoya

"I'm not allowed to say, King's orders," Kyoya replied

"Darn, fine I'll get Rossi, we can probably go right Creator?" I made sure I got mum's permission beforehand.

"Yes, you're allowed, as long as I know where you're going." She responded, to which Kyoya whispered in her ear.

"Aw C'mon she's allowed to know and I can't!" I protested

"Yes now I suggest you get ready," Kyoya replied bluntly

I huffed and ran up the stairs to tell Rossi to get ready. Boris remained at Kyoya's feet.

Kyoya's Narrative

"So I take it Tomuru and Rossi talk about the Host Club?" I sussed

"More Tommi than Rossi, it's now the highlight of my day. There's always something going on in that club of yours isn't there?" Ms Sanko responded lightly

"There is certainly not a dull moment Ma'am. Could I be rash and ask how your story's getting on?" I asked

"Such a polite boy, Tommi said that you were a fan. I made a deadline for the end of this year, I'm halfway finished my first write up. Then my personal critics, Haruhi and Tomuru, will read through it."

"I look forward to reading it."

"So a water-park hmm, I look forward to the story Tommi will tell me when she gets back."

"I'm sure today will be eventful as usual. Tomuru and Rossi can swim can't they?" I thought it would be best to ask.

"Didn't Tommi tell you? My eldest Yuki's a gym/ swimming coach. They both can swim wonderfully." Ms Sanko assured

"There is still plenty I don't know about Tomuru just yet Ma'am," I replied

"Hmm well, I'm sure she tell you anything you wish to know if you ask nicely." Ms Sanka stated, with a thoughtful expression.

"Alright, we're ready to go to the mystery place," Tomuru interjected, standing by the kitchen door with her younger brother.

She changed from her pajamas into a pair of knee-length olive green shorts and a blood orange hugging top, with black and purple trainers. Her hair was up in her usual high ponytail. Rossi wore a white and red striped sundress with a red polka dot headband.

"Very well, it was a pleasure meeting you, Ma'am." I politely spoke to Tomuru's mother before we left.

"Please, the pleasure's all mine. Hope to meet the whole set soon." Ms Sanka replied pleasantly

"Don't wait up Creator," Tomuru called.

"I never do." Her mother responded.

"Rude," Tomuru muttered

"Of course we are going in a limo," She remarked when she saw the vehicle I came in.

"Naturally." I responded

"Sweet!" Rossi cheered, going in first.

"Oooh very fancy," Tomuru spoke in a posh accent, to which I shook my head at her oddness.

"Do you really call your own mother 'Creator' or was you just calling her that because I was there?" I asked as we drove to the water-park.

"Believe me it wasn't because you were there. She calls mum all sorts." Rossi answered

"Creator, Oi you, Bearer of Children, Wordsmith but usually I just call her Motherlord." Tomuru listed

"Your lack of respect for your mother unnerves me," I remarked dryly

"Hey just cus I don't call her mum doesn't mean I don't respect her!" Tomuru argued

Tomuru's Narrative

Kyoya didn't look like he believed me so I tried to look through the tinted windows to see where we were going.

"So we're not picking up dearest then?"

"No Tamaki and the twins are picking up Haruhi," Kyoya informed

Kyoya, Kyoya this is your voice of reason. Tell the pretty girl next to you where she's going.

"Nice try," Kyoya remarked, smirking

"Darn it!" I stated

"What? What did she do?" Rossi asked in confusion

"Tried to use my mind powers to persuade shadow lord to tell us where we're going," I explained


Pretty girl don't flatter yourself, you're barely female.

Oi, I heard that!


Evil, rude shadow lord! I've got so much planned for you when you're my slave. You haven't forgotten our little bet have you?

Of course not, though it will be you who'll be my slave.

I bet you would put me in that horrid maid outfit, pervert. You certainly thought I was a female then didn't you?

Shut up idiot weirdo.

"Will you two please just stop with the staring contest?" Rossi snapped in irritation

"Rossi we were having a conversation!" I groaned

"Then have your telepathic conversations when I'm not the only other person in the room, or in this case limo," Rossi stated

"Alright fine, so where are we going?" I urged

"Ow jeez, I didn't think you'd result to violence so quickly." I rubbed my leg where Kyoya kicked it.

"Well, you annoy me quickly. I suggest you be patient."

I huffed and turned to the tinted window again. I slowly began to nod off.

"Wake up Tomuru." Kyoya woke me up firmly, shaking my arm.

"We're here?" I perked up like a meerkat pressing my nose to the window.

"It's a waterpark!" Rossi exclaimed excitedly

"We shoulda took Yuki, she loves water," I commented

"This is a new water-park my family owns, the Tropical Aqua Gardens. It won't be open until next month, but the Host club got a special permission to try it out." Kyoya explained

"Is this a practise test before its open to the public, ya know like Jurassic Park?" I guessed

"Something like that, though no dinosaurs."


The three of us got out and went inside. Rossi ran towards Honey and chattered excitedly. All the other Hosts were there as well as Haruhi. The hosts wore swimming trunks, Haruhi was wearing a yellow pullover and green checked shorts.

"Hello, Smellos!" I greeted

"Hey we don't smell!" the twins protested

"It's one of Sugar's greetings don't take it personally," Haruhi stated

"Loving the swim shorts guys. Not swimming dearest?"

"Nah waterparks aren't my thing you know that," Haruhi replied

"You're swimming right Doggie, Rossi?" Kaoru asked

"Yeah, but neither of us have our swimwear. Since someone wanted to keep it a secret." I accused pointing at Kyoya

"I told you it was Tamaki who wanted it to be kept a secret," Kyoya stated

"I thought it would be a nice surprise for my darling son and daughter," Tamaki explained acting fatherly again

"Son?" Rossi queried

"Welcome to the family!" I cheered

"Leave the swimwear to us." The twins interjected dragging Rossi and me towards the female changing area.

"Do what you've got to do." The twins told a pair of identical maids.

"Really? Is all your staff identical twins?" I asked

"Just we Miss Sanka now please follow us." One of the maids stated, to which we followed into the changing room.

The sight that greeted us was rows of racks filled with various variations of female swimwear.

"We brought all of our mother's latest designs to choose from, just pick which one you want," Hikaru told us through the door.

"Sweet!" Rossi cheered, eagerly looking through the different swimming costumes.

One of the maid's went with him whilst the other remained with me, picking out random swimming costumes for me to try on.

"What the heck is that?" I demanded pointing to the thing the maid held up.

"A swimsuit, of course," She answered

"It's just a bunch of red strings! Strippers wear more covered up attire!"

"But you'll look so cute in this one." The maid urged

"YOU WON'T BE ABLE TO SEE IT!" I exclaimed

"What about this one then?" the maid offered a different swimming costume.

"That looks like it's made of tin foil. I'd bake like a roast chicken in that!" I protested

"This one?"

"It's giving me a headache. How many patterns does one thing need?"

"Tada!" Rossi interjected, wearing one piece, sunset coloured swimsuit.

"Wow, you were quick. At least you found a somewhat normal swimsuit." I commented

"I'm gonna head back to the others, don't take too long," Rossi stated before running out.

"Kay… That one!" I spotted a swimsuit that I actually liked, taking it from the rack.

"Oh, good choice Miss Sanka!" The maids approved

"Whoa! What the heck are ya doing?" I exclaimed when the maids started pulling my shorts down.

"Helping you change out of your clothes?"

"Well, I don't need help thanks. Would ya mind if you gals left? I'd rather not showcase my boobs and Lady Redburn to strangers." I asked

"Very well." The maids obliged exiting the changing area.

"Lady Redburn?" I heard the Tweeds laugh from outside

"Shut up Tweeds she's classier than you two!" I shouted through the door, which made them laugh harder.

I changed into my chosen swimwear. It was a black two piece with an orangey red tropical flower on the top piece.

"Right let's go swimming!" I cheered running out of the changing rooms.

"Nice Doggie," Hikaru commented

"Very nice." Kaoru added, both of them eyeing me up.

"Thank you Tweeds…I think." I replied

They gave each other a mischievous look before they grabbed me. Hikaru got my arms and Kaoru held my legs.

"Don't you dare!" I growled, knowing full well they were going to throw me in the pool.

"3, 2, 1 THROW!" the twins counted down before they threw me into the current pool.

I quickly held my breath before I plunged into the cool water. I didn't resurface until I saw the twin's lean over in confusion, and a little concern. I swam swiftly upwards and pounced, grabbing both Hikaru's and Kaoru's arm and dragged them into the pool.

"GOTCHA!" I exclaimed before I went under with the twins, which I let go off when they fell in.

I resurfaced and tread water, proceeding to laugh along with Haruhi, Tamaki, Rossi and Honey. The twin's resurfaced shortly after coughing and spluttering, leaning on each other and the poolside for support.

"Payback is cake!" I declared

"Huh?" Honey questioned

"Delicious!" I added before laughing evilly.

"Weird Doggie." The twins muttered grudgingly

"Nice two piece Sugar," Haruhi commented as I got out and stood beside her.

"Thanks, why are you wearing that pullover again? I'm sure I've never seen you wear it before." I questioned

"Yeah what's the deal with the pull over you're wearing?" Hikaru asked

"Well uh…Alright, basically when I picked out the swimsuit and was about to meet the others when Tamaki Senpai stopped me outside the changing room and made me put on these." Haruhi explained gesturing to her clothes.

"Huh, that's weird," Kaoru commented

"I would've thought he'd be the one who wanted Haruhi to be in a swimsuit," Hikaru added

"Maybe he just wanted the sight all to himself," I remarked, winking at Haruhi

"Yeah." The twins agreed.

"Shut up." Haruhi sighed.

"By the way were you doing anything important before you got kidnapped?" I questioned

"Well I was planning on studying, plus I have a load of laundry to do today." Haruhi responded in exasperation

"Oh, so not too busy then," I stated lightly, to which Haruhi gave me a quick glare.

"Alright, I'll help you with your laundry dearest." I offered

"Thanks, sugar." Haruhi thanked appreciatively

"So you're not going to swim?" Hikaru asked whilst eating a banana

"Hold on you does swim don't you?" Kaoru questioned

"I can swim just as good as the net guy, but this isn't my idea of fun. I'm not too big on water parks we're just going to spend all day goofing off. Honestly, I'd rather be at home. I don't see what's so great about this place anyway? I mean all you really need to play in the water is a plastic pool." Haruhi grumbled

"Well aren't you a barrel of laughs dearest? And you accuse me of being lazy." I commented sarcastically

"A plastic pool what's that?" the twins queried

"Lesson time Tweeds!" I announced

"Well let's see they're about this big, round and to use it you need to pump it full of air," Haruhi explained, using her arms to gesture how big a plastic pool is.

"You dunces."

"That's an inflatable boat dummies," Hikaru and Kaoru insulted.

"There's no way you could use it as a pool," Hikaru stated.

"Yeah," Kaoru backed up.

"Guys it's a small pool haven't you seen little kids playing in one?" Haruhi responded.

"Dearest don't forget they're rich. They could easily afford a normal pool." I pointed out

"True." Haruhi agreed

Tamaki then dragged the Tweeds to one side to scorn them.

"You idiots if Haruhi and Tomuru think it's a pool then it's a pool got it? Don't go embarrassing them, they can't help that they're ignorant commoners." Tamaki scorned the twins quietly, all three of them crouching down so that we couldn't hear.

"So are we supposed to lie to them is that what you want?" the twins asked unsurely

"Did he just call us ignorant commoners?" I asked Haruhi

"Yeah I can't help but feel like we should be offended by that comment."

"Oooh Harkacha!" I gasped, holding up an imaginary handbag.

"Anyway, I'm going to swim some more," I added, before heading off towards the water-slide.

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