Haruhi's Best Friend

Episode 1 Part 2

Haruhi's Narrative

"Haruhi when is Tomuru getting here? It's almost opening time," Tamaki asked impatiently.

"I don't know. Depends on whether she's lost or not," I replied nonchalantly

At that moment, Kyoya's phone began to ring.

"Hello? No Haruhi's not busy at the moment. Alright, I'll pass you over. Haruhi it's Tomuru," Kyoya said handing his phone over to me.

"Hey Sugar, are you lost?" I greeted.

"Yeah, no ship Sherlock! I have no clue where I am," Tomuru snapped.

"Are there any street signs around you?"

"No, I'm in...I'm in a fricken cow field okay!"

"WHAT!" I exclaimed cackling.

"Stop laughing. Look I'll retrace my steps to a place I recognise."

"OK, you do that."

"Haruhi the cows are looking at me funny. I think they know I had a cheeseburger last night," she whispered urgently.

"Well don't say it aloud or the cows will hear you! Just walk back, don't run or they'll stampede," I advised,

"Right... nice heifers, pretty heifers," she said nervously.

"She's in a cow field," I clarified to the Hosts.

"Why?" the twins asked.

"To bring some milk. She's lost, Tomo's kinda rubbish with direction," I supplied.

"Where are you know?" I asked her.

"I managed to make it into town. Have no idea how but can you meet me here pleeease," Tomo pleaded.

"Fine, where exactly are you?" I sighed.

"By the duck fountain. The one with Bernard's gang. They're looking at me Haruhi. Bernard is sending me some bitchy glares."

"I'm coming just stay there."

"Love you Dearest!" she said appreciatively.

"Yeah, yeah."

I hung up and handed Kyoya his phone back.

"Guys Tomo needs saving so I have to meet her otherwise she'll just get stuck in another cow field," I told the Hosts.

"But you'll miss greeting the guests," Tamaki protested.

"I'll be as quick as possible I promise."

"Well, best get a move on then," Kyoya sighed.

I ran out of the room and down the stairs.

"Sugar you moron," I muttered to myself.

Tomuru's Narrative

"Damn my sense of direction," I scorned myself quietly, sitting on the bench furthest away from the duck fountain.

My phone rang and it was Kyoya.

"Is he coming?" I asked hopefully.

"He's coming. By the way a cow field?" he replied, I could tell he was amused by my sense of direction.

"I know, my direction is terrible. SHUT UP BERNARD!" I suddenly shouted, luckily there was no one there to hear my outburst.

"What?" Kyoya asked on the other end.

"Nothing, just my arch enemy that won't stop quacking."

"Your arch enemy is a duck?"


"...Well the guests are arriving now so you two better get back here soon."

"I'll get your newest Host back as fast as Flash!"


Then he hung up on me.

"Rude," I muttered.

Then I saw Haruhi in the distance, heavily out of breath. I went up to meet her.

"Haruhi my saviour!" I exclaimed hugging her tightly.

"Back...Club...Now!" she gasped trying to catch her breath,

"I'll give you a piggyback Dearest," I offered, letting her go on my back.

"Have I told you how much I love you?" I asked sweetly.

"Not enough and I ran all the way here do I'm not happy," Haruhi grumbled.

"I'm sorry dear I'll try and not get lost tomorrow OK?"

"Fat chance of that happening! Take a right turn here."

Minutes later...

"OK this seems familiar now," I said.

"What the massive pick building aka Ouran Academy?"

"Yes now C'mon we're already late," I urged.

"Thanks to you!" she accused.

"You know me well enough to know this was inevitable," I pointed out.

"True," she sighed, getting off my back.

"We're here sorry about being tardy," I greeted once we were at the club.

"You're here now at least. Haruhi your first guests are waiting at table 3," Kyoya informed.

"Break a leg Dearest," I said cheerfully pushing her towards the table.

"I have no idea what I'm supposed to do," she whimpered.

"Relax just be yourself...but not too much," I advised vaguely.

"Gee thanks," Haruhi remarked dryly.

"So what is my first task Senpai sir?" I asked Kyoya, saluting like a soldier.

"First you will serve tea and cakes to the guests and Hosts at each table, follow me," Kyoya instructed.

I followed him to the kitchen. There he showed me how to set up the tea sets, where everything was, gave me a list of cakes the guests prefer and how they like their teas or coffees made.

"All clear?"

"Yep," I confirmed.

I went to each table and offered beverages to the guests. They were all quite friendly and curious about my 'commoner' background. Once I was serving at Haruhi's table, I got to see how she was getting on.

"So is it alright if tomorrow we can request you to sit with us again?" A guest asked Haruhi dreamily.

"Yeah I'd really appreciate that ladies," Haruhi replied cheerfully.

"Anything from the trolley ladies...and gentleman?" I asked winking at Haruhi.

"So did Tomuru help you through that difficult part of your life?" One guest questioned curiously.

"Yeah, she's been my best friend since I could remember," Haruhi answered.

"Wait, what?"

"Haruhi's mother passing away," another guest supplied.

"Oh, of course, I was there for him. I slept over at his house for weeks for support," I said.

"Aw, that's so sweet. It must be weird for you two to go to different schools huh?" a guest guessed.

"Definitely we've always been joint at the hip for years. But if it makes my Dearest happy," I agreed.

"You're such a good friend!" a guest approved.

"Thanks, well I have to serve the other guests. Lovely chatting with you," I dismissed myself politely.

"Could we chat more some other time. We'd love to hear what Haruhi was like in Middle school," the guests said eagerly.

"Sure thing, I certainly have a few stories up my sleeve for you there," I replied, giving another wink towards Haruhi.

Once I finished serving the guests, I went to find Kyoya.

"What's next?" I asked him.

"Could you run a stock check to make sure the costumes are ready for next week?" he said handing me a clipboard.


"Yes the Hosts cosplay from time to time to ensure the guests are entertained," he explained.

"Well, that explains why there are changing rooms in a music room," I thought aloud.

Kyoya led me to the wardrobes beside the changing rooms. I ticked off the correct cosplay for each Host to wear. As I did so I heard the noise outside.

"Mori-Senpai, help me!" I heard Haruhi plead, then...

"Mori-Senpai you really didn't have to go that far. Come on little one let daddy give you a big hug," I heard Tamaki say.

"Daddy?" I thought.

"Everything okay in-" Kyoya started coming in.

I shushed him and listened further.

"I've already gotta dad I don't need another," Haruhi said bluntly.

"Okay, sorry Ootori Senpai. I've checked the costumes. Double checked."

"Good then you can run a small errand for me," Kyoya replied, gesturing me to follow.

"I need you to return a few books to the library for me. The nearest library is just down the hall," Kyoya requested.

"Nearest one? How many libraries does this school have?"

"Four," he answered, handing me his library card and books.

"Won't be long then," I chirped, heading down the hall.

"Don't get stuck in a cow field," the twins called out as I left.

"I'll try," I called back.

"This library's huge," I thought to myself.

It was filled with students, which were mostly chatting rather than reading. I slowly weaved my way to the return desk.

"Well Mr Ootori you look different," the librarian quipped as I handed him Kyoya's library card.

"Yes, the operation was a complete success," I replied cheekily, then I left the library.

Just as I entered the hallway I bumped into a running Haruhi.

"What's the rush I'm not lost?" I joked.

"Someone threw my bag in the pond. Help me retrieve it," she said quickly.

"Fiend!" I gasped.

I ran alongside Haruhi, only to stop in our tracks by the red haired snooty girl from earlier.

"Oh, it's you again? I bet you looove Tamaki making you over and fawning over you. It's useless, though. you'll always be a second-class citizen," she sneered then continued walking.

"BANSHEE!" I shouted at her, before grabbing Haruhi and running away cackling at the red head's shock expression.

"Sugar you could have made the situation worse ya know," Haruhi scorned lightly, both of us knee deep in water fishing for bag supplies.

"She had it coming. How dare she say such a thing to my Haruhi! I bet she threw your bag in the pond too," I accused.

"Yeah I agree. Guess there are bullies everywhere," Haruhi noted.

"Oh by the way...there'll be no repercussions to this detail," I mimicked.

"Shut up!" she snapped splashing me with water.

"Hey, commoner you've got some nerve skipping out on the club like that. Why is your bag all wet?" Tamaki said, appearing what seemed out of nowhere.

"It's no big deal we've got it. Haruhi can't find his food money, though," I answered not looking up.

Tamaki then got in and searched with us.

"Hey, you don't have to do that you'll get wet," Haruhi protested.

"A little water never hurt anyone. Besides people keep telling me that I'm dripping with good looks," Tamaki replied, smiling a little.

"How can you drip with good looks?" I pondered to myself.

"Hang on a second...is this what you're looking for?" Tamaki said. holding Haruhi's wallet, whilst Haruhi had a distant look on her face.

"What's wrong you're staring off into space. You're not falling for him are you?" I teased, smiling at her distant expression.

"No way!" she snapped snatching her wallet back from Tamaki.

"How did your bag end up in the pond anyway?" Tamaki wondered.

"Uh...well I guess I dropped it out of the window at some point," Haruhi lied.


"Haruhi that was the crappiest lie I've ever heard," I scoffed.

"Just keep it between us. We haven't got enough proof that girl did it and we can't afford to start accusing guests!"



I returned Kyoya's library card to him.

"Good, now you are relieved of your services until the guests leave. Then you need to clean up after them and wash any used dishes and silverware clear?"

"Transparently! By the way, the male librarian thinks you've had a sex change," I rushed.


"Nothing," I sang walking away from him quickly.

"Tomo!" the twins exclaimed dragging me to their table.

"Hello, love to chat but I need to rescue Haruhi from redhead over there," I said cheerfully, noticing that demon requested her.

"Why he's doing his job as Host?" One twin questioned.

"Besides we want to ask you a few questions," the other commented.

I explained to them why I didn't like her.

"Oh so you think she threw Haruhi's bag in the pond?" a twin summed up.

"Who else would it be? She's just envious of Haruhi because Tamaki is giving him attention," I confirmed.

"That's quite an accusation Tomuru. Especially towards a paying customer," Kyoya said listening in on the conversation.

"Yeah well that girl is bad news trust me."


Well, speak of the devil.

She and Haruhi were on the floor, Haruhi herself was on top of her looking shocked. The table they sat at was toppled sideways. The twins chucked water on the pair of them, reasons unknown. I went to help Haruhi up.

"Why did you do that?" the girl asked unsurely before Tamaki helped her up.

"Do something Tamaki, Haruhi just assaulted me," she whimpered like a damsel in distress.

"Yeah, because he's the type of dude to randomly jump on girls in a crowded room!" I remarked sarcastically.

"I'm disappointed in you. You threw Haruhi's bag into the pond didn't you?" Tamaki accused seriously.

"You don't know that. Do you have any proof that I did?" she replied in slight hysterics.

"You know you are a beautiful girl. But you're not classy enough to be our guest dear. If there's one thing I know Haruhi is not that kind of a man," Tamaki continued.

"But why Tamaki...YOU IDIOT!" she shouted running out of the room.

"Good riddance," I mumbled.

"Hmm, now how am I going to punish you because it is your fault after all. Your quota is now 1000!" Tamaki declared.

"One thousand," Haruhi whimpered, sinking back down to the floor again.

"What do you mean it's his fault?" I protested.

"Dude just let it go," Haruhi sighed.

"Come on, I have high expectations of you, my little rookie," Tamaki said cheerfully, helping Haruhi up on her feet.

"This is the only spare uniform we have. Sorry, but it's better than a wet one right?" Kyoya interjected giving Haruhi a bag.

"Thanks a lot you guys I better go change," She thanked heading to the changing rooms.

"Well, that was a load of drama. I better clean up this mess," I commented lightly heading to the kitchen to find some cleaning supplies.

Once I cleaned up that mess I heard Tamaki shriek from the direction of the changing rooms. When I arrived at the changing rooms I found all the Hosts congregated around Haruhi, who was wearing the horrid female uniform. Tamaki's face was bright red which I assumed meant that he knew that Haruhi was a girl.

"Uh oh Dearest, do they know your little secret?" I gasped in amusement.

"Well isn't this an interesting development," Kyoya said smirking.

"Oooh yeah," the twins agreed.

"...You all knew apart from Tamaki didn't you?" I sussed, to which the hosts nodded their heads.

"Uh, I have to say Senpai I thought you were pretty cool earlier," Haruhi complimented cheerfully, making Tamaki go even redder.

"Correct me if I'm wrong. but I think we are witnessing the beginnings of love here," I predicted to Kyoya smirking at the way Tamaki is looking at Haruhi.

"My sentiments exactly," Kyoya agreed sharing the smirk I had.

"Being a Host and being fussed over by a bunch of girls may not be that bad. I wonder how I can pull it off... I know I can call everyone dude and bro now," Haruhi joked.

"You already say dude Dearest. But if you start saying 'bro' or 'swag' I will disown you," I warned.

"By the way you seem uncomfortable Tamaki-Senpai," I added.

"I-I don't know if I can handle this," Tamaki whimpered.

"Sure you can, you're the King remember," I assured vaguely.

"I don't really care if you guys see me as a boy or a girl. But I do think I can repay my debt quicker if I was Host," Haruhi said logically.

"As long as you're a member of the Host Club we'll keep your secret no matter what!" Tamaki declared, perking up suddenly.

"Right now we've got that sorted. I better start with the dishes."

"You may leave once they've been put away," Kyoya informed.

"I'll help you out Sugar," Haruhi offered.

"Thank you Dearest," I said gratefully.

"Wait I have questions about you guys," one twin whined, who I'll now refer to as Tweedledum.

"It can wait till tomorrow. I think as first days go it has been a long one," I waved off.

"Couldn't agree more," Haruhi nodded.

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